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Computer Consultant 11 Resume

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  • A business technology professional, proficient in manipulation of large data sets, with a passion to utilize data mining for performance improvement, forecasting and the application of technology to business processes.
  • Adept at identifying patterns, interpreting mathematical concepts and data management protocols.
  • Proven ability to proffer creative and cost cutting solutions using analytical skills.
  • Currently looking for opportunities in business - technology and IT project consulting roles


  • Spreadsheet Modeling
  • Business intelligence• Business statistics
  • Enterprise networking
  • Database architecture
  • Project Management
  • Research and analysis
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Data science



Computer Consultant 11


  • Desktop and technical support of network infrastructure within the campus system.
  • Assisted professors at the college of business by providing programming and analytic support in processing research data and ensuring their algorithm capture all user data entries.
  • Managed computers, servers, VoIP and other network peripherals in the campus and performed routine network audit. Implemented a faster check - in vs repair procedure for faulty hardwares that brought improvement in turn-around time and saw 30% reduction in wait-time
  • Ensured Active Directory management: user access and admin rights, software and hardware procurement, WAN and LAN management within the College of Business.
  • Enforced adherence to security policies among staff members and research fellows using the HIPAA standard and developed the current ransom-ware attack escalation process and the procedure to log the different variants.
  • Recruited and trained technical support interns for school summer program and processed performance appraisals.


Technical Specialist


  • Performed firmware UAT test on network carrier for RIM and reported detailed technical logs and debug files before mobile OS update release to improve consumer acceptance rating.
  • Identified and re - evaluated network points of faults in the enterprise network, access controls and data integrity by automating alarm schedulers and providing SNMP interface with audio alerts
  • Created policies on data assurance and fail over plans to ensure security, service continuity and incident recovery, reducing error by modifications from various write-access users
  • Geocoded network availability interface for continuous monitoring of network uptime and regional performance, hence improving response network downtime turnovers by 5-8minutes.
  • Performed standard audit, line provisioning, subscription reconciliation and re-designed the automated refund process to provide alternatives to consumers during failed transactions. This reduced the total amount lost to refund on a monthly basis by $220,000 for the carrier
  • Implemented dashboard visualization for executive presentations, statistical analysis using tableau and presented impact of cellular data plan pricing on the revenue growth model
  • Routine assessment of the data warehouse design, Entity-relationship design and DFD to ensure appropriate data access within the different organizational groups and carried out data analysis to determine the most efficient plans for subscribers.
  • Worked with marketing and sales team for product management and revenue optimization models to redesign a new model that increased the subscription base from 188million users to 327million users, four months prior to the projected date.
  • Led a team of engineers to ensure the creation of partnerships with optical fiber backbone infrastructure networks to provide 2GB redundancy link between Telehouse, London and Glo-1, Lagos


Junior Engineer, Network team


  • Designed and integrated a network support channel for call center agents in order to improve resolution time on network complaints from WiMAX Consumer Premise Equipment connections.
  • Managed SQL server, radius AAA servers and squid servers on Linux platforms and automated processes using scripts and cronjobs.
  • Updated security softwares and developed knowledge base articles for new malware variants in the network.
  • Monitored security logs from IDS and Firewalls for potential threats and for future analysis to prevent persistent network attacks.
  • Managed subscriber database and other VAS vendor operations and services.
  • Design and development of innovative solutions based on customer requirements using Enterprise and desktop products as requested by consulting solution architects.
  • Big data analysis, Elastic map reduce, HDFS clustering processes and machine learning technologies.
  • Business modelling, analytics, data mining and warehousing.
  • Technical account management and ability to develop post - sales relationships, project management and QoS, lean productivity and optimization.
  • Application development using programming languages (HTML5 and CSS, Java) MS- Visio, database management (SQL), Excel and XML, SOAP and WSDL, Linux/UNIX, storage administration. Good knowledge of text manipulation tools (grep, awk, sed, VI) for query, extraction and presentation.
  • Configuration and management of billing and authentication servers for enterprise network
  • Terminal services configuration, virtual machines, virtualization and server management.
  • Data mining tools such as classification, clustering, Hadoop, Hive, Word cloud

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