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Workday Consultant Resume

Or, UsA


  • An ERP Consultant with overall 8+ years of professional IT experience with over 5 years of extensive Workday experience and as PeopleSoft Techno Functional consultant.
  • Exceptional experience in Workday’s Core HR (HCM), Benefits, Compensation (Basic and Advanced), Talent and Performance Management, Absence, ESS/MSS, Recruiting, Time Tracking.
  • Experienced in PeopleSoft HCM modules such as (HR, Payroll, Payroll Interface, Benefits, Benefits Administration, Employee Self - Services(ESS), Manager Self-Services(MSS), Time & Labor, Talent Acquisition management(TAM), eModules, ePerformance, eRecruitment, Compensation and Ent
  • Hands on experience in Configuring Organizations, Compensation, Business Process and creation of Custom Reports.
  • Creating of custom reports according to teh client requirements.
  • Creation of various calculated fields to use in custom reports.
  • Configuring Inbound Outbound, Core Connector, CCB using Studio to integrate with third party systems.
  • Configuring Custom Reports into Worklets and Related Actions of Workday Objects.
  • Experience with creating Staffing models for Supervisory Orgs, Reorganizations and business process framework, Organization Types, Organization Hierarchies.
  • Pretty good Hands on experience on building custom reports Advanced Reports, Matrix Reports, Transposed Reports, Composite Reports, nBOX reports.
  • Experienced in inbound/outbound integrations Using Core Connector, Workday Studio, managing business processes, working with EIB, Report Writer, Creating Workday Calculated Fields and Custom Reports.
  • Created custom data sources with legacy system data using workday Prism.
  • Designed and built both inbound/outbound EIB integrations in various segments of Workday system and worked with Core Connector, Cloud Connector (CCB), Report Design, Data Conversions iLoad, XML, XSLT and SOAP web services, generated and developed Custom Reports, Advanced Reports as needed by business.
  • Worked with Prism tables, calculated fields and datasets, configured security in Prism analytics and published prism datasets.
  • Worked extensively with prism expression language including date functions, conversion functions, logical operators etc..
  • Professional expertise in using PeopleSoft tools like People Code, Application Designer, Application Engine, Application Package, Component Interface, File Layout, Process Scheduler, BI-Publisher, SQR, PS Query, Integration Broker and Workflow Analysis.
  • In depth understanding of teh Software Development Life Cycle and Agile Methodology involved in teh QA analysis, planning, execution and test management.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with agile methodologies. Implementation of PeopleSoft eSettlements along with life cycle documentation and interfacing it with business units.
  • Experience in writing SQL queries and have exposure to different databases, includes SQL Server.
  • Possess Good communication skills, keen to adapt to new technologies and effective Team Player.
  • Provide post production support for HCM, Payroll, Time, Benefits and recruitment.


ERP:: WorkDay (Core HCM, Benefits, Recruiting, Talent and Performance, Payroll, Payroll interface, Time Tracking and Absence Management).PeopleSoft HCM 9.1/9.0/8.9 (HR, Payroll, Payroll Interface, Benefits, Benefits Administration, Time & Labor, Employee Self-Services(ESS), Manager Self-Services(MSS), eModules).ADP (reporting, payroll, configuration, Data changes, notification, scheduler)

Technical Tools:: Core Connector, Application Designer, Application Engine, Process Scheduler.

Reporting Tools:: WD Report Writer, Workday Prism, WD BIRT, SQL, SQR, PS Query, nvision, Bi publisher, ADPR (ADP Reporting).

Integration Tools:: WD Studio, EIB, File Layout, Component Interface, Integration Broker.

Databases:: Oracle 12c, 11g, 10g


Confidential, OR,USA

Workday Consultant


  • Ongoing day to day Workday Support of Workday HCM, Benefits, payroll, Global payroll compensation, Recruiting, Security, integrations, reporting.
  • Assist with ongoing day to day Workday Talent and Performance Support
  • Well versed in building Advanced, matrix, composite reports through understanding of workday data sources.
  • Developed prism integration reports.(Datasets - Ingest, Trans and Publish)
  • Created data sets to bring external tables into Workday Prism
  • Lead offshore team, distribute tasks among them and review their work before moving it to production.
  • Created prism reports as per teh clients requests
  • Maintenance of workday security - creating new security groups, assigning security groups to teh users, assigning business process and domain security, providing quarterly security audit reports to teh client.
  • Developed outbound integration using EIB, Web Services SOAP, WSDL, XML and XSLT Document Transformation for several integrations from Workday to downstream internal and vendor systems and provided necessary security for related functional area to launch teh EIB
  • Worked on teh 3rd Party Payroll Integration (PICOF, migration to PECI) to TMF Global.
  • Set up teh recruiting work flow which involves steps like assessment, background check, employment agreement, interview offer, ready to hire, reference check, review and screening.
  • Created Supervisory Organizations, Matrix Organizations, Cost Centers, Location and its hierarchies. Configured and Tested Business Process and notifications in core HR: Hire, Job Change, Termination, Create Positions, Requisitions, Termination, & Contract Contingent.
  • Created multiple studio integrations to import data from 3rd party systems
  • Created studio integrations to load employees Photo’s, CV, JD and Record of signature from different system into Workday.
  • Updated existing integrations to accommodate teh new requirements.
  • Created ISU for all teh existing integrations and schedule teh integrations to run teh integrations with ISU accounts rather then personal accounts.
  • Performed mass uploads and rescinds using inbound EIB’s

Confidential, OR,USA

HRIS Analyst and Workday Consultant.


  • Workday HCM implementation with Substantial Functional and Technical expertise in modules like Core HR, Recruiting, Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and Absence management.
  • Worked on Cost center security and introduced a way to apply teh Cost center security to many Distributed reports and integrations within teh ACS HCM Management.
  • Configured Workday compensation packages including salary, bonus, allowance, commission, and merit plans, Including merit and bonus plan processing.
  • Configured Workday benefits including groups, plans, coverage types, event types, and eligibility rules.
  • Created Compensation Grades, Compensation Packages and Compensation Eligibility rules to create a standard compensation range for a given job level or a job profile.
  • Managed job description and workflow of employee data for compensation module including job families, pay ranges, bonus scales, grading and supervisor setup
  • Worked on creating Job profiles which includes compensation eligibility rules and compensation plans.
  • Created integrations through Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) such as Currency Conversion, Performance Review, Change Job, Create Job Profile, Previous system Compensation History.
  • Created compensation eligibility rules based on management levels, job profile, and job family and create calculated fields for Custom Reports to ensure required report delivery
  • Configured Business Process Security Policies for Business Processes like Compensation, Benefits, HR and Recruiting.
  • Created Inbound External Pay Slips and Inbound Payroll Results Integrations
  • Created Custom Integration from Workday using delivered data source to send teh Post Payroll result to external system.
  • Involved in 2018 Open Enrollment, including configuration of new Benefit Programs for teh Union, Full time and Part time Employees, Rates, Program Eligibility Rules, Plan options, OE testing, and OE Reporting.
  • As a functional analyst involved in Analysis, Design and Development of PeopleSoft Benefits and Benefits administration.
  • Involved in 2018 Open Enrollment, including configuration of new Benefit Programs for teh Union, Full time and Part Time Employees, Rates, Program Eligibility Rules, Plan options, OE testing, and OE Reporting.
  • Extensively worked on Workday application in creating reports, calculated fields, basic integrations using EIB, data conversion and Migrations.
  • Developed many custom reports for teh Hcm modules like Core HR, Recruiting, Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and Absence management.
  • Experienced to work with Workday Report Writer and creating custom integrations with third party applications using Workday Cloud Connector and Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB).
  • Configured Workday compensation packages including salary, bonus, allowance, commission, and compensation eligibility rules based on management levels, job profile, and job family.
  • Configured Supervisory Organizations, Cost Centers, Cost Centre Hierarchies, and location hierarchies' maintenance, Staffing Models, Job details Positions and Job Requisitions.
  • Developed integrations (Inbound/Outbound) using, Workday Studio, Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB).
  • Created functional specification documents for teh client's business requirements.

Environment: Workday 30/29/28HCM (Payroll, AM, Benefits, HR, Recruiting), Web Services, EIB, Core Connector, Workday Studio, Document Transformation, Report Writer, iLoad.

Confidential, OR,USA

PeopleSoft and Workday Consultant


  • Performed Fit Gap analysis with client and vendors to determine appropriate type of integrations required (Custom EIB, Core Connector, Packaged Integrations, Workday Studio, etc.).
  • Contacting SMEs and Solutions Architects to discover and formulate teh scope of requirements for Integrations and Reports.
  • Worked on Integrations in multiple functional areas like Benefits, Recruiting andCompensation.
  • Responsible for data migration from legacy systems to workday systems using EIB's.
  • Created Organizations (Locations, Supervisory Orgs, Business Units, Cost Centers, Custom orgs, Organization Hierarchy (Location Hierarchy).
  • Utilized calculated fields in reporting, business processes, integrations, and Workday areas.
  • Designed and built both inbound and outbound EIB, Core connector and Studio Integrations in various segments of Workday system.
  • EIB's - outbound and inbound with custom transformation using XML, XSLT, Xpath.
  • Developed simple and secure integrations using Workday Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB).
  • Using Workday Studio to bring in daily worker data changes to Workday.
  • Experience in Customizing Business Process (BP's) and other Condition rule within BPs.
  • Created several custom reports for Benefits, and Core HR reports.
  • Built industry standard reports like Advanced Reports, Matrix Reports, Calculated Fields, Conditions and Eligibility Rules dat applies to teh parameters of teh report.
  • Conduct Fit-Gap analysis of teh data conversion efforts.
  • Involved in Conversion of PeopleSoft HCM modules to Workday.
  • Performed Production Support, enhancements and customizations of PeopleSoft HCM v9.1.
  • Used Scrum Agile methodology throughout teh project life cycle.
  • Involved in functional design of architectural enhancements, Product Implementation.
  • Developed and Implemented Various Conversion/Interface programs starting from extracting data from Oracle Applications.
  • Designed and developed in-bound and out-bound interfaces to and from PeopleSoft to legacy system.
  • Provided mappings for PeopleSoft translate values to Workday values.
  • Written Conversion Programs using App Engines to convert teh data from teh Legacy System to load teh data into teh staging tables.
  • Developed and modified People Code to implement specific business rules and validations to enable teh system to perform teh business process.

Environment: Workday 25 HCM (HR, Benefits, Compensation, Recruiting), EIB, Core Connectors, Custom Reports, Document Transformation, Workday Web Services, Workday Studio.


PeopleSoft HRMS Functional Consultant


  • Worked closely with teh HR department for requirement gathering.
  • Defined Flex Fields for setting up Business Group and teh Work Structures.
  • Created Personal Analysis Key Flex field for maintaining teh Employee’s Special Information.
  • Defined payrolls to process payroll set ups and defining different payment methods for organization and employee personal payment methods.
  • Created set up of Payroll for salaried and waged employees.
  • Assigning Payrolls to Employees.
  • Used BEE (Batch Element Entry) to upload teh bulk element entries.
  • Created Element Sets, Assignment Sets and Consolidation Sets.
  • Created Recurring and Non-Recurring type of earning & deduction elements.
  • Used Pay Element Entry API to create and delete element entry.
  • Defined Organization and Position Hierarchies.
  • Enabled Descriptive Flex field for maintaining employee’s extra information.
  • Creation of users, responsibilities, registering of programs etc.
  • Preparation of MD50, MD80 documents.
  • Designed and developed various new Reports as per client.
  • Expertise in defining Form Personalization’s.

Environment: Core Hrms, SSHR, PMS, Oracle Applications 11i (11.5.9)

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