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Technical Lead Engineer Resume

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San Jose, UsA


  • Senior Technology professional with 13+ years of software development experience in Home security and Automation, Health Care Insurance, Online/Mobile Payment System, Payment Risk Management System, Enterprise Content File Sharing System, Software as a Service (SAAS) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). me is passionate in solving complex problems using efficient algorithms
  • As a technical lead Engineer designed and developed Home Security Product related Micro services using REST and Protobuf and halped Nest to launch new products like Nest Guard, Nest motion Detector, Nest Security Camera.
  • As a Technical Lead Engineer designed and developed health Expense Payment system dat enables Health Expense to enable users to make Health Insurance related Payments online in one place.
  • As a Senior Engineer contributed in teh design and development of PayPal’s Fee and Foreign Currency Exchange Engine which is teh primary instrument for charging Fees in PayPal.
  • Successfully led a technically challenging and huge business impacting cross - functional program involving 300+ engineers from 7 different geographical locations with strict timeline resulting in $181 Million USD additional annual profit.
  • Worked as teh primary technical contributor in a major technology and business initiative which increased teh number of Credit Card supported currencies at PayPal by more TEMPthan 100% resulting huge business growth of PayPal.
  • Designed and developed internal Customer Verification System for PayPal risk infrastructure to reduce verification cost by 90%.
  • Designed and enhanced teh Credit Card verification related random deposit UI flow such dat completion rates improved by 150%.


Software languages: Scala, C, C++, Java, Python.

Scripting languages: Scala, Python. Perl, Java Script, Node JS, Shell Script.

Databases Programming: Oracle, PL/SQL, pro*C/C++, Apache Cassandra, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ORM (Hybernate).

OS/Platform: UNIX, Linux, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows, Mac OS.

Cloud Platform: AWS, Google Cloud Platform

Internet Technologies: HTML, CSS, XMLMobile Technologies: XCODE, Android Studio, Objective C.

Other Technologies/Tools: Micro-services, Web Services, SOAP, SOA, TCP/IP, REST & JSON, XML, ProtoBuf, GDB, Web Socket, Redis, Java Spring, Spring Boot, SBT, Maven, Tomcat, Apache, JBoss, STL, Jira, Selenium, Kafka.

Configuring Management: GIT, Github, CM Synergy, MS Visual SourceSafe, PVCS, SCM, Rational Clear case, Rational Clear Quest.

Design Methodologies: Data Structure and Algorithm, OOPS, OOAD, Design Pattern & UML using Rational Rose Visual Paradigm.: Development Methodologies


Confidential, San Jose, USA

Technical Lead Engineer


  • At Google Nest designed and developed Security Setting related Micro-Services, which will enable arm setting and alarm setting using REST and Protobuf. Also contributed in security service related Integration testing automation project.
  • We used Technologies like Google Cloud Platform, ORM (Hibernate), Spring Boot Framework, Cassandra, Kafka, Java 8 and Scala.
  • At Health Expense Designed and developed Health Expense Payment System dat makes it possible for users to pay Health Insurance related Payments in one place using credit card, FSA account or HAS account. We has used Scala Lift framework using Hibernate and REST-JSON to develop teh web services. For more details please visit: http://healthexpense.com
  • Also developed user’s Health Insurance claim details related data extraction from insurance carrier site and enable them to see all health expense related data under one account to manage health expense efficiently and conveniently. We used Scala, HTML, Selenium, CSS, Xpath.

Confidential, Palo Alto, USA

Staff Software Engineer


  • Involved in Designing developing and improving backend service API, Framework and application platform using C/C++, Java, Python, in Linux platform. Teh technology stack involved Spring Framework, Hibernate, Kafka.
  • Principal technical lead to enhance different capabilities of Smart Office tool (developed in C/C++ using multi thread) to support all kind of editing operation on usual office documents including Microsoft and adobe suites.

Confidential, San Jos, USA

Software Engineer


  • Designed and developed different backend service, batches and messaging system using C++, Java, Python, and Oracle in Linux platform.
  • me was responsible for discussing in finalizing teh user stories for different SCRUM teams with teh product owner and halp prioritizing users stories based on technical feasibility point of view.
  • me use to analyze teh user stories and come up with Technical Design and work with teh development team to implement based on teh requirement and design.
  • me was also responsible for writing unit test cases using GMOCK, GTEST and also do teh feature functional testing before delivering to QA team for final sign off. Coordinate with other dependent teams for integration of teh projects and attend daily SCRUM masters meeting.
  • Facilitate good/smooth-working environment for teh teams and its members. teh designer and developer for adding new capability in pricing engine to price merchants based on analytical data.
  • Designed and developed new capability by which merchants can be priced based on their volume of business with PayPal.
  • Was teh principal contributor in removing technical constraint to increase teh sending limits for PayPal users from APAC countries by 250% to achieve 20% NPS (Net Promoter Score) improvement.
  • Developed a system to eliminate artificial limitation of supported price categories in PayPal to enable future business growth.
  • Designed and developed a tool to automate code cleanup which reduces teh development effort for such job by 99%.
  • Contributed to teh transformation in teh team from Waterfall to Agile development model.

Senior Software Engineer



  • Designed and developed a Pricing Admin tool which enabled Pricing Operation team to make pricing changes a configurable process resulting in $242 Million additional profits for PayPal.
  • Simplified teh Credit Card confirmation process increasing teh completion of teh card confirmation by 250%.
  • Provided a tiered Sending limit to APAC users resulting in additional $10M revenue for PayPal.
  • Enabled Cross Border shipping address in teh Send Money flow by which users from other country could send gift and make teh payment through PayPal.
  • Integrated EWS (Early Warning System) with PayPal resulting in real time Bank Account Verification for an user.
  • Lead a big team of 25 members for Visteon Legacy Client Server Project to provide production support to different Visteon tools and applications and became teh
  • Successfully completed multiple development project having variety of technologies like C++, JAVA, pro*C, Visual Basic, Shell and Perl script etc.


Senior Software Engineer & Software Engineer


  • Development and maintenance of PLM product CATIA and ENOVIA. CATIA is world’s leading 3D CAD Design Software and ENOVIA is software dat provides a complete set of integrated solutions to entire product lifecycle application.
  • Worked in C, C++, Java applet, servlet using CAA (COM like technology) framework. We used IBM WASAD IDE.
  • Contributed in design and development and maintenance project for teh product Telelogic DOORS (Requirement Management Software) using C, C++ in Windows platform.
  • Contributed to teh development and bug fixing for teh product Telelogic CM Synergy (Configuration Management Software).

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