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Senior Specialist-management| System Engineer Resume

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Atlanta, GeorgiA


  • Highly qualified, tenacious, work driven professional with over 16 years of experience in IT industry.
  • Result - oriented System Engineer currently Senior Specialist Confidential.
  • IBM Software and OPTIO certified, armed with broad-based skills and experience in Software Development Process, Software Architecture, Team Leadership, Product Knowledge, IT Management & Strategy, business development, customer service, administrative duties and strategic Planning. An effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills and ability to relate with people Confidential any level of business.
  • Have a verifiable track record of managing highly complex IT projects and use of Structured Query Language (SQL), COBOL, CL, BASIC, ASSEMBLER, PASCAL, JCL, IBM LAN Server, iTrack, Q Chat, Confidential &T Connect, among others. Determined to implement earned skills for teh rapid growth of teh prospective organization.


  • Ability to work independently and a strong team player.
  • Advanced analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Ability to coordinate completion of multiple tasks and deadlines.
  • Excellent writing, communication, management and leadership skills.
  • Expert in providing professional technical support and IT management.
  • Ability to negotiate with and influence others and a Competent Leader.
  • Resilience and stamina to work well under pressure and maintain confidentiality.
  • Self-motivated with a willingness to take initiative and solve complex problems.
  • Sound noledge of Sun Microsystems Sun OS 5.8 OASYS, UNIX, Mercury Quality Center, JackTrack, Putty Software, Cisco System VPN Client.
  • Hands on experience in teh use of application such as Customer Assistance Resource Environment (CARE), System Analysis, Telecommunication, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Query, Electronic Mail, Money Machine, DIrect Access Link (VMX D.me.A.L), Voice Mail System among others.


  • Analyzing Information
  • Software Design and Testing
  • Software Documentation
  • General Programming Skills
  • Software Development Process
  • Software Architecture
  • Team Leadership
  • Product Knowledge
  • Industry Experience
  • Motivational Skills
  • Employee Training Experience
  • Self-MotivationCustomer Service Skills
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Development
  • IT Management & Strategy
  • Business Process and Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Cloud Computing


Senior Specialist-Management| System Engineer

Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia


  • Authorizing request for required hardware for LCT testing.
  • Developing software solutions by studying information needs.
  • Managing creation, validation and execution of LCT scenarios.
  • Verifying bill images created from execution of new functionality.
  • Expanding technical noledge by completing additional training.
  • Collecting suggestions from teammates and leads for UAT process improvement.
  • Developing Test Plan and Test Cases dat outlines new functionality within teh Business Requirement (BR).
  • Engaging teh Integrated Systems Test (IST) Team retrieves call records created as a result of Live Call Testing (LCT).
  • Collaborating with teh business client to identify areas dat impact teh company's effortless customer experience directive.
  • Attending project planning, delivery, and mitigation meetings to improve on-time project delivery for each new release.
  • Joining Team and Business Client's daily status calls designed to contribute to improving project delivery targets.
  • Increasing required training percentages on Personal Learning Portal (PLP) and Personal Learning Experience (PLE) Tools.
  • Planning and executing Wireless Local Loop (WLL), Single Dispatch, Change Order, and consumer integration for new functionality UAT.
  • Determining operational feasibility by evaluating analysis, problem definition, requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions.
  • Demonstrating high integrity, honesty and a deep sense of consideration for success of customers, employees, and teh company.
  • Building relationships and strategically collaborate across workgroups to achieve improved testing outcomes.
  • Hosting and attend meetings with Project Mangers, business clients and analysts to determine teh requirement for LCT and UAT.
  • Coordinating with teams on UAT and LCT new functionality outlined in BR and High-Level Design (HLD) documents for new software releases.
  • Coordinating unified User Acceptance Testing (UAT) while continuing to partner with business clients, End To End (E2E) Test, System Test (ST) and application development teams in an effort to reduce application development gaps and defects.
  • Completing required compliance training courses dat focus on project planning and execution. Reports accurate weekly project time reporting into teh eCorp employee’s time reporting system, CM/PM time reporting system, and Management Out-Of-Office Scheduling Environment (MOOSE) systems.
  • Reducing project testing costs by sun setting Sales Operation Team’s on/off mode and regression test cases.
  • Participating in meetings to determine which bill images needed to be provided to clients for authentication.
  • Providing testing metrics defects to team members and leadership used to communicate accurate real time progress and potential challenges dat may require escalation during teh planning or execution phases of testing.
  • Assisting team members requiring instructions on teh set up and execution of Test Cases in our Quality Management and zTracker applications.

Senior Team Lead



  • Established project timetable and developed group policies.
  • Created and performed Toll/Roamer Module application training.
  • Assisted management with hiring processes and new team member training.
  • Maintained documentation on any pertinent toll and air functionality changes.
  • Performed quality assurance on all toll module updates completed by team members.
  • Certified all table updates were accurately completed in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Confirmed appropriate fields were populated and in teh correct region switch cell sites tables.
  • Conducted team meetings to update members on best practices and continuing expectations.
  • Assessed teh direction and prioritization of employee’s daily workload and project participation.
  • Completed in-collect/out-collect toll and air module requests for all Confidential CARE markets.
  • Developed strategies to promote team member adherence to company regulations and performance goals.
  • Provided encouragement to team members, including communicating team goals and identifying areas for new training or skill checks.
  • Generated and shared comprehensive and detailed reports about team performance, mission-related objectives, and deadlines.

Senior Data Analyst/SunCoast Consulting

Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia


  • Team Leader on multiple projects to ensure timely completion of projects and resolution concerns.
  • Performed Toll Module one-on-one training for new team members.
  • Analyzed toll billing on customers’ accounts for billing discrepancies.
  • Responsible for adding, updating or deleting CellSite information in Toll Module.
  • Implemented File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload and download required rating files.
  • Evaluated issue tickets created for Toll Module application in teh Incident Logging System (ILS).
  • Responsible for converting markets to updated rating system.
  • Submitted queries to perform quality assurance of modifications.
  • Researched Outcollect overcharges for external carriers for call rating.
  • Created new Area Code/Exchange cities listing for new and existing markets.
  • Partitioned Toll Module Markets for reseller accounts.


  • IBM AS/400, IBM VM System,
  • IBM S/36, IBM S/38,
  • IBM PC, IBM Personal System/2,
  • Confidential &T Definity G1,
  • HP Laser III, IBM 5225,
  • IBM 5219, IBM 4234,
  • 3Com Router, Racal Modem,
  • Datatec Autoshunt, IBM 4381,
  • DataTec UPS, Xircom,
  • 3 Com Ethernet Hub,
  • Token Ring, Profs,
  • IBM 5394/5494 Controller,
  • Teklogix RF terminals
  • BSHP - Billing Service Home Page,
  • Visual Source Safe,
  • Microsoft Office Professional,
  • Structured Query Language (SQL),
  • COBOL, RPG/400, CL, BASIC,
  • Novell LAN, WAN, IBM LAN Server,
  • Gateway to S/36, Gateway to AS/400,
  • DisplayWrite 3 and 4, IBM Query, IBM
  • IDDU, PC Support, Crosstalk, Norton
  • Desktop, TCP/IP, Help Desk,
  • NCR Star Century, Jason Lite Software,
  • Telenet, Procomm Plus, BPCS,
  • Client Access, Rumba, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Peoplesoft,
  • ACME ticket software,
  • SES (Settlement and Exchange Services),
  • Microsoft Windows XP, NT, Visio,
  • Internet Explorer, Outlook,
  • Toll/Roamer Module,
  • ILS - Incident Logging System,
  • WebTrax - Incident Logging System,
  • Sun Microsystems Sun OS 5.8 OASYS, UNIX,
  • Mercury Quality Center, JackTrack,
  • Hummingbird Connectivity Software,
  • Putty Software, Cisco System VPN Client,
  • Aqua Data Studio, Q Team-Link
  • Messenger, Test Director, Skype for Business,
  • Q Messenger, HP ALM Quality Center,
  • Quality Management Application,
  • SharePoint, tSpace, PRISIM,

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