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Consultant Resume

Fort Lauderdale, FL


  • A highly motivated and ambitious individual able to give timely and accurate advice, guidance, support and training to team members and individuals.
  • Possessing excellent management skills and having ability to work with minimum supervision.
  • Enterprise Systems Management thought leader and practitioner with an emphasis on availability, performance and stability of instrumentation rolled up to Business - relevant Dashboard.
  • Experienced in all phases of solution delivery including strategy, requirements analysis, architecture, engineering and design, testing, implementation and support. Strong track record of successful solutions.
  • Technical skills with team-building background as well as strong knowledge and hands-on skills with many leading products, technologies and best practices.
  • SiteScope Agentless Monitoring Application v11.24
  • Business Process Monitor (BPM) and Real User Monitor (RUM)
  • Diagnostics
  • Service Manager (Ticketing System) v9.32
  • BSM Integration Adapter to integrate 3rd party products (SCOM, Oracle OEM, xMatters,Dotcom) and Confidential products NNMi, Service Manager
  • Network Node Manager (NNMi 9.22) and iSPI Performance Metrics
  • Network Automation v9.22
  • Operations Manager (Agent based monitoring system) for UNIX v9.14
  • Operation Orchestration v9
  • Nagios
  • RAMS
  • XMatters (Alarmpoint)
  • Splunk
  • Scripting: Vugen and QTP


Red Hat

Enterprise Linux





Confidential, Fort Lauderdale, FL



  • Integration and configuration with 3rd party application software like SCOM, Oracle OEM, DotCom and Dynatrace.
  • Instability of accessing BSM virtual IP address.
  • OMi event customization.
  • Stream based and Topology based event correlation.
  • Design and creating of API to extract event matrix externally.
  • Improved stability of BSM platform.
  • Modeling and instrumentation of new application into BSM framework.
  • Implemented best practice standard as per recommendation of Confidential .
  • Planning and review of BSM architecture.
  • Service Health Reporter to give performance analysis on OMi events.
  • Load Balancer configuration.
  • Introduced complex filters and recreated notification rules.
  • Implemented stream based event correlation rules.
  • Events correlated and removed 50% of unwanted non actionable events from OMi browser.
  • Integrated OMi with SCOP, Oracle OEM, NNMi, Dotcom, Dynatrace and in-house monitoring tools.
  • Integrated it with BMC ticketing system.
  • Dashboard views customization.
  • Created automation to restart BSM application during windows monthly patching.

Confidential, Johns Creek, GA

Sr. Analyst Enterprise Monitoring


  • Architecture, design and end to end integration with Service Manager ticketing system.
  • Implemented best practices to improve stability of Confidential 's SiteScope, BSM and NNMi resulted in alarm and storm reduction of events.
  • POC of Network Automation and its integration with NNMi.
  • Involved in technical discussion to design and deployment of Network Automation application into Macy's network.
  • Part of Architecture and Design group for BSM and uCMDB upgrade.
  • Share the knowledge and facilitate training to other members in the team.
  • Administration of Operation Manager 9.
  • Team Leader to work with independent contractor and internal team for complete and end to end execution of the project.
  • Service Manager is now in production and currently focusing on improving reliability and implementing best practices.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

BTO Architect


  • Ensure that all components of the technical architecture were properly patched and integrated.
  • This setup is used for pre-sales demo, simulate customer's environment and for POC testing.
  • Manage and Implement customer on site projects.
  • Automate implementation of monitoring using uCMDB, SiteScope and Operation Orchestration products.
  • Confidential 's Application Performance Management (BAC Version 9.12) is installed on a single server Linux architecture with MSSQL Database in a cloud environment.
  • A script is developed using Vugen's Mobile protocol and periodically executed from different BPM locations. The response time and performance of the application was measured and shown on the dashboard view.
  • Upgrade was done and documented in the staging environment.
  • Upgraded the production BSM environment consisting of 2 GW and 2 DP servers and upgraded associated component such as RUM, OMI, SystemHealth.
  • Enable BSM/OMi integration with Sitescope to forward events from Sitescope to BSM.
  • Implemented Confidential 's best practice solutions to improve overall performance of the application.
  • Standardized Sitescope's event and alert templates.
  • Fine tuned and correlated number of events received from BPM and Sitescope.
  • Install uCMDB 9.05 application in the Windows environment and enable discovery of Windows, UNIX, Database and Network nodes.
  • Model and create template based view for mission critical applications.
  • Associate the nodes based on data center location.
  • Enable uCMDB and BSM integration to imports applications related CI's into RTSM.
  • Create myBSM dashboard based on applications.
  • Enable End user monitoring (Using BPM) and infrastructure monitoring (Using Sitescope)

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Consultant eBusiness Production Operation


  • Production support for monitoring infrastructure.
  • Complete re-designing of monitoring and notification of infrastructure devices and applications using Confidential BAC and Sitescope.
  • Automation of repeated process using SiteScope monitors.
  • Automation of daily infrastructure health check and transaction performance reports.
  • Instrument and enable monitoring of new financial application into BAC framework.
  • Configure and create GOMEZ scripts and reports. Provide analysis to application team performance of sites using BAC and GOMEZ.
  • Architecture and POC of BSM 9.10 setup.

Confidential, Cupertino, CA

Technical Engineer


  • Provide technical consulting to assist customer in proactive problem resolution.
  • Diagnosing and resolving software problems or conflicts
  • Troubleshooting software programs and making suggestions for their improvement
  • Customizing software application when necessary
  • Suggest improvements and upgrades to software application
  • Provide high quality customer satisfaction
  • Work well in team environment
  • Identify recurrent problems and help users resolve them
  • Enable application data processing failover.
  • Implementation System Health to monitor the BAC infrastructure.
  • 10 Sitescopes with failover HA mode installed across all geographic locations.
  • 20 Business Process monitor and 6 Discovery probe installed across all locations.
  • In order to have full cycle of deployment, installed 3 different architectures of BAC (Production, Development and QA)
  • Integration with Operation for UNIX, Service Center and Alarmpoint.
  • Collect user, functional and technical requirements from Application stakeholders.
  • Create functional script for End to End application monitoring using Vugen or QTP.
  • Instrumented new application using BPM and SiteScope monitors and created dashboard view for the application team.
  • SLA configuration using CI's from SiteScope and BPM.
  • Perform BAC/ uCMDB performance tuning and optimization as per Confidential 's best practices.
  • Carefully designed and selected hardware on VM environment as per Confidential ’s hardware recommendation. It was a two server configuration enabled in application failover mode and iSPI configured on the third server configured to collect performance data from the active NNMi server.
  • Design and migrated legacy NNM 7.5x on Solaris Platform to NNMi 8.13 on Linux platform.
  • Integration with LDAP and enabling a default guest roll for all users.
  • Enabled Application failover mode for full hardware redundancy.
  • Implementing Confidential 's best practice configuration.
  • Fine tuning and stabilizing discovery results
  • Integrated Performance Management tool with NNMi
  • Integration of NNMi with OVO and uCMDB.
  • Automated maintenance through monitors created on SiteScope.

Confidential, Parsippany, New Jersey

Engineer S/W applications in OSS/NMS Division


  • Installation and implementation of NNM in distributed geographical locations.
  • Enabled extended topology with Active Problem Analyzer for polling devices.
  • Fine tuned ET filters to limit polling of the critical network devices.
  • Defining map filter based on the networking needs and customizing maps based on geological placement of the networking device. Partitioned the ovw internet submap.
  • Define discovery, map, topology and unmanaged interface filters.
  • Restrict the netmon and ET discovery using netmon and bridge no discover file.
  • Securing Dynamic Views and Network presenter.
  • Defined problem diagnosis.
  • Fine tuned registrations file as per the requirements.
  • Understand Tier II needs and developed customization to support those needs.
  • Syslog integration with NNM.
  • Fine tune Active Problem Analyzer
  • Enabled extended topology discovery of HSRP supporting devices.
  • Defining event correlation and forwarding correlated events to ticketing system.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of the NNM server.
  • Integrating NNM with RAMS system.
  • Opening an enhancement request for the defects/problems observed in the s/w.
  • Enabled integration of Route Analytics Management System RAMS with NNM system.
  • Updated the NNM with the latest patch and applied hot fixes to resolve critical problem observed in the software.
  • Customized and fine tuned the application as per the requirement.

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