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Data Engineer Resume

Brentwood, TN


Confidential, Brentwood, TN

Data Engineer


  • Worked to maintain and enhance existing medical records analytics platform.
  • Company provides Tableau dashboards and data sources to healthcare and hospital corporations in order to understand demand, pricing, geospatial claim concentrations, deidentified and reidentified customer claims across multiple claims networks, consultation on hospital expansion and location, etc. as requested.
  • Worked on AWS cloud and helped facilitate transition to Azure cloud.
  • Most work was Scala and Kotlin in code projects.
  • All leveraging Spark via libraries.
  • Did considerable work in legacy Jupiter notebooks with the same technologies.
  • Work tasks typically consisted of identifying unknown cause issues in codebase, 90% of which was legacy and written before any current employees joined the company.
  • Other work was strengthening legacy system, and building new improved system to sunset legacy system.
  • Data analysis and issue identification also.
  • Worked to troubleshoot Tableau and Tableau Datasources some.
  • Participated in data architecture projects, and terminology dictionary generation project. Various other tasks as needed.

Primary technologies: Spark, Scala, Kotlin, Java, Azure, AWS, Git, BitBucket, Jira, Tableau.

Confidential, Franklin, TN

Data Scientist


  • Worked to provide C - suite executive management, business departments, and development teams with actionable data science analytics based on detailed information from our gambling devices.
  • The company designs, manufactures, programs, and maintains a fleet of leased “slot-style” gambling devices. Immense amounts of data is collected from the machines, every button press, and logged event.
  • I worked as part of the Data Science team, developing tools in Python, Spark, Bash, Impala, Hive, and other tools. Worked on team to build data warehouse, data quality checks, ETL, analyses, and reporting portal from scratch.
  • Began as most junior team member and ended as most senior team member, gaining responsibilities and owning many business critical processes.
  • Also became the SME for many topics and was consulted on future product design based on experience and domain knowledge.
  • Player Sessionization - utilize heuristics derive player’s session (when a player arrived and departed) on gambling device from data, without any identifying information about who is playing the game. Use these sessions to draw conclusions about players’ enjoyment/preference for game features based on play and betting behavior.
  • Game Performance - determine if games are meeting Actual cash payouts VS the Theoretical payout from the math “paytables”
  • Player Behavior Prediction - many different approaches, from linear regression to change point analysis, attempt to determine how players will bet on slot machines based on machine feedback and player’s historical win/loss pattern and betting behavior (e.g. bet high/low).
  • Player Classification - worked with iterations on K-means to attempt to determine classes of players based entirely on play data without any sociological or identifying information about the players.
  • Random Number Analysis - determine if RNG systems are adequate, and help analyze the entropy level achieved by system. Prove entropy level is sufficient.
  • Automation - created many Python, Bash, and Talend automations of existing manual processes, such as math tool calculations, Excel sheet parsing, XML parsing, formatted data analysis, natural data analysis.
  • Consumer Relations - help alleviate customer (casino management) concerns over poor performance or perceived machine problems
  • Executive Insight - create analytics and visuals and meet with C-suite executives to shape business decisions and gauge success. Additionally supported budgeting estimation, sales prediction, and more.
  • Customer Service - solved problems on a personal level with casino managers, slot floor pit bosses, tribal data analysts, and internal product software engineering managers. Produced rapid response, detailed updates on progress, and comprehensive solutions with descriptive reports and/or visuals geared for the intended audience. Performed followup analyses and customer service calls as necessary to satisfy customer.
  • Defect Identification and Resolution - based on complex and sizable data, pull out or detect defects in code or game behavior. Support requests from development to product necessary data.
  • ETL - created end-to-end field-to-cluster data flow, pulling data from hundreds of SQL servers, into Hadoop and Vertica clusters. Helped create around one hundred Talend jobs to automate daily loads and transformations for “data warehouse” and analytics platforms. Data store on the order of hundreds of billions of rows, in the dozens of terabytes range. Daily ingest of ~10M new rows automated and hardened with error reporting.
  • Release and versioning and backup - worked to keep our tools and analyses versioned, and backed up. Led release and versioning process for team.
  • Produced reports and demos for executive level review, detailing analytics performed, and conclusions reached.
  • Performed other tasks as need be, including code review of C/ C++ code, interviewing potential hires, improving the Scrum/Kanban process, cross-training to reduce siloing.

Primary technologies: Hadoop, Vertica, Python, Spark, Java, Bash, Impala, Hive, Talend, Tableau, SQL, MapReduce, Linux, Cloudera, Cloudera Manager, R Language, Excel, SVN, Perforce, Git

Confidential, Franklin, TN

Software Engineer


  • Worked on developing and testing their flagship software, a big data, Amazon AWS cluster computer based, data mining software application, Synthesys.
  • I had two roles at Confidential, one as the owner of their internal QA software, writing code to expand and update its functionality in Python, and also managing and running the system.
  • My other role was as a core software engineer, writing code for Synthesys in Java.
  • Primarily wrote code to support natural language processing, frameworks, data parsing, and more, as part of a re-architecting of a core library within the flagship product at Confidential .
  • Worked in both roles under Scrum, and then later Kanban.
  • Other skills used were Amazon AWS Linux cluster computer administration, Linux scripting (bash), software versioning with Mercurial and Maven, and coordinating problem and bug resolution through the JIRA ticketing system.

Skills and languages:

  • Java
  • Python with Django
  • Linux administration
  • Bash Scripting
  • QA Automation Developer
  • QA System Management
  • Developer to QA liaison
  • Software version control with Mercurial and Maven
  • Jira Ticketing
  • Bamboo and Hudson software build management
  • Amazon EBS Data Warehousing
  • Amazon EC2 AWS Cluster Management and Administration
  • Linux Cluster Computing
  • Hadoop Map/Reduce processing
  • NoSQL backends: HBase, Cloudbase, Accumulo, Cassandra
  • Scrum, Agile, Kanban development
  • Data Mining on Big Data (unstructured)
  • Natural Language Processing
  • SQL
  • Apache Tomcat, Derby, JBOSS, Django servers

Confidential, Nashville, TN

Software Analyst


  • Working to facilitate relationships between business and developers, increase efficiency of software requirements gathering, ticketing process.
  • Working to implement LEAN initiatives (efficiency practices) to software development, and increase software development group performance metrics, and business metrics.
  • Helping expand implementation of Agile Scrum based development patterns in a traditionally waterfall based team.
  • Scrum, Lean, iTil, progressive efficiency oriented workplace
  • Helped implement Kanban pull architecture
  • Scrum Master and Scrum Lead duties
  • Sprint Planning and developer time management
  • Business Analyst (BA) work
  • Liaison between customers and developers
  • Problem triage from customers to developers
  • Ticketing system management and backlog pruning/management

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