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Senior Business Intelligence Analyst Resume

Miami, FL


Confidential, Miami, FL

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst


  • Designed, Implement and maintained BI System. Gathered and documented procedures and support BI data warehouses (SQL). Data extraction, transformation, mining and loading (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS). Coordinated with developers and technical team to resolve issues dat teh business administration may raise or want to implement.
  • Provided Executive Team proper analysis and data for major decision making. Coordinated and analyzed KPIs to diminish potential risks or to get approval of future promotions. Provided Senior Operation Managers with intelligent information to measure past performances and improve future performances to attain targets, budgets and objectives.
  • Analyzed and coordinating project plans and product roadmap to identify risks and create mitigation plans. Coordinated with IT, MIS, Data Warehousing, to obtain relevant data for required analyses and test market application systems for accurate reports.
  • Prepared business cases, advised team on better way to attend their targets, monitoring teh business and markets KPI’s. Assisted and helped coordinating multiple projects - Ezetop, UQube and applications- MS Office (word, excel), SQL, Google analytics, from teh 32 local markets and assuring accuracy of all data for board meetings.
  • Supervised closely with local MIS and IT teams to get local market data from SAP Business Object (BO) system and to gather enterprise business intelligence (BI) on all product lines. Performed modeling and analysis using MS Office application (Word, Excel) and EZTOP system on product/Budget and forecast including variance and trend analysis.
  • Prepared weekly and monthly financial reports, detailing product trends, forecasting, and made recommendations on promotions needed to grow teh business financially. Ongoing market Analysis of customer preferences, needs, financial and economic trends; served as coordinator with IT and Finance team in 32 markets to assure accuracy of group’s revenues.
  • Developed ongoing analysis on customer profiles and business trends to help teh commercial team fine tune their strategies to achieve revenue targets. Analyzed key performance indicators (KPIs) from different reporting systems and financial models to forecast future needs. Trained new comers to be familiarized with different software systems, applications and teh business. Created a Business Intelligence process using SQL and MS Office software applications.

Confidential, Miami, FL

Senior Business Analyst/Project Coordinator


  • Reported to teh Associate Dean of Accreditation; Gathered requirements for learning outcomes, analyzed student data and provided report for decision making. Extracted data from PeopleSoft and financial system to create several datasets for analysis. Data modeling to create BI dashboard for great views of teh student’s learning outcomes.
  • Provided system support to teh online courses and coordinated system implementation. Designed, tested, reported, implemented and maintained teh college data and created datasets for safe keeping of student information and for reporting student learning outcomes to teh States. Served as coordinator for all projects involving teh department.
  • Worked with teh COB Data Management Director, Program Managers, IT Staffs and other Business unit, UTS, FIU Online, OPIE, and Technology Center to coordinate teh Assurance of Learning (AoL) for teh COB Office of Accreditation. Managed AoL website, department financial documents; implemented successfully a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • Updated teh Associate Dean of Accreditation regarding teh AoL process and provided reports and recommendation to improve teh registration procedure to enhance teh student learning outcomes using CRM Software. Supervised teh AoL process documentation and software installations from IT staff; resolved issues, analyzed, and provided potential solutions to implement for improving teh undergraduate AoL process. Keep track of teh office financial expenses.
  • Assisted teh Associate Dean with teh COB accreditation reports. Served as liaison between IT, FIU Online, COB Finance and teh college of business Office’s office of Accreditation. Reconciled finance reports and provided necessary documentations to controller office when asked. Trained and guided new comers, MS Access, MS Office software.

Confidential, Miami, FL

Data Specialist


  • Assisted teh school Principal and Registrar with Data Management and teh center financial operation such as registrations fees, book orders, ID fees, and tuition payment or fee waiver. Alerted teh treasurer if there were any transactions dat do not comply with teh Miami Dade Publics School’s policies and procedures.
  • Kept track of customer information in VACS application (Vocational Adult Community System) and teh accuracy of teh data. Assisted with teh school’s transaction processing, office administration, and work with different school projects. Registered, provided IDS and entered customer information in School's Database. Managed and helped ESOL team developing their learning software system to meet client expectations.
  • Assisted and enrolled customer into teh SAVES Program by checking their eligibility in VACS and ISIS System and with teh state rules, provided reports based on School Database for decision making to teh School Administrators.
  • Kept track of attendees. Secured teh schools information and informed teh administration if there was a security concern.


Database Administrator


  • Managed website using Acrobat Macromedia Dreamweaver software, helped IT staff succeeded in implementing a better dynamic system, prototyping, implementation, development, testing, HTML and SQL coding.
  • SQL Database maintenance, Manage DB, Query DB using SQL system, keep track of SHACOM Database and Technical documents. Improved SHACOM information system by redesigning teh DB tables.
  • Worked and contributed to teh success of IT and financial projects (Implemented and deployed database and website from MS Front page to Dreamweaver)


Applications/softwares: Expert in Microsoft Office Application MS word, MS Excel, Access, Outlook, MS Power point, MS Publisher, MS tools; Tableau, SQL, Very good understanding of C#, ASP.NET, ASPX, AJAX, noledge in, data flow diagrams, case tool analysis, work & process flow diagrams; has noledge in Corel, Photoshop, HTML, Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS Visio, Visual Basics, Visual Studio, SAP, Business Object (BO), Ezetop system

Systems: PeopleSoft Financial and Student System, Windows OS, Intelliworks CRM, Datapro, Blackboard, SharePoint, Global Innovative Venture Knowledge base System (GIVE System), VACS system (Vocational Adult Community System), ISIS system (Integrated Student Information System), Enterprise Information System (EIS), Health Informatics Systems

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, PeopleSoft Financial and Student Query Database, Global Innovative Venture Knowledge database, Hoover, Vocational Adult Community Database, Integrated Student Information System Database, MS Access, MySQL database

Languages: Fluent in English, French and intermediate in Spanish Status US Citizen

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