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Microstrategy Consultant Resume

New Haven, CT


  • Over 6+ years of extensive work experience in the field of Information Technology specifically implementing Data warehousing/BI/DSS applications.
  • Excellent experience working in all phases of Data warehouse project life cycle during the tenure which includes Scoping Study, Requirements Gathering, Architecting, Design, Development, Implementation, Quality Assurance, Application Support for end - to-end IT solution offerings.
  • Thorough understanding of Dimensional Modeling concepts like Star Schema and Snowflake Schema, Fact and Dimensional tables, Logical and Physical data modeling.
  • Extensively worked in developing BI applications using MicroStrategy Desktop, Web, Administrator, Narrowcast Server, and Intelligence Server.
  • Extensive experience in various Schema Objects like Attributes, Facts, Hierarchies.
  • Extensively created various Application Objects like Metrics, Filters, Prompts, Grids, Documents, Dashboards.
  • Strong knowledge of Admin tasks and hands on experience creating various Configuration Objects like Users, User Groups and Security Roles.
  • Implemented proactive delivery of reports using MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server and Distribution Services.
  • Utilized advanced MSTR capabilities like Freeform SQL reports, Data Mart reports.
  • Hands on Experience working on Visual Insights.
  • Experience in developing and deploying MicroStrategy mobile apps
  • Knowledge of MSTR SDK.
  • Strong experience working in Client facing applications, interacting with the clients and understanding business application, business data flow and data relations from them.
  • Extensive experience in dealing with a variety of Relational Databases like SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, DB2.
  • Proficient in database programming using SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Experience in Data Modeling.
  • Knowledge of ETL concepts and methodologies and tools.
  • Hands on experience in test planning and testing methodology for BI applications.
  • Capable of verifying Microstrategy reports by writing complex SQL statements with joins, aggregate functions, and filter & search criteria to verify the integrity and correctness of the report outputs.
  • Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills. Self-motivated team player with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels of the development process.


Business Intelligence/OLAP: MicroStrategy 9.4.1/9.3.0/9.2.1/9.0.2/8.1.2/8.1.1 (MicroStrategyDesktop, MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server)Database Teradata, SQL Server, ORACLE, DB2, Netezza, MS-Access

Tools: Microsoft-Office

ETL Tools: Informatica, SSIS, Data Stage, AB Initio

Modeling Tools: Visio, Erwin.

OS: Linux, Unix, Windows.


Confidential, New Haven, CT

MicroStrategy Consultant


  • Review the project documentation and specs to ensure supportability and long term viability of reports, metrics, and capacity within the MicroStrategy environment.
  • For small user requests interacted with the users directly to gather the requirements and to transform them in to reports.
  • Was part of multiple Complete Life Cycle Projects.
  • Extensively worked with the data architect and ETL team members during the design phase to finalize the model changes.
  • Responsible for creating the HLD and Detailed design and Unit test documents for the MSTR portion of the projects.
  • As an MSTR Architect extensively used Warehouse Catalog to bring in logical tables to create many Attributes, Facts, Hierarchies.
  • As a MSTR Developer created Filters, Prompts, Metrics, Templates, Grids, Documents and Dashboards.
  • Extensively created advanced MSTR objects like Dimensional Metrics, Conditional Metrics, filters using Pass Through Functions (ApplySimple, AppyComparison).
  • Created Data Mart and Free form SQL reports to meet complex user requirements.
  • Created MicroStrategy documents using various Widgets like Bubble Graph, Time Series Slider etc.
  • Created MSTR ios mobile Apps using the best practices and utilized various widgets like Time Series Slider, Heat Map etc.
  • Created User Groups, Security Roles and Security filters.
  • Used Object Manager to migrate objects between Dev and QA environments.
  • Used various admin tools like Enterprise Manager, Integrity Manager to identify performance issues and to test the application during the upgrade.
  • Created Intelligent Cubes to improve the performance of reports and Report Services documents.
  • Involved in Microstrategy Governance/Operational meetings to discuss stabilization, upgrade or any such standout issues for clean production environment.
  • Tweaked VLDB properties of MicroStrategy Environment in order optimize report performance.
  • Assisted Data Architects and ETL team in data analysis during fixing of issues.
  • Review/Signoff on the project design, test results and the performance of project reports.
  • Involved in the MSTR Upgrade Project.
  • During the upgrade tested various MSTR reports for accuracy and Performance.
  • Extensively used the Web Data Import and created Visual Insight Dashboards for a POC project.
  • Participated in the User Acceptance Test (UAT) with the Business Users, clarified the functionality, facilitated meetings to review issue logs & managing defects.
  • Worked with testing team to resolve issues during project roll outs.
  • Created the training document for the End users and participated in training meetings.

Environment: MicroStrategy 9.4.1/9.3.0/9.0.2 (Desktop, Web, Iserver, EM), Informatica Power Center, Oracle 11G, SQL Server, DB2

Confidential, Detroit, MI

MicroStrategy Analyst


  • Interacted with the Business Analyst and the End users to gather requirements.
  • Created the System Requirements Document (SRD) based on the BRD and reviewed with the team to base line the document.
  • Extensively created MicroStrategy objects like Facts, Attributes, Metrics, Filters, Prompts, Custom Groups, and Transformations.
  • Used MicroStrategy Desktop to implement advanced capabilities like Relationship filters, Pass-through functions, Consolidations and Drill Maps.
  • Used Apply Simple and Apply Comparison functions to develop complex Filters and Transformations.
  • Worked on Report Services Documents, Dynamic Dashboards for visualization.
  • Used several controls for dashboards like time series slider, radio buttons and dropdown menus for the flash version of the dashboards.
  • Created Ad-hoc reports with dynamic prompt answers for the end users.
  • Extensively used Narrowcast to deliver the reports and documents to the users.
  • Performed various administration tasks like creating users/user groups/ security filters and monitoring user sessions/jobs/migrations to different environments.
  • Ran License Manager audits to keep track of the available licenses.
  • Created and published intelligence cubes for improving the performance of reports.
  • Worked with the MicroStrategy technical support to troubleshoot some issues.
  • Came up with Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test cases to test MSTR reports.
  • Extensively wrote SQL queries against the DWH.
  • Participated in the UAT.
  • Facilitated End User training.

Environment: MicroStrategy 9.2.1/9.0.2 (Architect, Desktop, Report services, Narrowcast Server ), SQL Server 2008 R2, SSIS,Teradata

Confidential, Thousand Oaks, CA

MicroStrategy Consultant


  • Involved in the complete Life cycle of the Project.
  • Participated in the end user meetings to obtain the business requirements for creating reports and dashboards.
  • Extensively involved in the creation of schema objects using the Project Creation Wizard to create Facts and Attributes and using the respective editors to enhance them.
  • Worked closely with the developers to generate reports using Advanced Metric objects, Filters, and Prompts.
  • Delivered Advanced Reports in grid mode and graph mode using Microstrategy Desktop.
  • Participated in Microstrategy Administration activities like Creation of new users, roles, privileges, shared folders, access controls lists.
  • Extensively used Microstrategy Report Services to generate Report Documents.
  • Created ODBC connections and tested the data by pointing to the date by pointing the project to use the ODBC connection.
  • Involved in troubleshooting Microstrategy Web Reports, optimizing the SQL using the VLDB Properties.
  • Participated in review sign-off and communication of all changes or modifications to reports.
  • Involved in preparing the Unit Test cases and Test Plans for the Reports Developed.
  • Involved in training the end users with MicroStrategy Web reports.

Environment: MicroStrategy 9.0.2/8.1.1 (Administrator/Architect/Desktop/Web) Oracle 10G, Toad Data Stage.

Confidential, NYC, NY

MicroStrategy Consultant


  • Involved in Requirements gathering by interacting with the Business Users.
  • Involved in the creation of Metadata Repository and Statistical tables, Configuring Intelligence Server and Project on MicroStrategy Desktop using the Configuration Wizard.
  • Generated MicroStrategy Reports by creating Schema and Public Object like attributes, facts, Transformations, hierarchies, metrics, Prompts, filters, custom groups and Consolidations.
  • Used object Manager to move the objects from one environment to another environment.
  • Designed Prompts and Filters to generate reports in grid and graph mode.
  • Created Report Services Documents out of existing reports..
  • Designed various prototypes/Mockups based on user requirements.
  • Created Dynamic Dashboards showing Company's performance using various graphs and widgets.
  • Worked closely with backend team to create Views, Aggregations for developing optimized reports.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting Reports and dashboards performance issues.

Environment: Microstrategy8.1.1, Teradata, SQL2005.

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