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Enterprise Architect Resume


Be integral part of Enterprise Architecture/Management with End - to-End scope effort leveraging 35 years of experience in IT, Data Center management, consolidation, migration and optimization in synergy with Business strategy.


Business Domain: P&L Projection, Asset Depreciation/Valuation, Expense Budgeting, Risk Assessment/Mitigation, ROI, EVA, IRR, Break Even, NPV, APV, SWOT analysis.

Data Center Domain:

Hardware: Confidential 9000 -rp 7400 - rp7410 - rp5740 - rx2600, rx2660, rx2800, BL890 - integrity servers - N, K, L, V Classes / iCODs; DEC-Alpha System (2100 and 8400 series) and Alpha Station ; Sun -Ultra 220 - 450s (Sparc), sunfires Vxxx; VAX 6000 series; IBM-RS6000, and AutoRaid - IBM 7044 170, 270, ppc5, ppc6, and p-series 6C4, CISCO UCS.

Mass Disk Storage: HP3PAR F-class (with DataProtector), Confidential surestores, Confidential Axxx, SAN, IBM Gen 3 XiV, NAS, EMC Clarion, Celerra, VNX.

Network: Knowledge of Switches, Routers, FireWall, VLAN, TCP/IP, DNS, NIS/NIS+, FTP, TFTP, NTP, LDAP, proFTP, vsftp.

Enterprise Scheduler: Maestro - Tivoli - 5.2, 6.1, and 6.2. and Admiral ( Confidential ) - TES (all versions), AutoSys.

Cluster: SunCluster (3.5).

Web Server: Apache server

Backup: Netbackup - Veritas - 3.2G, and 4.0. - TSM - Confidential Data Protector

File System: HFS, LVM, VxFS, and VxVM. (Veritas), ZFS

System/Network monitoring: Open View ITO(8.x) and OMU(9x), NNM, Glance, nagios, cacti, MeasureWare, BigBrother - Spectrun

Operating Systems: UNIX HPUX 10.20, 11, 11i, 11.20. 11.23 , 11.31; OSF1 - 4.x, Linux - Red Hat 6.2/7.3, 8, 9 and ES 4, ES 5, 6, AS5 (ppc), centos, debian, fedora (5, 6, 7), Suse 11, Solaris/SunOs 2.x, 5.8, 8, 9 and 10 on sparc and intel; System V, BSD. VAX/VMS - 5.1., Tru64 -5.2 and Open VMS -7..3 and 8.2 and AIX -3.2., 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, and 6.1 - Z/OS - RACF - OVMS 7.1, 8.1 / 8.2 - dynix, sco, ncr.

Database Domain: Knowledge at dba level Oracle 7.x, 8.0.x, 8i, 9iS, 10g and 11i; knowledge db2. Oracle Stream replication, block level SRDF replication.

Security Domain: Knowledge of encryption algorithms DES, RSA and PGP;PWplus, Medusa, Tls, ssh.

Application Domain:

Telephony: Shoregear - Shoreware.

Packaging: swpackage, rpm.

ERP: SAP - knowledge ABAP and SAP Netweaver/basis administration (7.x)

Virtualization: solaris-zoning, vmware, ESX (3.5), AIX-LPAR, VIO/VIM, HPVM, VMWare

Storage Replication Appliance: EMC Recovery Point Appliance - Virtual Replication Appliance - vSphere Replication Appliance - Confidential StorageWorks - Confidential Replication Manager - SRDF - SnapMirror - Robocopy - PlateSpin.

Compliance Domain: PCI (2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2) Encryption at Rest, FIM, Tipping Point, 2Factor Autentication + RSA, part of board of QSA, Network vulnerability scan, Pen test, 400+ Action Items scan automation, ArcSight, Credit Card PAN monitoring.

Enterprise Architecture/Cloud: ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE FRAMEWORKS/TOOLS TOGAF 9.1 - Zachman - ESB / SOA - Middleware - Capacity Planning TeamQuest - UML - Archimate

Migration / Consolidation Methodology: P2P, P2V, V2V, GreenField, Lift&Shift, Split&Shift, Like-for-Like, swing gears; PlateSpin replication.

CLOUD: Knowledge of Cloud Strategies Iaas, PaaS, and Saas.


PROJECT METHODOLOGY: Agile (parallel) - Waterfall (serial) High Level Languages / Command Languages - Script

Proficient: C, R

Knowledge: C++, HTML, Java, COBOL, ABAP, Pascal.

Proficient: ksh, sh, bash, csh, dsh, awk, perl and sed.

Knowledge: DCL



Enterprise Architect


  • The foremost strategic objectives are: satisfaction, economic and financial return, reliability and security from the client’s perspective by data center migration, transformation or consolidation.
  • The procedure for deployment is analogous to Togaf with its ADM core guidelines.
  • Utilization of Lift & Shift, Like-for-like, greenfield builds, p2p, p2v, v2v processes through 4 phases of client's interaction (engage, implement, rationalize, and decommission).
  • Budget and Project valuation / analysis and optimization.
  • Risk assessment model and mitigation processes.
  • Acting on four architecture domains: Business, Data, Application, and Technology. Responsible for PCI (Payment Card Industy) strategic architecture within Credit Card – Creditcard, Commercial Card, Global Payments, Airline Services, Fraud Detection and Transaction validation services (debit, credit, pre-paid, ATM)Industry Standards and Regulation.

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Enterprise Architect


  • Plan and Design of datacenter paradigm strategy shift: from managed by vendors to in-house management.
  • Pack and Shift approach for non-production environment (DEV, Test, QA/QE, UAT), PlateSpin (P2V) and swing for (Prod, D/R and Pre-Prod).
  • Project analysis on move strategy based on production, on-line required products, CAPEX / OPEX, risk, and contractual deadline constraint of closure for data center.


Architect Management / Enterprise Architect


  • IT Operations consolidation/migration of 3 datacenter into 1 and from outsourced to in-house environment and from Confidential -UX to Red Hat environment.
  • Leadership role within the architecture and business domain on transferring datacenter ownership from outsourced administration to an internal group at Confidential allied with a consolidation of redundant hardware, software and facilities while enabling G2 to G3 technology migration.
  • Part of a major Enterprise Architecture initiative utilizing TOGAF, Zachman and ITIL with design, planning, and execution guidelines at infrastructure with, integration, information, R&D solution and Enterprise management for production, development, and UAT environments, processes, and design. Storage - capacity planning, procurement and optimization availability for physical and virtual servers of new datacenter.
  • At Infrastructure Architecture focused with Infrastructure Platform (migration from HPUX to Red Hat), Storage (from EMC to NetApp), Data Base (kept Oracle with a different version), Connectivity-Network (kept Cisco Networking) and Facilities (kept the same geographical area, consolidating three sites into one).
  • Migration of applications from old Confidential platforms (PA-RISC - SuperDome) into integrity servers BL890 and rx2800 (IA64) utilizing HPVM virtual machines and Confidential Containers combined with nPAR / vPAR for separation of enterprise environments (DEV, QA, UAT, Pre-Prod, Prod).
  • Training on architecture frameworks the newly created infrastructure architecture team.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Infrastructure Architect


  • Leader of Global Engineering team. Infrastructure Architecture involved in the design and implementation of a new middleware and SOA environment/ eCommerce Platform deployment.
  • Development of strategy and initial implementation for D/R (current) and B/C (strategy planning) and Tokenization Project.
  • Environment conversion from AS400, Solaris and Confidential to a Red Hat environment. Reduction in 70% of RPO and RTO in disaster and recovery processes.
  • Responsible for the development, testing and implementation of auditing and automation of CIS (Center for Internet Security) and NSA guidelines and procedures.
  • Development of new strategies for Unix administrators and company ecommerce environment in alignment with business strategies.
  • Responsible for datacenter footprint reduction (40%).


Enterprise and Infrastructure Security Architect


  • Responsible for production, development and QA environment for Confidential and Confidential Latin America data centers.
  • Capacity planning, design, implementation, and migration of systems from Solaris 10 to SuSe Linux 11 (p2p, p2v, v2v), including porting Oracle and SAP R/3.
  • Implementation and improvement of servers virtualization utilizing VMWare. Migration of backup technology from Netbackup to NetApp.
  • Update and compliance with CERT – Computer Emergency Response Team on security measures application, documentation and auditing processes on all Confidential systems for LATAM. Capacity planning for global factory market in alliance with Confidential Origin International. Build and management of wiki for Data Center / Cert Team for Brazil.
  • Enhanced Security and Maintenance of internal webservers – apachache / tomcat.
  • Development of new environment for distributed environment / shell (dancer shell) for improvement of security, performance and administration.


Unix Sys Admin


  • Compliance with Production environment SLA for centers in New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, Singapore and Ireland.
  • Implementation of new duties for Operations, documentation and creation of SOPs to be used by the Operations’ team.
  • Part of management team with CITCO headquarters (New Jersey) on devising new policies and responsibilities.
  • Envrionment consisting mostly of Oracle-Sun/Solaris on physical environment – development of migration strategy to virtualization with Solaris zone and Sun Cluster (3.5).
  • Monitoring of production sites, D/R, Dev, QA via Spectrun.
  • Backup using Netbackup. Job scheduler using AutoSys.
  • Sybase Database initial troubleshooting.
  • Service Management via ITIL.
  • Responsible for training the systems administrators on new technologies, different Unix OS and Unix internals and new processes in accordance with headquarter’s guidelines.

Confidential, Mountain View, Houston

Enterprise / Infrastructure Unix Architect


  • Enterprise Architect for all Unix related deployments/builds/development on new environments.
  • Management of Data Center Unix and network environment.
  • Managing and administration of farm of several unix Data Centers - hardware, applications and O.Ses.
  • Part of Unix think tank group for development and implementation of software into Unix environment. Manager of Unix farm consisting of: Sun, Confidential, Linux, Dec-Alpha, and IBM-RS6000; p-series with respective Operating Systems also OVMS 7.1, 8.1, and 8.2, sequent, sco, ncr., and several VMs using vmware and ESX.
  • Migration of version controlled products from ClearCase / CVS into subversion; administration of ClearCase; maintenance of ClearCase and CVS for customer’s compatibility and legacy systems.
  • Developed strategies for consolidation of servers, portability and management of Cisco/TES products using virtualization on VIO server / LPARS (AIX) – and NIM, on HPUX, using HPVM on integrity servers (IA64) for client mapping environment and, on Solaris using zoning;
  • Load balancing on solaris using sun-clusterss, Some CISCO: Switch, Routers, and PIX configuration and NT- administration.
  • Installation and maintenance of CATALINA/Tomcat servers for usage with frontend InterSperce products. Working as integrator for DB - Oracle 9i. 10g and 11i, System tuning for optimization of kernel parameters with JDK and TES (Tidal Enterprise Scheduler ) with different versions of product and O.S. releases. Maintenance of MySQL server to be used with Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator and TES. Part of team to test and implement Unix(es) on UCS Cisco Mass Storage and Cisco Cloud Computing.
  • Basic System Administration / Programming on Z/OS and RACF.
  • Administrator for OVMS 8.1 and 8.2 running on itanium machine - third tier of support for customer‘s O.S. related problems.
  • Marketing and Sales/Pre-sales on TES / TEO/SAP-Connector products for Latin America (Portuguese and Spanish).
  • Training for SEs in North America.
  • Provided SAP basis installation and administration for TES Business Unit.
  • Support for issues with clients with TES – SAP connector.
  • Performed stress test and regression test as QA/QE for Unix products.

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA

Project Leader Coordinator for Unix


  • Unix Architect for consolidation and migration of Palo Alto, Mountain View and Cupertino data centers to Denver.
  • Responsible for planning, D/R plan, data transfer, cloning, staging, networking, (un)racking and shipping of 1100 servers.
  • Responsible for two cluster- MC/Service Guard for Oracle database - failover, backup and re-installs. Automation of system cloning and configuration, installation and tuning on staging servers for data integrity and up time optimization for Eops customers (external) production servers.
  • Data Centers with Confidential, Sun, IA-64(McCalister-processors), Intel-IA64 (BigSur, IronMan and Lion).
  • Installation, and maintenance of Oracle 8.0.4.Test, tuning, analysis, diagnostics and Implementation of VxFS with the new OS Architecture (IA64) in comparison with PA-RISC and lvm.

Confidential, Cupertino, CA

Unix Sys Admin


  • Responsible for 40 servers running HPUX on: Itanium - IA 64:(bigsur, lion, and ironman ),and also Solaris on Sun Ultra Sparc 450s. High volume of system analysis, documentation, debugging, configuration, installation (hardware and software).
  • Installation of OpenView tools (ITO, NNM) on 11.20 OS, Unix Internals (help developers) with shared memory operation and DLKM (Dynamic Loadable Kernel Modules for 11.20 and 11.22). System debuging (low level: boot area corruption, chipset configuration).. firmware upgrade (BIOS level).
  • Implementation of network- Unix tools: DNS/NIS/NIS++,/ NTP, AutoFS.
  • Part of a group for the implementation of HPUX 11.2x for IA64 Itanium platform.

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