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Sr. Tableau Consultant Resume



  • Around 8 years of experience in full cycle of BI, from design to building to supporting. Used a variety of BI technologies, including Tableau, OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition), Oracle BI Publisher.
  • Spent time in understanding several business areas wif Supply Chain Management being my strongest.
  • Experienced in coordinating activities between onsite and offshore (Global Delivery Model) towards meeting target dates.
  • 4+ years in developing highly interactive dashboards using Tableau Desktop and in performing all site administration activities on Tableau Server wif about 600 users. Tableau Subject Matter Expert (SME) wif strong experience in:
  • Writing Custom SQL queries on relational data sources, joining tables, data blending and managing data extracts.
  • Developing rich graphical and interactive dashboards which includes KPI donut charts, dual - axis charts, pattern analysis charts and bar-charts in tooltips.
  • Tableau advanced analysis features including Calculations, Forecasting, Reference Lines, Totals, What-If analysis (Parameters), Background Images, Trend Lines and Log Axes.
  • Utilizing Tableau Javascript API to create customized web portals and integrate in OBIEE.
  • Utilizing Tableau REST API to manage and change Tableau Server resources programmatically via HTTP.
  • Using tabcmd to publish workbooks in batches, exporting workbooks, refresh extracts and administering users & groups.
  • Using tabadmin to perform administrative tasks and change configuration settings.
  • 4+ years in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL installed on Linux environment for high availability, large-scale and business-critical applications. Gained expertise in:
  • Building business models using dimensional modeling design (star and snowflake schema), creating dimensional hierarchies, new logical columns, variables, aggregation rules, time series and configuring three layers of metadata repository (.rpd) using OBIEE administration tool.
  • Creating rich analytic reporting functions, interactive dashboards wif drill-down capabilities and schedule reports for delivery end users using various interfaces provided by OBIEE.
  • Setting up autantication and authorization of OBIEE using LDAP, external autantication and implementing Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Maintaining OBIEE on Linux servers and managing admin activities including starting and stopping of all services in Linux environment and code migration activities between different environments.
  • Customizing Oracle BI Presentation services and dashboards using web 2.0 technologies (Javascript, HTML and CSS).
  • Creating dimensions, facts and custom db scripts in Oracle 11g database and developing Shell Scripts (.sh) to schedule using ODI 11g.
  • Debugging, Optimizing and Performance Tuning of Oracle BI Dashboards/Reports by implementing Aggregate tables, cache management and materialized views.
  • Good experience in Data Warehousing concepts and Dimensional data modeling.
  • Hands-on experience in handling data from various source systems and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI 11g) ETL tool.
  • Good knowledge in Agile (Scrum) methodology.
  • Basic level understanding on Big Data technologies (Hadoop, Hive).
  • Experience in assisting project managers wif estimation, project plan creation and Proof of Concept (POC) evaluations.
  • Professional, Hardworking, Quick Learner, Self Motivated and good team player wif TEMPeffective written and verbal communication. Possess presentation and analytical skills.


Design & Development: Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and Documentation

Databases: Oracle 11g

Business Intelligence: Data Visualization, Data Warehousing, Data Analytics

Business Intelligence Tools: Tableau Desktop 9x/8x, Tableau Server 9x/8x, OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) 12x/11x, Oracle BI Publisher 12x/11x

ETL Tools: ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) 11g

DevOps: JIRA, GIT-Stash

Software Dev Process: Agile, Scrum, RAD

Development Tools: SQL Developer 4x, Toad for Oracle

Languages: SQL, XML, PL/SQL

Client Side Coding: HTML 5/4, CSS 3/2, Javascript

Debugging Tools: Browser Development Tools (Chrome, Firefox, IE), Fiddler

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Domain Knowledge: Supply Chain Management (Supply Chain Assurance, Fleet)


Sr. Tableau Consultant

Confidential, TX

Platform: Tableau 9x/8x (Dashboard Development, Javascript API, tabcmd, tabadmin, Site Administration, Report Development), OBIEE 11g, Oracle BI Publisher 11g, Oracle Database 11g, SQL Developer 4x, SQL, PL/SQL, ODI 11g, Linux, JIRA, GIT-STASH, R Studio


  • Work closely wif key business partners to understand and gather business requirements.
  • Analyze complex data, perform gap analysis, design and implement solution, and prepare technical design documents.
  • Handle site administration activities including review/monitor background tasks, monitor dashboard performance, schedule dashboards, monitor user subscriptions, security (user/group/role) administration on 2 Tableau servers (test and prod) and take care of code-migration activities.
  • Structure ambiguous business problems and recommend visualization solutions.
  • Ensure business needs are fulfilled by creating intelligent and interactive Tableau dashboards based on teh business requirements.
  • Leverage advanced Tableau functionality (calculations, functions, what-if analysis (parameters), forecasting, reference lines, totals, calculated fields, global and local filters, groups, sets and hierarchies) to create rich visual and compelling dashboards to deliver actionable insights.
  • Provide easy to understand interface for end users and identify key themes wifin their data by implementing advanced Tableau data visualization techniques such as KPI donut charts, dual-axis charts, pattern analysis charts and bar-charts in tooltips.
  • Develop rich visual executive level dashboards for upper managements.
  • Write Custom SQL's for Oracle 11g database connection which connect to a specific query rather than entire data source and to improve dashboard performance.
  • Created dimensions, facts and custom db scripts in Oracle 11g database and developed shell scripts (.sh) to schedule using ODI 11g.
  • Extract data from different sources, connect and use them in creating dashboards; create data blending to merge two different data sets.
  • Utilize Tableau Javascript API to integrate Tableau Visualizations into OBIEE 11g and custom web portals.
  • Utilize tabcmd for mass import of users into server and groups, generate pdf's from Tableau dashboards and email them to business users automatically.
  • Use tabadmin to perform administrative tasks and change configuration settings.
  • Configure JIRA and use GIT-Stash for teh project to enable DevOps and automated deployments of code movements.
  • Create proof of concept Tableau BI demo projects on different datasets and use them for training/helping different teams in setting up Tableau.

Sr. BI Consultant

Confidential, TX

Platform: Tableau Desktop 7x/8x, Tableau Server 7x/8x, OBIEE 11g, Oracle BI Publisher 11g, Oracle 11g, SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, SQL, PL/SQL, Linux, JIRA, GIT-STASH, R Studio


  • Design and Develop proof of concept (POC) visual dashboards using Tableau Desktop.
  • Used Data Blending, groups, combine fields, calculated fields and aggregated fields to create visual dashboards using Tableau Desktop.
  • Created extracts, published data sources to Tableau Server, refreshed extracts both on Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop.
  • Created actions in dashboards for interaction and to compare data against different views.
  • Migrated workbooks and dashboards from Tableau 7 to Tableau 8.
  • Published workbooks, dashboards on Tableau Server; created users and groups and assigned them to workbooks.
  • Scheduled frequency and time to refresh data in teh dashboards published on Tableau Server.
  • Maintained 6 different OBIEE installations on Linux environment and handled all OBIEE administration activities including starting and stopping of all services and code migration activities between different environments.
  • Worked closely wif Business Analysts to discuss and gather requirements.
  • Created dimensions, facts and custom db scripts in Oracle 11g database and developed shell scripts (.sh) to schedule using ODI 11g.
  • Developed metadata repository by importing objects into physical layer using connection pool, building star o snowflake schemas in business model layer and add presentation tables and columns in presentation layer based on business user requirements.
  • Provided end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions by dimensional modeling design, building business models, configuring metadata, Answers, Delivers/iBots, creating reports/Dashboards, monitoring cache, and implementing security.
  • Developed custom reports/Ad-hoc queries (Table, Pivot, Charts, View/Column selector, Narrative and Union reports) using Oracle BI Answers and assign them to application specific dashboards.
  • Debugged, optimized, and performance tuning of Oracle BI Dashboards/Reports by implementing aggregate tables, cache management and materialized views. Enhance performance of Reports/Dashboards by implementing Aggregate tables.
  • Developed business model wif dimensional hierarchies, new logical columns, filters, variables, aggregation rules, level-based measures and time series functions per requirement. Work on Expression builders and calculation wizards to generate certain calculations.
  • Implemented object level security for both repository objects and web catalog objects based on teh roles created in weblogic console.
  • Customized Oracle BI web user interface using web 2.0 technologies.
  • Configured LDAP server to Autanticate users and implemented both object level and data.
  • Used BI Scheduler to deliver reports to various destinations in multiple formats.

OBIEE/BI Publisher Consultant

Confidential, WA

Platform: OBIEE, Oracle Database 10g/9i, Linux Environment, SQL Developer


  • Played a Lead role in driving teh Reporting Requirements Gathering and suggested teh layouts and best practices in implementing teh Reports.
  • Implemented entire Analytics/Reports and was responsible for teh design, development, documentation and testing of teh reports.
  • Worked extensively in all teh layers of teh RPD to establish teh connection and relationship between a relational database (Oracle) and OBIEE 10g; designed repository wif complex Time Series Calculations for prior months/quarters/years.
  • Implemented complex reporting capabilities such as union reports and conditional formatting.
  • Enhance report performance by building Aggregate tables, Indexes and compare performance between business model-level calculations versus database level pre-computations and aggregations.
  • Developed BI Publisher end user reports which has formatting capabilities meeting teh end user needs and integrated prompts between teh BI Publisher and OBIEE using teh Presentation variables.
  • Used BI Publisher to deliver user documents via PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, HTML output formats to various destinations.
  • Responsible for Web catalog Design, development of all teh Analytics/Reports, Dashboards, Shared filters and Dashboard prompts.
  • Implemented Object Level Security at teh Web catalog level by creating groups and assigning permissions to them.
  • Prepared Test scripts for Unit Testing to verify teh results from teh Relational tables.
  • Migrated and downloaded code (RPD and Web catalog) from and between teh environments (DEV to test, Test to STG, STG to PROD).
  • Enhanced Query Performance, by analyzing & modifying SQL Query and Filters, for all teh reports and dashboard prompts, to minimize teh delay in Physical Query Execution.

OBIEE Consultant

Confidential, CA

Platform: OBIEE 10g, Oracle Database 10g/9i, Linux Environment, SQL*Plus.


  • Involved from initial phase to teh production release including requirement gathering, design, development, testing and release.
  • Created Presentation catalogs, and Folders in Presentation Layer, and performed Global Consistency Check in Oracle BI Admin Tool.
  • Gained experience in Cache management, Repository migration, Data level and Object level security in OBIEE Analytics.
  • Created connection pools, imported physical tables and defined joins in teh Physical layer of teh repository.
  • Created logical tables and built business model in teh Business Model layer of teh repository.
  • Implementing comprehensive Security functionality by importing users and groups from OID, setting up LDAP (OID) autantication and associating catalog objects and web modules wif teh created users and groups.
  • Configured BI Scheduler, Delivers and Cache Seeding by using iBots.
  • Involved in Unit Testing, Validating Reports and Production Support.
  • Working closely wif Users, Developers, Administrators and Testers to resolve ongoing Production Problems by reviewing design changes made to production systems and made corresponding changes to Repository.

OBIEE Developer

Confidential, CA

Platform: OBIEE, Oracle Database 10g/9i, Linux Environment, SQL*Plus.


  • Involved in all OBIEE projects from initial phase to teh production release like requirement gathering, design, development, testing and release.
  • Design OBIEE repository and preparation of technical design documents.
  • Created database views to prepare star or snow flake schema on physical layer of OBIEE repository.
  • Prepared UNIX Shell scripts to execute teh SQL code on database server.
  • Created physical layer by importing existing tables from oracle databases in repository.
  • Created BMM layer by creating hierarchies and complex business logic in repository.
  • Created presentation layer based on teh requirements of from business users.
  • Developed answers and analysis based on teh OBIEE repository (RPD).
  • Created Dashboard and analyses based on requirements.

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