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Data Science & Business Intelligence Analyst Resume


Data science and business intelligence professional with managerial experience of 9 years. Seeking to increase data efficiency for Confidential Created models to predict cosmetic product sales with 15% more accuracy than the historical average. Achieved 10% improvement in managing the inventory for our cosmetic clients. I have 6 years of experience working with senior management of companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups.


Strategy & Insights Statistical Analysis Data VisualizationFinancial Analysis Demand ForecastSegmentation Marketing Strategy Product Mgmt.

Data Science

Program & Tools


R / R Studio

Time Series






A/B Testing


Random Forest


Gradient Boost




Data Science & Business Intelligence Analyst


  • Created and presented models for predicting future sales to our clients. Achieved 15% better estimation in prediction.
  • Data - mining of Regulatory databases & Cosmetic retailer’s data and build predictive models to optimize business processes
  • Regulatory Compliance, inventory optimization, brand product- line assortment, forecasting seasonal spike and promo impact, market basket analysis.
  • Designing web data tools using Python to scrape the regulatory databases to update the current data base of the company.
  • Analyzing the client’s data using Tableau and Python and building the analytics frameworks for better managed flow of project and development activities
  • Assisting senior management and sales with operational insights to better position he


Business Intelligence Analyst


  • Evaluated M&A opportunities for Confidential through financial modeling, commercial evaluation of projects
  • Conducted data driven electricity market analysis & research to provide organizational headlights to senior management to navigate the electrical & automation industry landscape
  • Managed divestments of a Transmission company, a Ceramic company and a software services company

Data Science Consultant



  • Worked as data science consultant for Confidential analytics company to improve the process of advising ad campaign strategies to its clients
  • Worked on a dataset containing 1 million rows of tweets during the Super bowl
  • Performed Buzz Graphs and Entity Analysis to analyse the pattern of Keywords and brands the viewers are tweeting
  • Performed sentiment analysis on user tweets using logistic regression around the brand campaigns
  • Implemented analytics-based ad campaigning for the company’s clients based on the sentiment analysis and it resulted 20% more engagement

Data Science Consultant



  • Conducted A/B Testing analysis on a travel booking start up website versions to analyse the effectiveness of each version to attract users
  • Developed a supervised Confidential model to predict Confidential
  • Performance between the teams based on 20 years of player’s data and weather data
  • Developed a scraping algorithm to detect the new regulatory changes from regulatory databases

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