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Business Interactive Resume

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Chicago, IL


  • As Project Lead for Data analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse (DW) solutions, provided leadership executing scalable enterprise solutions closely aligned to business strategic goals and objectives.
  • Have had a wide range of skills based on over 20 years of experience in modeling, designing and developing DW applications.
  • As Data architect/Project lead I deployed enterprise - wide information systems and integrated business solutions in both On-line transaction processing (OLTP) and On-line analytical processing (OLAP) environments while adhering to the best of software development life cycle (SDLC) methodology.
  • Have a proven track record of successes with data management practices, processes and procedures.
  • Dedicated and self-motivated leader with good communication and presentation skills.


Cloud & other Environments: Amazon Web services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform(GCP), Windows XP/Vista, UNIX, PC-LAN/Client Server, Motorola MPC.

ETL Tools: Informatica MDM, Abinitio, PL/Sql, BODS&BAPI, SAP Migration Workbench (LSMW)

BI Tools: MicroStrategy, Tableau, Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion. Case & Front-End Tools Business Objects, Cognos, ERwin, ER/Studio, ModelMart, Oracle Designer 2000, IEW, S-Designor Professioner, Informatica ETL Tools (Designer, PowerCenter).

ERP: SAP, Baan III, IV, Baan V Series, Manufacturing Shopfloor Package, MDM.

Databases: Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, Informix, Access, RDB.

4GLs: Perl and Ruby scripting, Puppet, Ansible, Bash and csh Python, Rapid SQL, ABF development tools, JYACC Jam/Jpl.

Languages: SQLPlus, UNIX Scripting, PL/SQL, Simscript

Tools: Informatica Apps, ERwin, ER/Studio.


Confidential, Chicago IL

Business Interactive


  • Lead branch roll-outs of Universal Banking Solution - Flexcube moduleslike customer accounts & savings accounts, funds transfer, Loans, Trade Finance, Retail teller, SMS (security management system) and Gateway interfaces.
  • Designed and implemented Enterprise Business Intelligence dashboard/reporting solutionsfor Credit Cards, Mortgages, Personal loans, Ready credit and other lending.
  • Developed data models to support Capital Analysis and Review reporting, Loss Mitigation, anti-money Laundry and other risk mitigation systems.
  • Re-engineered current business processes to help define a more cost effective, efficient and productive operating model.
  • Trained workforce in proven best IT practices culminating in establishment of corporate data governance methodology with strict guidelines, processes, standards, conventions, compliance procedures, data metrics and metadata maintenance across enterprise data marts (DM).

Confidential, Cary, NC

Solutions/Data Architect


  • Created the Financial and Sales functions ER/Studio logical and physical models to support implementation of SAS BI Business Rules Manager and Government Risk Compliance solutions, Data Enrichment, Accounting Arrangement, Rate Assignment and Rate Analysis Modules.
  • Produced target ER/Studio Logical and Physical Multi-Dimensional Models (MDM) for Data Enrichment and Accounting Arrangement modules with sub-models of Product, Order, Invoice, Customer and Sales territory.
  • Mapped the target ER/Studio Logical and Physical MDM back to Confidential EDW to determine ETL requirements.
  • Mapped the target ER/Studio Logical and Physical MDM to source systems to determine ETL requirements.
  • Developed ETL scripts in PLSQL, BODS and BAPI to extract and load Customer, Product master data(s) to development environment. Tested ETL programs in DB2 and Oracle databases followed by metadata updates.
  • Worked closely with the DBAs on performance monitoring, database tuning. Identified and corrected performance bottlenecks of ETL to ensure peak DB performance.

Confidential - Glenview IL

Enterprise Business Intelligence Data Modeler/Architect


  • Developed conceptual enterprise models and normalized data models that defined all business functions from JAD sessions conducted and attended by SMEs.
  • In scope were master data(s), Finance, Supply chain, Human resources, Sales, Market analysis, Legal, Clinical Data/Research and Development.
  • Produced and presented to executives Information Visio asset models.
  • Produced and presented to executives, senior management and SMEs enterprise conceptual models.
  • Produced and presented to managers, SMEs, analysts and developers ERWin enterprise ERD models.
  • Produced business metadata, profiled DB2 data and Informatica MDM.

Confidential - Bloomingdale IL

Systems Analyst/Architect Project Lead


  • Managed requirements gathering, project scoping, translating business and operational requirements into DMs for the Workforce Management and Retail Sales/Profitability projects.
  • Conducted user interviews, JAD sessions and pilots to define KPIs, gather business/analytical requirements.
  • Created Retail Sales/Profitability and Operational Compliance Scorecard subject areas fact/qualifier matrix to identify dimensions and reporting hierarchies.
  • Produced fully attributed ERWin Associate OLTP workforce LDM, Retail Sales/Profitability and Operational Compliance Scorecard Start schema in support of the Workforce management project.
  • Integrated the newly developed Associate LDM into the existing Teradata EDW by expanding the Associate Labor reference model to accommodate new attributes that support SAP workforce management KPIs.
  • Validated KPIs by mapping calculation/algorithm metrics and measures back to the EDW Teradata, Retail Sales/Profitability and Operational Compliance Scorecard Star schema.
  • Migrated functional data utilizing SAP System Migration Workbench (LSMW).

Confidential - Milwaukee WI

Senior Data Analyst / Modeler


  • Translated business requirements into LDMs for the Miller / Coors joint venture (JV).
  • Produced ERWin DMD in support of the (JV) Miller / Coors EDW.
  • Worked with the JV project teams and SMEs to define sales profit margin KPIs.
  • Worked with the JV project teams to translate and map new business data between Miller and Coors.
  • Consolidated enterprise product and sales reporting LDM into MDM to create JV DMs from the existing EDW.
  • Worked with DBAs to translate LDMs into physical DB2 instances. Optimized SQL and PL/SQL ETL scripts.

Confidential - Chicago IL

Lead Data Modeler/Analyst


  • Worked with BAs to gather and translate claim processing requirements into claim processing LDMs.
  • Worked with the VSAM to DB2 conversion team members and the ODS team to create 3NF models that reflect current and future business requirements for Blue Chip (the claim adjudication and payment system).
  • Defined business functional areas and conversion scope. Identified and resolved data model issues/gaps by mapping requirements (COBOL copybooks, reports, etc.) to completed Claim adjudication 3NF models.
  • Integrated the ERWin Claim adjudication 3NF models into the ‘Insurance Group renewals/Health care Providers/Membership’ ODS LDM in accordance with company modeling standards.
  • Delivered a claim adjudication LDM that reflects the legacy Blue Chip system and SMEs inputs.
  • Worked with DBAs to produce matching DB2 DB instances from the 3NF models.

Confidential - Washington DC

Data Architect and ETL Controls Analyst


  • Translated reporting requirements to Restatement Financial Data Warehouse (RFDW) requirements.
  • Produced in ER/Studio Securities and Loans restatement data mart Snowflake schemas.
  • Validated DMs against the requirements and ensured master data is captured in its entirety.
  • Identified, validated and mapped data sources from loans, securities, data work streams and existing financial data warehouse to DM Snowflake schemas and RFDW.
  • Designed Ab Initio ETL to extract data from custom loan and securities sub ledgers.
  • Designed and implemented a robust ETL controls infrastructure to sustain Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and other regulatory compliance.
  • The controls consisted of rules driven exception handling DB in conjunction with custom Ab Initio components and automated reconciliation process.
  • The custom Ab Initio controls performed in-process tests after the fact data reasonableness validation and other test algorithms on the RFDW KPIs.
  • Validated and tested Business Objects and MicroStrategy reports for completeness and accuracy.

Confidential - Chicago IL

Lead Data Modeler / Data Analyst


  • Gathered and documented data requirements -elements, attributes, transformation/loading rules & metadata.
  • Defined data quality checks and measures for the interval source data feed to the ODS and BDW.
  • Provided analysis and documentation of external data source ( Confidential Corporation Beta System a leading provider of integrated information solution to Financial Businesses such as Brokers) to end-users of securities, data management department and decision support services.
  • Created ERDs and PDMs that generated DDL/Schemas for DB instances in ODS or DW environments.
  • Maintained detailed knowledge of data domains/subject-areas such as Brokerage Reporting, SOX compliance / NYSE Regulation 401B strategic, Account Managing Application and OPS Credit/Fail.
  • Conducted data model review sessions with business analysts, data architects, DBAs, project managers.
  • Worked with the functional subject-area DBAs to create DB instances from LDMs.

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