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Sr. Hyperion Lead Consultant / Admin Resume

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San Diego, CA


  • 9 years of rich experience in IT including 7+ years’ experience in design, analysis, development and implementation of various applications environment using Hyperion Essbase, Essbase Administration Services, Hyperion Financial Reporting, Interactive Reporting (BRIO), Web Analysis, Smart View for Office, ESSCMD, MaxL, MDX, Essbase Excel Add - in, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) on Windows and Unix environment and 3+ years of experience in Installation/maintain/Administration of Hyperion product suite.
  • Knowledge of Hyperion System 11 (Oracle EPMA System 11). Which is know as Fusion version
  • Extensive experience on the installation, document installation and configuration of Hyperion products Suite on both Windows and UNIX environments.
  • Extensive knowledge of upgrade from 9.x to 11.x versions of Hyperion Suite.
  • Extensive Knowledge with deployment using Web logic, Tomcat, IIS and Oracle application server.
  • Experience with SSO Responsible for looking into the performance issues, Disc space
  • Responsible for applying the needed Patches.
  • Knowledge of Change management for the System/Infrastructure Changes.
  • Extensive experience in designing and developing OLAP cubes from a conceptual level.
  • Extensive experience in Calc scripts, MaxL, ESSCMD, Hyperion business rules, Dimension build rules, Partitioning, Data load rules and report scripts.
  • Implemented Workforce and Capex planning and customized the plan types according to client’s requirement.
  • Experienced in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with comprehensive knowledge of business and requirements analysis, Business Process Modeling, Project planning and creation of user cases.
  • Hands on experience in Oracle Enterprise Management Architect (EPMA) technology.
  • Skilled in automation, optimization and performance tuning of Essbase application data/metadata processing, upgrading, testing and migrating of cubes in different environments.
  • Key strength in optimization and tuning of Essbase cubes across Block Storage (BSO) and Aggregate Storage (ASO) Essbase kernels.
  • Extensively involved in maintenance, automation, backups, Performance tuning and Optimization of cubes and calc scripts to facilitate effective business decision making.
  • Capable of managing organization’s data, assess and fulfill its reporting needs and develop powerful BI solutions that have true impact on the performance of a company.
  • Hands on experience with data integration from multiple data sources into Hyperion Planning and Essbase through Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Managing security, permissions, users and groups, controlling access to database cells through managing filters, filters: creating, copying and assigning filters.
  • Scheduling loading of data, and writing scripts to perform loads and calculations, Essbase Partition database models and Essbase Block Storage database models.
  • Database optimization and performance-tuning expertise with Essbase.
  • Creating innovative solutions to automate processes.
  • Monitoring and support Hyperion Essbase Business Intelligence applications and batch load processes to ensure the highest level of system availability.
  • Experienced in developing Data warehouse/Data Marts, Star Schema, Snowflake Schema and slowly changing Dimensions.
  • Applying quantitative methods to analyze synthesize and interpret information from multiple data sources.
  • Support user training, documentation, and rollout of new projects.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with ability to be a team player and team leader.


OLAP and BI Tools: Hyperion Planning 11.x/9.x, Hyperion Essbase 11.x/9.x/7.x, Essbase Administration Services (EAS), Analytic Integration Services (AIS /EIS), Workspace, Smart View for Office, MS Excel Add-In Essbase query designer, Integration Services, Performance Management, EPMA

Reporting Tools: Web Analysis, Smart View, Interactive Reporting (BRIO) and Hyperion Financial Reporting (FR)

MS Office Tools: MS Office Suite 2010/2007/2003/2000.

Languages: MaxL, MDX, ESSCMD, SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, Python, C, C++, Shell Script.

Modeling Tools: Star schema, Snowflake schema, Dimension and Fact tables, Logical and Physical Modeling

Databases: Oracle 11i/10g/9i/8i, MS SQL Server, MS Access.

Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000 /XP/Server 2003/Server 2008, UNIX.


Confidential, San Diego, CA

Sr. Hyperion Lead Consultant / Admin


  • Actively participated in (SDLC) of the Hyperion implementation project, was involved in requirement gathering, functional decision, designing application, UAT, create designing documents and providing ongoing-support to the end user.
  • Developed Essbase cubes for Sales, Production, Planning and Budgeting.
  • Developed outlines, Calc Scripts, Load Rules for loading dimensions and data into Essbase cube.
  • Developed Essbase outline formulas and Calc Scripts using advanced Calc Scripts functions.
  • Developed detailed Reports for every functional Unit, stocking, Price, Volume Trends and calculating Expense Variances over prior periods.
  • Retrieving data using Excel Add-In utility to analyze cube outline for data integrityusing MaxL Scripting and ESSCMD to create batch files for optimization.
  • Developed batch scripts using MaxL for the automation of various processes.
  • Optimized outlines to have faster data loads, calculation and retrievals
  • Administration and support of Hyperion Planning, Managing and setting up Hyperion Planning dimensions using EPMA.
  • Creating and customizing data forms, asymmetric and Composite data forms, creating business rules with runtime prompts, creating task lists, managing the review cycle for planning units and review budget data by using process management, creating substitution and user variables.
  • Created data entry forms to enter forms, update, analyze, print, and report on data.
  • Worked on reports rationalization and functional and technical documentation, unit testing and integration testing of reports.
  • Performed monthly backups of Hyperion data. Helped facilitate creation and loading of quarterly budget data.
  • Worked extensively on security and access settings for the reports and cubes in Workspace and Shared Services.
  • Managed off-shore team for development and support.
  • Managed access to Data Forms and Folders including assigning access and changing access using Hyperion Planning.
  • Extensively involved in importing and exporting Access Permissions.
  • Managed Security Filters using Planning Administration.
  • Created and provision users with necessary roles on applications using Hyperion Shared Services.
  • Was solely responsible for developing all the FR reports from scratch in Finance reporting team.
  • Designed many extremely complex reports using Hyperion Financial Reporting using multiple grids and multiple data sources.
  • Built various reports like Income statement, Balance Sheet, PPE and Analysis reports for the Minority Corps and Partnerships.
  • Designed reports to display YTD and YTD prior year for any input month/quarter chosen even though there is no YTD substitution variable member in the cube.
  • Migrated applications from test to pre-prod and prod environments.
  • Used multiple grids, subsets, freeform grids in Web Analysis Reports to enable inter grid calculations.
  • Identified FR bugs and worked with Oracle to fix the issues.
  • Analyzed Issues in and applied needed Patch sets.
  • Knowledge of Improving Performance Tuning for all the Hyperion Products.
  • Responsible for Migrations using LCM.
  • Setting up user directories (LDAP, MSAD)
  • Backup and Recovery of Hyperion applications.
  • Scheduling daily backups.
  • Developed Scripts for routine administration tasks like backup, purging app/server logs.
  • Backup and Recovery of Hyperion applications. Scheduling daily backups.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase11.1.2.2, EAS, EIS, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion financial Reporting, Hyperion workspace, Hyperion web analysis, MAXL, Smartview.

Confidential, Wayne, PA

Sr. Hyperion Consultant / Admin


  • Interacted with Business Users for gathering requirements and then transformed them into Dimensions, Attributes and Members for Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning implementations.
  • Performed metadata building using outline load utility for different dimension and various applications.
  • Developed Dynamic Web forms for various applications with POVs, menus, run time prompts and Pages.
  • Developed Rules files for data Metadata and Data loading in Essbase for BSO application.
  • Build various business rules for to perform various calculations for different application. Build admin rules and user rules.
  • Set up locations and import formats, including import scripts and formats for general ledger data as well as headcount data.
  • Rewrote import formats and scripts to handle fixed width file, instead of delimited.
  • Created maps to handle sign flips for some accounts
  • Worked on building rule files for data load and metadata loading for ASO applications.
  • Worked on migration of applications form one environment to other. Migrated application from development server to Pre-Production and Production server.
  • Worked on security in shared services. Build various security filters and granted access to the application and its dimensionality according to the requirement provided. For various users/groups.
  • Worked on MAXL scripting for automation. Used MAXL scripts in batch files for performing data and metadata
  • Provided Hyperion Essbase, Planning, EPMA, Workforce Planning, Workspace, Shared Services guidance and mentoring to junior and offshore developers.
  • Worked on Design Documentation for various applications. Explained from starting to end about the description of application. Its dimensionality, various data forms, menus associated and business rules. The Various financial reports associated with it.
  • Worked on providing User training documents. Build excel files describing the data forms, how they work and business rules association with them and what rule is doing.
  • Worked on Replicated partition which transferred data from 3 BSO cubes to a single ASO cube.
  • Worked on designing filters for the entire reporting cube giving user read access to Essbase.
  • Modified Essbase filter for planning applications giving users write back capabilities in smart view for their specific security allotment.
  • Worked on designing batch scripts for monthly process and scheduler for running the refreshing of partition script every 4 minutes.
  • Upgraded the system from version 9.3.1 to
  • Upgraded the system from to
  • Supporting the End users on Client install issues. Tracking the issues with Incident management tickets
  • Used LCM for Migrations/Backup.
  • Migrated all the backs ups from 9.3.1 to
  • Applied needed Patches.
  • Maintenance of user security and troubleshooting user access issues as they arise.
  • Backup and Recovery of Hyperion applications. Scheduling daily backups.
  • Developed Scripts for routine administration tasks like backup, purging app/server logs.
  • Defined and documented the steps to migrate applications in the Hyperion Planning and Essbase between Prod, QA, and Dev environments.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 9.3.1/9.3.3/, Hyperion Planning 9.3.1/9.3.3/,Hyperion Financial Reporting, Interactive Reporting, Essbase Administration Services (EAS), Shared Services Oracle Database 11g, Linux-RHEL5, MS Excel 2010.

Confidential, Maple Grove, MN

Sr. Hyperion Consultant / Admin


  • Involved in technical requirements gathering and identifying dimensions for the Regional agencies application.
  • Developed the outlines using Dynamic dimension build method.
  • Created Rule files for Data Loading in to cubes.
  • Checking Err File for Dimension build as well as data load, if there is any error records exists correcting and reloading those records and making sure required Outline Structure build and data load.
  • Developed Web forms using Hyperion Planning web client for the users to input Forecast, Budget, Actual accounting changes and other variance explanations data.
  • Written Essbase formulas, Calculation scripts, MDX formulas as per the requirements and created substitution variables for the ease of maintenance of application.
  • Written MaxL scripts to load databases, adding users, alter substitution variables and executed the scripts in both interactive modes.
  • Assigned data form entry, execution of business rule tasks to end users.
  • Set up users and groups according to the department and maintained security to users and groups from Hyperion shared services and assigned security to web forms.
  • Installed and configured Hyperion financial reporting studio, web analysis and Hyperion spread sheet add-in in the client systems.
  • Developed some key reports like direct cost P&L summary, Income statement, and Net Margin, Balance sheet and Headcount reports by using financial reporting studio.
  • Trained business analysts on retrieving data from Essbase cubes by using Excel spreadsheet add-in and smart view.
  • Knowledge of Improving Performance Tuning for all the Hyperion Products.
  • Supporting the End users on Client install issues. Tracking the issues with Incident management tickets.
  • Migrated from Dev to UAT using LCM.
  • Backup and Recovery of Hyperion applications. Scheduling daily backups.
  • Monitoring the current Production environment servers for performance and stability.
  • Defined and documented the steps to migrate applications in the Hyperion Planning and Essbase Prod, QA, and Dev environments.
  • Developed Scripts for routine administration tasks like backup, purging app/server logs.
  • Performance tuning and Optimization of the Applications for the fast data loads, better calculation times of the cubes and fast retrieval of the reports using the Dense/Sparse settings, Cache settings, Outline formulas.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning, Essbase Administration Services (EAS), Shared Services, Hyperion Financial reporting, Hyperion Interactive reporting, Oracle Database 10g.

Confidential, NYC, NY

Sr. Hyperion Essbase/Planning Developer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Worked on workforce planning and capital application.
  • Worked on workforce planning to handle and forecasting of data for financial expenses.
  • Was responsible for reporting using the ASO cubes.
  • Was able to build the outline using DIM adapter for Essbase.
  • Was responsible for handling the administration of BSO cubes.
  • Used Hyperion Planning 9.3.1 to create new web forms to reduce the work load of the user thereby focusing on a Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting.
  • Responsible for system life cycle documentation (SDLC) for the changes made to the system.
  • Was responsible for building financial reports using Hyperion Financial Report.
  • Created new complex calc- scripts for data calculations for reporting purposes and also re-scripted existing calc scripts for more effective calculations.
  • Responsible for Data Optimization and performance tuning for Essbase.
  • Was responsible for developing dimension build rules, data loading and also maintain calc scripts via Esscmd and Maxl scripts.
  • Was responsible for maintaining and administering security permissions for users and groups.
  • Was responsible for providing schemes for executing the targets/deadlines by gather requirements and conducting meetings with the business units.
  • Created Dashboards for reporting using the Web Analysis.
  • Was responsible for leading the team to maintain and development of Essbase cubes.
  • Created reports using Web Analysis for financial data.
  • Enhanced and developed budgeting, reporting templates and ad-hoc reporting using the smart view for office.
  • Was responsible for providing support for the project team for development until the production.
  • Documentation of all the issues which could occur for the users and their respective solutions for reference was been created.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 9.3.1, Hyperion Reports 9.3, Hyperion Analyzer, Hyperion Integration Services, SQL, Microsoft Access, Windows Scheduled tasks, MAXL, ESSCMD, Excel Add-In, Essbase Utilities, UNIX, Windows.


Hyperion Essbase Developer


  • Coordinated with business analysts / clients to understand and develop an optimized Essbase cube.
  • Gathered requirements and developed a project plan.
  • Prepared an optimized data source.
  • Developed aggregate storage cubes (ASO) using Essbase 7.1.
  • Developed a transparent partition with ASO / BSO cubes to leverage advantages of both technologies.
  • Developed rule files for loading data and for dimension build.
  • Implemented robust data-access security and user management.
  • Automating of cube refresh through MaxL Scripts.
  • Optimized data loads and calculation scripts and maintained existing Essbase cubes.
  • Optimized the applications to reduce runtime.
  • Retrieved reports using Excel Add-in and generated batch reports using Hyperion reports.
  • Maintained the OLAP application and took regular backups.
  • Provided technical guidance and support to end-users by developing appropriate documentation.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 7.1.5, Hyperion Reports 7.0, Hyperion SQR, Hyperion Planning, PL/SQL, SQL Server, Excel Add-in, Windows NT 4.0, Oracle 8i


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Administered and managed the Essbase Administration Services, Essbase server and Interactive Reporting.
  • Developed a multi-dimensional database (MDDB) application using Essbase that stored and maintained company's financial booked and billed data.
  • Migrated development application to production environment.
  • Financial Cubes were developed using EAS.
  • Performed the loading and manipulation of data into the database using Load Rules files.
  • Designed and developed complex reporting mechanism-using Hyperion Intelligence.
  • Created Dashboards in Hyperion Intelligence.
  • Created reports using Hyperion Reports.
  • Developed PL/SQL scripts for back end validation/ updates.
  • Created reports in excel, word using the Hyperion smart view.
  • Performed Unit testing as well as System testing in different phases of the Life Cycle.
  • Provided technical guidance and support to end-users about the tool and by developing documentations required.

Environnent: Hyperion Essbase 7.2, Hyperion Reports, Essbase Integration Services 7.2, Hyperion Intelligence Designer, Excel Addin, Windows NT, and Hyperion Performance Suite 8.3


Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • Developed PL/SQL programming that included writing of Stored Procedures, Packages, Functions and Database Triggers.
  • Created Temporary Tables to store the data from Legacy system.
  • Used SQL*Loader scripts to load the data into temporary tables and PL/SQL procedures to validate the data.
  • Creation of Materialized views and function based indexes
  • Setting up various notification scripts which will notify if the database is not up and running or if any directory space is filled up.
  • Used Oracle packages for automation, Oracle designer for data modeling.
  • Used Visual SourceSafe for version control and performing various builds.

Environnent:Oracle 7i, SQL*Loader, Toad, UNIX

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