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Assistant Vice President - Sam & It Vendor Management Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • HP Service Manager Knowledge Unix/Windows OS
  • Lead IT Vendor Management programs and budget reconciliation efforts for over $500M in project funding for high - risk vendors
  • Accelerated teh recovery of over $8M in profit loss and improved profit margin through teh implementation of SAM/ITAM Lifecycle best practices.
  • Secured profit margin by successfully representing teh enterprise position in software license audits; dis resulted in teh customer remaining eligible for sub-capacity licensing, teh software vendor waiving license discrepancies, and a cost savings of over $4M for teh enterprise.
  • Enhanced dexterity and knowledge of developing enterprise ITAM/SAM Programs by providing consulting services to government customers and financial services institutions.
  • Guided clients (NRO, General Dynamics, Oracle, Confidential, Dynamic Systems Inc.) into compliance with teh four tiers of ISO/IEC 19770 methodology.
  • Consistently delivered successful IT projects in high volume project environments
  • Completed MBA program Magna Cum Laude
  • Customer Letters of Recognition


  • Top Secret/SCI with Counterintelligence Polygraph Security Clearance
  • Strong Leadership & Strategic Planning skills
  • 12+ years of ITAM/IT Vendor Management experience
  • IT Lifecycle Management
  • IT Asset Management (ITAM)
  • Software Lifecycle Management
  • ISO/IEC 19770 methodology
  • Program Development & Project Management
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Coalition and Partnership Building
  • Vendor Contract Management
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • Exceptional communication skills and writing ability
  • Currently Studying for IAITAM Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM) Exam
  • Remedy ITSM Suite
  • BDNA Discover (Server Discovery)
  • BDNA Technopedia
  • BDNA Normalize
  • ServiceNow
  • IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)
  • Microsoft SCCM
  • Symantec Altiris


Confidential Charlotte, NC

Assistant Vice President - SAM & IT Vendor Management


  • Commissioned Software Asset Management program to meet Federal Reserve requirements (FFIEC), completely & accurately understand teh population of software in teh environment (including: software name, version, patch level, & number of entitlements owned/deployed), preventing unexpected lapses in software license coverage, and ensure deployment/usage was consistent with contractual license limitations.
  • Increased Service Desk productivity by reducing software lead times for software license requests by 50% deploying software counters within ServiceNow as a method of software license reconciliation.
  • Managed business partner offshore PCoE Application/Infrastructure Service teams (>280 consultants) to ensure timely delivery of project deliverables and on budget performance. Established excellence standards for client-business partner operational performance parameters (e.g., SOW, SLA/KPI, project budget reconciliation, vendor risk).
  • Developed vendor exit strategies and Oversaw IT Vendor project performance & service levels via program management reviews, monthly/quarterly KPI, scorecards, and analysis of day to day activities with key business partners; IT Relationship Manager for Mindtree, Cognizant, Infosys, & Genpact.
  • SAM subject matter expert to Enterprise Architecture, ITAM, Sourcing, and End User Engineering on software licensing models. Contributed expert knowledge of contract terms and conditions during initial and renewal negotiations with vendors.
  • Championed ServiceNow-BDNA Integration projects, to include BDNA Discover and BDNA Normalize, in support of teh enterprise end-to-end Asset Management program and software license optimization.
  • Facilitated teh improvement of vendor relationships, mitigating compliance issues with high risk vendors. Reviewed/Approved offshore business partner Business Continuity Plans (BCP).
  • Owned teh engagement model between technology managers and business partners for Statements of Work (SOW) for technology projects. Drove budget reconciliation for teh contract management program for an annual spend of $75 million.
  • Strengthened teh license position of Confidential, pioneering projects to migrate software assets into ServiceNow to efficiently manage license reconciliation and track software license compliance.
  • Led SAM efforts during vendor software audits and coordinated vendor requirements within teh enterprise. Developed audit responses, corrective action plans for internal staff, and implemented standardized audit approaches.
  • Resolved complex licensing issues as teh SAM Governance body and monitored software utilization, ensuring compliance with vendor contract terms and conditions.
  • Developed and implemented policies, and procedures in support of Software License Management objectives. Identified and integrated SAM processes with related processes within Information Systems (me.e., procurement, contract management, software license management, etc…).
  • Executed internal software procurement processes. Drove cost avoidance and achieved cost optimization by incorporating a redeployment strategy for available software licenses. Guided teh organization toward an TEMPeffective license position with software suites.
  • Product Owner for IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) application; provided administrative support for IBM software discovery systems. Executed software governance functions through collection, analysis and auditing of data.
  • Spearheaded strategic & tactical planning in software vendor audits (Symantec, MicroFocus, Microsoft, and SAP; ensured their were no financial and operational risks resulting from vendor audits.
  • Automated teh contract management process to engender TEMPeffective management of service level agreements, software maintenance agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and enterprise license agreements.
  • Steered organization to process maturity and compliance with ITAM/SAM industry best practices pertaining to configuration item life cycle planning & costing. Implemented teh four tiers of ISO/IEC 19770-1 to include: trustworthy data, practical management, operational integration, and eventually full ISO/IEC SAM conformance.

Confidential Charlotte, NC

Software Asset Management Consultant


  • Provided consulting and advisory services pertaining to software license compliance and asset management.
  • Secured profit margin by successfully defending teh enterprise position on software license audits; dis resulted in teh customer remaining eligible for sub-capacity licensing and a cost savings of over $3M for teh enterprise.
  • Interpreted software license agreements and provided guidance to teh enterprise, and other companies absorbed by teh enterprise, on maintaining compliance with entitlements.
  • Increased operations productivity by regulating enterprise business processes, modeling as-is and future state of process architecture and identifying gaps/bottlenecks in organizational processes.
  • Led Business Process Management (BPM) projects surrounding business process improvement within teh software asset management program to include: process mapping & modeling, business process analysis, and teh design of both teh as-is and target state of teh software asset management program.
  • Led technical teams and translated teh organization’s strategic plan into comprehensive actionable business requirements that led to teh delivery of successful IT projects.
  • Enhanced teh efficiency of business processes by injecting workflow & automation into Software Asset Management processes through teh ServiceNow platform.
  • Implemented a software catalog in ServiceNow to publish approved enterprise software available for consumption.
  • Administered IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) application and ensured compliance with IBM software license agreements, in an effort to reduce audit risk. Controlled and monitored IBM sub-capacity environment through IT software governance. Provided training and aided customer in removing all traces of file signatures associated with IBM PVU software installed on client servers.
  • Collaborated with KPMG to resolve ITAM/SAM program related audit discrepancies.
  • Developed software asset management program from infancy and guided ITAM team toward process maturity, and an TEMPeffective license position across a myriad of software vendors to include: Informatica, HP, Oracle, IBM, Adobe, and Microsoft.
  • Represented client in software audits; reduced financial and operational risks associated vendor license compliance audits.
  • Established an enterprise software license management capability with a process, technology, and governance structure. Calculated and reported on compliance of high-risk and high value software products at a business unit and enterprise level.
  • Penned ITSM Software Asset Management processes, policies, & standard operating procedures and ensured harmony with teh four tiers of ISO/IEC 19770-1.
  • Steered organization to process maturity and compliance with ITAM/SAM industry best practices pertaining to configuration item life cycle planning & costing. Implemented teh four tiers of ISO/IEC 19770-1 to include: trustworthy data, practical management, operational integration, and eventually full ISO/IEC SAM conformance.
  • Extracted and interpreted metrics used for budgeting, software compliance & inventory, contract summaries, and cost comparisons.
  • Articulated project requirements and developed project plans & work breakdown structures in support of teh implementation of all desktop and server software related contracts into teh central contract repository in ServiceNow.
  • Advised customer on approach to software life cycle management strategies; enabled customer to gain efficiencies in software management and optimize software license save money on entitlements. Reviewed license models for additional customer cost savings opportunities.

Confidential, NM

ITAM/Software Asset Management Consultant


  • Accelerated teh recovery of millions of dollars in profit loss and improved profit margin through teh implementation of IT Asset Management lifecycle management best practices.
  • Championed teh procurement & vendor management program. Provided start up and operational redevelopment support, lowered program operational costs: Planned and executed research and development of inventory automation.
  • Developed, led, and integrated all elements of a comprehensive IT asset management program, to include: IT Service Management (ITSM), Change and Incident Management of CI’s, asset financial reporting, asset inventory, asset disposal, asset operations and maintenance, IT asset change management, software license management, asset procurement, and reconciliation/audit checks of IT Assets.
  • Subject Matter Expert for decisions pertaining to software license models, maintenance renewals, and Enterprise License Agreements.
  • Directed inventory management of over 125,000 IT assets across enterprise data centers, defined metrics, and tracked utilization & compliance rates; managed teh lifecycle of CI’s through teh creation of a CMDB.
  • Oversaw teh annual procurement budget of $3 million. Led teh IT Vendor Management engagement model, procured hardware/software, and negotiated teh best rates for hardware & software maintenance contracts (and license migration) for servers, mainframes, switches, workstations, and storage systems.
  • Developed teh government customer’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB); utilized ADDM tools for configuration item (CI) analysis and CI discovery.
  • Responsible for asset control to include: portfolio valuation, reference data, risk management, and regulatory reporting of IT assets.
  • Enabled client to control costs and exercise positive control over processes and IT assets in order to achieve industry standards in data governance.
  • Ensured COTS/GOTS/FOSS products were licensed to satisfy program requirements; provided COTS/GOTS/FOSS license training to engineering teams.
  • Responsible for teh Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) compliance, asset control, lifecycle management, and audit of IT assets throughout enterprise data centers to include: mainframes, servers, switches, storage systems, communications devices, software, thin clients, and workstations.
  • Integrated teh customer’s server baseline for IT systems into an Oracle database (CMDB) in HP Service Manager to enable discovery tools, track teh enterprise hardware inventory, monitor hardware & software maintenance contracts, and teh consumption of software licenses.
  • Advised customer on approach to software life cycle management strategies; enabled customer to improve weaknesses in software management, resulting in an increase in profit margin. Reviewed license models for additional customer cost savings opportunities.
  • Developed Logistics and ITAM support plans, strategies, policies, procedures, training plans, processes, and workflows to ensure a streamlined, accurate and TEMPeffective IT Asset Management program.
  • Directed strategies and sustained growth of Equitable Price Adjustments that were dependent upon government IT asset verification of hardware and software. Increased profits, directed verification, oversaw IT Asset Management Networks. Analyzed SAM risk & compliance trends, contracts and costs.
  • Implemented teh strategic direction of teh enterprise supply chain and oversaw total quality management (TQM) efforts. Planned, coordinated, and participated in teh audit of server software to ensure compliance with industry standards enterprise-wide.
  • Developed Enterprise IT Roadmaps to account for demand forecasting of hardware and software maintenance contracts, license migration, procurement, and trends (me.e., teh reduction of IT server footprint, transition to improved capabilities, etc…)
  • Managed enterprise server software portfolios of over sixty government IT systems (valued over $30M); portfolios included Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, NetIQ, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server software packages.
  • Oversaw teh development of a Definitive Media Library for teh government customer per ITIL v3 standards.
  • Supported Operational Readiness Demonstrations (ORD) for incoming IT systems; performed project reviews, and resolved project issues.
  • Led, mentored, and trained IT Asset Management teams; participated in site Kaizen conferences in a consultary capacity.
  • Built internal coalitions with private sector contracting organizations, and with members of Federal agencies to accomplish teh ITAM/SAM strategic plan.


Intelligence Analyst


  • Conducted concept development and intelligence experimentation enabled by Distributed Common Ground Systems-Army (DCGS-A), in accordance with teh Standing Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR) dictated by United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM).
  • Supported a plethora of intelligence system interoperability assessments to include satellite communications (SATCOM) systems and their ability to provide virtual and physical DCGS-A capabilities to tactical users.
  • Produced a Karachi, Pakistan 2025 urbanization trend report. Teh final product was published within teh Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Explored intelligence capabilities that were incorporated into exercise support, logistics, experimentation, and training teh Joint Force. Executed research integral to teh articulation of War Game strategies.
  • Contributed all-source research according to combatant command PIR. Functioned as a liaison communicating team project plans for responding to various intelligence requirements.
  • Consulted United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) on collecting intelligence and gathering information in complex urban environments.
  • Conducted an in depth geopolitical analysis of teh Joint Operating Environment, a four star authoritative document. Produced high-quality presentations, papers, and proposals for warfighters engaged in theater.
  • Supported coalition building exercises with external private sector organizations and Federal agencies. Prepared White Papers and edited command After Action Reports for quality and consistency.
  • Engaged in hypothesis testing and performed document analyses for content, operability, and relevance to information sharing.
  • Supported U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) in compiling and categorizing unclassified internet data sources that were dispatched to SOUTHCOM analysts for immediate use.
  • Participated in high-level information sharing, audits, and financial analyses, integral to assessing teh capabilities of terrorist regimes.
  • Evaluated how joint operational intelligence conducts collection management, information management, analysis, production, and dissemination to further Joint Force training and experimentation using new technologies.

Confidential Williamsburg, VA

Asset Management


  • Responsible for asset audit, tracking and verification.
  • Worked closely with management to supervise associates in their day to day asset tracking tasks.
  • Maintained records and databases containing information regarding corporate assets.
  • Responsible for teh Full Life Cycle Management of 50,000 assets per month valued at $1 million.
  • Coordinated corporate asset management efforts and advised senior management on best practices. Recommended corporate policies for asset management across regional offices.
  • Proactively managed asset inventory scans and auditing reports to provide assurance of program TEMPeffectiveness; reported asset inventory metrics to management.

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