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Workday Integration Consultant Resume

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Tampa, FL


  • Working as a Workday Consultant with around 6 years of Professional IT experience, with 2.5 years as WorkdayConsultantwith good experience on reporting Writing, Integration and Functional Understanding of HCM. And I have great commitment to implement client’s Workday Strategy.
  • Knowledge of the software development life cycle from design through scoping, requirements gathering, analysis, development, testing, QA, user acceptance, deployment, maintenance/support, and change management.
  • Well versed with functional knowledge of WorkdayHCM modules from configuration/setup to ongoing data maintenance.
  • Good experience on creating Supervisory Organization Hierarchy Structure.
  • Good knowledge on development of Workday 3rd party Integrations and Reports using Report Writer, EIB Inbound/Outbound integrations, Package Integrations and Connectors.
  • Worked extensively inWorkdayHCM, Report Writing, Core HR, Benefits, Absence Management, Compensation, Performance Management, Recruiting, Talent Management, Time Tracking.
  • Strong experience using technologies involvingWorkday applications, reporting and analytics.
  • Hands on experience in configuringWorkdayIntegrations using EIB's, Core /Cloud Connectors, Document Transformation process, building Custom Reports, Calculated Fields and otherworkdaydelivered web services.
  • Good knowledge on Workday Studio for writing complex Reports.
  • Designed and built all types of integrations using Document Transformation, EIB, PICOF, Cloud Connectors and Custom Report Writer.
  • Extensive experience onWorkdayFinancial integrations and reporting.
  • Good hands on experience with MVEL, for writing scripts.
  • Experience in XML, XSLT, and Web Services technologies.
  • Excellent experience in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using SOAP, WSDL and Web Services.
  • Experience with XML, XPATH and XSLT, and Expert in designing/development of Interfaces with legacy and third party systems.
  • Creates client specific process requirement documents (PRD) and standard operations procedures (SOP).
  • Excellent interpersonal, presentation and communication skills with the ability to work in a team and a stand - alone environment.


Operating Systems: Windows Server 2000, 2003, XP, 7, 10, Vista, Linux.

Databases & Tools: Oracle MS SQL Server 2000 and MS Access.

ERP System: Workday, PeopleSoft.

IDE: Workday Studio, Oxygen, Altova, Eclipse.

Software/ Products: Workday, PeopleSoft ADP, Paychex.

Languages: XML, XSLT, MVEL Web Services SOAP& REST.

HCM Modules: Core HR, Benefits, Compensation, Time Tracking, Absence Management, Core Connectors, Calculated Fields, Change deduction, Report Writing, Integration, EIB Inbound/Outbound, Sup Orgs, Business Objects.


Confidential, Tampa, FL

Workday Integration Consultant


  • Design and build integrations and worked closely with testing and production teams to solve issue with integrations.
  • Created Simple, Advanced and Matrix reports as per the client requirements and shared with the security groups.
  • Performed arithmetic calculations in matrix report for counting, averaging, summing, ranging between maximum and minimum.
  • Created Reports against the Worker business object and worked on Headcount, Turnover and Compensation Reports.
  • Worked on Calculated Fields to create Report level and Global cal Fields.
  • Extended Workday business objects by creating custom fields and objects for tenant.
  • Good working knowledge on Inbound and Outbound EIB integration concepts and created various EIB integrations.
  • Developed EIB Outbound Integrations to share Custom Reports, as per vendor Specifications.
  • Worked on Workday delivered Configurable Integrations like vendor specific connectors.
  • Worked on Core connectors by using Generic templates.
  • Created advanced, medium, complex Inbound/Outbound integrations using workday studio, core/cloud connectors, using EIB’s, document transformation process.
  • Created complex integrations by using Workday Studio and deployed, debug that reports.
  • Worked on the business process for bonus plan, merit plan, salary plan and hourly plan.
  • Designed regression testing scenarios for the integrations during upgrades.
  • Worked on Benefits, Compensation, talent management, recruiting, Business reports etc.
  • Leveraged robust workday web service API framework to load data inputs into workday via EIB Inbound Integration development.
  • Involved in unit test on Integrations, UAT support and end user training.

Technical Environment: Workday 28/29/30, Workday studio, workday BIRT workday EIB, Workday BIRT, Core concepts, Document transformation, Calculated fields, Workday report writer, XML, XSLT.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Workday Consultant


  • Helped customer to supportWorkdayCore HCM, Benefits and Compensation.
  • Consulting with clients on a variety of data integrity issues to identify/resolve all issues that could impact project scope and/or timeframe.
  • Created Company Organizations to record business transactions and product financial statements.
  • Created the detailed test plan, test cases and test scenarios from the business requirements documents and meetings.
  • Created Cost Centre to track HCM transactions with financial impacts.
  • Executing functional, Regressing, Manual, Automated BPT's and SOX testing.
  • Supporting Existing Integration and building new integration based on the client requirements.
  • ConfiguredWorkdaycompensation packages including salary, bonus, allowance, commission, and merit plans for multiple countries including merit and bonus plan processing.
  • ConfiguringWorkdaysystem to meet each client's unique business requirements. Also developed test scripts for other outside systems that interface withWorkday.
  • Developed and executed test cases for Benefits modules.
  • Responsible for creating design documents for each integration.
  • Improved workflow and processes through system integration, streamlined reporting, and security.

Technical Environment: Workday27/28, WorkdayIntegrations, XML, XSLT,WorkdayReport Writing, custom reports, calculated fields, compensation, Talent Management, Recruiting, Benefits, Headcount, Implementation Tenant, Sandbox Tenant, Production Tenant.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Workday Consultant


  • Involved in Workday HCM for various HR modules such as Benefits, Compensation, Time tracking and Absence Management.
  • Developed Standard, Advanced, Matrix custom reports and thorough understanding ofWorkdaydata sources and business objects.
  • Participated in the design and optimization of all global HR processes. Ensured theWorkdayHCM system is configured and leveraged to support HR business processes.
  • Generated Compensation Grade profiles to divide the grades into functional tasks, geographic regions, and the required sub-categories for the business.
  • Creating various custom reports usingWorkdayreport writing tool for different data sources like all workers, Contingent, Active and Terminated workers and used Filters, Prompts in the reports
  • Day to day support forWorkdayHCM, Integrations and Reporting issues.
  • Creating positions in position management and setting up restrictions at position level. Hire into Head Count, Position and Job Management, Approval of Organization Assignments, consolidated approvals.
  • Managed job description and workflow of employee data for compensation module including job families, pay ranges, bonus scales, grading and supervisor setup.
  • Worked with Payroll Team for data tables and workflow of Time & Attendance module.
  • Created numerous custom reports, calculated fields and custom objects in various functional areas such as New Hires, Benefits, Compensation, Payroll and Recruiting for reports using appropriate data source and business objects to deliver desired report output for end users.
  • Created business and technical requirements documents for enhancements and configuration change.

Technical Environment: Workday 25/26, Workday BIRT, Workday EIB, Core Connectors, Cloud Connectors, Document Transformation, Calculated Fields, Workday Report Writer, XML, XSLT.


PeopleSoft Consultant


  • Analyzed the system, and gathered all the requirements.
  • Involved in Design, Development, Testing, and Enhancement of PeopleSoft HRMS for HR, Payroll and Base Benefits modules.
  • Fixed current Payroll issues for Contract workers and Employee payroll.
  • Configured and customized the Rapid Entry Pay sheet to improve the current data entry Payroll data.
  • Worked on Online customizations on component/page/record level for FSCM and ESA modules.
  • Created and modified Components, File Layouts, Pages, Records, Fields, Process Definitions and registering Components in Portal, Menu and Permission Lists.
  • Worked on interface programs for migrating data from other systems to People Soft.
  • Defined customizations, upgrade direction, project timeline/resources/cost, and business process improvements to eliminate customizations and understand the new functionality of version 9.1.

Technical Environment: PeopleSoft HCM/ Financials, People Tools, People Code, Component Interface, Application Engine, SQR, SQL.

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