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It Consultant Resume

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  • I am working as a contract employee for a major steel producer to help in an Oracle ERP implementation.
  • The project I am responsible for is to take the Extracted Order file from the Oracle ERP implementation, Translate using Software AG Natural/SQL Language and Load to the legacy IBM DB2 database.
  • This project was originally thought to need 2 USS employees as well as 4 contract employees.
  • I wrote all the interface modules (approx... 50) necessary to accomplish the Translate and Load tasks.
  • During this implementation it was necessary to wait nearly a year for the Oracle ERP team to produce the Extract file. All that was provided to me to be used in the code design phase was the purposed Interface Document.
  • As with most large implementations this proved to require a few iterations and required that I do as many redesigns of the Natural code for the project.
  • Also during this year there were 700+ legacy modules needing changes and I did 80+ percent of those changes.
  • Member of a dynamic, efficient, effective growth oriented team for a major discount tool retailer for 19 years.
  • The team developed, implemented and refined a growth plan to take the company from a niche tool retailer to dominate the discount tool business.
  • We grew the company from strictly a catalog retailer to include 330 retail locations and a successful internet business.
  • I supervised 50 employees with 5 direct report managers. I worked directly with all departments on IT and non IT related projects.



Proficient in: Software AG Natural, IBM COBOL and Assembler, Micro Focus COBOL

Familiar with: SQL, PLSQL, REXX, JAVA, C++, RPG IV

Software Database: IBM DB2 and UDB, Software AG ADABASE, Oracle, MSSQL

ERP Application: Oracle ebusiness Suite, Lawson Financials

Platforms: X86 - VMware, Redhat Linux, Microsoft Windows, RISC - IBM AIX, Mainframe - IBM VSE, ZOS, zVM

Systems: X86/VMware/Linux/Windows/Websphere/Citrix/SQL, IBM VSE/Power/CICS/ADABASE/Condor, IBM ZOS/JES2/CICS/DB2, IBM zVM/Linux/Websphere, IBM AIX/UDB/Oracle/Tivoli

Hardware: EMC Fiber SAN (13TB), NetApp Fiber NAS (15TB), IBM SATA NAS (10TB Tivoli and raw backup storage), Cisco Core switch/copper/fiber, Tipping Point IPS (DMZ and major remote segregation), Packateer WAN compression (internet and major remote locations), IBM Z800/Shark/3590 Tape/IP/Token Ring, Symbol 900MHZ and 2.4GHZ scanning (3 distribution centers, 330 retail locations)



It Consultant


  • I have actually done all the development, coding, testing and implementing of the interface.
  • My experience both technical and managerial has been recognized and use in other areas of the project to include the conversion of the many legacy programs, taking a lead role in supporting these legacy applications and assisting with non-ERP related applications.




  • Provided IT systems necessary to enable Confidential to grow from 10 retail locations and 1 distribution center to 330 retail locations and 3 distribution centers.
  • Provided environment and recommend budget necessary to hire and train IT staff to support IT enterprise wide WAN application systems.
  • Multiple call centers both domestic and international, multiple distribution centers, multiple corporate centers both domestic and international.
  • Microsoft Exchange email, RIM Blackberry email and phone - and Citrix remote application access.
  • Prioritize projects and provide resources to complete IT projects on time and within budget.
  • Worked and communicated directly with the President of Confidential .
  • Co-sponsored the selection and implementation of Lawson Financials. The monthly financial close process was reduced by 10 business days.
  • Co-sponsored the selection and implementation of Oracle eBusiness Suite. This system achieved faster purchase order creation and maintenance.
  • The Citrix environment allows 640 concurrent users and at times during the day. Citrix and VM provide a very stable and dynamic environment.
  • Created E-mail environment with unlimited number of users, messages and size. System includes Postini Spam/Virus filtering, McAfee Virus Scan, Symantec Enterprise Vault Archiving and Tivoli Exchange Backup.
  • Internet and intranet application environment deployed on VM/Linux host servers
  • Windows Application environment implemented on VM/Linux host servers
  • We designed an environment to be PCI Compliance.
  • Remote office connectivity is provided thru T1’s, Ds3’s, and 45mb connections.
  • Security is provided by DMZ separation, Tipping Point IPS and Nokia CheckPoint Firewall.
  • Provided data analysis to assist and validate expectations of the negotiated catalog freight contract.
  • There were 2 major enhancements to the Point Of Sale system.
  • First the POS system could not process all transactions (around 40 stores) in a 24 hr. period.
  • I immediately designed, wrote and implemented the summary of all POS data on the Mainframe.
  • Second, the POS system was moved from DOS based pc to Lynx Servers and Thin Clients.
  • This reduced the number of phone lines ($30.00 per month per line) required by each store by an average of 4 lines per store (saving $120 x 150 per month).

Programmer Analyst



  • Primary responsibilities include design and develop mainframe systems in Software AG Natural.
  • Wrote or responsible for over 3,000 Natural Programs.
  • Developed or supported 1,000 batch COBOL and Assembler applications.
  • Researched business needs designed and coded approved applications to meet the business needs.
  • Performed Y2K modifications on all application code and vendor platforms with no Y2K impact to Confidential .
  • This was accomplished without any interruption to any IT projects.
  • Cost estimates from outside vendors ranged $550k to $1m and estimated to take 6-12 months.

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