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Technical Lead Resume

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  • Highly skilled software development professional (with 4.5+ years onsite and 3.4 years offshore experience) bringing more TEMPthan 8+ years’ experience in software design, development and integration using advanced knowledge of COBOL, JCL, IDMS and CICS. Software Developer skilled at technical leadership, communication and presentations. Experienced in full project life cycle from design to implementation and integration.


Languages: COBOL, CICS and JCL, VB, C++, C.

Tools(S/W): INTERTEST, OLQ, DMLO, FILE MANAGER, ELIPS (programing platform

Operating System: MVS, Z/OS and Windows

Database: IDMS, VSAM and DB2

Middleware: MQ Series, SOA, TIBCO services, CICS web services.

Functional: Sales Chain management, Automatic replenishment, AR, AP etc.



Technical Lead


  • Onsite project coordinator - Managing offshore team.
  • Designed, Built, tested and deployed scalable, highly available and modular application programs.
  • Modified existing application programs to correct errors and improve performance.
  • Drafted comprehensive reports to document bugs and design flaws.
  • Worked closely with clients to establish problem specifications and system designs.
  • Performed regression and system-level testing to verify software quality and function before it was released.
  • Maintained existing applications and designed and delivered new applications.
  • Developed code fixes and enhancements for inclusion in future code releases and patches.
  • Provided base level IT support to non-technical personnel within the business.
  • Evaluated and responded to incoming sales leads and requests for technical support assistance.
  • Resolved customer issues in a clear, courteous and straightforward manner.
  • Identified and solved technical issues with a variety of diagnostic tools.
  • Conducted research to address customer concerns.
  • Activated accounts for clients interested in new services.
  • Provided documentation on start-up, shut down and first level troubleshooting of processes to halp desk staff.
  • Consistently met deadlines and requirements for all production work orders.
  • Monitored Database areas and took the appropriate action by coordinating with DBA.
  • Mission critical resource for application and nightly batch system.
  • CA7 job scheduling and running specials schedules.
  • System upgrades testing.
  • Prepared and tested for disaster recovery plan.
  • Winner of quarterly award for excellent performance.
  • Appreciated by customer for excellent performance.
  • Mission Critical resource for the production activities.
  • Conducted various innovative sessions for the team learning.
  • Two times winner of monthly award, POB (PAT-ON-BACK) for great performance.
  • Value innovation award winner.


Lead Developer, Analyst


  • Mainframe application is a real-time Order, Ship and Bill (OSB) system for supply chain management. It supports business in its daily branch operations and is interrelated with other business systems such as Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, and General Ledger. The system is divided into 25 business functions, each of which is further divided into the specific tasks. Its database, a comprehensive collection of related data organized for quick access, supports all of the XPD2 functions.
  • All of Client’s branches (sales offices with or without inventory) and hubs (locations with inventory only) have access to the database. An update dat is accepted immediately is referred to as an “on-line” update. This means when you type data in application, it is updated in the database immediately. Large groups of updates dat are performed overnight are called “batch processes”; these updates do not take effect until the following day.

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