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Sr. Consultant/technical Lead Resume

Bethesda, MD


  • A competent and result oriented professional with over 17 years of progressive IT experience as Senior Mainframe Programmer / Senior systems analyst / Technical Lead in the Evaluation, Analysis, Design, Architect, Development, Testing, Maintenance and Support of mainframe hosted business applications using database management systems, high level programming languages and best practices.
  • Extensive experience in gathering requirements, designing and implementing new applications and/or enhancements, including the addition of new subsystems, as well as major changes to existing “baseline” subsystems. Actively involved in all phases of the software development life cycle right from Scope Definition, Requirement Study, Estimations, Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Customer Demonstration, Implementation and Knowledge transfer activities.
  • In depth experience in IBM - Mainframes technologies including but not limited to, COBOL, CICS, DB2, WebSphere MQ, CICS Web services, DB2 Stored procedures, VSAM, JCL, SAS, IMS, IDMS, Oracle, IBM and CA utilities in Mainframes, Unix, Windows and Linux.
  • Experience in DB2 database analysis, design of database model, normalization and data manipulation process. Proficient in performance monitoring and tuning of large DB2 mainframe databases.
  • Highly motivated, strong work ethic, analytical and mathematical skills backed by sound technical and functional knowledge in state/federal government, transportation, nonprofit organization, telecom, hotel management, mortgage and financial domains.
  • Experience in analyzing the entire system and impact with the other backend and front-end systems. Avid learner, enthusiast and independent web developer.
  • In depth knowledge of software methodologies, Software Development Life Cycle Standards (SDLC) with CMM level (4) with well-structured and best practices approach, utilizing project management flows. Used Joint Application Development (JAD) / Rapid Application Development (RAD) processes to deliver better results. Implemented AGILE - SCRUM Project Development Methodology.
  • Experience in leading a module, working with clients to gather requirements, scheduling/allocating/monitoring/reviewing work among the team and being responsible for the successful delivery of the entire project/sub-project(s).
  • Exposure to Data ware house concepts and ETL tools. Worked closely with ETL specialist in determining and implementing the best technique for extracting data from a particular source system (DB2 tables and/or files) and moving it to the BI system.
  • Flexible, organized and absolute team member with both excellent management and technical skills. Proven ability to manage and grow multicultural teams consisting of both junior and senior members. Willingness to undertake risks and deliver on responsibilities.
  • Excellent prioritization and organization skills including ability to establish priorities independently, strong self-initiative, strong interpersonal skills, ability to deal TEMPeffectively in a team environment and clear communication skills.
  • Expertise in performing different types of testing: Unit, Integration, Stress, Volume, System, Regression and User acceptance testing.
  • Served as primary contact for migration of applications to production, monitoring and support of nightly batch cycle (on call production support).
  • Ability to multi-task and assume leadership role if required. Pleasing, amiable disposition and a proactive team player.
  • Experience in understanding business requirements, preparing low level design, functional/technical specification documents.


Operating Systems: MVS/ESA, Z/OS, OS/390, Windows, UNIX.

Languages: COBOL, PL/I, JCL, SAS, REXX, .NET, C#, Java, C, C++, XML.


Databases: DB2, UDB, IMS/DB, VSAM, Oracle.

Tools and Utilities: TSO, Visio, Erwin, BMC utility, QMF, SPUFI, ETI, MQ Series, CICS Web services, Endevor, Changeman, Easytrieve, CTG, DB2 Connect, DOC Direct, Omegamon, Expeditor, File-Aid, File-Manager, FTP, OPC, RMDS, SCLM, CLIST, Web focus, ETL, stored procedures, Intertest, QUICKSTART, ABEND-AID, CONNECT Direct, SORT, syncsort, fault detector, DB2 mainview, general IBM and CA Utilities.


Confidential - Bethesda, MD

Sr. Consultant/Technical lead


  • Developed and Tested new programs and enhancements for Group Pace Eclipse for One Yield Strategy project.
  • Worked on enhancements/fixes for One Yield Strategy and Revenue Planning DB2 Stored Procedures and tested them using IBM Data Studio.
  • Managed Daily Batch process for the 3 regions USA, Europe and Asia, as a member of Production support team assisting in System maintenance and deployment.
  • Involved in disaster recovery exercises between production & contingency data centers.
  • Written/Modified several batch programs using COBOL, Stored Procedures, DB2, MQ and VSAM.
  • Developed new native stored procedures, converted existing external stored procedures into native stored procedures for better performance and zIIP eligibility.
  • Performance improvements for SQLs and Utilities by applying new features.
  • Managed Queues using RFHUTILC and MQ explorer.
  • Meet with end users and department heads to gather and document requirements, establish technical specifications.
  • Investigated complicated performance and stability issues involving a large, sophisticated and evolving code base. Involved in tuning the database to increase the overall performance.
  • Involved in the transition of Marriott International Account to TCS.
  • Actively involved with customers to determine business requirements.
  • Prepared technical design document, flow charts, OY/TY process info, and helpful quick reference guides for Marriott IRSS team.

Environment: MVS/ESA, VSAM, COBOL, DB2, JCL, QMF, BMC, SFTP, REXX, SAS, ENDEVOR, ORACLE, Mainview, MQ Series, File-Aid, QMF, SPUFI, IBM Data studio.


Sr. Consultant


  • Interacted with the users and prepared specifications, Low level design documents and estimates. Analyzed and documented the business and system requirements.
  • Spearheaded the design and coding of a highly scalable duplicate database cleanup without impacting the business community. Designed the data model (conceptual/logical/physical). Designed all the tables required to store combined accounts. About 5M duplicate accounts combined resulting significant revenue.
  • Designed and coding “fuzzy logic” algorithm to stop creating duplicate and/or double base accounts in the KONNEX membership system. Used reverse engineering data model and 3rd normal form to maintain data integrity in the system.
  • Designed, coded and tested several CICS/batch COBOL II, DB2, stored procedure, MQ series, CICS web services application programs.
  • Involved in several knowledge sharing sessions, brought up best practices within team.
  • Solved problem logs, which involved extensive analysis, coding, testing.
  • Investigated complicated performance and stability issues involving a large, sophisticated, and evolving code base. Involved in tuning the database to increase the overall performance.
  • Contributed in the decomposition of sprint in the Agile Software Development with Scrum.
  • Reviewed the work request execution by all the resources in the module.
  • Participated in requirement gathering session with business users to understand and document the business requirements as well as the goals of the project.
  • Identified various facts, dimensions, bridges and cross reference entities from the source system and business requirements to be used for the data warehouse system consultative exam (CE) and fiscal subject area.
  • Implemented the standard naming conventions for the entities and attributes of logical and physical model.
  • Created the dimensional logical model with approximately 50 entities and 600 attributes using ERWIN.
  • Reviewed the logical model with Business users, ETL Team, DBA’sand testing team to provide information about the data model and business requirements.
  • Ensured timely deliveries of work requests. Reported daily status to Technical Delivery Manager and Management.
  • Analyzed the business requirements and prepared the solution requirement specification document (SRS).
  • Recommended system enhancement option by changing EZTRIEVE program to COBOL and reducing run time from 4 hours to 20 minutes, out of box thinking by changing frequent failing SORT utility job (due to SORT WORK area) to COBOL program.
  • Designed developed and delivered the loan modification (HAMP) changes on mainframe applications developed using COBOL, DB2, stored procedures and SAS.

Environment: Mainframe, DB2, IMS, COBOL, CICS, JCL, VSAM, Easytrieve, REXX, SAS, Quick start, Omegamon, File-Aid, SPUFI, QMF, BMC, File-aid for DB2 and general IBM utilities.


Sr. Software Engineer/Sr. Systems Analyst


  • Designed, implemented and tested FMIS-IFMIS integration of subcontractor and subcontractor invoice documents using DB2 XML Extender and WMQ.
  • Designed, implemented and tested the MAXIMO MXES-FMIS integration of BPO, PO, Requisition, Change Orders, Voucher, receipt and Invoice using CICS Web services.
  • Designed and developed the new Federal Liability Offset process (FLO) for the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) using COBOL, DB2, VSAM and stored procedures.
  • Interacted with the users and prepared specifications and estimates. Analyzed and documented the business and system requirements. Made recommendations, researches and find out alternative solutions.
  • Estimated and negotiated the development efforts. Prepared low level design documents and estimates. Ensured timely deliverables meeting quality requirements.
  • Coordinated with the operations areas and lines of business to spot out and specify complex business requirements and processes.
  • Redesigned (Reverse engineering), implemented and tested the MBE / SBR vendor application programs for MDOT functional team members. The redesign has enabled the MDOT staff to keep a reliable track of certified MBE and SBR vendors.
  • Participated in the design and implemented the ICCB subsystem in R*STARS to capture expenditures dat meet requirements for reimbursement from Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) and provide a systematic method of producing bills for MDTA.
  • Worked closely with the ETL architect to ensure compliance with all standards, and dat the project deliverables are consistent with long-term infrastructure plans.
  • Analyzed, designed and developed various tasks related to ETL and web focus to load the historical and current data to data warehouse/adhoc database.
  • Designed, coded and tested several CICS/batch COBOL II, DB2, stored procedure, MQ series, CICS web services application programs.
  • Developed system operation manuals for the entire FMIS system.
  • Performed configuration management duties for MDOT large-scale IBM mainframe environment. Controlled all migrations of application programs and system Job controls from test environment to production environment thru the use of Endevor, a software migration tool.
  • Provided technical support for FMIS financial system for “on time and under budget” projects.
  • Design and prepare technical reports and related documentation, charts and graphs (VISIO) to record results.
  • Provided on-call technical support for the Financial Management Information System nightly batch cycle.
  • Prepared the metrics for the application to evaluate the quality standards. Provided the status reports to top management.
  • Managed the migration of the mainframe application modules (programs, copybooks, maps, DDLs, SYSINs, BINDPACKs, JCLs, PROCs) to various stages using endeavor.

Environment: Mainframe, DB2, DB2 XML Extender, Stored procedures, WMQ, COBOL, CICS, CICS Web services, JCL, VSAM, Web focus, ETL, Visio, Oracle, REXX, Endevor, INTERTEST, Windows Server and Unix server.

Confidential, NJ

Software Engineer/Systems Analyst


  • System Appreciation - Understanding the whole system.
  • Involved in the transition of Confidential &T Account from Confidential &T to IBM.
  • Accountable for designing, coding, development, testing, documentation and debugging of applications to fulfill the requirements of one or more user areas.
  • Written new online programs with CICS, Batch, DB2, IMS and stored procedures.
  • Re-written the COBOL/CICS DB2/IMS programs to increase the overall performance of the system.
  • Prepared Low level Design docs and estimates.
  • Analyzed and documented the business and system requirements.
  • Estimated and negotiated the development efforts.
  • Worked with multiple teams Confidential onsite, as well as offshore teams. Prepared work specifications in co-ordination with the onsite team, allocation of work Confidential offshore.
  • Support, enhancement and maintenance existing mainframe applications.
  • Support Integration and User Acceptance and System testing.
  • Served as primary contact for Production support of the application.
  • Fulfilled the SLA’s as per the client requirements to solve the production problems and requirements.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining the MQ series on mainframe platform. Designed and coded batch and CICS programs using MQ series.
  • Managed migration of various components from deployment area to integration system and production system.
  • Reviewed the work request execution by all the resources in the module.

Environment: Mainframe, DB2, IMS, JCL, COBOL, PL1, WMQ, CICS, stored procedures, VSAM, Endevor, EXPEDITOR, REXX, Java, Servlet, JSP and a proprietary language CFL (Control Flow Language) and various IBM and CA utilities.

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