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Sr.tibco Developer Resume

Suitland, MD


  • Over 7 years of total IT Experience in Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of Client - Server and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), A2A (TIBCOActive Matrix Business Works) and CEP (Complex Event Processing) Applications.
  • More than 6+ years of Experience in Integration of Systems withTIBCOSuite of Products.
  • Extensive Experience in Designing and Development usingTIBCOproducts likeTIBCOBusiness Works,TIBCOActiveMatrix Service Grid,TIBCOBusiness Studio,TIBCOCIM,TIBCOEMS,TIBCORendezvous,TIBCODesigner,TIBCOAMX Administrator,TIBCOHawk,TIBCOSpotfire.
  • Good understanding of BPM (Business Process Management) and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).eai
  • Strong concepts inTIBCOBusiness events (CEP), Business Connect.
  • Worked in Finance Domain, which encompasses a broad range of organizations that manage money, including credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies.
  • Extensive experience working in Scrum, Agile software development and Waterfall model.
  • Experience in using messaging standards such as JMS, MQ Series,TIBCOEMS andTIBCORendezvous for developing distributed applications.
  • Administrative experience inTIBCOEMS/JMS installing the EMS, creating Queues, Topics, User's and Roles & configuring various EMS options.
  • Expertise in implementing SOA concepts by designing and developing Web Services using WSDL, SOAP and Service palettes creating SOAP/HTTP and SOAP/JMS withTIBCOAMX Business Works.
  • Expertise in implementing XML technologies XML, Turbo XML, XPath, XML SPY, XSD schema, XSLT.
  • Worked on integrating various applications withTIBCOActive Database Adapter,TIBCOFile Adapter, DB2 Adapter,TIBCOSAP R/3 Adapter, and Oracle Apps Adapters usingTIBCOAMX Business Works.
  • Excellent experience in creating and deploying EAR files and running them inTIBCOAdministrator in both load balancing and fault tolerance modes.
  • Extensive experience working withTIBCOHawk in monitoring Business Works Engines and log files.
  • Knowledge in HDFS and Hive.
  • Experience inTIBCOGI (General Interface), which is used to create applications and deploy them quickly.
  • Knowledge ofTIBCOAMX BPM.
  • Excellent understanding of Common Logging and Error Handling (CLE) framework.
  • Experience in Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) such asTIBCOEnterprise, IBM MQSeries5.3 and Sun Java Messaging Services (JMS) specifications, JNDI.
  • Extensive exposure with Windows and UNIX flavors.
  • Worked extensively in RDBMS technologies such as ORACLE 10g/11g (SQL and PL/SQL), MS SQL Server 2005 and My SQL.
  • Expert in writing Stored Procedures, Functions, Database Triggers, Packages, SQL Server Jobs using TSQL and PL/SQL. Proficient in SQL Server - Data Transformation Services (DTS).
  • Installed and maintained DEV, QA, UAT and Production environments.
  • Experience in full system development life cycle (SDLC) including design, development, implementation, integration and maintenance.
  • Involved in daily meetings with business Analysts and Developers and other project stake holders.
  • Strong analytical and aptitude skills for trouble shooting, installation and configuration.
  • Excellent team player with quick learning aptitude and excellent communication and document skills


EAI Tools: TIBCOActive Entreprise Suite -TIBCOBusiness Works6.x/5.x,TIBCOEMS,TIBCOActive Exchange,TIBCOBusiness Connect,TIBCOIntegration Manager,TIBCOSmartMapper,TIBCOIn Concert,TIBCORendezvous,TIBCOSDK-Java,TIBCOHawk,TIBCORepository,TIBCOSAP Adapter,TIBCOActive Database adapter, MQ Series,TIBCOAdministrator,TIBCODesigner5.x.

IDE tools: JBuilder, Eclipse, CVS, VSS, Quest TOAD, Dream Weaver

Adapters: JDBC Adapter, Oracle Applications, SIEBEL Adapter, ADB Adapter, SAP Adapter, MQ Series, etc.

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Windows and MS DOS.

Languages: Java, J2EE (JDBC, RMI, Servlets, JSP, EJB, JMS, Java Mail, JNDI), C#(C Sharp) C++, C, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell script.EMS

Database: Oracle, SQL Server, MS- Access

Technologies: COM, COM+, Web Services, DCOM, ADO, MTS, MSMQ, DOT.NET, CORBA, JMS Servlets, RMI, AWT, Swing, Applets and UML.

Middleware: MSMQ, MQ Series.

Internet Technologies: ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Web Services, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSTL, SOAP, IIS, VB Script, JavaScript/jscript, Personal Web Server, MTS, JRUN, Java Web Server.

Office Tools: MS Office, Adobe Page Maker, and Acrobat Reader.


Confidential, Suitland, MD

Sr.TIBCO Developer


  • Analyze and understand the business flow of technical services operation.
  • Documenting and materializing the stages of the application development
  • Engage with functional teams, support scoping, planning, and architecture governance for allTibcointerface development/maintenance.
  • Provides design recommendations, develops application and custom integration solutions, including major enhancements and interfaces
  • Created a POC to migrate Business Events 4 applications to Business Events 5 as part of migration.
  • Extensively used ASMM to monitor the cache objects and their sizes. Also used Space browser to validate the tuples recorded in the cache memory.
  • UsedTIBCOBW as an interface layer andTIBCOActive Spaces as a backend to store the product information.
  • Extensively usedTibcoBusiness Events Decision Tables and Decision manager to determine the message type, targeted customer, language and regions for the notifications.
  • Create XSL templates to generate HTML enriched notification message using XSLT's.
  • Followed Agile methodology in project planning and development.
  • Manage and Configure the Business Connect for file conversion and File transfer.
  • Build the EAR and deployed it into different Environments Using Administrator and AppManage.
  • Created BW EAR files containing process & adapter archives and deployed them by configuring in Administrator. Further all the process engines & adapter components had been started to check whether it performed as desired.
  • Interacted with Oracle database for Querying Business data information.
  • Unit - tested developed business interfaces and resolved development issues found during unit testing.
  • Understand the complete process of log, track and resolve customer issues.
  • Actively involved in conducting various forms of testing of the middleware with the applications across various locations of Activision and perform any required bug fixing.
  • Support and Maintenance ofTIBCOApplications.
  • Highly involved in solving the different production issues, working with the other teams.
  • Creating Queues, Topics, Bridges, Routes, Durables, users and groups.
  • Providing Root Cause Analysis of tickets raised in support.
  • Configuring Trading Partners in BC and testing with trading partners.
  • Involved in Network maintenance activities
  • Involved inTIBCOenvironment upgradation.
  • Working on developing hawk rules.
  • Set up the Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance for the BW Engines at runtime.
  • Created/updated Problem Determination Procedure (PDP) documents whenever there are new issues.
  • Creating the interface design documents.

Environment: TIBCOActive Matrix BW 5.x, Business Events 4.x/5.xTIBCO EMS 7.0,TIBCOAdministrator 5.7, Business Connect, GEMS, JAVA jdk 1.7, jre 6/7, Windows, UNIX, Perforce

Confidential, Chicago, IL



  • Worked in Agile software development framework that promotes foreseen interactions throughout the development cycle.
  • Installed and configured entireTIBCOProduct Suite in Development, Test and Production Environments.
  • Tuned the performance of Business Works Engine and EMS for load and memory optimization.
  • Modified various EMS server configuration properties using property files and EMS administration tool.
  • Implemented complete SDLC involving actively in design, development, integration, testing, customization, installation and application support.
  • ImplementedTIBCOBusiness Works process for receiving XML files from Vendors through Business Connect
  • UsedTibcoPolicy Director with service implemented in Business Works
  • Prepared the Technical design and mapping documents for the interfaces used to map the Business process requirements.
  • Created Autosys JIL jobs.
  • Designed and generated Portal pages and portal presentation templates (Layout, container and content) for various categories.
  • Installation of Active Matrix Business Works& BW Service Engine and for database & Files and the Adapter Service Engines
  • Exposed or invoked REST operations withinTIBCOActive Matrix Business Works with Rest plug in
  • Configured ADB Adapter, Publication Service, and Subscription Service.
  • Worked on Interface testing & core functional testing like Library, process, classes, web service
  • Extensive experience with using Business Events Ontology functions, CEP query functions.
  • Drafted Best Practices for creating the Business Events Channels, Events, Concepts, Scorecards and Rules.
  • Worked onTIBCOActive Matrix Business Works Plug - in for JSON to allow integration processes to manage JSON data
  • Involved in portal user's administration and creating user groups, roles and categories.
  • UsedTIBCOAMX Policy Director and deployed services developed inTIBCOAMX BW inTIBCOAdministrator
  • Proficient in writing complex rules and rule functions for the simple events and generating concept instances
  • Worked on SOAPUI for automated testing of your services
  • Applying hot fixes for Siebel adapters in all environments and tested various scenarios and checked if the hot fixes help in fixing issues related to Siebel.
  • Use Hawk HTTP Adapter for monitoring Service Instances and present statuses in Management Dashboard.
  • Modeled theTIBCOBusiness Events State models for the concepts with complex instance life cycles.
  • Extensively used SOAP and Service Palettes to create the web services to enable/invoke services.
  • Developed Web services on HTTPS, HTTP, JMS extensively using service palette.
  • Worked on Unit Test framework based on BW Process.
  • ConfiguredTIBCOActive Database adapter to poll the Oracle database and publish new records into Business Works Environment.
  • Set the Load balancing and Fault tolerance properties forTIBCOBusiness Works Engine.
  • Developed and implemented the Audit and Error handling standards for all interfaces.
  • Create Error handling and Validation processes usingTIBCOBusiness works.
  • UsedTIBCOAdministrator to deploy and monitor the process flow.
  • Performed Development, Testing and Deployment of the application in different (development, testing and Production) environments.

Environment: TIBCOBusiness Events 5.1,TIBCOActive Matrix Business Works 5.8,TIBCOEMS Server 6.1,TIBCOActive Database Adapter 6.2.0,TIBCOFile Adapter 6.1.0,TIBCOCIM 8.2.1 (MDM),TIBCOHawk 4.8,TIBCORuntime Agent 5.6,TIBCOAMX Administrator (Enterprise Edition) 5.7.1, GEMS 3.4, Oracle 10g, Windows XP.

Confidential, Cambridge, MA

TIBCO Developer


  • Installed and configuredTIBCOcomponents: BW 5.6, EMS 4.X.
  • Created High - level design documents and Technical design documents.
  • Created Interfaces to handle Synchronous and Asynchronous web service calls.
  • Involved in the complete life-cycle of the project, starting from the design to the production.
  • Configured and worked with Service Palette to handle the SOAP Calls.
  • Extensively used Service Oriented Architecture in the designing of interfaces.
  • Conducted meetings with Offshore and responsible for delivering the code and Transitions from Onshore to Offshore.
  • Knowledge Transfer to the offshore team for further designing and testing to maintain 24/7 support.
  • Involved in 24/7 on call production support for various code drops.
  • Configured and used HERMES for JMS utility Interfaces.
  • Extensively used JMS Queues in designing of Notifications and Listeners.
  • Involved in configuring the Client Software to work properly with theTIBCOInterfaces developed.
  • Involved in Unit and Integration testing, bug fixing, acceptance testing.
  • Configuration of the HTTP connection and JMS connections to integrate the BW process flow
  • Created interfaces that can handle errors efficiently and provided extensive auditing Service.
  • Created complex mappings using the XPath expressions.
  • Configured SOAP UI for testing the designed Scenarios
  • Involved in creation of Test plans and Unit Test cases for designed services
  • Responsible for deploying code in admin and testing the same through SOAP UI.
  • Involved in End to End testing scenarios to resolve the issues if any.
  • Worked with order management and order entry teams for End to End testing.
  • Active participation in client meetings to understand the business logic that drives the interface design.

Environment: TIBCOBusiness Works 5.4,TIBCOAdministrator,TIBCODesigner 5.4,TIBCOEMS, Oracle 10g, Java, Rational ClearCase-version control, Altova XML Spy, HERMES 1.12, Windows XP/2003 server, Perforce.

Confidential, Miami, FL



  • Developed Interfaces usingTIBCOBusiness works,TIBCOMQ Adapters and JMS interfaces. Authoring and Reviewing Functional and Detailed Design Documents.
  • Developed testing tools and templates to automate testing framework for simulating end to end process flow.
  • Performed deployment activities and involved in developing automated deployment framework forTIBCOBW components.
  • Configured the JDBC connection to connect to oracle database & used HTTP connection for request & response from the browser. HTTP Receiver, Send HTTP Response, JDBC Query, JDBC Update & Send Mail palettes were used in the process.
  • Involved in Code reviews and Group Reviews.
  • Conducted design, code and implementation reviews with team members.
  • Monitored the logs inTIBCOadministrator for DEV, IT and UAT Environments.
  • Developed mapping rules to make webservice calls to BW services fromTIBCOGeneral interface.
  • Designed and implementedTIBCOBW processes as a web service (SOAP/HTTP).
  • Performed Troubleshooting, Debugging and Unit Testing of variousTIBCOcode related configuration issues in QA and Production environments.
  • UsedTIBCODesigner to generate the EAR file for deployment. Involved in integration testing and system testing.
  • Carried out maintenance and bug - fixing. Change and Release Management.
  • Configuration controller of project to define standards and carry out quality related processes.

Environment: TibcoBW 5.7,TibcoEMS 5.x,TibcoAdministrator 5.6,TibcoDesigner 5.6,TibcoRV 8.1, WebSphere MQ, Altova XML Spy,TIBCOMQ Adapte,TibcoHawk 4.8, SoapUI, Unix, Tortoise SVN.

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