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Senior Business Intelligence Developer Resume



  • Professional and motivated BI Developer seeking a challenging position in a BI Developer role.
  • Works well alone and as part of a team.
  • Extremely proactive, works effectively in fast paced environments, and capable of identifying, implementing, and testing process improvements.
  • Strong analytical, and written and verbal communication skills.


  • Pentaho BI (Data Integration, Business Intelligence, and Reporting)
  • ETL, data warehousing, data integration (Pentaho)
  • VBA, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, t - SQL, PL/SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Jasper Reports, Crystal Reports, Pentaho Report Designer
  • Microsoft Office(Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word) - advanced


Confidentia, MA

Senior Business Intelligence Developer


  • Used Pentaho Data Integration to automate report generation and delivery to internal and external clients, previously all done manually.
  • Used Pentaho Data Integration to automate data loading to Oracle and Mongo databases, integrating data from vendor and client data files, Salesforce API, Oracle and Mongo databases, and internal APIs.
  • Worked across several project teams simultaneously in an Agile development environment.
  • Introduced report branding and design standards.
  • Created new and replaced existing report templates in Crystal & MS excel with Pentaho Report Designer.
  • Created user interface and Pentaho xaction files for account management to run ad-hoc reports & data extracts, eliminating need for technology to run these manually and reducing wait time.
  • Mentored more junior staff, reviewing their code and SQL, and tuning it where necessary.
  • Met with business analysts, account management, operations, and sales teams to gather requirements, determine processes that could be improved or automated, and ensure quality, accuracy, and timeliness of client deliverables.

Confidential. MA

Business Intelligence Developer


  • Created user interface and Pentaho xaction files for client management to run ad-hoc reports & data extracts
  • Established reporting tools, systems and branding standards, to deliver 1,500 reports for 500 clients on reoccurring basis.
  • Worked with Pentaho data integration tools to design, build, and maintain ETL processes to populate data warehouse. Data sources included MySQL database and REST API.
  • Lead DBA of data warehouse database (MySQL), including creation of table structure, foreign keys and indexes, views, routines/stored procedures, user maintenance, and performance tuning.
  • Created report templates using Pentaho Report Designer to produce weekly/monthly client reports from the data warehouse. Designed and implemented ETL jobs triggered by cron jobs on Linux server to deliver reports via email or save to network drive.
  • Wrote and executed SQL to produce data extracts for clients and internal client managers and sales team members.
  • Managed all tasks associated with the Confidential database side of data migration during acquisition, successfully moving 1600+ users and all data history on schedule.
  • Worked with product managers, developers, and QA on new projects to ensure data accuracy and completeness.

Confidential, MA

Database & Report Specialist


  • Principal report developer. Collected requirements from product and sales teams and developed all standard and custom reports sent to clients using Jasper Reports and SQL/t-SQL (queries, stored procedures, and functions).
  • Developed various Microsoft Access databases (forms, SQL, and VBA modules)
  • Tool to analyze system data and create ad-hoc investment portfolios in an effort to provide the sales team with various ways of selling data
  • Mock application of new product for development team to build off of
  • Developed Microsoft Excel tool to automate the QA of stock prices in our database with Yahoo stock prices
  • Created various functions, views and stored procedures in SQL Server.
  • Used SQL Server Agent to schedule jobs - stored procedures to email client reports, update tables and views, and alert operations to bad or missing data.

Confidential, MA

Project Manager


  • Collected requirements and determined resources required for all special projects, and ensured their successful and timely completion.
  • Analyzed department procedures and made recommendations for improvement.
  • Worked with management and end users to determine data and security requirements, file input/output needs, and end product expectations.
  • Coordinated all custom file and program needs with IT and tested all new procedures and extracts.
  • Assisted users in fully testing new procedures and databases. Resolved bugs and added additional user requirements when necessary.
  • Aided the Department in the use of new products and in creating materials.
  • Consulted with management and created numerous databases to automate and functionalize various processes within the department using Microsoft Access and VBA programming.
  • Managed user accounts and database security measures to conform to company security policies.
  • Databases were used to import extracts from UNIX, various department software, and transmitted from clients and vendors. They were also used to collect manual input from 250+ onshore and offshore users.
  • Wrote VBA code to manipulate data and produce output files that automatically updated client accounts, transferred money between bank accounts, were loaded to check printing software to print checks, and sent automatic email messages through Lotus Notes/MS Outlook.
  • Created reports using SQL and Crystal Reports.
  • Created and maintained the designs for all stock and custom client check templates using Frameworks software.
  • Interfaced with multiple outside vendors providing support for various software, collection, mailing, and printing needs.
  • Worked as the programming lead for Paybase check printing software.

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