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Director Resume


  • Combined 24 years of industry experiences, experiences including business development, product marketing, sales/pre - sales, project management and product development, built local sales and service teams, developed new products, built operation from ground up.





  • Led the department in recruitment, supervision and management, improved the team's overall technical capabilities, quality awareness, design awareness, and established continuous output capabilities; directed overall product R&D from a chaotic to orderly state that yields consistence output; formed a learning department, improved adaptability to market and technological changes; redefined 3 generation of product series, formulized the fourth generation and latest product ideas and routes, and launched innovative products through research with competitors' patents/designs and improved the company's product efficiency by at least 10~20 folds;
  • Have taken the operation role and acted as a catalyze for internal organizational changes, re-optimized the organization structure, handling operation management, downsized personnel and cutting departments; realigned the company's financing position for investors to come in and successfully raised 2 million yuan in option loans;




  • Served as a key account management leader for the Confidential market to provide the highest level of business satisfaction for clients like Huawei, Fiberhome and other National Research Institutions, and developed new accounts and industry segments
  • Provided leadership to the local sales and channels, R&D and technical support teams to inspire high levels of motivation as well as teamwork and ensure optimal business productivity
  • Actively supported talent development as a talent manager, enhanced processes according to company guidance and principles, using toolsand resources as provided and ensure that voluntary attrition is minimized by providing a positive working environment for the Confidential team
  • Provided marketing guidance and direction and focused on sales for the company’s Machine Learning FPGA IC Design Optimization cloud solution, enterprise software tool and services in the Confidential and the regional markets
  • Initiated new retail business model combining with ubiquitous mobile/internet in order to create a new breakthrough and unconventional way of doing business and selling in the IC industry, also used tools like the Google Ads/LinkedIn and localized social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo
  • Formulated and guided the local channels and alliances to be in line with the company’s strategy, jointly worked with the local and alliance partners such as Intel and Xilinx and led the FPGA Cloud implementation and business agreement negotiation with local Tencent's matrix teams and members

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