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Sr. Iib And Apigee Developer Resume

Vienna, VA


  • 9+ years of experience in designing, developing and testing middleware applications using APIGEE, IIB Integration Bus(IIB), WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus(WESB), WebSphere MQ, WSRR and DataPower.
  • 2+ years of experience in APIGEE gateway and creating proxies.
  • 4+ years of experience in DataPower XI50/XI52 and about one year of experience in API Connect.
  • Experience in configuring and creating components of Data Power appliance such as Web service proxy, Multi - protocol gateway, XML Firewall and services.
  • Good experience in design API using Swagger in Apigee.
  • Experience on creating domains with importing and exporting services, configuring, and developing AAA, MPGW, WSP services and SSL implementation in DataPower. Built services that delivery of message using XSLT style sheets.
  • Experience in configuring and monitoring of DataPower XI52, XG 45and XS40, IDG
  • Develop message flows and implement data transformation using XSLT, ESQL and Java.
  • Process EDI X12 834/835/837/276 and 999 in WTX and create custom map in IIB using DFDL.
  • Respond to reported problems and inquiries from retailers, distributors, and business departments.
  • Support and promote AS2 communication relationships with retailers, distributors, and other organizations.
  • Perform all other EDI related duties.
  • Created multiple IBM API services.
  • Experience working with APIGEE Edge, Developer Portal & APIGEE Baas platform.
  • Good understanding of APIGEE Architecture.
  • Good experience developing message flows to interact with back end database and ERP systems using adapters.
  • Good experience developing SOAP and Rest based services.
  • Good experience creating technical documentation including incoming and outgoing message structure, message flow diagram, provider service information and test cases.
  • Good experience working in Agile based team environment.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills.
  • 2 + Years of Production support and on Call support experience.
  • Strong experience with Problem determination, Route cause Analysis and Defect resolution.


SOA and Middleware Tools: DataPower XI50/XI52/XG45, WMB, IIB, API Connect

Programming: ESQL, Java, XSLT


Confidential, Vienna, VA

Sr. IIB and APIGEE Developer


  • Gathering requirements,designing, development, unit test and integrating Message Broker flows.
  • Design API specification using swagger and create APIGEE proxy.
  • Create custom policies using java and implement business logic in Spring Boot.
  • Apply policies such as security, throttling, OAuth, TLS, certificates, KeyStore, and Trust store for the Apigee platform
  • Configure high availability, load balancing and failover configurations with Apigee
  • Migrate different applications from version 8 and 9 to 10.
  • Designed and developed email generating, API consumingand database calling applications.
  • Worked on deployment of IIB flows across different environments.
  • Created MQ infrastructure designs and worked with MQ team for implementing designs.
  • Designed FACADE design patterns for APIGEE using JAVA platform.
  • Configuring windows APIGEE servers using FTP and HTTP protocols.
  • Developed IBM API services.
  • Provided training and consultation to business unit and staff.
  • Documented, tested and provided on-going support for applications.
  • Automate build and deployment of IIB and APIGEE proxies using Jenkins, Bitbucket and Maven.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

IIB and DataPower Developer


  • Develop multiple custom web part solutions, workflows, and integration with external systems
  • Created functional requirements as per the requirements of the clients.
  • Designed and Developed ESQL, Message Flows, Message Sets using Toolkit.
  • Implemented ESQL logic for database lookups, Message Validation/ Translation/Transformation
  • Create Multi-Protocol Gateway, Web service Proxy and XML Firewall services to integrate DataPower with internal and external application over different protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/SFTP/MQ.
  • Create SSL Proxy profiles and AAA for validating various client requests in DataPower.
  • Create message transformation and routing using XSLT; REST to XML (SOAP) and SOAP (XML) to JSON.
  • Create and update XSL template for AAA filtering, for dynamic routing and for internal service re-usability.
  • Troubleshooting problems on DataPower using System Logs, Transaction Debug Probes, and Object Status.
  • Participate in end to end troubleshooting starting from front end consumer applications to DataPower to Message broker to back end provider systems.
  • Participate in code reviews, technical and functional design review, Unit testing, integration testing and attending all technical walkthroughs with functional owners and business users.
  • Built scripts using Jenkins to deploy artifacts and used script assertions in SOAPUI to validate the DataPower Services.
  • Designed and developed Common components for reusability and Error handling.
  • Worked on troubleshooting issues and modifying policies to resolve issues.
  • Performed data retrieving using DB nodes which used Oracle 11g as broker database
  • Use JIRA for bug and issue tracking, Jenkins for automated deploy and GIT version control.
  • Actively Involved Business in decision-making process ensuring quality Deliverables.
  • Participate in the Production Support, War Room Support and Defect resolutions.
  • Implementation works.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

IIB and DataPower Developer


  • Analyze User needs and prepare Functional and Technical Design documents based on the requirements.
  • Create SLM action as Message Count Monitor by setting threshold levels.
  • Generate keys, CSRs and self-signed certificates using Crypto tool.
  • Create SSL Proxies to authenticate the protocol level security for HTTPS service communications.
  • Create AAA policies to authenticate and authorize user requests using provider defined X509 digital certificates.
  • Create processing rules with multiple match rules to accommodate various Authentication, Authorization, Digital Certificates, PKI Concepts, Encryption, Decryption, Credentials, Permissions, Single Sign On mechanisms
  • Create XSDs, WSDLs and implement Restful web services utilizing XML and JSON message formats
  • Create DataPower POC services for AAA and Multi-protocol gateway service implementation
  • Develop services using IIB9, MQ Series 7.1, ESQL, Java, WSDL, DFDL and XSDs and various MB nodes.
  • Create the message definitions to encapsulate the business logic and message flows using ESQL to interface with various systems.
  • Worked Closely with Business System Analyst Team members to understand Business Requirements.
  • Analyzed the requirements and made sure all the clarifications are discussed with Requirements team and ensured the test cases are created accordingly.
  • Create Mule ESB helper class to call the Mule flow, connection end point and connectors.
  • Implement Mule flows for each entity with retry mechanisms with private secured flows.
  • Built JAX-RS services and exposed them using REST component.
  • Implement Exception Handling, Logging, and Error Handling.
  • Participate in daily scrum meetings to discuss the progress of the project and any blockage of the work and the solution of the block.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

MQ/MB Engineer


  • Research, analyze, and resolve data exceptions
  • Worked with various interface projects for their inbound (ADT, SIU, ORU) and Outbound (DFT) messages using TCP/IP and FTP.
  • Develop multiple custom web part solutions, workflows, and integration with external systems
  • Designed and Developed ESQL, Message Flows, Message Sets using Toolkit.
  • Implemented ESQL logic for database lookups, Message Validation/ Translation/Transformation
  • Exception Handling and Stored Procedures for batched code set lookups.
  • Use SQL Queries to Pinpoint Issues in Applications and HL7 Interfaces.
  • Setup MQ clusters for high availability and load balancing the messages
  • Created the subscriptions, topics etc. in the broker pub sub
  • Setup the triggers and channel initiators. Developed scalable and reliable messaging/queue managers needed to model, Integrate, automate, and manage efficient and flexible business processes at the Enterprise level.
  • Setup security using the Object Authority Manager.
  • Configured and setup Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) for data encryption and client authentication
  • Upgrade MQ through both manual process and automated process using scripts.
  • Involved in creating of WMQ objects like Queue Managers, Queues, and Channels, PUB/SUB.
  • Install and deploy MQ Cluster Workload Exit and Channel Exit.

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