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Salesforce Developer/administrator Resume

Addison, TexaS


  • A competent, result - oriented Salesforce Certified Professional with overall 9+ years of experience which includes 5+ years as Salesforce Developer & Administrator and 4 years as Java Application Developer.
  • Extensively worked in the complete life cycle of project development which includes end-end Implementations on Force.com platform.
  • Good Exposure to Salesforce.com CRM Integration through REST & SOAP Application Programming Interface regarding developing and deploying custom integration solutions.
  • Significant Experience in handling the rigorous tasks that includes Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud.
  • Experience with Salesforce lightning development and handled Salesforce Managed, unmanaged packages in App exchange.
  • Strong knowledge on MVC architecture and Gaining Knowledge on MVCC architecture.
  • Have distributed user rights with Profiles, Roles, Organization Wide Defaults, Permission sets and sharing rules.
  • Created new application functionality in Salesforce with custom objects, Page layouts, Record Types and managed standard objects.
  • Experience in building various types of relationships between objects such as Master detail relationship, Lookup relationship and Many-Many relationship.
  • Worked on Service cloud modules such as service cloud console, communities tool, Salesforce knowledge, and Reporting
  • Developed apex classes, triggers, visual force pages along with the controllers as per the client requirements.
  • Knowledge on Salesforce Chatter and in defining, delivering the chatter file sync and file sharing solutions.
  • Involved in deployment between Production and Sandboxes using Eclipse, Force.com Migration Tool and Change sets.
  • Effective employment of Apex Data Loader, Import Wizard and Data Manipulation Language for Data migration and auditing tools.
  • Proficient in developing visual force pages with Ajax components such as Action function, Action support, Action Polar and Action Status.
  • Developed unit test classes and worked on improving the code coverage.
  • Experience with Sandbox and production environments including creating Sandboxes and refreshing it time to time.
  • Experience with agile development methodologies such as XP/SCRUM by having client interaction.
  • Involved with Salesforce.com Premier Support and handled the support cases with the help Salesforce.com support.
  • Portrayed knowledge of web technologies which includes HTML, XML, CSS and WSDL in many major projects.
  • Highly motivated and effective team player with strong analytical & problem solving skills.
  • Coordinated and transferred knowledge to the offshore team.
  • Able to work effectively with any level in the organization and also worked individually as well.


Salesforce.com Administration: Reports, Dashboards, Validation Rules, Users, Roles and Profiles Deployments (Change sets), Workflow Rules, Approval Process, Sandbox Refreshments, Apex Data Loader, Import Wizards, Packages, Custom Apps, Custom Labels, Portals (Customer and partner), Sharing Settings, Communication Templates

Salesforce.com Development: Apex Language, Apex Trigger, Apex Class & Apex Web Services, SOQL, SOSL, Visual Force (Page, Component & Controllers) HTML, Ajax, XML, REST,SOAP API’s

Languages: Java, JSP, XML, HTML, Java Script, CSS

Tools: /Utilities: Eclipse, Force.com IDE, Workbench, SOQL Explorer, Data loader, Import Wizard

Databases: MS SQL Server 2005

Software: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, MS Excel

Operating Systems: Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/vista, UNIX.


Confidential, Addison, Texas

Salesforce Developer/Administrator


  • Involved in various activities of the project like Information Gathering, analyzing the Information.
  • Designed and Developed Visual Force pages based on Business Requirements.
  • Participated for preparing the Technical Design Document regarding the user requirement.
  • Participated in Business Process Review Meetings with IT Director to guide customer through their processes.
  • Develop technical requirements for internal pricing team who worked on the custom object to build the price book based on the customer information gathered from the opportunity related by sales representative of particular territory regions.
  • Designed, Developed and Deployed Apex Classes, Controller Classes and Apex Triggers for various functional needs of the application.
  • Worked on developing Visual force page which shows the Price Book drop down with standard Price Book at the initial stage of business with the customer when clicking on Opportunity Product from the Account Related List.
  • Conducted Unit Testing for every code and wrote the test methods to obtain a code coverage of 85% minimum.
  • Customized the Company Profile, page layouts, record types, security & Access Controls as per the Organization Requirements.
  • Maintain security models in Sales Tools, including Roles, Profiles, Sharing rules and Workflows in order to auto populate the values to the fields based on the requirement.
  • Created several Work flows and Approval Processes needed in different stages of Application.
  • Involved in Salesforce.com Application Setup activities and customized the apps to match the functional needs of the organization.
  • Developed Custom Objects with new Custom fields, Tabs, Components and developed visual force pages based on the end user requirement.
  • Worked on different Integration Issues and worked on developing Visual force pages and Apex controller classes.
  • Created and Managed User roles for different territory region sales representatives and internal pricing team given Permissions to restrict the view and edit options for different region representatives by object level settings and field level settings.
  • Created Public Groups, Security Controls and Shared Settings with the help of custom fields to restrict the access of records, based on the user groups within Salesforce org.
  • Created Custom Reports to track the Cases, assets to be available to different levels in the organization based on their Profiles.
  • Wrote Apex Triggers to implement business logic which sends E-Mails to the customers.
  • Performed Bulkification to trigger using Collections like LIST, SET and MAP without exceeding Governor Limits and wrote the helper classes to support Apex Triggers.
  • Used Salesforce Developer Console to execute Apex Codes and SOQL Queries to verify Salesforce data.
  • Executed various levels of Unit, Integration, User Acceptance and Operational Acceptance testing to prove that system conform to specifications of business and Quality Requirements.
  • Developed and configured various Reports and Report Folders for different user Profiles based on the need in the organization.
  • Using Apex Data Loader for Migrating Records to Sources and Loaded data into Salesforce application.
  • Migrated the code from personal Sandbox to DEV by using GitHub, and migrated code from DEV to QA using Force.com IDE and ANT, where I worked on entire Process.
  • Agile Development Methodology was followed for the implementation
  • Used the sandbox for Testing and Migrated the code to the Deployment instance after the Testing.

Environment: Salesfroce.com platform, Data Loader, Force.com API, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Custom Objects, Batch Apex Interface, Custom Tabs, GITHUB, Email Services, Security Controls. Apex Language, Triggers, Visual Force (Pages, Component & Controllers), Sandbox Data loading, Windows 7/10, MAC IOS.

Confidential, Carrollton, Texas

Sr. Salesforce Developer/Administrator


  • Collected requirements from the Salesforce users and responsible for project development and deployment.
  • Experience in analyzing business requirements, implementing them to Salesforce Custom objects, Junction objects, master-detail relationships and lookup relationships and also worked on customizing the standard objects and page layouts.
  • Experience with Anonymous Blocks by compiling them with web services API and system log console.
  • Analyzed the difference between Classic and Lightning and offered appropriate solutions for various scenarios
  • Hands on experience in converting existing visual force pages to Lightening user interface look and feel to access it with the Lightning Component Framework.
  • Gained basic knowledge on Lightning App Builder to develop apps visually, without code using Custom-Built Lightning Components.
  • Developed component using Lightning Aura Framework which also included client - side Angular JS.
  • Created Workflow rules to automate the email alerts, tasks, field updates and worked with validation rules to have out of box functionality achieved.
  • Developed Reports and Dashboards according of the business requirements and customized the existing reports as per the change requests.
  • Fulfilled Functional requirements by developing various interfaces apex classes, controller classes and apex triggers.
  • Used SOQL & SOSL with consideration to Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application using platform database objects.
  • Handled Salesforce Business flows which includes Lead, Case Management and also worked with Web-to-Case and Email-to-Case to generate cases for Case objects.
  • Used Service console for case management an even enabled knowledge object in the organization.
  • Expertise knowledge in Salesforce Customization, Data Validation, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Support Development and Administration.
  • Effectively worked to integrate Salesforce with out-of-the-box applications available on App Exchange and also integrated with the custom languages such as Java, SAP through the Salesforce SOAP and REST API.
  • Experience in Unit testing, for the customizations and developments done during the project.
  • Used the sandbox for testing and migrated the code to the deployment instance after testing.
  • Involved in day-to- day SCRUM meetings to review and update them with the project Updates to have a thorough flow of the functionality of the project.
  • Communicated effectively and make sure that the business problem is solved.

Environment: Force.com declarative, Apex, Visual force, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Custom objects, Security controls, data management Wizard, Lightning, AppExchange, Sales cloud and service cloud implementation, Web Services (SOAP, REST), Sandbox, Deployment.

Confidential —Plano, Texas

Salesforce Developer /Administrator


  • Involved in gathering all the requirements from the stakeholders.
  • Created new users, custom fields, custom layouts, Page layouts, tasks, and email alerts.
  • Knowledge on MVC (Model View Controller) design system and implemented it in Salesforce.
  • Migrated the data using Import Wizard, Excel Connector, and Workbench.
  • Developed business logic in Apex programming using Eclipse IDE.
  • Have built Salesforce Knowledge and developed Communities for customers, partners and employees.
  • Worked on Process builder for automating the actions such as creating and updating the custom object records.
  • Worked with OWD, Role hierarchy, sharing rules, Apex Callouts, Junction objects, roll-up summary fields, lookup relationships, Master detail relationships and other field dependencies.
  • Configured Chatter to track emails from Outlook to Salesforce by following a user.
  • Developed APEX Triggers, APEX classes and Controller classes for various functional needs and implemented the business logic as per the requirement.
  • Built multiple joined Reports and Dashboards for various business teams across the organization.
  • Involved in Salesforce application setup activities and customized the apps to meet the requirements of organization.
  • Worked on Automating Case Management and developed Salesforce console in Service cloud.
  • Involved in Unit Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Bug Fixing.
  • Integrated Apex with External services by making callouts that include SOAP, REST and WSDL services.
  • Used SOQL with consideration to Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application
  • Experience in creating Lightning components and Lightning applications
  • Used the sandbox for testing and created managed packages and migrated them between Sandbox and Production environments for final implementations.
  • Developed Sales cloud to improve forecasting, campaign, and Partner Portal for channel partner with deal registration.

Environment: SFDC platform, Apex, SOQL, SOSL, XML Data, HTML, Java Script, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Custom Objects, Sandbox, Visual Force development, Lightning, Custom Tabs, Email Services, sales cloud, service cloud, communities, Security Controls, web services (SOAP, REST) and Windows XP.

Confidential —Raleigh, North Carolina

Salesforce Developer/ Administrator


  • Worked with the Business Systems Analyst team and business to gather, understand and map the Requirements back to actual design and development on the platform.
  • Involved with the functional teams that address strategic business issues involving CRM, Marketing Sales and Customer Support operations.
  • Created Data Models and implemented the relations between the objects using Erwin.
  • Developed APEX Classes, Visual force pages and APEX Triggers to develop the custom functionality as per the requirements.
  • Developed Test classes and maintained minimum of 85% code coverage
  • Created custom controllers and controller extensions while developing Visual force pages.
  • Created Apex schedule jobs to perform the same operations in a scheduled time.
  • Migrated application from one environment to other using force.com IDE, Maintained different versions of code.
  • Created Custom Objects, Tabs, Record Types, Organization wide default settings, Sharing Rules, Queues, and Groups as per the business requirements.
  • Created the Validation rules on various objects. Also, created Assignment Rules on Opportunities object to assign the Opportunities automatically to various groups of users based on the region.
  • Analysed and converted business workflows to Salesforce workflows and assigned workflow alerts.
  • Developed Force.com site to give read access to all the data to employees within the company and make this site as Intranet application by restricting based on the IP address.
  • Used Salesforce Enterprise API to Integrate with existed Java web application.
  • Execute the Apex Unit Tests and Deploy code from Sandbox to Production using Eclipse / Force.com IDE
  • Worked with Web Services to integrate with the third party applications and AppExchange apps.
  • Designed and maintained different environments, included Development, Test, UAT and Production.
  • Created approval process for agencies multiple step approvals. Here approval process has been created based on the regions.
  • Force.com Migration tool has been used for migrating code, and customizations from one environment to another environment.
  • Implemented Single Sign-On to maintain the same login credentials for Salesforce and other applications
  • Designed, build, test and deploy enhancements toSalesforcecustom Objects, UIs, Workflows, Triggers, Alerts and Reports withinSalesforceusing Apex and Force.com.
  • Developed and Maintained the functional areas of Data management, Sales forecasting, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Opportunities, Quotes, Price book, Dashboards and Reports.
  • Created and given permissions to applications, objects, Apex Code, IP Access, Login hours, Tabs, Customization permissions based on Profiles.
  • Customized Salesforce.com Fields, Page Layouts, Record Types, Queues, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Created Content Management System and given permissions to the different profiles based on the Partners and Distributors requirements.
  • Performed Data Management, including Data Integration from external data sources using APIs, web services as well as importing and exporting large volumes of data.
  • Data migration and updates through the tool provided by Sales force.com and Apex Data Loader in Sales force.com.
  • Co-ordinate with on-site and offshore teams and shared the completed work with business users.
  • Developed training plans, prepared documentation for business users and managed updates.

Environment: Salesforce, Force.com IDE, Java, Eclipse, JDK 1.4, Apex, Visual force, Apex Data Loader, Force.com Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server 2005, Quality Center.


Salesforce Administrator/Developer


  • Collecting the requirements and Design the architecture, Implemented, Requirement Mapping.
  • Customizing standard objects Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.
  • Worked on creating Objects, Page Layouts, Record Types, Relationships, Validation Rules, Workflows and Approval Process.
  • Used Apex triggers and apex methods for simple logics.
  • Worked on Apex Data Loader tool and Data Management.
  • Creating Report Types, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Creating Public Groups, Queues, Permission Sets, Profiles, Users and Security Settings based on Role hierarchy.
  • Experienced in the designing UI using Visual force Pages.
  • Handled testing and maintained accuracy in the calculations and formulas used
  • Supervised all the deliverables, held meetings with stakeholders
  • Reportedly appropriately to project manager.

Environment: SFDC platform, Apex Data Loader tool, Reports, Dashboards, Permission sets, Profiles, Sandbox, Formula fields, Testing, Visual Force development, Email Services.


Java Application Developer


  • Worked directly with user groups in analyzing and specifying business requirements for the design and development of project.
  • Designed application with UML (Unified Modeling Language).
  • Developed application based on SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).
  • Actively involved in configuring the Application Server and deployed all the modules like Web modules and Business modules.
  • Created user-friendly GUI interface and Web pages using HTML, JSP.
  • Developed the Front-End JSP and HTML.
  • Developed JSP's, Java Beans and Servlets to interact with Data Base.
  • Extensively used JavaScript for client side validations.
  • Used XML parsers to parse and fetch information from XML templates.
  • Performed Unit Testing of all Modules.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, JDBC, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, Struts, CSS, Oracle, XML, Apache Tomcat Server.

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