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Sr. Servicenow Developer Resume

Plano, TX


  • An accomplished IT Professional with 10+ years of IT Experience with recent 5+ years of referable expertise in ServiceNow Platform as Developer, Administrator and as an Architect.
  • Strong experience in Installation and Configuration of different modules of Service - Now.
  • Highly skilled in implementation of Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Service Catalog, Knowledge Management, Configuration Management, Reporting, Discovery and Integrations, Service Requests.
  • Strong experience Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Experience in SaaS software configuration and development using Web Services and Simple Object Access Protocol, XML/RPC, and AJAX.
  • Functional noledge and implementation experience of IT Service Management (ITSM) frameworks and demonstrated project management skills and experience working directly with Customers and Clients.
  • Strong noledge in HTML, CSS, SQL, C, C++, JavaScript, Apache jelly etc.
  • Strong noledge on Service portal. Has changed the layouts of widgets on a page, has done advanced customization.
  • Hands on experience on Active Directory, LDAP and Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration and IT PAM.
  • Good understanding of ServiceNow tool functions - both frontend and backend operations
  • Experience in Configuration of the tool to onboard Biogen Business applications into ServiceNow.
  • Experience in Customizations - backend integrations to products like Turbot, CMDB and AWS.
  • Experience in AWS integration for numerous services (say EC2, EFS). ServiceNow will become front end for AWS and Azure
  • Deep functional and technical noledge of the Service Now platform as well as experience delivering medium to large-scale Service Now implementations.
  • Expertise on creation of workflows for Service Catalog items in Service-Now. Created web applications using Python.
  • Experience on WebSphere clusters. Used to manage the Balance workload for the set of application Servers.
  • Strong on ServiceNow Administration and Production support including maintenance of lower life cycle instances. Strong Hands on experience in web development using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Good experience in application development using Java/J2EE, JSP, Struts and Spring.
  • Versatile team player, ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, commitment towards learning and also a subject-matter expert(SME) with good noledge in various technologies.


ITIL: ITSM, ServiceNow (Helsinki, Geneva, Fuji, Eureka), JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Languages: C, C++, JavaScript

Java Technologies: JDK 1.6, Collections, Multithreading, Networking, Generics, Exception Handling, Files and Streams, JDBC

Methodologies: SDLC, Waterfall, Agile, XP, Scrum

Databases: Oracle DB, MySQL

IDE’s: Eclipse, NetBeans, TOAD


Confidential - Plano, TX

Sr. ServiceNow Developer


  • Technical implementation of various ServiceNow modules such as Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Service Catalog, Configuration Management.
  • Implemented best practice of ServiceNow Scripting, which enhanced the System performance.
  • Implemented Risk Management for the Risk evaluation of the change Request associated with the Configuration Item.
  • Communicated with end users, identifying their difficulties and changing the applications as per their requirements.
  • Worked with integration support and deployment of ServiceNow platform to MS Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) platform
  • Coordinated project activities between clients and internal groups and information technology, including project portfolio management and project pipeline planning
  • Worked in close collaboration with the Project Management Office and business users to gather, analyze and document the functional requirements for the project.
  • Monitor activity and provide support/coaching to the Demand Management Reps around lead qualification performance
  • Implements continuous process improvement measures and processes in order to improve upon Demand Management process delivery, value, and quality
  • Participated in meeting with SME's and Project Managers to analyze the requirements and developing the workflow design of request items using Agile Methodologies.
  • TEMPEffectively involved in Governance, Risk and Compliance application (GRC)
  • Created various front end forms, and associated Client Scripts, UI policies, including advanced customizations dat require modification of UI Pages/Macros.
  • Designed Workflows, along with standard Workflow templates which can be reused.
  • Planning and coordinating the execution of Implementation along with Technical/Business validations post every Maintenance/Major release in ServiceNow.
  • Used DISCOVERY to load configuration information to CMDB.
  • Developed Integration with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).
  • Performing integrations and process automations using ServiceNow Orchestration or other mechanisms.
  • Worked on e-bonding Integration plugin.
  • Involved in customization of forms for various ServiceNow applications.
  • Rendered data using Ajax and mustache template.
  • Act as the Performance Analytics subject matter expert and own Performance Analytics delivery within ServiceNow IT.
  • Sr. Developer for Service Catalog, rating systems, Service Requests configurations, AD Integration using SAML, Integration of federated CMDB through ServiceNow Mid-Server technologies.
  • Imported data into CMDB using Transform Maps and build relationships manually for CI’s which are not in scope of discovery.
  • Configured end to end process for Knowledge management, and worked on the noledge Centered Support (KCS) plugin.
  • Configured multiple Catalog Items Front-end web / GUI components using JavaScript, Soap, web services, CSS, HTML5.
  • Worked on UI Macros to create pages as templates on requirement from the stake holders.
  • Configured multiple forms for Asset module using Configuration Management Database.
  • Resolved typical Users access and roles issues by checking active directory and users table.
  • Created database views to pull the reports on variables dat are being used by catalog items.
  • Development and Implementation of ServiceWatch for Automation of IT operations Management (ITOM).
  • Used ServiceWatch for discovering and mapping the relationships between IT components dat comprise specific business services, even in dynamic virtualized environments.
  • Wrote Catalog client scripts and UI policies to make client side changes.
  • Created the UI pages to use them in catalog items, Implemented using UI scripts.
  • Created Knowledge articles to document the steps in creating the catalog items.
  • Worked on creating users, roles, groups and Configured LDAP Server and LDAP Listener for updating the user and group table record.
  • Designed and created homepages including basic reporting, gauge configuration and dashboard presentation.
  • Involved in performance tuning of the ServiceNow and also worked on System Diagnosis.
  • Involved in documentation of business processes, functional requirements and conduct information flow analysis and process modeling within and across multiple business streams.
  • Successfully implemented GRC by using the advanced features in Helsinki version.
  • Worked on and implemented GRC, facilities, time, email, core ITSM, CMDB CI, reporting and the service catalog modules.
  • Eliminated errors and enhanced efficiency by automating the traditional GRC process.
  • Worked with Orchestration which enables an IT organization to automate complex tasks on remote computers reliably and quickly, with best practices every time.
  • Orchestrated the efforts of vendors, and internal divisions/departments to internalize new IT Asset Management processes.
  • Worked on automating the ordering process through e-bonding integration, so dat provisioning can begin sooner.
  • Managed a team of offshore developers and getting them aligned with the process.
  • Scheduled cloning and migration of data from instances with ServiceNow.
  • Worked on Configuring rules, monitors and management packs in SCOM and involved in testing reports for correct mapping of the objects and data.
  • Involved in various ServiceNow customizations as per client's requirement and also in migration between various ServiceNow instances using Update Sets.
  • Prepared documentation for requirements, design, installation, unit testing and system integration of ServiceNow.
  • Created Test Plan and reviewed Test Cases.
  • Created user manuals for all the users on using Info View and exporting reports to various formats.
  • Managing ServiceNow (Change Management) ITIL Automate and standardize business processes for all Go-Lives.

Confidential - Durham, NC

Sr. ServiceNow Developer


  • Sr. Developer for Service Catalog, rating systems, Service Requests configurations, AD Integration using SAML
  • Integration of federated CMDB through ServiceNow Mid-Server technologies, Incident Management, Problem Management, Knowledge Management and Change Management workflows and respective customizations
  • Implemented Data Sources and created transformation maps to import the data into the ServiceNow from different data sources.
  • Used SOAP and REST Web services for integrating Different Instances.
  • Created Schedule Jobs to run scripts, to import data by running Scheduled transform map.
  • Created scriptslike Client Scripts, Business rules, Script Includes, UI scripts and UI Policies to customize the instance as per Business needs.
  • Responsible for access control, security, minor enhancements such as form or workflow editing, and UAT/Regression testing of any development.
  • Developed UI Appearance for Service Catalog Requests.
  • Used Glide Scripting for creating UI Action and Business rules.
  • Created GROUPS for set of users and used them for approval, assignment, receiving notifications.
  • Used Access Control Rules for securing and providing the right access to right person/role.
  • Used Update Sets for moving group of customizations from one instance to another.
  • Worked on CMDB and Asset management. Performed Data migration to import data from other Applications and external databases.
  • Used SCRUM methodology for the development and SDLC module for defect tracking.
  • Responsible forHelsinki Upgradation in ServiceNowand also involved in the analysis of the impact on the existing customization after Helsinki up gradation.
  • Investigate performance issues, learn troubleshooting tools, and use system logs to find issues.
  • Creates Workflow activities and approvals. Implement new workflows dat use a variety of activities to understand how records are generated from workflows.
  • Performed updates to existing modules and workflows.
  • Worked on End to End implementation of CMDB module using Discovery tool in ServiceNow.
  • Implemented Discovery, Orchestration, CMDB and Asset Management for various customer.
  • Configuration of Email Notification and Alerts to notify users about specific activities in the system
  • Involved in development of Content Management system.
  • Supported the team while upgrading Service Now from Fuji to Helsinki
  • Build reports, gauges, and home pages.
  • Implemented out of the box Performance Analytics module for ServiceNow Helsinki.
  • Developed custom score cards, dashboards.
  • Customized widgets to view and maintain the widgets.
  • Developed various Scorecards, break downs, data collectors and developed custom ACL’s for different roles in performance analytics.
  • Configured formula indicators, thresholds, bucket groups, and target colored schemas.
  • Worked on data upload and configuration in CMDB and other ITSM modules.
  • Developed reports, database views and develop some scheduled jobs needed for reports as per user requirement
  • Manages data with Tables, the CMDB, Import Sets, and Update Sets.
  • Create, monitor, modify, and publish Service catalog workflows with approvals.
  • Development of requirement integration components (SSO, LDAP, SOAP).
  • Integrated Service Now with a third party to store all the credentials and to avoid breaching up of credentials.

Confidential - Dallas, TX

Sr. ServiceNow Developer / SME


  • Worked on end to end implementation of CTI Integrations, Supported the team with the work flow of the integrations.
  • Designed and delivered technical methodologies around the ServiceNow platform.
  • Analyze requirements, determine technical approach technical design
  • Identified and designed repeatable solutions utilizing Autodesk technologies, recommend architectural patterns, application frameworks standards for solutions development
  • Gathered requirement from stake holders for attributes needed to develop Service Catalog items.
  • Worked with clients to assess current state processes and tools, defined ServiceNow requirements and developed and configured the ServiceNow platform
  • Worked on CMDB and Asset management.
  • Performed Data migration to import data from other applications and external databases.
  • Worked on various modules of Service Now like Incident management, change management, and Problem management, Service Catalog, User Administration, Reporting and Discovery.
  • Created various front end forms, and associated Client Scripts, UI policies, including advanced customizations dat require modification of UI Pages/Macros.
  • Designed Workflows, along with standard Workflow templates which can be reused.
  • Supported the team responsible for the implementation and administration of the ServiceNow installation, including managing system configurations.
  • Gathered and documented user and process requirements
  • Developed workflow customizations, and performed quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing.
  • Worked with Apache Jelly to create various kinds of UI pages and Macro templates.
  • Implemented JDBC Export to execute custom SQL queries in the target database based on requirement.
  • Created Data Sources from various external applications, scripts to parse incoming data and transform into ServiceNow.
  • Developed reports as per requirements from management.
  • Documented all implementations and best practices defined within team.
  • Trained Service Desk team and organized meetings to review content and testing efforts for testing in UAT for quarterly releases.
  • Currently working to develop new service catalog items and fix bugs in incident, problem and change management.

Confidential - Glenn Burnie, MD

Java Web Developer


  • Interacting with Business users, gathering and analyzing requirements and Involved in understanding the Requirements of the end Users/Business Analysts and Developed Strategies for ETL processes.
  • Involved in database designing by creating database objects such as Tables, Views, and Indexes. And provided technical solutions in the form of MDD (Minor Development Document) for the Process Change Requests from Business.
  • Used DAO patterns to interface with Database and DTOs for data transfer between the integration tier and business tier.
  • Performed client side validation using Struts Validation Framework.
  • Developed Struts Action Forms, Action classes and templates and performed action mapping in struts-config.xml.
  • Developed DAO classes for the persistent layer.
  • Used Java Mail to send mails to the user when it is appropriate.
  • Responsible for development of Web Services.

Confidential - Camp Hill, PA

Java Developer


  • Worked on persistence layer using O/R Mapping tool Hibernate with Oracle 10g Database
  • Involved in End to End Design and Development of UI Layer, Service Layer and Persistence Layer.
  • Implemented Spring MVC for designing and implementing the UI Layer for the application.
  • Used Spring IOC to inject the services and their dependencies.
  • Implemented Site Mesh as the web page layout and decorating framework to aid in creating the consistent look and feel for the web application.
  • Used AJAX to retrieve data from server synchronously in the background without interfering with the display and existing page in an interactive way.
  • Used DWR (Direct Web Remoting) generated script to make AJAX calls to JAVA.
  • Involved in writing JavaScript for dynamic manipulation of the elements on the screen and to validate the input.
  • Involved in writing Spring Validator Classes for validating the input data.
  • Involved in writing complex PL/SQL and SQL blocks for the application.

Confidential - Houston, TX

Java Developer


  • Involved in various phases like design and development using Rational Unified Process.
  • Worked on a project to develop online portal for administrators.
  • Used Java/J2EE Design patterns like Business Delegate, Session Facade, Data Transfer Object (DTO) and Service Locator in the project extensively, which facilitates clean distribution of roles and responsibilities across various layers of processing.
  • Used Rational Rose for the Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams to represent the detailed design phase.
  • Developed a web-based reporting for Credit Monitoring System with HTML, JSTL 1.2, Custom tags.
  • Developed user interface on Jakarta Struts 1.1 Framework using JSP 2.0 and HTML.
  • Developed Struts Action Class which route submittals via Business Delegate to Business appropriate components and render retrieved information.
  • Used Web services for transmission of large blocks of XML data using (SOAP).
  • Used XML and SOAP with SAX parser to transfer data between applications.
  • Used Entity Java Beans for persistence.
  • Used SQL stored procedures with JDBC API for storing, updating user request.
  • Participated in database design using Oracle.
  • Used Web-sphere Application Server 5.0 for deploying various components of application.
  • Used Web Sphere Application Development for developing the application.

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