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Senior Pega System Architect Resume


  • Having 5 years of experience as PEGA PRPC developer with extensive knowledge in Design, Development, Migration, Deployment and Integration of PRPC.
  • Experience in design and development of Business Process Management (BPM) applications using PEGA PRPC.
  • Experience in design and implementation of using PEGA PRPC version v7.2, v7.1, v6.2 and v6.1 development of Business Process Management (BPM).
  • Experience in analyzing organizational hierarchy and have been closely involved in requirements gathering along with business analysts to better understand end user requirements.
  • Developed application based on designing flows, User interface using flow actions, sections and HTML fragments and developing business logic using activities and declares rules.
  • Experience in CPM (Customer Process Manager) Framework and BPM engagements.
  • Having Knowledge on Reports and Standard and Advanced Agents and creating Data Tables.
  • Expertise in developing and managing Workflows, Class structures design, developing User interface (UI), creating Flow actions and Activities.
  • Hands on Experience in healthcare domain and worked on File Listener to process data from external system.
  • Exhibited excellent communication skills & problem - solving capabilities. Handled issues independently.
  • Good Knowledge of PRPC Administration such as Rule set versioning, Product and Patches deployment and Debugging.
  • Knowledge in designing Case types, development and deploying in PRPC.
  • Good Understanding of using Clipboard, Tracer, Performance Analyzer(PAL) and System Management Application(SMA).
  • Technical Expertise on developing Work Flows, Data Transforms, UI rules, Data Pages.
  • Implemented Circumstance rules in PRPC application.
  • Experience in processing service request case developing and designing SOAP services and Connectors in the Pega application and Agents.
  • Experience in Work Baskets, Access Groups, Access Roles and Portals.
  • Developed Data Models, Declare Expression and Validation rules.
  • Good understanding of software development methodologies including Agile/SCRUM.
  • Ability to work on several projects simultaneously.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and excellent stake holder management skills.
  • Outstanding team player, strong work ethics, detail oriented, enthusiastic and a quick learner with a positive attitude.
  • Experience in PRPC Application development, and bug fixing.


Domains: Life sciences, Health care, Insurance, and Banking

BPM Tools: Pega (PRPC) v7.2, v7.1, v6.2SP2, v6.1SP2, CPM Frame Work (PRPC)v7.1.3

Web Technologies/Services: SOAP, REST, XML

RDBMS: Oracle, SQL Server

Programming Language: C, C++, Java, Pega PRPC



Senior Pega System Architect


  • Involved in analyzing the requirements and User story elaborations.
  • Designed Flows and developed Portals, Section, Harness, Flow Actions.
  • Involved in upgrading the application from Pega 6.1 version to 7.1 version.
  • Participated extensively in designing application security which involves setting up Access groups, Access Roles, Operators, Work groups, Work baskets rules.
  • Developed SOAP web services to provide service to external systems.
  • Responsible for creating custom controls to display data as per business requirements.
  • Migrating code to different environments by creating and importing product rules.
  • Unit testing and fixing issues came from unit testing.
  • Developed Work Parties, Correspondence rules for sending emails notifications.
  • Created Activities to implement the business logic and worked on reports to populate data.
  • Participate in QA and UAT issue triage calls and taking care of defects.
  • Implemented File Listener to process the data from NAS location.
  • Developed Circumstance rule based on properties in the application.
  • Created SQL Integrated Connectors rules to store data in external database.
  • Implemented Decision tables, Decision Maps and Declarative expressions.
  • Involved in testing and fixing the bugs.
  • Followed Pega Guardrails in application development.

Environment: PRPC v6.1SP2 and v7.1.9


Pega System Architect


  • Created and Implemented on building Interaction Driver and creating new Service Request.
  • Designed Interaction and Service Requests flows for different work types.
  • Extensively worked on Integration methods in activities and Integration rules.
  • Developed Activities, Alert messages, Data transforms, Dialog Association rules.
  • Designed and implemented complex user interfaces using Sections, Harness and worked on Designing portals.
  • Responsible for generating Correspondence using HTML Fragments and Paragraphs.
  • Created Class structure, Class Hierarchy, Workflows.
  • Involved in developing UI Screens, activities, and correspondence.
  • Created Validation rules and Activities to implement the business logic.
  • Responsible for monitoring and fixing defects at various levels which include System test, UAT issues.
  • Implemented routing techniques using workbaskets and reassign the cases.
  • Created Data classes and DB tables for integrating with external systems.
  • Involved in developing activities, and correspondence.
  • Created data model, designed process flows.
  • Designed and developed integrating the application with external systems using Connect-SOAP.
  • Created reports using List View and report definition rules.
  • Responsible for implementing business logic using Decision Tables and Decision Trees.

Environment: PRPC v7.1 and CPM v7.1.3


Pega System Architect


  • Developed the User Interface rules (section, harness, and flow action).
  • Creating reports based on List View, Summary View and Report Definition.
  • Involved in implementing Connect-SQL rules.
  • Hands on experience on Report Definitions and using joins, sub-reports.
  • Developed Declarative and Decision rules, Data Transform Rules.
  • Handled exceptions using activities and debugged using TRACER and clipboard.
  • Implemented SLA Rules, Routing techniques.
  • Created Portals and tabbed layout for end user.
  • Involved in implementing Dynamic select, Auto complete and custom controls too.
  • Created on Declare Index rules in order to create report on embedded pages.
  • Implemented Auto Email sending scenarios.
  • Worked on Decision Rules like when condition Rules, Decision Table Rules and Declarative Expressions as per business decisions to implement business logic.
  • Responsible for Circumstance of Flow rules, UI rules and Activities.

Environment: PRPC v6.2SP2

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