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Business System Analyst Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Over 4 Years of extensive experience as MicroStrategy Developer, Architect & Administrator building projects and creating reports and dashboards using MicroStrategy 9.0/9.3.1/9.4.1/10.3/10.4.1/10.6 , Narrowcast Server, MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Visual Insight, Mobile, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server.
  • Expertise in creating and integrating MicroStrategy reports, objects and generic cubes.
  • Created highly interactive MicroStrategy Dashboards by using Visual Insights, and delivered visualizations, widgets including Bubble grids, Heat maps, Time Series, Image layouts, Waterfall graphs, Microcharts, and Scatterplots.
  • Improved performance with Intelligent Cubes and improved clients’ data quality.
  • Hands - on experience in MicroStrategy server administration and maintenance.
  • Proficient in SQL scripting, Database tables, MicroStrategy Administration production suite and windows applications.
  • Hands-on experience in Object Manager, Enterprise Manager and Command Manager. Also, familiar with MicroStrategy Administration tasks like Project Administration, User Administration, and Intelligent Server Administration.
  • Amazing ability to work on security issues, memory issues and memory data loads.
  • Extensively worked on designing public and schema objects.
  • Experience in working with VLDB properties for performance tuning. Extensively perform QA on MicroStrategy reports for data validation.
  • Strong data modeling experience to translate business requirements into logical and physical dimensional models to create MicroStrategy solutions.
  • Experience in creating Dynamic Dashboards, and VI Analytics with multi layout and used custom Widgets built on flex for specialized dashboard for both Web and Mobile (IOS & Android)
  • Strong Data modeling (Logical & Physical) experience working with Dimensional Modeling (Star & Snowflake Schema) and Entity-Relationship modeling.
  • Strong knowledge of advanced prompts, transformations, consolidations, custom groups, advanced filters to create complex Reports, Visual Insight Dashboards, and Report Services Documents.
  • Designed implementation strategies for MicroStrategy version upgrades and new release tools.
  • Experience in working with Extract Transform Load (ETL) developers to find the balance between ETL and Business Intelligence (BI) tools to produce fast loading and functionality rich BI solutions. Along with MicroStrategy, also familiar with other BI tools like Business Objects, and Tableau.
  • Hands on experience working with ETL tools like Informatica, Data Wrangling.
  • Extensively developed various mappings to perform ETL of source data into the OLAP/Data Warehouse.
  • Experience in performance tuning of Informatica Sources, Targets, Mappings, and Sessions. Highly proficient in processing tasks, scheduling sessions, import/export repositories, manage users, groups, associated privileges and folders.
  • Investigating and fixing the bugs occurred in the production environment and providing the on-call support.
  • Strong knowledge of UML, and proficient in creating Use Cases, Sequence diagrams, Collaboration diagrams, Activity diagrams, Class diagrams etc.
  • Highly proficient in preparing Business Requirement Documents (BRD), Functional Requirement Documents (FRD), User Required Documents (URD).
  • Extensive Experience with process modeling using UML2, flowcharts, system data flow, task diagrams, sequence, data mapping, and use cases.
  • Exceptional documentation skills for writing use cases, functional requirement documents as well as for creating Activity diagrams, State diagrams based on UML methodology and business process flow diagrams using MS Visio and Eclipse. Extensively worked with different operating systems like Windows, UNIX, and LINUX.
  • Experienced all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including requirements gathering, analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment as well as software engineering methods.
  • Excellent experience with major relational databases - Oracle, My SQL, MS Access, and SQL Server.
  • Experience with Application Servers like IBM WebSphere, Tomcat.
  • Hands of experience in writing Queries, Stored Procedures, Trigger, Cursors, Functions and Packages using TOAD.
  • Experience interacting directly with customers on numerous occasions to gather requirements, develop, debug and solve critical issues and introduce them to new features.
  • Familiar with Agile project methodologies and practices.


BI Tools: MicroStrategy Desktop 10/9, MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy Administration, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Intelligent Server, Visual InsightDistribution Services, MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server, MicroStrategy OLAP Services, MSTR Reporting Services, MicroStrategy Office, Tableau

Databases: Oracle, My SQL, MS Access, SQL Server

ETL Tool: Informatica Power Center 9.x/8.x, SQL Server SSIS, SSAS, SSRS Services

Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, ASP, C#

Assembly Languages: Intel 8085, 8086, ARM

Data Modeling: Microsoft Visio 2002, Eclipse, Modelio, Papyrus

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix


Business System Analyst

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Environment: Oracle DB, Informatica Power Center


  • Finalized business requirements with business stakeholders and users.
  • Analyzed and quantified the impact of projects on upstream/downstream systems.
  • Performed extensive analysis of existing/new data to satisfy business requirements.
  • Performed reverse-engineering from Informatica codes, UNIX shell scripts, stored procedures, metadata to understand the existing process, data and relationships.
  • Planned and designed the Oracle schemas, designing database objects like partitions, tables, views, indexes, sequences, constraints, functions.
  • Developed mappings that perform: Extraction, Transformation and load source data into derived master schemas using various power center transformations like Source Qualifier, Aggregator, Filter, Router, Lookup, Joiner, Expression, Stored Procedure, SQL Generator, Normalizer, Update Strategy, Web Service Consumer, XML, and Transaction Control.
  • Reusable transformations and Mapplets are built whenever redundancy is needed.
  • Performance tuning is performed at the mapping level as wells as database level to increase the data throughput.
  • Implemented Type 1 and Type 2 methodologies in ODS tables loading to keep historical data in warehouse.
  • Designed incremental loading process to load data into staging tables.

MicroStrategy Developer

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Environment: MicroStrategy 10.6, 10.4.1, 9.4.1, SQL Server, Informatica


  • Conducted quick strikes; creating entire BI solutions in very short time frames.
  • Involved in implementing the Full Life Cycle of the project starting with gathering requirements from the business users and documenting the specifications to delivering the end reporting solutions.
  • Extensively worked with Visual Insight dashboards and involved in reports scalable to larger volumes of data.
  • Build visual interfaces, shared visualization components, and custom visualizations for communicating data using D3/High chart libraries.
  • Extensively created MicroStrategy Report Services Documents, Visual Insight Dashboards for Web & Mobile (IOS & Android) users.
  • Created Report Builder and Visual Insight screens for Customer Experience groups and helped them to analyze the quarterly trends.
  • Created Intelligent Cubes in MicroStrategy to overcome the issues related to Report Services Documents using high volume of datasets.
  • Worked closed with business to assess the requirements and translate them into technical requirements. As a part of my responsibility, worked with SQL Server and ETL tools to build the physical data model to meet the requirements.
  • Generated and implemented MicroStrategy Schema objects and Application objects by creating facts, attributes, hierarchies, filters, metrics using MicroStrategy Web, and Desktop.
  • Establishing guidelines for management and maturity of MSTR as the primary BI tool across the whole enterprise.
  • As a part of the Business Process Modeling & Analysis (BPMA) project team, interacted closely with the business community to define and analyze the business requirements to present possible technical solutions.
  • Used Eclipse-Papyrus to carry out the Business Use Case Modeling & Business Object Modeling effort to develop the business architecture for rapid and controlled application development.
  • Applied Unified Modeling Language 2 (UML2) methodologies to design Use Case diagrams, Activity diagrams, Sequence diagrams, ER diagrams, and Data Mapping.
  • Co-ordinate with data modelers and ETL developers to enable reports speedy and functionally relevant reports.
  • Architected the projects and created all the necessary schema, application and configuration objects.
  • Created intelligent cube and monitored memory usage, Storage and Loading.
  • Kinds of reports created - canned reports, prompted reports, ad-hoc reports, freeform SQL reports
  • Kinds of dashboards created - metric, dynamic content, dynamic visualization and performance summary dashboards.
  • Configuring subscription, scheduling and delivery of reports and document objects using Narrowcast.
  • Created advanced metrics, prompts, filters, custom groups, consolidations, drill maps.
  • Generated Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics and another metrics.
  • Developed Dynamic Dashboards both in interactive and flash mode using customized widgets, selectors, and panel stacks for summary level reporting with large datasets.
  • Resolved many to many relationships in MicroStrategy using the relationship tables.
  • Implemented security for different users to view reports for their regions using security filters.
  • Created ad-hoc reports by drilling up, down, within and across Hierarchies.
  • Created Report Services Documents with various transformation metrics to report on Monthly, YTD and Trailing 12 months’ period.
  • Maintenance, enhancement and performance tuning of existing MSTR objects.
  • Utilized complex SQL for data analysis.

MicroStrategy Developer


Environment: MicroStrategy 9.3.1, Oracle DB


  • Part of MicroStrategy Global development team delivering the reporting solutions to various business groups within the company.
  • Worked on multiple reporting projects involving development and support.
  • Generated and implemented MicroStrategy Schema objects and Application objects by creating attributes, facts, hierarchies, reports, filters, metrics and reports using MicroStrategy Desktop.
  • Designed and Developed Visual Insight Dashboards using different panels, filters.
  • As a support admin enabled new users, roles, privileges, shared folders, Access Controls Lists using security roles within MicroStrategy
  • Involved in tuning of SQL Scripts, analyzing the Tables, Indexes for better performance.
  • Tested all the reports by running queries against the warehouse-using TOAD. Also, compared those queries with the MicroStrategy SQL engine generated queries/output
  • Performed ETL Transformations like Aggregator Transformation, Normalizer Transformation, Source Qualifier Transformation, Joiner Transformation, Expression Transformation, and Sequence generator using Informatica.
  • Installed software, secured model design, trouble shooting of applications and database connectivity.
  • Provided design, development, configuration and maintenance of tasks related to MicroStrategy and provided training to user.
  • Actively involved in MicroStrategy upgrade and ran MicroStrategy Integrity Manager for regression testing.
  • Resolved attribute role problems in Data models by developing table Aliases and Attribute Role recognition methods in VLDB settings.
  • Worked extensively on customizing and optimizing the query performance of reports for various users using MicroStrategy features like VLDB property and changing database properties like adding indexes, creating aggregate tables and partition strategies.
  • Created intelligent cube and monitored memory usage, Storage and Loading.
  • Employed Freeform SQL reports for ad-hoc report requests from business users.
  • Performed basic stability testing of Intelligence server and updated projects.
  • Performed system checks like licensing, functionality, and managing user privileges of the system.
  • Added new users to groups and assigning them security privileges.
  • Deploying Flash Widgets on Servers and Uploading the New ones from Support site
  • Worked with MicroStrategy Object Manager to move objects among the Development, Testing and Production environments.
  • Created report requirement documents by gathering information from business users and business analysts.
  • Performed troubleshoot with various MicroStrategy reports, such as drilling problems to hierarchies.
  • Performed MicroStrategy Administration: Installation, configuration, troubleshooting on going management and support.
  • Using MicroStrategy OLAP services, created versatile reports as analytical tools for calculating sales and inventory for a given period.
  • Configured MicroStrategy Intelligent Server to make project available in production environment.
  • Developed very complex sales and inventory performance reports, dashboards using MicroStrategy Desktop.
  • Identified the key facts and dimensions necessary to support the business requirements and develop these requirements into logical and physical dimensional models.
  • Performed development in the construction of a data warehouse system that reported from very large database.
  • Made technical decisions and allocated resources to minimize cost, risk, delay, and insured MicroStrategy will perform as expected in production.

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