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Sr. Hyperion Consultant Resume

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  • 8plus years of IT experiencein design, analysis, development and administration of various applications in Client/Server OLAPenvironment using Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Integration Services, Hyperion Reports, and Hyperion Business Rules .Strong experience as EssbaseCube Analysis & Design, Essbase database Administration and performed up gradations, Maintenance, Database backups, Performance tuning, Optimization, Dense/Sparse settings, partitioning, etc.
  • Strong implementation, enhancement, support experience on Hyperion Planning&Essbase applications to facilitate global financial planning and analysis.
  • Experience includes good working knowledge on Hyperion Planning and Essbase, Financial Reporting, and Oracle.
  • Business process improvement, financial management, Hyperion Implementation Support for Essbase, Planning and risk management,Hyperion reports, Hyperion smart view.
  • Worked as Hyperion Administrator, Essbase Developer, Hyperion Reports developer, Planning/ Workforce Planning Developer.
  • Expertise in administrative tasks of Essbase managing applications and databases, Essbase architecture, data and dimension loading, Calc Scripts, MaxL, Report Scripting and Performance tuning.
  • Experience in working with Aggregate Storage Outline (ASO) and Block Storage Outline (BSO).
  • Worked on several financial projects with different responsibilities include creating Essbase Cubes, Developing Hyperion Planning applications, Developing Reports, Training Users, and creating User Manuals.
  • Worked with different clients with various backgrounds includes Banking, Financial, Mortgage, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Government and Federal clients.
  • Extensive experience in building reports using Financial Reporting Tool, Hyperion Web Analysis and Interactive Dashboards with drill - down& drill-across.
  • Expert level knowledge and understanding of ESSCMD and MAXLscripts used for automation and partitioning.
  • Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting and application demo presentation of Hyperion 9 & 11 on Windows and Linux version to clients.
  • Experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that include duties like providing documentation on design, testing, and migration from development to production.
  • Highly organized with proven ability to prioritize, manage multiple tasks, and meet deadlines with deliverables.
  • Knowledge of processes 21 CFR Part11, Standard Operating Process (SOP), Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), and other related regulatory compliance guidelines.
  • Strong team management skills on highly complex projects and experience in managing cross-functional teams across various geographies.
  • Implementation of Day Zero concept that reduced the attrition rate by 4% (~300) and saved hiring cost by 4% (~16M).
  • Saved equipments’ acquisition costs by 5% (~$20M)
  • Introduced new state-of-the-art equipment in operational units that saved man hours by 20%.
  • Administered employee professional growth management - able to motivate and maximize productivity of employees.
  • Secured an instructor grading in Satellite and Aerial Imagery course and was recommended to be posted as an Instructor in one of the reputed Intelligence training schools of Indian army.


OLAP Expansion Tools: Hyperion Essbase System 11.X/9.X/7.X//6.X, Hyperion Planning 9.X/4.X, Essbase Integration Services, and Essbase Administration Services.

Reporting Tools: Hyperion Web Analysis 9.3.1, Brio 6.x, Interactive Reporting, Smart View, Hyperion SQR, Financial Reporting, Hyperion spreadsheet Add In, BI Publisher, Discoverer reports

Databases: ProgrammingSQL, PL/SQL, Oracle EBS11i, R12, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11i, Teradata, SQL Server, Web logic, Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, Unix Shell Scripting, Java Script


Confidential, MI

Sr. Hyperion Consultant


  • Successfully installed Hyperion Fusion Middleware Windows environment and successfully configured with Web Logic.
  • Created detail Installation Guide for Hyperion 11 version with Screenshots and detail steps to finish successful installation and configuration
  • Migrating Essbase server applications into different Essbase versions from one box to another box.
  • Developed calc scripts for performing calculations, batch scripts for automating Essbase applications and load rules for loading flat files such as *.csv, *.xls, *.txt.
  • Created block storage database outline to store the Outlines with duplicate member names, worked with substitution variables in filters, rule files and MaxL scripts.
  • Installed and configuredHyperionAnalyzer/HyperionReports and created user accounts in it.Migrated reports into latest version.
  • Prepared quarterly forecasts, annual budget, ad-hoc reporting and management reports inHyperionAnalyzer/HyperionReports by working with the business managers
  • Responsible for designing and implementing the security of Hyperion Planning Application.
  • Was responsible for the Design and Development of planning applications, ASO reporting cubes, financial reports and dashboards using Hyperion Interactive Reporting.
  • As Hyperion Planning Techno-Functional resource gathered requirements and documented all the requirements in Functional Design Documents and Technical Design documents.
  • Was involved with the architect team for designing and implementing solutions using Hyperion Planning .
  • Very good knowledge of Budgeting, Forecasting, Financial planning, Balance Sheet, Income Statement,P&L Statements, Cash Flow Statement and Human Resource management.
  • Created Planning Applications to manage all their Budget, Forecast and Financial planning using Classic planning application.
  • Created custom dimensions along with default dimensions in Hyperion Planning and Workforce Planning as per the requirement.
  • Used all 5 databases in planning application each for Revenue, PnL, Balance sheet, Capital and Workforce data.
  • Used Xref’s and Business rules for the data movement between the cubes.
  • Wrote Business rules for calculating Revenue, expenses, Balance sheet and taxes for both Budget and Projections.
  • Developed Webforms for both Budget and Projections for users to enter data in the input members in the outline.
  • Developed composite webforms and used smart lists, Task lists and Menus as per the user requirements.
  • Designed and developed various types of reports (Pivot, Tabular, and Chart reports) to be used by different user groups using Hyperion Interactive reporting.
  • Created Data model for the End users and scheduled the IR reports from the Workspace.
  • Used various conditional, date, data, numeric functions to add computed columns in query, result, pivot and report sections.
  • Migrated Planning Applications, Interactive reports and Web Analysis reports from one environment to another environment.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase11.1.2.1, Hyperion Workspace system, Essbase Shared Service11.1.2.1, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Reports, SQL, Microsoft Access, Windows Scheduled tasks, MAXL, ESSCMD, Excel Add-In, Essbase Utilities, Windows NT/2003,Unix / AIX Shell scripts.

Confidential, NY

Hyperion Consultant


  • Designed architecture for Hyperion based on 3 Tier Architecture and 2 Tier Architectures and successfully installed and configured with Application Server and Databases.
  • Actively involved in gathering Reporting requirements and Created Functional Documents for Reporting requirements.
  • Involved in design and development of cubes for budgeting and planning and the other for customer analysis.
  • Developed batch scripts for automating the dynamic dim builds and data loads.
  • Experience editing Workforce Planning default Data forms, Business rules, Menus, and Smart lists and configured according to the clients requirements.
  • Wrote Business rules to set high level targets for Revenue and Operating Expenses by departments.
  • Wrote Calc scripts&Member formulas in Balance Sheet & Income Statement to satisfy various member consolidations.
  • Created new Menus, Smart lists for Salary raise, Bonus raise and Employee transfer between the departments.
  • Created Task lists effectively for Data Forms and assigned to the Users on Cost Center basis and make everyone report to the Manager
  • Managed security within Hyperion Planning application by assigning access to various Dimension and Members as per their departmental security access.
  • Designed, developed and implemented the Expense planning and reporting system for the financial department.
  • Optimized dense and sparse database settings for improving retrieval times.
  • Involved in performance tuning, backup and recovery of cubes.
  • Involved in system upgrades and client installations based on users requirements.
  • Responsible for granting users access based on their specific needs and assigned them to specific groups.
  • Developed Reports using Hyperion Interactive Reporting Tool, Web Analysis Tool and migrated from Dev-QA-Prod.
  • Developed Interactive Dashboards and Web Dashboards according to the user requirements.
  • Maintained the Security of the Interactive reports and Web Analysis reports.
  • Involved in creating new reports, modifying existing according to the User requirement, Problem solving and Query Tuning on Errors while report generation.
  • As Hyperion Admin managed reports security by creating different folders and assigning security to these folders in Hyperion Workspace.
  • Expertise in handling data access security in Essbase by creating and managing filters and in Hyperion Planning by Assigning access to specific dimensions and members.
  • Created Training Documents and Video Tutorials for end users on Hyperion Planning and Reporting tools.
  • Provided training to end users in creating their own Ad-hoc reporting.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 11.1.x, Hyperion Web Analysis 11.1.x, Interactive Reporting 11.1.x, Financial Reporting 11.1.x, Hyperion Shared Services 11.1.x, Hyperion Workspace 11.1.x, Smart view, Excel Add in, Oracle11g.

Confidential - Farmington Hills, MI

Hyperion Consultant


  • Created the installation and Configurationdocument for Hyperion Products.
  • Actively involved in gathering user requirements.
  • Developed Financial Reporting Cube related to the Cost of processing checks, ATM Machines, Customer Loans and Credit cards.
  • Involved in dimension building and data loading using OLAP Models and Meta outlines.
  • Automated Essbase operations through ESSCMD and MaxL scripts in shell script programming to run monthly balance sheets and ledgers.
  • Involved in performing DBA activities such as performance tuning the calculation scripts, along with taking periodical ESSBASE backups.
  • Involved in development and modification of existing financial and marketing reports which include corporate consolidation reports, and financial and planning reports for management.
  • Involved in data and security planning refreshes.
  • Designed and Developed reports and dashboards using Hyperion Interactive Reporting and Web Analysis.
  • Developed various conditional numeric functions to add computed columns in query, result, pivot and report sections in Interactive reporting.
  • Knowledge on Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payables (AP) and Human Resources (HR) modules.
  • Worked in the end to end process of creating the Physical, Business and Presentation Layers.
  • Modified existing Physical layer to add more tables and Business Layer to add more Dimensions in the Oracle BI Admin Tool.
  • CreatedCalculated Measures and set appropriate Aggregation properties for the Dimension members.
  • Created appropriate security privileges on subject areas and dashboards according to business requirements.
  • Created & formatted Spreadsheet reports, Charts, Pin board displays using Hyperion Web Analysis Reports and published on workspace.
  • Involved in creating new reports, modifying existing according to the User requirement, Problem solving and Query Tuning on Errors while report generation.
  • Schedule jobs for existing reports and sending email notification, and also exported to html, Excel and PDF.
  • Trained Users on Hyperion Essbase, Web Analysis, and Excel Add-in and prepared the users documents.
  • Involved in full life cycle implementation of the project
  • Used Migration utility to migrate applications
  • Involved in developing the applications like Expense, Premium Loss, BudgetCostRecovery,IncomeStatement and Balance Sheet
  • Designed and developed the outlines for the applications based on the functional requirementdocuments. Utilized dynamic dimension build using Load Rulesto build dimensions dynamically
  • Extensively involved in clubbing dimensions to avoid excess Dimensions in KeyDesign Issues
  • Created Attributedimensions to avoid excess members and reduce the cost to the company
  • Developed Loadfor loading the data into the cubes
  • Created ReportScripts and CalculationScripts to rollup the data and update the data in thecubes
  • Creating and maintain security groups, Filters and assigned access to users in Hyperion System9 BI+
  • Developed simple to complex formulas in the outline for each application for the aggregation ofthe data
  • Involved in making modifications to the existing applications like changing the calculationscript, adding attributedimensions to suite according the user needs
  • Developed MaxL scripts write back process to automate the whole HyperionEssbase tasks
  • Responsible for migrate reports into latest version
  • Developed the Corporate financial reports using FinancialReportingStudio, ExcelAdd-In,SmartView

Environment:Hyperion System 9, Interactive Reporting, Financial Reporting, Web Analyzer, Workspace, Shared Services, Hyperion Essbase 7.2, Brio, PL/SQLEssbase Integration Services (EIS), Hyperion Planning 4.1.2/9.x, SQL Server, Oracle 10g, Hyperion Performance Suite, Spreadsheet Add-in, SQL.

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