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Tableau Developer / Bi Data Analyst Resume

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Dallas, TX


  • Over 8+ years of IT experience in SQL, SQL Server, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, BI data analyst and Datawarehousing.
  • Experience in implementing Tableau Online, a SaaS application wif the same architecture as Tableau Server dat enables cloud implementation of analytics.
  • Expertise in Tableau BI reporting tools Tableau Dashboards Developments & Server Administration.
  • Created dashboards and Scorecards like analytical and operational reports.
  • Very good experience in designing, building, publishing data analysis reports/dashboards for large Volumes of data.
  • Experience in Installation, Configuration and administration of Tableau Server in a multi - server and multi-tier environment.
  • Extensive experience in various DB/DW/BI technologies including Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, and Informatica.
  • Creating dashboards in line wif the analytical uniformity using the Advanced Analysis of Tableau Desktop, and organizing Dashboard views and objects.
  • Provide database coding to support business applications using T-SQL.
  • Perform quality assurance and testing of SQL server environment.
  • Extensive experience in troubleshooting and optimizing performance of SQL using fiddler, profiler and execution plans.
  • Experience training end users through online and in-class sessions.
  • Extensive experience interacting wif Department Managers and different levels of users and developers.
  • Expertise in Production Support related activities.
  • Worked on building queries to retrieve data into Tableau from SQL Server 2008 and Oracle SQL Developer, and developed T-SQL statements for loading data into target database.
  • Improved Reports performance in tableau using extracts and context filters.
  • Established Best Practices for Enterprise Tableau Environment and application intake and development processes.
  • Implemented Tableau/Oracle BI security Confidential the Data (Data security) and object (Roles and Permissions) security.
  • Experience wif Dashboard & Scorecard Reports for Corporate Financial Forecasting as per user requirements using XSL, HTML, and DHTML.
  • Expertise in writing SQL Queries, Dynamic-queries, and complex joins for generating Complex Stored Procedures, User-defined Functions, Views, Cursors and Triggers.
  • Developed best practices guide for Tableau implementation using Tableau and Tableau server online.
  • Involved in creating Dashboards using Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, QlikView and Hyperion IR.
  • Created incremental refreshes for data sources on Tableau server.
  • Having strong analytical, logical, Communication and problem solving skills. Ability to adapt to new technologies by self-learning.


Business Intelligence: Tableau Desktop 9.x/8.x/7.x, Tableau Server, SAP BO 3.1, Qlikview, DataStage, Informatica 9.x.

Databases: SQL Server 2012, Oracle 11g/12c, MySQL, Hadoop, Hive, Teradata

Operating System: Windows, Unix, Macintosh.

Languages: C, Java, PHP, PL/SQL Java Script, XML.

Data modeling: Power Designer, ERwin, ER Studio, MS Visio

Process tools: JIRA, HP Quality Centre, Synergy, VSS, SharePoint and Incident/Change Management

Testing Tools: Quality Center, QTP, Test Tracker, Selenium.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Tableau Developer / BI data analyst


  • Involved in Exploring, Designing, Building, Testing and Deployment of the high level Dashboards for Board of Directors, Marketing Decision makers, Finance for critical metrics.
  • Involved in understanding the reporting requirements and providing Tableau reporting solutions.
  • Develop, maintain and document highly visualized comprehensive dashboards using Tableau Desktop and publish it to Tableau Server to meet business specific challenges.
  • Developed new reports and enhancing existing reports in Business Objects Web Intelligence environment.
  • Presented to higher management the discovered trends and analysis, forecast data, recommendations and risks identified.
  • Coordinated and conducted business, system requirements analysis meetings wif business and technology partners, business analysts and DBA’s.
  • Analyzed the Business requirements and translated them into Application and operational requirements.
  • Performed PL/SQL validation queries by cross testing the resulting data from the reports.
  • Implemented Security Features of Business Objects like row level, object level and report level to make the data secure.
  • Configured AD during the Tableau Installation and imported Users and groups in Tableau Server and set their permissions as intended
  • Configured SMTP server for Tableau and ensured dat Users are getting the Alerts and subscriptions of different views dat users subscribed for.
  • Used Tableau's JavaScript API to integrate Tableau visualizations into web applications.
  • Extensively used Tabadm and Tabcmd utilities to perform several Server side tasks in migrating Tableau content and manage the Tableau server
  • Recommended and took lead on new ideas of implementation/developing of WebI reports involving responsibilities towards getting dashboard requirements, design, document, develop and test front end dashboards and reports.
  • Created Classes and Objects for management system based on the warehouse schema in Universe.
  • Created Reports using all the BO functions like Drill Down, Prompts, Dimensional and Measure variables to show accurate Results.• Prepared universe for Ad-hoc query functionality to educate users. Allowing them to run queries to create some reports using objects in the universe.
  • Analyze complex data from various data repositories and become familiar wif user base locations.
  • Blendeddata frommultiple databases into one report by selecting primary database for data.
  • Created Star Flake Schema and created new universe by using techniques like indexing, derived tables, setting up contexts and creating Lov's.
  • Revised the Group Structure in both Development and Production Environments.
  • Performed unit testing, system testing and user acceptances test (UAT) for universe, reports and security management.
  • Developed Webi, Webi Rich Client and Xcelsius Dashboards.
  • Design processes to minimize data quality risks and proactively identify potential data issues.
  • Involved in Tableau Licensing and Installation.
  • Worked on Tableau Metadata tables and Postgre SQL.
  • Provided support to different levels of Tableau developers.
  • Involved in Creating and Managing security rules for dashboards and views.

Environment: Windows XP, Linux, Windows 7, Tableau Desktop 9.x/8.x, Tableau Server, SQL Developer, MS-SQL 2008 R2, MS-Access, MS Excel and SQL, Java, JavaScript, SQL, VB.

Confidential, New York, NY

Tableau Developer/BI data analyst


  • Creation of metrics, attributes, filters, reports and dashboards created advanced chart types, visualizations and complex calculations to manipulate the data.
  • Transformed TABLEAU into a managed service offering for consumption across Corporate Treasury and Corporate Investments.
  • Build and maintain SQL scripts, indexes, and complex queries for data analysis and extraction.
  • Act as a Point of Contact/Administrator in Data Interoperability, Analytics and Business Intelligence and Production Support issue resolution.
  • Designed, developed and supported BI solutions, Involved in Debugging and monitoring, and troubleshooting issues.
  • Implemented advanced geographic mapping techniques and use custom images and geocoding to build spatial visualizations of non-geographic data.
  • Work directly wif management to ensure dat Web-site's financial transactions and database management applications operate Confidential peak efficiency.
  • Ensured projects were completed on time.
  • Played key role in enhancing client's Web reporting system, reducing time of delay financial tracking analysis by 30%.
  • Purchasing, Setting up, and configuring a Tableau Server and MS-SQL 2008 R2 server for Data warehouse purpose.
  • Scheduled data extracts on a daily basis.
  • Sophisticated stored procedures and triggers to provide complete technical solutions.
  • Worked wif all levels of development from analysis through implementation and support.
  • Participated in test planning and test script definition.
  • Resolved end user reporting problems through collaboration wif IT.

Environment: Tableau Desktop 8.x/7.x, Tableau Server, SQL Server 2012, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, T-SQL, MS Access, Windows 2007 server, MS Office 2010.


SQL Server Developer


  • Installation and administration of MS SQL Server 2000 and Windows 2000.
  • Coding complex SQL Stored procedures according to the specs joining the different tables and conditions.
  • Created Temp tables in the stored procedure for different application.
  • Wrote stored procedures and T-SQL code to accomplish various tasks.
  • Created SQL functions.
  • Created index to increase performance of stored procedures.
  • Created database tables, constraints and indexes.
  • Reverse engineer the database code, data and model to extract the business rules and understand the current functionality of the system.
  • Created SQL queries to do data analysis and provide ad-hoc reports.
  • Created business rules to test incoming data feeds from upstream systems.
  • Interviewed Business/Process owners to gather requirements to enhance the existing application.
  • Developed complex Stored procedures for Insurance Budgeting and these were consumed by frontend reporting for the Performance needs
  • Created Snow-flake/Star schemas for designing the ODS
  • Set up Indexes and constraints for various dimensions and measures to speed up the Query processing
  • Provide high level design in the form of process maps
  • Prepared Use Cases for each requirement along wif the supporting document (like input and output fields from the database, their data type, validations).
  • Involved in performing a data mapping, quality assessment converting multiple databases for all product types.
  • Partitioned tables, which had frequent inserts, deletes and updates to improve the overall performance.

Environment: SQL Server 2000, T-SQL, VB 6.0, MS Office, and Windows 2000.


SQL Developer


  • Programmed clients website and applications - worked collaboratively wif clients.
  • Provided insightful ideas for developing TEMPeffective and accurate codes - Evaluated latest technology on the market and made recommendations to clients to integrate new designs as available by new technology.
  • Collaborated wif end users and other related departments to ensure dat the website is meeting the client's expectations and business requirements.
  • Extracted and collected data to create needed reports.
  • Validated accuracy of data to ensure database integrity.
  • Created Pl/Sql logic for web-based applications for data entry & extraction.
  • Generated various SQL queries to be used in Reporting tools.
  • Created database tables, constraints, triggers, packages, procedures & functions.
  • Represented database team in various high-scale projects.
  • Developed installation scripts to migrate the developed components into further instances and eventually Production.
  • Performed tuning of SQL queries using Explain Plan and created indexes on tables to improve the efficiency of the queries.
  • Collaborated wif technical team members to integrate back-end and front-end elements.
  • Worked on oracle utility, scheduling tool and versioning tool.
  • Worked on Perl scripting.
  • Created PL/SQL procedures for certain Business Requirements
  • Designed SQL overrides in source Qualifier according to business requirements
  • Created sessions and workflows for designed mappings and created Sequential Workflow using
  • Monitoring the session logs to check the progress of data load.

Environment: Windows XP, SQL Developer, MS-SQL 2008 R2, MS Access, MS Excel, SQL-PLU and ava.

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