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Organizational Data Manager Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Software Professional with more than five years of professional experience in the Business Intelligence Industry and a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) with a purpose to empower business to make data driven decisions through data driven technologies and act as a solid bridge between the Business stakeholders and technical teams so as to bring the desired change.


  • Data Integration
  • Dimensional Modeling
  • Build Data Pipelines
  • BI Solution Design
  • Document BI requirements
  • Implement ETL
  • Provide Data Validations
  • Customer Onboarding
  • SQL, Python
  • Tableau, Power BI, R - Shiny
  • SAS - Data mining
  • Big Data (Sqoop, Hive, Rspark,)


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Organizational Data Manager


  • Collaborate with various stakeholders to understand their process, data collected and provide BI solutions which will help them get insights to operate better
  • Design, document and implement end to end BI solution based on the requirements provided in various phases
  • Often query the databases to analyze data in the systems and to test the changes
  • Integrate Data from various applications used by teams like finance, HR, sales, Customer Success though API / database connection for operational reporting and create data marts for BI reporting
  • Use Pentaho and SQL to transform the data and load data into reporting tables
  • Created end to end Performance and Adoption dashboard for the Product team using Power BI
  • Gather requirements from executive leadership or functional leaders on the data insights they need and build reports accordingly
  • Build visualization in Power BI/Tableau/Smartsheet/IBM Planning and Analytics as necessary depending on the tool preferred by the function
  • Document and Train users on the newly built BI process or dashboards
  • Current subject matter expert on the Internal BI process of the Product Organization
  • Analyze data and bring inconsistencies and problems to the attention of management
  • 20% of my role also engages in associating with Customer Success Group to identify Product gaps and then write solution documentation and Jira requirements for the respective product teams


Business Intelligence Analyst


  • Designed End to End reporting framework for the data coming from the “Order Capture Engine” replacing Traditional BI systems with Bigdata System
  • Performed Data Ingestion using Sqoop and then built Staging Hive Tables on top of HDFS
  • Performed data transformations using SPARK R and load data into Data Marts
  • Developed reports on platforms like Tableau, Power BI and R-Shiny.
  • Integrated SparkR and Shiny which increased performance of reporting solution by 30%
  • Created Data Frames in R language using connection to SPARK and create a Web Application for Dashboard using shiny framework
  • Developed a minimum viable product (MVP) for real-time BI reporting solution using Sqoop, Hive and SparkR.
  • The reports can be visualized in near real-time on Shiny app. Resulted in 30% efficiency and reduced cost equivalent to 2 FTE

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Data Analyst


  • Conducted brainstorming sessions to define and provided AS IS and TO BE state of BI System
  • Provided solution to how real time predictive analytics can be done on IOT data
  • Integrated and synthesized Data from various schemas in DB2 and TERADATA using SQL and Big data Technologies
  • Analyzed and transformed data before loading to Datamart
  • Provided Data Mart Design which was built in Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Provide algorithm which would run using RPARK to predict when the wheel of train will break
  • Developed Tableau Dashboard based on the Datamart to perform data validation against the source
  • Gave demos to stakeholders on how these new capabilities will increase efficiency in their BI systems

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