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Workday Reporting Consultant Resume

Newark New, JerseY


  • Qualified professional with over 10 years of experience in the software analysis, design development customization and testing of ERP, and client/server applications, for various clients in areas of Health Care, Public Sector, Corporate domains which includes 5+ years of Exceptional experience in Workday’s HCM/Financial Modules like Core HR, Payroll, Benefits, Time Tracking, Absence Management, Talent, Performance, Compensation, Supplier Accounting & Invoicing, Financial Accounting, Customer Accounting & Invoicing, Settlements, Order Management, Business Assets, Financial Planning, Expenses, Procurement, Inventory.
  • An ERP Consultant with good experience in all stages of systems development life cycle including business requirements gathering, design, data conversions, programming, system / integration / user acceptance testing, documentation and exclusive experience in Workday and PeopleSoft HCM/Financials.
  • Hands on experience in Configuring Organizations, Business Process and creation of Custom Reports.
  • Experience with creating Staffing models for Supervisory Orgs, Reorganizations and business process framework, Organization Types, Organization Hierarchies.
  • Involved in requirements analysis, technical design, reporting, testing and system documentation support. Hands on experience in Configuring Organizations, Business Processes .
  • Configuring Custom Reports into Worklets and Related Actions of Workday Objects.
  • Good Hands on experience on building custom reports like Advanced Reports, Matrix Reports, Composite Reports, Calculated fields creation, WD Studio Report Builder (BIRT).
  • Experience in working with JDeveloper, BPEL, Web Services, SOAP UI and Report - as-a-Service (RaaS). Experience in creating web services for XML web service JAX-WS using Java API.
  • Proficient in implementing simple to complex functionalities in Workday Prism Analytics tool involving Operational Data from multiple source systems and Workday HCM/Finance systems.
  • In depth understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle and Agile Methodology involved in the designing, developing, testing& analysis, planning, execution and test management.
  • Developed, tested and deployed workday reports required to meet business requirements.
  • Experience in analyzing and resolving support issues raised by the functional support team, guide and train support teams on new technology and functionality.
  • Ability to deliver the best even in the most critical phases of the project.
  • Worked on Object management systems like Role Based Security, User Based Security, Job Based Security groups


Workday HCM/Financials: Core HR, Payroll, Benefits, Time Tracking, Talent, Performance, Absence Management, Compensation, Supplier Accounts, Procurement, Financial Accounting, Customer Accounts, Settlements, Order Management, Business Assets, Adaptive Insights, Expenses, Inventory.

PeopleSoft HCM/Financials and supply chain (FSCM): Time and Labor, Payroll (North America/Global), ESS/MSS, Benefits, Ben Admin, Recruiting, Absence Management, Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, general ledger, Billing, Inventory, Purchasing, Order Management

Reporting Tools: Workday: WD Report Writer, WD Studio Report Designer (BIRT) PeopleSoft and Other: PS Query, SQR, Crystal Reports, Tableau, Business Objects, BI Publisher

Technologies/Tools: XML, XLST, XPATH, Soap UI

Methodologies: SDLC using Waterfall Model, Agile

Databases: MS SQL server, Oracle (11g and 12c), MS Access etc.


Confidential, Newark, New Jersey

Workday Reporting Consultant


  • Designed, developed, and delivered Complex Workday Reports and frameworks used for Workday to other on-premises and on-demand solutions.
  • Worked directly with stakeholder and lead to confirm requirements, design alternatives, and to facilitate discussions.
  • Worked with implementation partner- IBM in gathering the requirements for the reports and provided technical feedback for the reporting functional requirement documents.
  • Coordinated and supervised a lot of daily activities of the Workday HR System and act as primary point of contact to monitor and triage production issues.
  • Create workday reports of type Simple, Advanced, Matrix, Composite using different data sources to match requirements in Core HR, Benefits, Payroll, Absence Management.
  • Created and design Matrix reports that provided analytics and for: Recruiting Activity, Trending data, Key Transactions, Compensation data, New Hires, Terminations, extensive calculated fields. Design over 60+ custom reports.
  • Built custom HCM reports & Payroll Reports - Data Disk reports, Benefit Census, Headcount reports,
  • Turnover summary reports, Garnishment report, Legal Reports, Accounting report, Payroll results YTD and Payroll deduction reports.
  • Create calculated fields like extract single instance, extract multi-instance, look up related value, Evaluate Expression, True or false conditions, Arithmetic Calculation, formatting date fields etc. to implement logic in Advanced and Matrix reports.
  • Created various Matrix Reports with Row/Column Grouping, Summarizations like Avg, Count, Max, Min & Sum, Drillable fields, detailed data, Filters and Output formatting into table or chart.
  • Provide knowledge transfer to the end users regarding workday reports and security.
  • Designed Business form Layouts for the reports built in compensation (Merit Reports, Severance Reports) using BIRT.
  • Created and customized BIRT Reports according to business forms in Benefits, Talent and Recruiting some are removal and adding of options in goals pages and some business forms are changed according to
  • Implemented Discovery Boards to assist stakeholders with performing analytics.
  • Built Advanced, Matrix and Composite reports on the Prism Published Data Set.
  • Got Performance Review Data for Past 10 years which is in ITM and got Job Data from PeopleSoft legacy system into Prism as base data sets. Created a synthetic effective date within the PRISM report using the Lag Function and the case statement to get effective dated data from the Peoplesoft for prism reports and merge that with our ITM Performance Data and published to create a PRISM data set and PRISM data source and created an Advance Report to obtain the data in the workday using that PRISM data source.
  • Created I9 retention Advanced Report using PRSIM data Source by transposing hire and termination history data from PeopleSoft Legacy System and workday custom report and merge them and using rank to get the data and finally generate a PRSIM Published Data set.
  • Designed a custom dashboard with worklets likes worker Termination rate, Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) termination rate, Exit Questionnaire, and annualized early loss rate.
  • Designed a custom dashboard with 2 tabs for Recruitment reporting which includes worklets likes worker Hires in Period and terminations in Period based on the age group and External Vs Internal Requisitions filled in Period.
  • Designed a custom dashboard with 2 tabs for Core HR reporting which includes worklets likes Gender Balance and Age Distribution.
  • Designed a custom dashboard with 2 worklets likes Span of Control and Organizational Levels.
  • Designed a Custom Dashboard for Headcount and Movements
  • Prepared the data governance spreadsheet to track the impact of organization changes (Division, Subdivision, Cost Center, Location, New Management Level etc.) for bonus eligibility criteria and car eligibility criteria for employees.
  • Research Governance Issues identified by stockholders and contributed to determine the appropriate processes to mitigate. Also Collaborate with business stakeholders to develop and document policies and procedures surrounding Data Governance.
  • Document, access, influence and synthesize business requirements to develop, enable and advance data governance capabilities.
  • Contribute to advise and promote key data governance deliverables/assets, including data policies, data standards, and data management roles and decision frameworks.

Environment: Workday HCM modules Core HR, Benefits, Absence Management, Payroll, Compensation. Legacy systems PeopleSoft.

Confidential, Bridgewater Township, NJ

Workday Reporting Specialist


  • Created global Reporting and Dashboard Inventory consisting of various type of Custom Reports including Advanced, Matrix, Composite, BIRT catering to daily reporting needs, audit requirements and annual processes requirements.
  • Worked with end users to design and document as-is and to-be models of reports requirements.
  • Responsible for all domain security issues and policy changes.
  • Develop Simple, Advanced, BIRT and Composite Reports for Core HR, Benefits, Absence Management and Payroll requirements
  • Worked directly with clients to implement, support, and integrate Workday HR solutions into their business environments.
  • Created numerous Financial Managerial Reports that used by Financial Planning & Analysis team like Actual vs Plan forecasting reports, Head Count and FTE etc.
  • Working on FDM values mapping legacy values to workday values example mapping PeopleSoft chart fields to Workday Worktag.
  • Contributed to data governance team by proactively monitoring subscriber’s health data by performing regular audits to identify errors in reporting outputs and issues report with audit findings to product for corrective action.
  • Develop BIRT report in Workday Studio which uses Advanced Report as a data source by enabling RaaS.
  • Ensure data is clean in Workday via ongoing governance, reconciliations, and audits.
  • Setting up report schedules- daily, quarterly, annually by understanding the required permissions for report sharing as needed by business and other systems and provide data analysis and recommendations as needed.
  • Developed multiple reports for revenue using composite report. This would have the capability to report by cost center /revenue category /project wise. It uses the outline structure at the row level.
  • Build own web services by defining custom reports as web service enabled and providing integration solutions.
  • Created Organizations (Locations, supervisory Orgs, Business Units, cost centers, Custom Orgs, Organization Hierarchy (Location Hierarchy).
  • Workday is heavily object-oriented strong understanding of calculated fields is a requirement for advance report writing and integrations. Additionally, the use of writing XSLT to transform data from the advanced reports is common. Generated several XSLTs for the purpose of generating flat files for vendors.
  • Utilized calculated fields in reporting, business processes, integrations, and Workday areas.
  • Worked with Many Advanced Reports, defining columns, business objects, fields, columns heading overriding, multiple sorting techniques, sorting by secondary objects.
  • Used Workday Report Writer to create customized integrations with third party applications using Workday Cloud Connect and Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB).
  • Experience in Customizing Business Process (BP's) and other Condition rule within BPs.
  • Built industry standard reports like Advanced Reports, Matrix Reports, Calculated Fields, Conditions and Eligibility Rules that applies to the parameters of the report.

Environment: Workday HCM modules Core HR, Benefits, Absence Management, Payroll and Legacy systems PeopleSoft

Confidential, Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Workday Consultant


  • Worked as a reporting consultant in the implementation of HCM/Financial Modules like Core HCM, Payroll, Benefits, Customer Accounting, Banking and Cash Management functional areas within Workday Financials.
  • Involved in converting the general designs to detailed designs for Core HR/Payroll products for custom reports and online processes according to the client requirements.
  • Create data flow diagrams for HCM Workday Business Processes like Request compensation change, Job change - Transfers, Promote, Termination, etc.
  • Participate in meetings to create and finalize the Functional specifications for reporting needs in Core HCM, Payroll and Benefits; work directly with key business stakeholders to understand requirements, develop many composite reports, BIRT layout reports, Custom Dash Boards and Trend reports.
  • Evaluate, document, communicate, and coordinate the technical impacts of Workday configuration decisions. Create documentation for Standard operating procedures.
  • Perform business process configuration for modified or new business processes within Workday HCM system.
  • Run Retro Pay Calculations for pay changes for a Pay group or for single associate.
  • Involved in validation of retro tool which is used for unsupported (Company, Pay group, Tax Authority, Retro End Additional Job and Retro Timesheet) changes in workday.
  • Worked on business process for Instant Pay, Adjustment cycle and Opt-Out custom object for hire/job change associates in Opt-Out states.
  • Tested the different employee types with data entry of different timings and time offs to check retro pay calculations and raised defects and follow up in defect triage calls to ensure system is working as expected.
  • Created business form layouts for On-Demand and Manual Payment notifications using BIRT in workday studio.
  • Worked on running On-Demand and Manual payment for adjustments in Pay Components (Earnings and Deductions).
  • Involved in reversing and deletion of ACH and Check payment inside and outside of Workday and re-issuing them.
  • Worked on Pay Slip validation (Priority of Pay Components and Payment Information).
  • Written reports using BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool) that extract Workday data and manipulate it in other formats (Excel, PDF) for various needs.
  • Created Advanced report on Procurement Card Transaction Verification Line Distribution, P-Card Transaction Verification and P-Card Transaction Verification Line B.O along with the attachments.
  • Worked on Reports to create custom reports using Workday Report Writer to meet the business needs of HR and Payroll application report consumer groups.
  • Participated in the design and optimization of all global HR process. Ensured the Workday HCM system is configured and leveraged to support HR business processes.
  • Worked on the BIRT report layout for JPMC, BOFA and other financial check printing services.
  • Created custom reports to fitch the data that is required for the validation.
  • Maintain the workday spreadsheets on working with business users on data mapping for core tables Names, Addresses, Job, Personal Data, Earnings Bal, Tax Balances tables and generated reports by Pay Group, Run ID in Payroll module.
  • Performed the Converting and loading data into Workday using excel/workbook to transform and load data, data validation and defect resolution, alternatives, and final decisions.
  • This involved extracting data out of PeopleSoft initially to help configure all the required hierarchy organizational data required in Workday prior to extracting the employee transactional data.
  • Worked as a security administrator, maintain the user access to implementation tenant and maintained user based and role-based security for contingent workers.

Environment: Workday HCM modules Core HR, Benefits, Payroll and Legacy systems PeopleSoft, UltiPro, Kenexa.


PeopleSoft Techno Functional Consultant


  • Customizations and making necessary changes on a regular basis as per the client’s needs.
  • Rewrote the entire custom Hire Applicant Application Engine program which loads the data from the Applicant tables into the PERSONAL DATA AND JOB Components for New Hires, Rehires, Reinstates and Internal Transfers.
  • Designed and Developed a custom Non-Employee hire Application Engine program which loads the data from a data file using File Layouts and Component Interfaces into PERSONAL DATA AND JOB DATA CWR components.
  • Developed a series of Workflows to send an email and work list to appropriate roles on the event of Hire/ Rehire / Terminate, Promotions, Demotions, change of personal data, address, name etc to employees using Approval Workflow Engine to notify the changes to them so that they continue with their respective tasks.
  • Involved in setting up the Workflow for the self-service transactions such as Job Requisition approval as per the business rules of the organization.
  • Added custom awards like Parking Recognition Winner, Employee of the Month, Experience-based bonus points, etc.., that added to the performance rating of the employees.
  • Developed custom Time and Labor rules to take care of Rounding Rules, Meal over Times and Scheduled Day off. Also, created custom processes to have hourly employee counts based on the Full or Part Time status and the number of active hours worked.
  • Created Template/Custom Built Rules using Daily Threshold, Holiday and Guaranteed Hours and customized the rules using SQL objects, actions and conditions as well as user exits Customized Daily Time Calendar, Weekly Elapsed Time Entry, and Punch Time Entry and Manager Time Approval pages as per the requirements. Extensively used PeopleCode and PeopleTools during the customization.
  • Modified delivered XML Publisher templates PYCHKUSA and PYADVUSA for check printing / advice form printing specific to client requirements.
  • Retrofitted the pay-check generation (PAY003) SQR process and advice form generation (DDP003) SQR programs to include the client specific XML tags to pay check/advice form data source
  • Analyze and redesign payroll to GL interface, defined various earnings types including regular earnings and additional pays, designated shift schedules and shift premium calculation rules.
  • Configure, troubleshoot and Support all the tables involved in Payroll processing like Pay calendar, Job Code, Deductions and processes such as Pay Sheet creation, PayCalc, PayConfirm, Tax Tables etc.

Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 9.1, PeopleSoft ELM 9.1, PeopleSoft Portal 9.1 and People Tools 8.52 on Oracle 11g

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

PeopleSoft Technical Consultant


  • Worked as a HCM Functional analyst. Gathered requirements from End users for required customizations.
  • Set up foundation tables for HR such as Set ID tables, new Company, business unit table, Pay Group table, location table, department tables.
  • Set up table for Base Benefit that includes provider table, coverage group code, rate table, calculation rule table, and deduction code.
  • Modified several PeopleSoft delivered Ben Admin and Payroll reports.
  • Monitoring closely with functional and technical people to trouble-shoot systems issues in Benefits modules or other HRMS modules such as Payroll, which integrate with the benefits modules.
  • Involved in the requirement-gathering meeting assisting the functional lead in gathering, analyzing and storing information for Absence Management Module.
  • Translate customer requirements into formal requirements and design documents, establish specific solutions, and leading the efforts that culminate in client acceptance of the results.
  • Preparing configuration documents for creation of pay group, Periods, Calendars, Entitlement and Absence Take elements, Section, Process List, Eligibility Group.
  • Preparing configuration documents for creation of Prepare configuration workbook for all Configuration items, TRC, TRC Program, Rules, Work Group, Dynamic and Static group Creation, and Approval workflow.
  • Discuss new functionality in 9.2 and prepare the configuration and design document to implement the functionality.
  • Configure the system as identified in workbook and perform Unit test, system test.
  • Prepare and document the Testing (Unit, System, Integration and UAT).

    Involved in providing training to the end users.

Environment: PeopleSoft HCM v9.1(Core HR, Base Benefits, eBenefits, Payroll),PeopleTools 8.5X, Application Engine, Component Interface, JIRA, Data Mover, PS/Query


PeopleSoft Techno Functional Consultant


  • Worked on gathering requirements for the rollout of Flex Benefits/Credits for several regions.
  • Calculated and validated the 3-tier and 4-tier rate structures for the different employee regions and groups.
  • Configured the new Benefits Program, Plans, Group numbers, Calculation tables and Rate IDs as needed and worked on the Bundled and Cross Plan setup for 1x and 2x plan types.
  • Benefits Rate Improvement Project, accomplishments include, Enhanced Audit Capability, enhanced mechanism to extract data from Rate Repository and Generation of Business-Friendly reports for various customers in addition to Error Reports for identifying data and rate inconsistencies.
  • Setup and Configured the Core HR tables - HR Region, Business Units, Companies, Location, Departments, Unions, Rate Codes, Job Codes, Action Reason, Configurable Search/Match and Smart Hire Templates.
  • Ensure and coordinate the Payroll processes like, Pay sheet Creation, Pay Calculation and Pay Confirmation. Run audit reports and review data pages.
  • Created Business Requirement Documents for the new functionalities in 9.1 such as, Smart Hire Templates, Person Model, Contingent Workforce, Person of Interest Management, Action-Reason Codes, Garnishment tables and Deduction tables
  • Responsible for creating Testing Strategy, Test Scripts, and conducting/coordinating Unit, Functional, System Integration Testing and UAT of Human Resources, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, Payroll for North America, Manager & Employee Self Service.
  • Provided client specific training and documentation to ensure consistency in executing business processes to all users across all regions.

Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS v8.8 Payroll, Core HR, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, Retro-Pay, Retro-Benefits, eBenefits) Oracle10g.

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