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Sr. Salesforce Admin Resume

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Milpitas, CA


  • Over 7+ years of experience in IT including experiences in Salesforce.com Analyst/Administrator and developer across various industries and an expert in end user training.
  • Endured in SFDC administrative work like Approval and Tasks, Assignment Rules, Dashboards, Data Loader, Email Services, Escalation rules, Roles, Profile, Creating Users, Page Layouts, Reports, Validation Rules and Workflow Rules.
  • Functioned in conducting Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions with SMEs, End - users, QAs, Developers and other investors for customer interviews, project meetings, and walkthroughs.
  • Customized standard objects like Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Contacts and Users
  • Endured in designing and developing Apex Classes, controller classes, Apex triggers and batch Apex for various functional needs in the application.
  • Experience in configuration, implementation and support of Salesforce CRM and Salesforce SFA applications
  • Endured in creating Email-to-Case, Web-to-Case to generate new Cases; fostered junction objects, advanced fields like pick lists and formula fields.
  • Realized sharingandsecurityrules at object, field, and record level for distinctive users at different levels of organization.
  • Implemented SFDC best-practices comprising configuration, reporting, system management, user management, data management and integrating tools.
  • Skilled in generating Functional specification document (FSD),Business Requirement Document (BRD), Use Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Activity Diagrams using Microsoft Office Suite and MS Visio along with gap analysis and cost benefit analysis
  • Lead planning meetings, analysis development, test inspections, and other project meetings throughout project life cycle.
  • Executed securityandsharingrules for Field, Record Level and Object for distinctive users at different levels of organization.
  • Great Interpersonal and Communication Skills, focused, self-motivated, team oriented and quick learner.
  • Experience with Agile/Scrum environment.


SalesForce Tools: Force.com Explorer, Force.com Data Loader, Force.com Platform (Sandbox & Production)

SalesForce Technologies: SOQL, SOSL, Triggers, Data Loader, Workflows & Approvals, Page Layouts, Security & Sharing Rules, Reports & Dashboards

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8, MAC, UNIX, Linux

Documentation Tools: MS Office, XML, HTML, MS Visio Pro


Confidential, Milpitas, CA

Sr. SalesForce Admin


  • Skilled the roles of Salesforce.com Administrator in the organization.
  • Employed Data Loaderto read, extract, and load data from CSV files.
  • Achieved comprehensive analysis of business practices and guided on ways to boost up the processes.
  • Designed Profiles, Roles based on Organization role hierarchy and implemented Record-Level and Field-Level security and configured their sharing settings.
  • Skilled on Case Management, captured cases from the company’s website and customer emails.
  • Managed Auto response rules if customers approached beyond the business hours.
  • Toiled on Record Types, Validation Rules, Triggers and Page Layouts.
  • Designed workflow rules and specify related tasks, time triggered tasks, email alerts, filed updates to enable business logic.
  • Generated sync of contacts, email alerts, events and tasks amidst Salesforce to Outlook and Outlook to Salesforce strongly.
  • Organized Email Templates and Mail Merge Templates and was committed in doing the mail merge for various standard and custom objects.
  • Worked on various Salesforce.com standard objects like Case Management, Accounts, Contacts, Content, Reports and Workspaces.
  • Described organization hierarchy and built profiles, roles accordingly in Salesforce; managed on visibility and security settings around them as required by the business.
  • Implicated in mapping the fields amidst the current reporting system and Salesforce using data loader.
  • Achieved import and export operations to load customer data and other master data adopting data loader.
  • Interpret business requirements into SFDC system functionality. Identify, evaluate, test and deploy solutions that are cost-effective and meet business requirements.
  • Generated several Reports and Report folders to support managers to better utilize Salesforce as a sales tool and organized various Reports for different user profiles based on the needs of the organization.
  • Deliver continuing support in the areas of SFDC configuration, administration, reporting, data migration, solution design and project co-ordination.
  • Examined distinct business reports and governed the team on deployment and customization of those reports in Salesforce.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

SalesForce Admin


  • Assisted Email to case, Web to case, customized case page layouts and case assignment rules.
  • Admix with business users to revise and renew Software System Requirements, Business Process Requirements.
  • Constructed junction objects and enabled various progressive fields like Validation Rules, Field Dependencies, Custom Formula Fields, Work Flows, Pick list, Field Updates, Email Generation and Approval Processes for automated alerts.
  • Assisted on Record Types, Validation Rules, Triggers and Page Layouts.
  • Generate Email Templates and also have knowledge in bulk emailing users.
  • Delivered support for continuing salesforce.com maintenance and additional administration services including workflow, approvals and periodic data cleansing.
  • Examined the necessities with business team and transformed the requirements into full technical necessities.
  • Worked on developing standard/custom controllers, controller extensions and Visual Force pages.
  • Advanced the Apex Triggers to safeguard the correct data entries in to the system.
  • Enhanced, configured workflow rules, time triggered workflows, email templates resulting into actual web to lead communication with customers and partner portals.
  • Planned and implemented Custom validation rules, Approval Processes and Auto-Response Rules for automating business logic.
  • Created Tabs, Sharing Rules and Custom Objects as per the business needs.
  • Shaped Dashboards and Reports as per the business needs.
  • Specified user support and bug fixing actions.
  • Projected various Email templates.
  • Implemented the developments of Custom Objects, Workflows, Triggers, Reports and Fields into the test and prod boxes to Sync with them.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

SalesForce Administrator/Developer


  • Cooperated with diverse business user groups for assembling and scrutinizing necessities for Salesforce application and documented the Business and Software Necessities.
  • Functioned with the development team to design Custom Links, Search Layouts to organize fields, Page Layouts, Related Lists, and additional components on a record detail and edit pages.
  • Supported development team in Approval Process, Approval Page Layouts, Creating Templates and defined Approval Actions on them to computerize the processes.
  • Supported in sustaining security and impose sharing rules and access settings.
  • Shaped Custom Objects and outlined lookup and master-detail relationships on the objects and created junction objects.
  • Generated Custom fields, Dependent pick lists, Pick lists, and validation formulas to Custom Objects.
  • Implemented Object and field level security to hide critical information and generated profiles.
  • Shaped Public groups, Roles, Users and executed Sharing Rules, Role hierarchies and Record Level Permissions to deliver shared access among distinctive users.
  • Generated Customized Dashboards for Case team member and service representatives and to keep track of the cases assigned and to share insight through the company.
  • Functioned on many SFDC standard objects like Contacts, Accounts, Dashboards, Reports and Leads.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

SalesForce Administrator


  • Supervised, examined and specify stakeholder needs.
  • Examine and assembled data.
  • Managed sales cloud.
  • Personalized Tabs for various business user groups and business centers.
  • Designed workflows for email alerts, lead escalation, automated lead routing, and task creation.
  • Approved Chatter for the organization and to verbalize with users in the organization.
  • Designed and assembled custom applications using Visualforce.com and Force.com.
  • Managed different salesforce.com standard objects like Accounts, Campaigns, Cases, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Reports.
  • Implemented various Custom Reports and positioned them for various business user levels.
  • Advanced efficiencies through effective management of SFDC capacity, capabilities, and storage.
  • Committed in advancing design documents (both LLD and HLD).
  • Accomplished program plan within assessed time, endeavor and quality goals.
  • Designed Dashboards using customized Dashboard components.
  • Designed, Implemented and deployed the Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Components and Page Layouts to suit the needs of the application.


SalesForce Admin


  • Directed Joint Application Development (JAD) with SMEs, Business users and Stake holders to meet desires.
  • Authored and supported Functional Requirements Documents (BRD) and Business Requirements Documents (FRD).
  • Composed Business rules document and Implied Business Process.
  • Cooperated with the user group& SMEs to improve understanding of the Portfolio Management and Asset Management.
  • Advanced Activity diagram and Business Use Cases by Visio for unimproved understanding of the user community.
  • Controlled the Support Cases with the assistance of SalesForce.com support and commit with SalesForce.com premier Support.
  • Operated on different SalesForce.com Standard objects such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Reports and Opportunities.
  • Defined email alerts, related tasks and field updates to automate various manual processes and generated workflow rules.

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