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Transportation/operations Manager Resume


  • A versatile, collaborative, accomplished, and knowledgeable professional with a successful track record and a flair for leading people in the right direction.
  • Experience well over 20 years. Outstanding organizational and problem - solving skills.
  • Highly collaborative with a talent for building productive relationships that allow smooth functioning while driving others towards excellence and attaining business goals.
  • Possess verifiable leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills that help put across things with a crisp point.
  • A remarkably successful mentor to peers and colleagues, owing to exceptional people skills and always giving them the nudge in the right direction to go the extra mile and helped in achieving what seemed difficult, with ease.
  • Have a solid track record in achieving the set goals and delivering personal best at every step of the way to provide optimal results.
  • Thrive in fast-paced business environments and cherish a chance to self-manage things through the innate problem-solving skills and never say never attitude.



Transportation/Operations Manager


  • Manage all areas of production and quality to include; Transportation, Customer Relations, Finance, HR, Team Building, Safety, Fleet Utilization, DOT Regulations, Employee Retention, and scheduling.
  • Work daily with flight schedules and customer communication to ensure that all flights and upgrades are assigned and covered on the AOA.
  • Provide classroom training and on the job training to all new employees.
  • Provide recurrent training to all employees.
  • Oversee continuous improvement teams to ensure on-time performance and excellent customer service.
  • Update vehicle spreadsheet to ensure that the fleet is operational and ready for on-time kitchen departures.
  • Review daily and weekly audits to ensure compliance with safety regulations issued by OSHA, FDA, and TSA.
  • Work daily on attendance, airline specification, delay reports, incident, and staffing requirements.
  • Extensive labor relations experience in grievances, arbitrations, contract negotiations.
  • Investigate, analyze, and prepare incident reports and apply opportunities for improvement.
  • Compliance of Transportation Security Administration, Federal Drug Administration, USDA, HACCP, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
  • Responsibility, including annual and monthly budget planning, accounts payables, accounts receivables, and billing accuracy to customers through SAP software.
  • Analyzed, proposed, and facilitated business improvements relevant to supply chain flow to optimize program resources and personnel.

Service Manager



  • Responsible for customer service, inventory management, health and safety, full P&L responsibility, quality programs and audit, value stream mapping, six sigma process improvements.
  • Work with unions, airlines, and TSA to ensure audits and inspection visits were within specifications.
  • Interact with TSA officials to review and implement new Government regulations.
  • Accountable for avoiding airline penalties for schedule delays.
  • Create job specifications for new businesses.
  • Develop and implemented staffing schedules to facilitate staffing needs at all times.
  • Minimized number of grievances filed by the union by improving communication with union officials through regular meetings.
  • Led revenue growth by creating value-added billable processes.

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