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Quadient Inspire Designer Developer Resume

Lancaster, PA


  • To obtain a challenging position in Data Processing with experience of (GMC)Quadient Inspire Designer, PrintNet(T), Satori, Satori Ignite, Automation, Schematic, Group - 1, Anchor-Software’s, Postal Soft, First-Logic (Business Objects), Pres32/2000 and Format Systems under mainframe and Windows environment. Seeking to achieve noledge and advancement with a direct mail corporation.


First: Logic(Business Objects), GMC-Inspire/PrintNet(T): REXX, Quikjob, RPG, DYL280 I & II, CAT, DM-Express, V-Edit & Ultra-Edit.

Graphics and Web: Adobe photo shop, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe In-Design, Quark, Corel, MGI Photo Suite, Micrografx, Dream weaver, Macromedia MX-Suite.

Hardware Skill & Operate:: Siemen Laser Printer 2100/2200-HP/ & Pagestream, Nipson 4000/7000, Xerox 4050, DocuPrint, Impact Printer, HP printers, LaserJet s, Magnetic tape drive, MCS INK-JET, Mainframe 4381/es9000, build completed PC s systems, Commercial Network, Dial-up Network, VPN, Citrix-Remote Desktop, installation both software and hard wares.


Confidential, Lancaster PA

Quadient Inspire Designer Developer


  • Develop and create workflow with (GMC) Quadient Inspire Designer platforms, html/xml application coding, fully tags attribute directly to (GMC) Quadient Inspire Designer to create new rendering, working with flow, contents, bundle, table, adobe PDF, EPS, PDF-Compares/Compart and support both development and productions environment as well as trouble shoot or any related technical issue.


Sr. Data Programmer/ Productions Analyst


  • Setup Batch processing, Data Analyst, Productions using BimEdit/Mainframe Group-1 - such as, List Convert, Gen-Sel, Mainstreams Plus, V-Edit, Ultra-Edit DM-Express - NCOA-Links. Knowledge of Mirus (Anchor Software’s), (GMC) Quadient Inspire Designer, PrintNet(T) and other third party software’s: Data Junctions, Adobe Acrobat PDF, WebProof-2, MS-Office, First Logic(Business Objects).

Confidential, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Sr. Data Programmer/ Productions Analyst


  • Setup Batch processing, Data Analyst, Productions using First-Logic suite such as, Merge-Purge (MCD), Ace, DataRight-IQ, Labels-Studio, First-Prep. Knowledge of Mirus (Anchor Softwares), (GMC) Quadient Inspire Designer, -PrintNet(T) and other third party softwares: DataJunctions, Visual Basic, Foxpro, Adobe Acrobat PDF, WebProof, MS-Office, Crystal Reports and, Group-1.

Confidential Maryland

Lead/Sr. Programmer/Data Analyst


  • Processing data from different sources using FIRSTLOGIC suite, such as ACE/IACE, DATARIGHT-IQ, PRESORT, Label Studio and MCD (Match Consolidate), training employee how to work with company products and procedures for daily process, convert data, sent file through First Prep, DATARIGHT-IQ, ACE, NCOA/NCOA Link & Fast-Forward, MCD, PRESORTED, and GMC-PrintNet(T).

Confidential, Downey California

Lead Senior Programmer


  • (List) Data Conversion, Address Correction and Coding, International Address Solution / NCOA, Data and list Management, Merge/Purge, Mail Preparation, Entry Planning, Statement Processing and Mailing, Reformat, Postal sorting, with First-Logic Suite, and Letter-Writer, InkJet/Ektajet.

Confidential, California

Data Processing / Laser-Production Dept. Manager


  • Responsible for mass production, programming schedules, trouble shooting, new employee training, software and hardware upgrading for the company, buy-out production, internal coordinating, designing layout, and developing new complex project (coding & programming) - with Postal-Soft, Mirus and Group-1 products.

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