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Systems & Data Architect Resume

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New York, NY


  • Combines degrees in Computer Engineering & Applied Mathematics with 15 years of progressive roles as Developer, Technical Lead, Systems/Data Architect, Business Analyst and Project Manager in leading Investment Banks.
  • Certified PMP and ITIL V3 Professional.
  • Extensive Experience in Systems Modeling/Architecture, Business Process Modeling and Enterprise Integration.
  • Certification as Data Warehouse Architect, Business Intelligence Professional and Business Analyst in progress.
  • Extensive theoretical and hands - on knowledge of most Data Management areas including Data Warehouse architecture, Dimensional & Relational Data Modeling, ETL Processes, Data Governance, Master Data, Meta Data and Data Dictionaries.
  • Successful record of accomplishment in leading global IT teams as Lead Architect and Business Analyst.
  • Thorough knowledge of financial institutions, products and regulations, with focus on Confidential, Derivates, Operational Risk, Credit Risk, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II, Cash Management, Treasury, Asset/Mortgage Backed Securities and Lending
  • Leadership and hands-on experience in Systems Migration, Capacity Planning, Disaster Recovery & Compliance.
  • 12 years of experience in applying Object and System Design Patterns and developing Architecture Reference Models.
  • Extensive experience in Business Intelligence, Straight through Processing, Reconciliation and Messaging Protocols
  • Familiar with most development methodologies (Water Fall, Scrum, XP, RUP, CMMI and Lean )
  • Familiar with quality management practices (Total Quality Management, Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Process Improvement)
  • Solid Business Analysis experience including Enterprise Analysis, Requirements Elicitations/Analysis & Solutions Assessment
  • Solid mathematical and quantitative skills with focus on Numerical Analysis, Statistics and Actuarial Science.


Project Management & Presentation: Microsoft Project, SharePoint, TWIKI, JIRA, Microsoft Office

Modeling & Analysis Tools: UML, SysML, BPMN, ERD, Visio, Erwin, CASE, Power Designer, Visual ParadigmRDBMS & Data Warehousing SQL, Sybase, Sybase IQ, Oracle, DB2 (UDB), Microsoft SQL Server & Informatica ETL

Business Intelligence/Reporting: Business Objects, Microsoft Reporting Suite, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Analysis Services

Frameworks/Middleware: J2EE, TIBCO Active Matrix, Weblogic, Spring Framework, EJB, Hibernate, Struts, EMS & JMS

Specialized Third Party Products: Misys Summit, TLM, Documentum, Staffware, Smart Stream TLM, GEAC,AUTOSYS

Languages/Scripting: JAVA, Perl, C/C++/, UNIX Shell Scripts, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XML/XSL


Confidential, New York, NY

Systems & Data Architect


  • Architect of the General Ledger Unification Project which will consolidate three General Ledgers Systems in One System.
  • Data Architect for the Global Back Office Data Warehouse which will host all Back / Middle Office Data from most Business Units including Finance, Treasury, Cash Management, Equities, Confidential, Derivatives and Lending. The system will mainly be used for Operational Risk, Credit Risk and Basel II reporting.
  • Systems and Data Architect for a J2EE application which is used to Credit Risk and Collateral Management.
  • Converted 120 night batches to grid computing using TIBCO DataSynapse Grid Server

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Systems Architect /Business Analyst


  • Business Analyst & Architect of the Derivatives Early Retirement System used to terminate Lehman Derivatives Positions.
  • As Business/Systems Analyst contributed towards the integration of 7 Lehman Systems into Barclay’s platforms and the sun setting of redundant systems in the Finance, Confidential, Cash Management, Reference Data and Reconciliations areas.
  • Coordinated the fulfillment of 500+ Forensic Data requests submitted by the Bankruptcy Administrators and Courts.

Systems/Data Architect,Finance



  • Reduced Manual Processing by 40% in the Finance and Confidential departments through Strategic & Tactical Solutions.
  • Led the design, implementation and configuration of the Global Treasury Workstation in America, Europe and Asia
  • Designed and led the implementation of a Framework to automate regression testing after major changes and upgrades.
  • Re-engineered the Cash Straight through Process to reduce latency from 30 minutes to 15 seconds.
  • Led the Integration of numerous Vendor Products including TIBCO, Informatica, Business Objects and Documentum.
  • Modeled and designed the Lehman Global Debt & Accounting Data Warehouse use for annual and quarterly reporting.
  • Architect and Analyst of 8 J2EE Business applications which were deployed on the Lehman Live Portal
  • Member of the Systems Architecture Review committee which reviewed and approved systems architectures and blueprints
  • Led the Sarbanes-Oxley Implementation and Compliance efforts in the Finance Department.
  • Member of the ITIL best practices committee which led several initiatives including Release & Change Management, Incident Management, Capacity Planning, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery,
  • Integrated the HJM Pricing Model into Treasury and Confidential systems to allow the pricing of Bermudan Swaptions.
  • Conceived, designed and led the development of a Real Time Reconciliation System: An in-house J2EE application, which allowed business users to reconcile real time data from two systems (or sources), generate exceptions reports and identify, investigate and resolve breaks online.

System Featured



  • A Dashboard to track, run and revise reconciliations
  • Open Items Investigation Engine.
  • Extendibility: Dynamic addition of new systems, data sources and queries via a J2EE interface.
  • Drill down to Source Systems to analyze mismatches and outstanding breaks.
  • One to One, One to many and many too many matching.
  • Weighted Matching Algorithms
  • Creating and assigning Matching Algorithms using a GUI.
  • Technical Lead for the design and development of the Lehman Structured Notes Auto-Mirroring System. This system was implemented using TIBCO RV and JMS, which enabled the auto-mirroring of structured notes (equity linked swaps) which were booked in Lehman Euclid Equities Systems to Securities, Bonds and IR Swaps in Treasury Summit... The System was implemented using TIBCO Adaptive Database Server, TIBCO RV, and TIBCO Business Works. Business Rules were implemented using C++, JAVA, Perl and Sybase Stored Procedures.
  • .Designed, Modeled and implemented numerous Sybase Databases
  • Managed the conversion and migration of three Visual Basic/C++ systems to J2EE platform, 10 months ahead of schedule.

Technical Lead/Senior Developer



  • Control and Manage the Firm’s intraday liquidity with banks
  • Ensure all cash flows are facilitated within the Firm’s credit availability
  • Enforce controls by integrating regulatory, accounting and legal policies with the Firm’s cash disbursement procedures.
  • Forecast, Monitor and evaluate the efficiency and accuracy of funding projections.
  • Provide funding projections for secured Confidential funding requirements
  • Project short term cash needs across all entities and bank accounts
  • Provide margin forecasting Ensure funding availability for secured and unsecured financing requirements throughout business units in the Firm
  • Facilitate the Confidential funding process via Triparty and Held in Custody secured financing transactions
  • Monitor the flows through real-world bank accounts and optimize end of day balance positions
  • Monitor and Benchmark Cash Management performance to internal targets and industry benchmarks
  • Designed and Developed numerous applications in the Confidential, Treasury, Cash Management and Confidential areas including:
  • Global Debt Database: This system was the global data repository and analytical tool for Long Term Debt and Hedges. Products included Bonds, IRE/ FX Swaps, Money Markets, Caps/Floors and Swaptions. The system was used for Balance Sheet/Income Statement reporting, Marking to Market, Cash Margin Calls and Hedge Effectiveness Measurements.
  • Pre-settlement System: This application is responsible for the generation and processing of Treasury cash flows based on trades booked in Treasury Summit. It allowed manual release, netting, bulking and splitting of payments. It is capable of processing 600 messages/minutes .The system is built using Summit APIs, SDL, J2EE and TIBCO Suite.
  • Cash Positioning: This J2EE application was used by the Lehman Cash Management Team for Cash Positions generation, Liquidity Reporting, Forecasts and Projections of funding requirements and availably.
  • Cash at Banks: This Lehman Live J2EE application was used for Banks Account Balances Reconciliation, Interest Burn Calculations, Liquidity Reporting, Funding Projections, Forecasting and other Cash Management functions.
  • Day Light Overdraft: A J2EE application which was used to load intraday minute by minute account balances for Lehman Bank Accounts with JP Morgan Bank and CITI Bank and calculate / reconcile overdraft fees.
  • Bank Relations Database: This application provided a centralized and automated workflow environment for business users to request the opening or closing of Firm Bank Accounts and for the Bank Relations team to approve and process these requests. The system also maintained a centralized comprehensive database of Banks, Contacts and Account
  • Signatory Verification System: This Lehman Live J2EE application automated the workflow for the submission and approval of granting, revoking or amendment of signing powers on outgoing payments. The system also stored definitive specimen signatures to be sent to outside parties, and to be used to confirm signatures on checks and documents.
  • Creditor Relations Database: This application provided the Creditor Relations group with a central warehouse of specific creditor and contact information including Credit Lines, Collateral, Haircuts, Ratings, Strategy, Relations and Return Model.
  • Letters of Credit System: this .NET application was used to process and track Letters of Credit, generate associated invoices, fax confirmation letters to the beneficiaries, and counterparties .The system stores all relevant information about counterparties and beneficiaries e.g. Credit Lines, Ratings, Locations and Contacts in addition to Lehman Referential data.

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