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Associate/corporate Actions Administrator Resume

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  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Office, Access, PowerPoint, QuickBooks, Adobe, Miser.
  • Moderately Proficient with speaking and comprehending Arabic.



Associate/Corporate Actions Administrator


  • Receiving swifts from sub - custodians from markets primarily based in Confidential
  • Processed Corporate action announcements for events such as; Dividend Option Reinvestments (dvop), Call on Intermediate Securities (EXRI), Dividend Reinvestment Plan (Drip), Intermediate Securities Distribution (RHDI), Bonus Issue (Bonu), etc.
  • Calculating client position entitlements for all corporate action activities.
  • Reconciliation of cash and security position balances
  • Interfacing with proxy vendors and sub custodians to ensure complete and accurate voting.
  • Process class action settlements and analyzing financial data retrieved from the settlement.
  • Submit settlement notice and claim form with the completed analysis so the client can request to process the settlement.
  • Modify and repair shareholder meetings to ensure updates are properly announced and sent appropriately.
  • Analyze discrepancies from trade transactions and resolve to correspond with opening and closing balances.




  • Extremely high level of service delivery when interfacing and working closely with Financial Advisors, CSA’s, BOM’s in addition to the Consulting Group Sales Desks, and business owners at various levels of the organization including senior management .
  • Supporting all day to day billing operations such as new account fee profiles, fee maintenance, and book of business fee analysis.
  • Troubleshooting complex or sensitive issues related to a client’s accounts or FA compensation.
  • Process service requests submitted by Financial Advisors.
  • Analyze and calculate fee breakdowns to provide a clear distribution of fees, commissions and percentages based on the FA quarterly request.

Confidential, NY

Financial Accounting Associate


  • Analyzed income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement to determine performance and suitability for institutions using financial modeling.
  • FR Y-6/7 Review
  • For small, non-complex institutions, analyze organization charts and tier reports and identifying inconsistencies between the two sources of information
  • Review information included in the shares and shareholders report to identify any reporting omissions, and determining the organization’s eligibility as a foreign banking organization.
  • Prepare written questions in regard to the discrepancies dat will be sent to the respondent
  • Documenting valid discrepancies
  • Research publically available sources to confirm name and address of NIC-unmapped entities
  • Request supporting documents (information dat confirms the existence of the entity and the reported address/location) from respondents as necessary
  • Enter the entities dat need a RSSD into a blank New RSSD Requests template spreadsheet with all necessary supporting information
  • Analyze the financial, credit, funding, or other impacts of the complex emerging and evolving financial instruments and regulatory changes with respect to reporting requirements.
  • Perform cross-division portfolio analysis on institutions using data from various reports from several business areas; including analysis on counterparty risk, horizontal reviews of data or disclosures provided by many financial institutions, product-specific analysis and industry-wide analysis.
  • Conduct in performing ad hoc complex analytical studies of a financial nature for Bank management, the Board of Governors, the Treasury Department, or other stakeholder, on domestic and international financial markets, money market instruments, monetary aggregates, required reserves, balance of payments, banking regulations and government securities market.
  • Compile and assess information from journals, data, market sources, and government reports.

Confidential, NJ

Financial Services Associate/Personal


  • Insuring banking policies are a part of daily operations and providing every financial need to ensure quality customer service.
  • Insurance planning, education, retirement planning, investment risk assessment, qualified plan distribution planning and estate planning.
  • Providing skills and knowledge with our miser program to open various accounts such as CD’s, business accounts, IRA’s, savings and checking accounts.
  • Assure my goals are met every month by cross-selling to maximize sales of deposit products (ancillary products, credit cards, etc.) and ensure client satisfaction.
  • Fully knowledgeable and skilled in the areas of vault, discussing and accepting credit applications, also providing leadership, training and support to less experienced New Account Representatives and other branch staff members.
  • Providing knowledge of mortgage products to current and potential clients.
  • Performing month audits and ensuring opening and closing procedures are done efficiently and competently.

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