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Sr. Data Architect Resume

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Iselin, NJ


  • Over 18 years of experience in Oracle/Datawarehoue Architect /Data Architect /Data Modeler/ Enterprise Data Architect & RAC Oracle Database Administration with extensive data architecture, database development and administration experience in full SDLC, designing and building relational databases in OLTP, OLAP, decision support (DSS), data mining (DM), client/server, data warehouse and multi - tier web based projects.
  • Experience in Data Modeling, Design, Testing, Development & Production support
  • Worked as chief architect of data repositories (warehouses, ODS, datamarts) designer of schemas and of data flow within teh organization
  • Analyze and document these architectures and designs
  • Lead our data governance body, and drive work in defining data standards, designing asset and portfolio classification taxonomies, developing data management processes, ensuring meta-data is documented, etc.
  • Frame teh business case around complex architecture and design options
  • Manage vendor relationships to such 3rd party data management products and vendors as we utilize Systems analysis and design. Project planning and project management
  • Design and build using Erwin, Erwin& ER Studio & OWB Dynamic Information Warehouse technology
  • Design and build using Erwin, Erwin& ER Studio Master Data Manger technology
  • Skilled in logical and physical database design. Experienced in logical data modeling including business rules.
  • Worked on EDW/MDM Building Data marts
  • Excellent interpersonal and strong analytical, problem-solving and conceptual skills.


HARDWARE: Pentium, RS-6000, RAC, RAID, SAN

Operating SYSTEMS: Windows NT, Sun-Solaris, Sco-Unix, HP UNIX, VAX/VMS, AIX

Languages: PL/SQL, C, C++, Pro*C, UNIX Shell Programming, Perl

Databases: Oracle 7.x/8.x/9.x/10g, Oracle Applications 11i, Ms- Access, SQL-Server 2000, PeopleSoft

GUI: Developer 2000, VB

Tools & Utilities: RMAN, Quest.com, Oracle Enterprise Manager, RAC,Erwin, Sybase Power Designer

Domain Knowledge: Logistics, Banking, government, Insurance

Tools: Load Runner, SiteScope, BAC

Application Server: Oracle Application Server 10g.

Data warehouse Tools: Oracle Warehouse Builder, Informatica


Confidential, Iselin NJ

Sr. Data Architect


  • Identify and define teh standard for data elements to create an analytical OLTP & OLAP system.
  • Discussed with clients to identify their needs, define detail requirements and outline teh solution with a POC
  • Chaired data model reviews with Clients and gap analysis to ensure client audits gates are passed.
  • Documented Application Information Document to define teh database architecture and flow of data across interfacing databases, applications and teh framework underlying and contribute to define teh enterprise level architecture for teh Insurance service.
  • Understand teh E2E data flow across applications, key systems, and interfaces.
  • Coordinate with multiple vendors and organizations to interview and gather teh required information for to create teh data-model and define teh architectural requirements.
  • Create architectural documents such as, teh e2e data flow for teh IBM Information data warehouse system. Identified security loopholes, established data quality assurance and addressed data governance.
  • Defined futuristic Domain Models, Data Dictionaries and MDM
  • Crafted Star and Snowflake models to address teh business requirements.
  • Implemented SCD, Kimball approach to ensure zero or minimal impact on teh system.
  • Creating an TEMPeffective POC to meet expectations and bridge teh gaps between expectations and reality.
  • Create a strategy document to approach to re-engineer teh process and re-designing of teh system.
  • Define conceptual, logical and physical models of teh enterprise data system
  • Conduct data analysis, profiling and define and document data quality checks.
  • Guide data initiative through product delivery lifecycle.
  • Ensure teh environments are in sync by harmonizing data across them.
  • Identify risks in design and device teh mitigation strategy and plans to address teh loop holes.
  • Defined data governance process and document plans to address security and operations.
  • Define, design and develop teh data migration, initial loads processes.
  • Design master data structures and meta-data definitions.
  • Installed, created, configured and managed databases from scratch based on teh physical model and ensured peak load level performance NFRs are met.
  • Application development support activities including database design, optimizing SQL queries, TEMPeffective binding of packages and plans, concurrency planning, data refreshing and database objects migration across regions
  • Defined and Developed strategy for migration and up-gradation of enterprise wide Oracle databases (approx. 35TB +) from UNIX and AIX servers with 16 CPU * 4 Cores each for teh data warehouse system and OLTP systems.
  • DBA activities includes - Installation, Version Migrations, Instance configuration, Backup/ Recovery, database consolidations, performance tuning and storage management. Daily support activities like maintaining backups, monitoring logs, thread activity, resolving job issues, locking issues and contentions, scheduling administration activities. Managed information within teh scalable data ecosystem with Oracle and SQL Server.

Environment: UNIX, Erwin, Meta Data, SQL Developer Data Modeler, Oracle/Cassandra/Hadoop


Data Architect


  • Helped teh Client solve critical business needs by modeling and maintaining teh business intelligence database environments.
  • Primary responsibilities were to logically and physically model source system and business intelligence databases and ensure teh overall health and performance of teh business intelligence database environment.
  • Expertly used modern data modeling concepts (star schema, - snowflake schemas, and highly normalized data models) and data modeling tools such as Erwin, Power Designer& ER Studio.
  • Defined & developed physical data model in accordance to logical model for ensuring teh merger is successful for teh OLAP system.
  • Developed data merger scripts to handle expectations during teh transformation phase and ensure Seibel syncs to account for any changes in teh logical and physical model.
  • Handled database security and data governance.
  • Analyzed business requirements, translate them to data requirements, and understand data relationships within a single domain and across domains.
  • Significant collaboration with functional/product owners to understand teh business requirements.
  • Defined technical requirements and facilitated reviews with peers and lead architects.
  • Provided high level design expertise in support of development team efforts to provide flexible reusable components to increase cost TEMPeffectiveness, analyzes, designs and reviews design to ensure customer specifications are satisfied.
  • Involved in production of detailed Logical/Physical model designs and design documentations.
  • Leveraging enterprise data modeling constructs, methodologies and practices to ensure flexible, scalable, maintainable, and high performing physical databases.
  • Performed extensive data profiling and analysis to validate teh business rules and understand teh relationships between teh Operational data for teh Data Model design.
  • Creation of New Logical/Physical models and enhancement of existing models as per technical requirements.
  • Mapping of Logical design to Physical design to align business requirements and source to target mapping (DW) with transformations.
  • Involved with multiple scrum teams to maintain teh Logical/Physical models as per teh requirements.
  • Reported to multiple project owners to halp understand teh integrity of teh model and relationship between entities.
  • DBA activities include -Work independently and ensured dat teh databases are operating efficiently and ensure proper backup methods are maintained. Created and maintained Oracle 10g, 11g R2 development and test databases based on teh requirements. Applied CPU patches and upgrading teh Oracle database. Performed migration from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g Release 2.Performance tuned by creating and analyzing explain plan, creating outlines, FBI’s (Function Based Indexes), Collecting and locking statistics using TOAD & SQL Developer. Performed configuration, maintenance and support experience in oracle SYSADMIN role. Use of OEM for troubleshooting like adding space in data files, rebuilding indexes, check alert log file and monitoring of system and session waits dat were occurring.

Environment: UNIX, Erwin, Meta Data, Visio, Oracle

Confidential, Salt Lake city UT

Sr Data modeler


  • me was teh Data Architect responsible for all aspects of teh database systems used for dis very fast paced high profile project. Teh database was narrowly focused on teh internet search domain and was several terabytes in size with multi-billion row fact tables. There were unique challenges due to teh size of teh data sets, teh high cardinality of search data, teh short time frame involved, and teh requirement to do deep analysis of teh “long tail” of end user search requests. Duties over teh course of teh project included:
  • Data modeling - Kimball, star schema design
  • Implementing teh physical data model to adequately manage multi-billion row fact tables using Microsoft based products on standard hardware
  • Setting analysis strategy for individual client deliverables
  • Implementing processes for data profiling
  • Developed Corporate data models for teh clients
  • Worked on Meta data with reports extraction in VisioServed as a Senior Business Intelligence Solution Architect in defining, developing, and enhancing of two separate custom DW/BI systems for teh corporate loans and investment business units.
  • Primary responsibility include but not limited to coordinating, planning, and conducting interviews with various business users in identifying and capturing business requirements,
  • Defining and developing project scope/plan, creating and developing two separate multi-dimensional data models using teh Ralph Kimball methodology, performing source-to-target mapping, building database schemas in an Oracle8i environment which included creating scripts and procedures for production migration, and building two separate ETL batch processes using Oracle Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Additional tasks include teh creation of a custom analytical application using Oracle Analysis Services for teh investment services in order to track primary and secondary commission by region and salesperson, teh migration of teh original reporting solution to Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) XI R2, teh creation of teh migration procedures for installing and configuring BOE in a production environment, performing BOE software upgrade and patch installation in teh development environment.
  • DBA activities include -Working with teh database administrator to design disaster recovery processes for multi-terabyte Oracle databases. Identifying performance bottlenecks and tuning SQL queries

Environment: Oracle 8.x/9.x/10g/11g,RAC,UNIX, Erwin, Meta Data, Visio

Confidential WA

Sr Data Modeler


  • Served as a Data Warehouse Architect/Consultant in teh enhancement and development of a SAP Business Warehouse application at Pitney Bowes Corporation. Responsibilities included but not limited to conducting intereviews with executives, senior managers, SME's, business analysts, and technical staff in capturing and understanding business requirements, and defining project scope; performed detail data analysis of both data elements requested by teh business and data source (IMS and SAP R/3), and documenting data source definition, source-to-target mapping, and logical structures for teh data warehouse/data mart.
  • Translated business requirements into dimensional data model to support teh billing/invoice data mart using Power Designer communicated and/or provided noledge transfer to consultant (SAP BW Developers), both on and offshore, in teh development and support of teh project (SAP BW). Teh following tools and/or technologies were used in teh development: MS Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, Oracle8i, SAP BW, Power Designer, and Qualiware.
  • Primary data architect responsible for teh design of master data management application using Erwin technology to bring together data from multiple applications into a single master data repository for consistent use, supporting both operational and analysis requirements. In teh initial phase, dis cross-functional repository was comprised of 150 categories integrating information from SAP, Oracle ERP, HRIS and a number of legacy applications.
  • Primary data architect responsible for teh design of a cross-functional enterprise data warehouse teh data warehouse itself was built using Informatica on an Oracle database with Cognos as teh BI Reporting tool. Confirming requirements with business representatives. Defining teh ARTS Data Model. Designing and writing back end ETL processes specifications for both reference and transactional data, drawing information from multiple sources including Oracle ERP, Manugistics, and custom applications.Consultant engaged to assist in teh modeling and design of a financial data warehouse using ER Studio with Cognos as teh BI Reporting tool.
  • DBA activities include -Updradation of databases.Installation of Flash Back Recovery.OLAP Databases Design. Usage of Recycle Bin. Usage of Online Segments Shrink. Online building indexes. Usage of iSQL-PLUS.Implemented ASM Features in 10g.Usage of Oracle Streams which allows data sharing between Oracle databases and between Oracle and non-Oracle. Normalized Views. Refreshed development and test databases from production database using Exp/Imp to provide teh latest data is available in teh development/test database for teh developers. Installed, configured and administered Standby Database. Cloned databases for testing. Loaded data from flat files to Oracle databases and migrated from older Oracle versions.

Environment: Oracle 10g, RAC, UNIX, ER Studio

Confidential, Bethesda MD

Sr Data Modeler


  • Analyzed existing logical data model (LDM) and made appropriate changes to make it compatible with business requirements.
  • Expanded Physical Data Model (PDM) for teh OLTP application using Power Designer.
  • Experienced in IDEF1X and IE data modeling methodologies.
  • Involved in data model reviews with internal data architect, business analysts, and business users with explanation of teh data model to make sure it is in-line with business requirements.
  • Created rationalized domains to bring consistency in teh tables.
  • Identified source systems, their connectivity, related tables and fields and ensure data suitably for mapping. Worked with cross-functional teams and prepared detailed design documents for production phase of current customer database application.
  • Served as a Data Warehouse Specialist/Consultant in teh enhancement and development of an enterprise data warehouse/business intelligence application for teh automotive services at Automotive Finance Corporation. Primary focus and/or development efforts were in teh reengineering of teh ETL processes using teh Oracle Data Integrator tool. Additional tasks included teh creation of schema objects (tables, views, indexes, packages, triggers, etc.) in an Oracle8i environment, teh expansion of a single dimensional data model (star schema) into multiple star schemas, source to target mapping, storage capacity planning and teh support and maintenance of teh Cognos EP Series 7 reporting environment. Teh following tools and/or technologies were used in teh development: MS Windows 2000 Server, Sun Solaris, Oracle8i, Sunopsis, PL/SQL, Cognos EP Series 7, Erwin, and Oracle Enterprise Manager.
  • Interaction with customers; identification of business process requirements and information architecture; system design; data modeling; workflow definition; metadata management. (Erwin, Power Designer; ER Studio)
  • Top-level contribution into creation of software design documents (SDD); definition of data architecture standards; change control mechanisms; technical design reviews; team mentoring and technical leadership in big distributed development teams of system and software engineers.
  • Design of efficient database architectures; definition of strategy in building database structures; manage data population and migration architecture for application upgrades.
  • Implementation of data warehouse using ER Studio. dis very large project involved a number of resources from multiple consulting firms including ER Studio. Implementing non standard ER Studio processes to support very large dimensions (normally more TEMPthan 1000 entities).Also involved in optimization and tuning with teh application DBAs.
  • Support teh ER Studio implementation of a reference data hub. Teh reference data hub is designed to feed dimensional data for a number of data warehouse applications.
  • Use of ER Studio in building a data warehouse application. Teh work focused on their processes for code control and promotion as well as managing their development and test environments.
  • DBA activities include -Implementation of complex business logic via triggers and stored procedures; development of ETL procedures. (Oracle PL/SQL,shell scripting - sh, sed, awk, perl). Database administration experience in high availability (Data Guard), clustered (Oracle RAC), large-scale (>10TB), distributed (VPN) and heterogeneous (Informix; Oracle, Sybase) 24x7 production environments; performance tuning; backup and recovery strategies (RMAN); replication; security; capacity analysis; exposure to system administration (Sun Solaris, VERITAS; Linux, SCO Unix, Windows). Combination of OLAP & DSS Systems. Objects sizing Strategizing Backups including usage of RMAN Database Recovery, Involvement in Database Migrations. Snapshots creations. Strategizing and troubleshooting

Environment: Oracle 10g, RAC, Windows, UNIX, ER Studio, Erwin

Confidential WI

Oracle DBA


  • Served as a Lead Data Warehouse Architect in teh development of a web-based Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) reporting application for teh eCommerce department at J.Crew. Teh development efforts of teh reporting application consisted of integrated customer data from various enterprise channels (web clickstream, catalog, retail, etc.), thus providing a consistent view of teh customer. Most importantly, teh planning, execution, and measurement of teh TEMPeffectiveness of marketing campaign and website navigation. Tasks included conducting requirement analysis, designing and developing of a data model (star schema), teh creation a Oracle8i database, coding of ETL procedures (PL/SQL, Perl and Informatica), designing of Cognos Impromptu and PowerPlay reports, software installation, and teh automation of production jobs. Teh following tools and/or technologies were used in teh development: MS Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Oracle8I, PL/SQL, Perl, Unix, Essbase, Cognos, Erwin, IIS, and shell scripts.
  • Supporting 300 Databases which includes production, test & development.
  • Working in a small dynamic team of software engineers, me is developing data mining solution - an innovative improvement to existing behavioral targeting advertising network. dis “machine learning” branch of development is using SAS and ODM on Oracle and Netezza databases.
  • Being in a small team, me contribute a lot to a production line of development, which is a heavy ETL / OLAP distributed application (>10TB). ETL part processes web logs to produce targetable segments of visitors. OLAP part build cubes for reporting. ETL application is built on IBM, Linux & Oracle 10g platform.
  • Participate in system design brainstorm sessions - sketching up system design, database models and basic algorithms.
  • Wrote shell scripts to backup, restore database and automate daily activities.
  • Installed Oracle RAC with Data Guard implementation for disaster recovery.Used Erwin, for physical ARTS Data Model design.
  • Database Design, Backup & Recovery, Design/Code reviews & Materialized Views. Development of PL/SQL.
  • Revisit existing ETL processes improving many stages by more TEMPthan 10x times - usually achieving best improvement by tuning algorithms and application logic.
  • Tune parallel SQL, physical schemas and system parameters
  • Primary data architect responsible for teh design of a data warehouse projects with Oracle ERP and an ER Studio data warehouse for teh Client.
  • Responsible for teh analysis and design, using Erwin/Informatica, followed by teh co-ordination of implementation, of a data warehouse of sales information. Teh database was implemented in Oracle 8 under SUN/SOLARIS. Although a variety of analysis tools have been used against teh warehouse, it was also built to support direct RAM access from Oracle OEM. Teh application to maintain and support teh warehouse was written using Developer 2000 and 6i tools.
  • Design and implementation of Oracle form libraries and templates to allow consistent form development across multiple applications. Applications were able to be implemented under Windows, MOTIF or on teh web using teh Oracle 9iAS server.
  • Responsible for teh analysis and design, using Erwin/Informatica, followed by teh co-ordination of implementation, of a national system to collect sales, distribution and production data from multiple sources, and organize it for sales forecasting and production scheduling. Actual forecasting and production scheduling was done outside of teh database using a number of analytical applications. Teh Oracle database and application was designed to support measurement and analysis, including functions to assist in supply chain management.
  • Excellent interpersonal and strong analytical, problem-solving and conceptual skills
  • dis project is in study phase which TEMPhas to be implemented in 3 tier architecture.
  • dis project Installed oracle 9i & applied patch set on development & production server.
  • Setup teh advanced replication for a single master site & a snapshot site in development & production.
  • Participated in JAD session with business users and sponsors to understand and document teh business requirements in alignment to teh financial goals of teh company.

Environment: Oracle 10g, /11i, RAC, UNIX


Database Designer & DBA


  • Participated in requirement gathering session with business users and sponsors to understand and document teh business requirements as well as teh goals of teh project. Created and reviewed teh conceptual model for teh EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) with business users. Analyzed teh source system (JD Edwards) to understand teh source data and JDE table structure along with deeper
  • Understanding of business rules and data integration checks. Identified various facts and dimensions from teh source system and business requirements to be used for teh data warehouse. Created teh dimensional logical model with approximately 10 facts, 30 dimensions with 500 attributes using ER Studio.
  • Implemented teh Slowly changing dimension scheme (Type II) for most of teh dimensions.
  • Implemented teh standard naming conventions for teh fact and dimension entities and attributes of logical and physical model.
  • Reviewed teh logical model with Business users, ETL Team, DBA’s and testing team to provide information about teh data model and business requirements.Created teh DDL scripts using ER Studio and source to target mappings (S2T- for ETL) to bring teh data from JDE to teh warehouse.Worked with DBA to create teh physical model and tables. Scheduled multiple brain storming sessions with DBAs and production support team to discuss about views, partitioning and indexing schemes case by case for teh facts and dimensions. Worked on teh model based volumetric analysis and data based volumetric analysis to provide accurate space requirements to teh production support team.
  • Worked on Mercury Quality Center to track teh defect logged against teh logical and physical model. Worked as an onsite project coordinator once teh design of teh database was finalized in order to implement teh data warehouse according to teh implementation standards.
  • Worked with client and off shore team to make sure dat teh reports and dashboards are delivered on time. Participated in UAT sessions to educate teh business users about teh reports, dashboards and teh BI System.
  • Worked with teh test team to provide insights into teh data scenarios and test cases. Worked on data profiling and data validation to ensure teh accuracy of teh data between teh warehouse and source systems.
  • Analyzing teh Database/Database Maintenance, Data warehousing/Database Design, Design and Development Of database design
  • Data modeling using Erwin, Power Designer, Database (SQL) design, installed database in Sun Solaris on staging server.
  • Software design of medium/large business applications/Design methodologies
  • Tuned database parameters and applications for optimal performance.
  • Responsible for support of teh databases and database servers which includes performance monitoring, performance tuning, optimize programming code/ SQL, troubleshooting and client support.

    Environment: Oracle 9.x, UNIX, Shell Scripts, DB2, SQL-Loader

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