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Financial Planning & Analysis Manager Resume


  • Create business stakeholder value by leveraging financial analysis skills to deliver goals
  • Build client relationships. Deliver financial strategy & FP&A.
  • Business partner, CIMA, CGMA, cost management to drive improved cashflow & improved profit margins.
  • Drive improved profitability, ROI & cash flow in telecom & technology driven organizations.
  • Build marketing forecasts & financial models - map direct & overhead operational costs to identify profitability
  • International experience - worked in UK, USA & Europe. Supported Asia Pac teams via remote technology.
  • Deliver strategic pricing & capital investment guidance (NPV, business case creation).
  • Ability to synthesize complex financial data into actionable information
  • Track record of building teams that deliver performance.
  • Excel (VLOOKUP, pivot tables, IF/THEN/ELSE statements, IF functionality, graphs/charts, data sorts),
  • Access (including working knowledge of SQL - select/from/where/order by/group by/having queries)
  • Graphs & visual data presentation, Power pivot, PowerPoint presentations, SharePoint user
  • Map data relationships, create visual key trends through graphs & actions via synthesis of disparate data
  • Query & download unstructured/structured data to excel, access. Find data relationships & present key findings
  • Boolean logic search techniques to uncover data trends driving performance.
  • Business intelligence, data analysis & data mining skills (Hyperion essbase drill down, Cognos)
  • Management accountant & business partner. Create value through:
  • Create pricing strategy & special promotions to delivery profitable revenue growth
  • Financial strategy creation, balance sheets, profit & loss pro forma statements, cash flow projections
  • Business automation & process improvements that delivers improved cost management
  • Cost reduction projects via activity based costing & unit cost driver trend analysis
  • Business case creation, investment analysis (ROI, NPV, IRR), financial modeling, budgets & forecast guidance
  • Strategy guidance on $100M to multi $Bn investment, capital evaluation, M&A (mergers & acquisitions), JVs
  • Financial modelling reflecting risk reward, “what if” variables, tax implications, for investment decision making
  • Build marketing & product forecasts using price, volume, migration, substitution, discounts, risk variables
  • Financial planning & analysis that supported business transformation in telecommunications & technology industries
  • SG&A and cost of service trend analysis mapped to key business cost drivers & revenue
  • Quarter on quarter, current year vs last year, 1 to 5 year plans/forecasts. Headcount & other SGA trends
  • Business plans, budget & forecast creation



Financial Planning & Analysis Manager


  • Pricing strategy & business case guidance for $20M enterprise cost savings via RFP contract bids.
  • Created business strategy, financial forecast & plan that improved ROI of $75M annual budget
  • Implemented year on year, quarter on quarter, 1 & 5 year financial planning & analysis trend analysis
  • Managed 3 financial analysts that delivered 5% annual cost savings & improved inventory management achieved $5.0M cost management goals utilizing query of structured/unstructured data
  • Self-motivated to become SME for new ITIL enterprise tools (Remedy, Clarity, and ITFM) & processes.
  • 25% time - hand-picked for IT & communication enterprise transformation team that utilized RFP process to:
  • New vendors for $500M enterprise contracts to drive mobile working & improved productivity
  • $800M upgrade IT infrastructure shared services migration from mainframe to cloud computing & office 365
  • 25% time - project finance support to program management office responsible for $250M application investment
  • Created change control request tracking via project management applications (PMC, RTC)
  • Improved project control, monitoring & forecasting mapping costs to project delivery


Project Manager - Consultant


  • Drove cost management through improved inventory built from disparate data sources
  • Identified & worked with operations to decommission services no longer in use.
  • Created financial forecast & trend reporting to identify key actions.
  • Delivered cost saving projects by identifying trends using volume & price variance analysis.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior Financial Analysis


  • Implemented automated sales segment & major customer P&L reporting
  • Produced profit margin trend analysis. Reconciled results to GL account balances using essbase.
  • Delivered unit cost, P&L margin trend analysis for $20bn wireless and wireline division.
  • Used data query skills to identify 100k dsl network circuits that needed to be decommissioned. Saved $0.5M
  • Key player in team that implemented activity-based costing across the wireless & wireline enterprise
  • Reconciled to GL balance via Oracle Hyperion essbase. Goal = improve margin performance by 1%.
  • Key player in team that automated network traffic interconnect pricing with 3rd party carriers for $2bn business unit.
  • Used my pricing expertise to select optimum price point using quality & margin criteria to drive:
  • 5% growth & 2% margin increase across Asia Pac, EMA & US subsidiaries
  • Stretched the brand - introduced 3 new consumer segment products generating $35M revenue.
  • Pricing strategy input to Asia & European subsidiaries. Grew region revenue by 8%.

Confidential, Atlanta GA

Strategic Pricing Manager


  • Provided financial guidance to develop internally, buy company or create JV decision.
  • Created pricing bundles for new products & services that drove revenue growth of 300%
  • Worked with marketing & sales team to create products that supported technology leading brand.
  • Built marketing & product forecasts that drove multi $M investment & pricing decisions
  • Developed VoIP bundled service package pricing strategy - 2 year 362% growth via promotions & market analysis.
  • Delivered pricing guidance on 5 consumer & business segment products through service package creation.
  • Pricing strategy for new I.P. & VOIP network products.
  • Created pricing & promotions for consumer, home office, small/medium business & enterprise segments.
  • Utilized underlying network infrastructure (frame relay, IP) to better position services in the market.

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