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Executive Strategy Consultant Resume

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  • Enterprise and Technical Architecture technical lead and strategy consultant, public and private sector technology arenas.
  • Highly technical with a background in Confidential and Confidential code audit, distributed database and big data management, Confidential IT systems and EA, and global DARPA/IP backbone networking and infrastructure interactions.
  • Design contributions to original DARPA global internet development, and to innovation in robotics, artificial intelligence, Google technology development, IT security and intelligence innovation.
  • Technology and technical architecture consulting.
  • Strong familiarity with Confidential CIO EA and OA frameworks and distributed systems mapping.
  • Working knowledge of Confidential and federal human resources, financial analysis, budgeting, weapons development, and intelligence database designs, functionality, migration plans, and capabilities.
  • Proven success record in design and IT innovation to support technology innovation and R&D in energy, hard science, biomed, robotics, silent communications, synthetic replication of human communications, artificial intelligence, and applied R&D to support military and civilian intelligence operations, air defense, financial security and data integrity.
  • CTO of the Year nomination.
  • Strong background in aerospace, defense, security and intelligence markets and capabilities. Senior bid and pricing strategies for foreign and US clients targeting Confidential markets. Clients and teaming partners.
  • Strong background in aerospace, defense, security and intelligence markets and capabilities. Senior bid and pricing strategies for foreign and US clients targeting Confidential markets.


Software & specialized skills: Sparrow, ACSI decision - modeling software, Oracle Discover and Real Time Decisions, Doors, IBM Business Analytics, Watson, Excel, Access, Office 2013, MS Project 2013, cloud, SQL, java, J2E, People Code, Visio, Crystal Reports, PeopleSoft 9.1, SharePoint, Deltek and GCS Analytics, NetSuite, Black Baud-Sage, Peachtree, JDE, Great Plains, Oracle Financials. PS 9.1, OPA, OPM, GRC, IBM Business Analytics, PS HCM, SQL, FileMaker, Autonomy, Paladin, Trapwire.


Executive Strategy Consultant



  • Enterprise technical architect and executive IT strategy and innovation consultant.
  • Implementation and enterprise architecture leadership and strategy consulting for mission critical Confidential, Homeland Security and local government programs and acquisitions, as well as for emergency operations centers; Glynco, GA Joint Law Enforcement Training Centre initiatives; and other public safety and intelligence venues.
  • Intelligence, CBP and Homeland technology innovation design and R&D leadership.
  • Design and patent or technology innovation development: for government clients and venues including personnel security, fleet safety and officer / intruder monitoring, enhanced vehicle or flight capabilities (intelligence and security), environmental monitoring (e.g. assimilation and analysis ambient noise collection for real - time event prediction working with entities like London Met Police), and R&D advancements in hard science and predictive neural net modeling of world event changes to support US Air Force acquisition solicitation and unsolicited funding in intelligence predictive modeling
  • Total Situational Awareness R&D and design: strategy and innovation design contributions in pervasive computing, military intelligence, TSA, Soldier of the Future and related hard science innovation.
  • Invitations to present to UK and other intelligence teams and audiences in artificial and alternative intelligence and robotics.
  • Biomed innovation, R&D support and strategy: Work with Genentech, European clients and other leadership in global biomed, nanotechnology and other R&D supporting common good or intelligence.
  • PC or brain:weapon (cognitive ISR) communications and other military intelligence R&D; and European / US cognitive research with applied or military funding support.
  • Robotics and cognitive research for military, intelligence or humanitarian purposes: e.g. search and rescue operations, autism and other applied R&D for alternative communications, LRAD and other alternative transmission of thought or broadcast, interception and recording of thought or other broadcast for intelligence or ISR purposes, etc.
  • MURI and DARPA-funded R&D and design strategies.
  • Work with Drone miniaturization and coaching for existing drone development.
  • Technical architecture and technology innovation design and strategy support for corporate and government clients or research - including nuclear weapons laboratory and energy research, as well as cognitive neural science or drone research - either a) targeting a given real world problem (e.g. children who cannot speak, or the need for silent communications in a battle zone) - or b) to privatize new R&D in aerospace defense, alternative fuel development, and other US / foreign technologies.
  • Proven success in global technology and technical architecture leadership for Confidential projects and development and research, including energy and software development.
  • DHS and IT security analysis and multi-year planning. Technical assessment and multi-year IT strategic plan formulation, detailed design and review of SPAWAR and multi-branch Confidential Open Architecture platforms and frameworks.
  • Strategy and lead positions in large PeopleSoft implementations and acquisition planning, in typical environments of global, distributed open architecture data and system migration. Strong familiarity with Oracle middleware concepts strategies, performance and load requirements, and the end-to-end process of implementing or migrating to a global Oracle / PeopleSoft solution. (Comparable familiarity with Deltek implementations.)
  • Detailed technical scenario modeling, evaluation of logical and technical architectures for Fit-Gap analysis, performance and capability analysis, hardware and network specs definition, future RFP support, and cost-benefit analysis. IT architecture strategy planning. PeopleSoft 9.1, ORM, OPA, GRM, Oracle Financials, mainframe, SQL.
  • Detailed Technical and Enterprise Architecture & Strategy - SPAWAR, Confidential, DHS
  • IT Strategy for Confidential Oracle /PS migration (COBOL mainframe) impacting more than 350,000 active users in distributed global arenas, decommissioning, other needs. (2013)
  • Exec-level, IT strategy & technical assessment for multi-billion Confidential contractor, HR/Payroll/Financial modules. Detailed review of Oracle vs Deltek options (2013)
  • Leadership for team review and analysis of functional and business requirements - for a technical project, assessment, or acquisition program component - for translation to technical requirements and overall architecture relevance and design. Mapping of functional requirements (government acquisitions) back to overall business requirements, to ensure a good fit; back to overall Confidential CIO, Confidential, and Confidential EA requirements and vision; and assurance that functional requirements handed off to development or other technical teams are accurately reflected in logical and conceptual architecture diagrams and any subsequent requirements matrices (typically reflected in a Doors model) or SOW.
  • Data modeling and leadership to support successful IT development and architecture through use of repository-based, graphical modeling and analysis tools, such as IBM Doors, or in-house proprietary Confidential solutions.
  • Mapping of data flow, ICD (interface design), data usage and data object manipulation through existing Enterprise Architecture systems comprised in part of Oracle and PeopleSoft solutions.
  • Design and review of IT solutions to ensure:
  • Logical and technical fit with existing, non-Oracle activities or systems, such as mainframe/legacy systems;
  • Fit with Confidential - Confidential or other prevailing industry standards and protocol for Enterprise Architecture and best practices, such as the current Confidential vision calling for migration to a component-based, Open Architecture by 2017, and the current Confidential vision for database consolidation and migration; and
  • Cost-benefit analysis of technical options or scenarios, involving a mix of Oracle and legacy systems.
  • Detailed mapping of Oracle system database design, data, and code executables to mainframe / legacy data and code executables for Fit-Gap analysis and architecture design, utilizing Oracle middleware solutions, SQL and other software tools to visualize and represent data flow and optimize database migration and solution delivery. Design and development leadership for API and other communication protocol issue investigation, solution design, test and QA. Comparison of relational and non-relational db solutions for analysis and utilization of big data, worldwide.
  • Review of client and business needs, current and future, to refine data base design and architecture design to best accommodate user or UX-based data utilization. Confidential or corporate UX-based development and QA leadership, to identify the top priority user requirements or scenarios (user story / Agile) and map these usage scenarios to data model design and database development design.
  • Application of dimensional or UX-based design principles in EA review and SDLP. Exs: pay and personnel, financial, back-end processing, threat arenas, communications.
  • Application of OLTP and Relational data base, Big Data and Cloud best practices to ensure that key factors in technical operability are measured and mapped with consistency and to acceptable levels - e.g. scaleability, performance, redundancy, life expectancy.
  • Utilization of best practices - such as Agile, the current Confidential CIO methodology of choice for SDLP - in all phases of enterprise or technical architecture development, and in sub-phases such as data modeling and requirements.


Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Competitive pricing analysis, competitive market strategy development.
  • Multi-year budgeting and planning.
  • Executive goal setting and strategy.
  • Identification of commercial market prospects, and negotiation with global energy providers to transfer patented government technology.
  • Successful identification of market partner, global energy firm, to partner on technology
  • Contracts, year-end financial reporting, multi-year budgeting and financial forecasting
  • Supply chain research related to storage facilities, raw materials, pricing and demand

Senior Program / PRODUCT Mgr

Confidential, NJ


  • Senior product and program management for new and existing software development and technology innovation.
  • European, Mideast and North American R&D. Program management, product development and technology design for new research and roll-outs in telecommunications, ISR, defense, data management, robotics, data base design, IT security.
  • Capture and business development activities in emerging technologies, new markets
  • Contracts negotiations, performance - supply chain - vendor management and audit
  • CTO of the Year nomination for technology innovation and design
  • Global supply chain and financial analysis and strategies to improve total product ROI
  • Every program managed brought in under-budget, ahead of schedule, or other value add

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