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Data Architect / Tech Lead Resume

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Framingham, MA


  • Over 15 Years of total IT experience in all phases of the software Life Cycle including project definition, analysis, design, coding, migration, testing, implementation and support under Data Warehouse, Data Marts and OLTP Environments.
  • 10 years experience as Data Architect / Tech Lead / Modeler / Sr. ETL & BI Developer in Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Data Marts bus architecture environments.
  • Strong expertise in gathering business requirements, preparing functional & technical designs, project planning & scoping, system Integration testing, user acceptance testing, user trainings, project sign - offs, production support and business process improvements.
  • Solid understanding of relational and dimensional data modeling techniques (logical & physical), normalized and denormalized data models, data warehouse and data mart concepts, ODS/IDS, Staging, ETL, BI and OLAP concepts, star & snowflake schemas, Multi star schemas and XML canonical models etc.
  • Data Governance initiatives such as metadata management, data profiling, data mapping, data quality, data security.
  • Aware of new trends in Big data (Hadoop & NoSql) implementations.
  • Extensively Used IBM Information Server - DataSatge 8.x/7.x, Erwin7.2, Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i/7.x, MS SQLServer, IBM-DB2 UDB V9 and COBOL copybooks, EBCDIC/ASCII data sources and formats.
  • Working knowledge of IBM Information Server Architecture and its components; IBM Information Server FastTrack, IBM WebSphere Business Glossary, IBM WebSphere Information Analyzer and IBM QualityStage.
  • Expert on DataStage server/parallel jobs, horizontal/vertical pivot, stage variables, transformer looping, restructure and debug stages, XML and web service stages, administration tasks like Install/upgrade/migration, security administration, creating projects, users, manage job locks, clean up Unix file system, performance tuning, monitoring, backup and recovery using Win CVS and Version control.
  • Solid programming experience in UNIX Shell scripting, SQL, PL/SQL & TSQL programming, SSIS packages, Stored Procedures, Packages, Functions and Triggers for implementing business rules and analytical reporting.
  • Working knowledge and experience of BI and OLAP application Cognos8/Report Net/Series7.x to create framework manager models and publish packages, building impromptu catalogs and reports, PowerPlay & Transformer models, reports & cubes etc.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in Performance Tuning & Optimization of very large databases (VLDB) over 1 terabytes, Oracle concepts such as PL/SQL Collections, Bulk Binding using Bulk Collect & FORALL, REF CURSORS, Views, Synonyms, Materialized Views, Referential Integrity constraints, B-Tree Indexes, Bitmap Indexes, Partitioning, Database links, Roles, Grants, System Privileges, Installation, Configuration, Migration and Cloning of Oracle databases, Database Creation, Sizing, Capacity Planning, Export/Import, SQL*LOADER, Backup & Recovery etc.
  • Excellent understanding of SOA architecture, MQ, Web Services and SDLC methodologies like Agile (Scrum & XP) etc.
  • Strong communication skills with an ability to work independently or as part of a team.
  • Worked in Banking, Insurance, Telecom/Dotcom, Pharmaceuticals, and Manufacturing, domains with multiple technologies.
  • Major Clients worked - Confidential, Confidential /Merrill Lynch (3 years), Barclaycard US (2 years), AIG (4.5 years), EMC (1 year), HarvardNet (1 year), Fujitsu India (5 years)


MDM Systems: Oracle Site Hub, Oracle Hyperion DRM (Data Relationship Management) Data Warehouse Appliances Netezza 5.0

ETL & BI/OLAP Tools: IBM InfoSphere Information Server 8.7, IBM InfoSphereDataStage 8.7/8.5/8.1/7.5.1.A (Administrator, Designer, Director, Manager, Version Control), Cognos 8 (Framework Manager, Query/Report/Analysis Studio), Cognos ReportNet 7.x, Cognos Series 7.x (PowerPlay, Impromptu 7.2, PowerPlay Transformer and Access Manager), Oracle PL/SQL

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i/8.x/7.x., MS SQL SERVER 7.0/2000 & MS-Access 2000, IBM-DB2 UDB V9, COBOL Copy books, EBCDIC/ASCII Sequential files, DataSatge UniVerse Hash Files & Data sets.

Operating Systems: SunOS 5.9 Generic 118558-38, Solaris 2.x, HP-UX 10.20/11, Linux Red Hat 7.1, Windows XP/NT/2000/98/95, Alpha Open VMS

Programming Languages: PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS, UniVerse BASIC, UNIX Shell, Pro*C, JAVA, HTML, XML, VB 6.0

Hardware Environment: SUNW, Sun-Fire-1500, E-5500/3500/ULTRA, HP-9000/VClass, ICL DRS-6000 (RISC based), VAX-Alpha, Intel PCs and IBM Mainframe

Software Tools & Utilities: Erwin 7.x, Developer 2000 (Forms 6/5/4.5/3.0, Reports 6/3/2.5/1.1), Designer 2000, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM 2.1), SQL*RPT, SQL*Loader, Export/Import, TKPROF, Toad 6.0 & SQL Navigator, SQL-Programmer, PL/SQL Developer, SAS datasets, ODBC, SQL*Net8, SQL*Net, LECCO SQL Expert 3.6.2


Confidential, Framingham, MA

Environment: H/W: HP-BL685 Cluster, O/S: Red-Hat Linux 5.2, Win XP S/W: Oracle Site Hub, Oracle/Hyperion DRM, IBM Netezza 6.0, Oracle 11g/10g/9i, PL/SQL, IBM Information Server 8.7, IBM InfoSphere DataStage 8.x/7.5.1.A, Erwin Data Modeler 7.2.0, Autosys, and Toad

Data Architect / Tech Lead


  • Defined master data conversion, and initial one time load strategy and approach for Site Hub and DRM products.
  • Defined Real time / Near real time Master data reconciliation strategy and approach to reconcile master data between source Site Hub, DRM and target legacy and EDW systems on an ongoing basis.
  • Conducted meetings with SMEs and users to understand business requirements and then define the master data conversion strategy.
  • Resolved data quality, data cleansing, and metadata management and data standardization issues.
  • Profiled various legacy master data attributes for data quality and data cleansing.
  • Enforced business rules and standardization on the converted data.
  • Prepare detailed technical design document for the master data conversion and data seeding with initial one time load from legacy sources to the MDM systems.
  • Impact analysis & mapped various legacy master data sources to the target Site Hub and DRM systems.
  • Developed transformations to implement and define business rules for converting master data from legacy sources to the target systems.
  • Coordinate and manage the offshore resources and development of ETL jobs for the conversion using IBM InfoSphere Information Server 8.7 (DataStage).
  • Developed various ETL jobs for data cleansing and data reconciliation purposes using IBM InfoSphere Information Server 8.7 (DataStage)
  • Wrote Oracle PL/SQL packages to extract and transform legacy data from ODS/EDW sources in Netezza.
  • Wrote PL/SQL packages to generate data in XML canonical format and expose it to MQ and web services.
  • Deployed and exposed DataStage parallel jobs as web services using XML transformation capabilities.
  • Wrote Unix shell programs using awk and sed utilities to dynamically search specific data patterns and replace them with target values. This was required for data cleansing purposes.

Confidential, Pennington, NJ

Environment: H/W: HP-BL685 Cluster, O/S: Red-Hat Linux 5.2, Win XP S/W: MS-SQL-Server-2005, IBM-DB2 UDB V9, Oracle 11g/10g/9i, PL/SQL, IBM Information Server FastTrack 8.5, IBM Web Sphere DataStage 8.5/8.1/7.5.1.A, Erwin Data Modeler 7.2.0, Autosys, QTODBC, and Toad

Data Architect / Tech Lead


  • Conducted meetings with subject matter experts (SMEs), business users and business analysts in gathering and defining the business requirements.
  • Prepared high & low level Technical design documents containing process & job flows, data flows, and logical & physical data models along with project plans and sizing estimates.
  • Managed and Co-ordinate work efforts among offshore and onshore teams to resolve any issues during SDLC lifecycle.
  • Automated and integrated Bank Sales WMB reporting process by developing various cross platform ETL processes using DataStage parallel jobs, SQL Server TSQL stored procedures, and Oracle PL/SQL packages to load data from DB2, Oracle, MS SQLServer, Flat Files, SAS datasets to staging databases and from staging to the target Data Warehouse database.
  • Developed and modified various Data Stage parallel and server ETL processes, TSQL & PLSQL packages to integrate new functionality in Bank Sales process.
  • Performed GAP analysis by mapping source and target data elements for AML/KYC, Banksales, CEDM data marts and EAO reporting projects.
  • Created new transformations/algorithms, data cleansing rules and processes that are later used in ETL jobs.
  • Performed data quality checks and analyzed CEDM data mart for inconsistencies.
  • Prepared various test cases, test plans and data cleansing rules to confirm data integrity, consistency and quality.
  • Mapped BAC & US Trust historical Sales & AUM data format with Merrill Lynch Sales & AUM format. Resolved gaps and open issues. Identified data transformations required for fixing the gaps.
  • Extensively used Autosys and UNIX SHELL scripts for automation and of scheduling jobs on daily, bi-weekly, weekly monthly basis with proper dependencies.
Confidential, DE

Environment: H/W: sun4us sparc FJSV,GPUZC-M, O/S: SunOS 5.10 Generic 125100-10, Win XP S/W: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, PL/SQL, Ascential/IBM WebSphere DataStage 8.1/7.5.1.A, Erwin Data Modeler 7.2.0, Control - M, Win CVS, Toad & SQL Navigator 5.5

Data Architect / Sr. Developer


  • Conducted meetings with subject matter experts (SMEs), business users and business analysts in gathering and defining the business requirements for Call handle, Variable Opex, Loan Loss, acquisition expense and other projects.
  • Prepared the technical design document containing the process flows, data flows, and logical & physical data models along with project plans and sizing estimates.
  • Develop the Conceptual Models of call handle and acquisition expense datamarts based on the reporting requirements
  • Designed and Developed Call Handle Data mart to capture the time Barclay operators spent answering customer calls on a daily basis.
  • Reverse engineer the source database into a data models using Erwin.
  • Co-ordinate with development and QA teams to resolve any issues during coding and testing phases
  • Developed new and modified existing Data Stage parallel and server jobs, to populate and integrate new functionality and data quality checks to ASP finance and collection data marts.
  • Performed various DataStage administration tasks like manage job locks, clean up Unix file system, performance tuning, monitoring, backup and recovery using Win CVS and Version control.
  • Developed various PL/SQL packages, stored procedures and functions to populate call handle and acquisition expense data marts applying BULK binding concepts using Bulk Collect and FORALL clauses.
  • Extensively worked on performance tuning and monitoring of ETL applications, gathered statistics for schema objects, created B-tree, bitmap and function based indexes, partioning the underlying tables, providing hints to SQL queries and adopting parallel processing for better performance of ETL jobs and BI reports.
  • Generate DDLs; create the database and schema objects on Dev, QA and PROD.
  • Guiding other team members, liaison between business users/analysts and other technical development teams.
  • Job Scheduling (using Control-M), Version Control using Win CVS.
  • Provided technical support to development teams for troubleshooting and fixing routine production problems, new Databases Changes, BUG fixes, Escalations, Interoperability and Optimization issues.

Confidential, Wilmington DE

Data Architect and Sr. Developer


  • Responsible for converting and storing the GE Voluntary Auto Business premium and claims data and processes to AIGM systems.
  • Actively involved since the Project Initiation & Definition Phase. Coordinated and conducted meetings with the business users, analysts, and technical teams in an effort to review and analyze the Project Charter and Business Requirements.
  • Involved in preparing Project Scope document, Project Plan document, Functional Specification Document and Technical Design Document to incorporate GE Premium and Loss data into existing AIGM systems.
  • Developed Process Flows, Logical and Physical Data models for AIGM and new GE systems.
  • Actively involved in an effort to map and reformat GE auto Premium and Loss mainframe data formats and business rules to AIGM’s New Stat Premium and Loss formats respectively.
  • Performed comparative GAP analysis of GE and AIGM data formats. Identified specific data elements, business rules and transformations that either require reformatting of GE data or need to be added into the AIGM’s Newstat premium and loss formats.
  • Compared and Mapped GE Policy and Loss Coverage rules with AIGM’s Policy and Loss coverage.
  • Actively coordinated for release changes with business users and development teams to have new GE specific data elements, business rules, transformations and key business fields, incorporated into all new releases. GE business needs to create new agents, divisions and source system codes etc.
  • Performed data quality checks and analyzed GE and AIGM data for inconsistencies.
  • Created data cleansing rules, processes and transformations that are later used in ETL and BI processes.
  • Designed and Created GE Loss data mart called GECW to store GE Loss data. This data mart confirms to the AIGM Loss database architecture and design.
  • Performed performance tuning and monitoring applications. Created table partitions, indexes and analyzed databases etc to tune applications.
  • Developed DataSatge jobs to extract, cleanse, transform, integrate and load GE loss data into GECW Loss database.
  • Developed DataSatge jobs to create a 251 byte sequential flat file from GECW database that will act as an input to other mainframe processes for generating input sources to feed Cognos cubes.
  • Created Cognos OLAP cubes for actuarial analysis by incorporating GE input sources and dimensions thereby allowing the users to see GE and AIGM data combined and separate in one cube.
  • Developed various generic dynamic PL/SQL packages which use Metadata model, Sql Loader scripts and UNIX shell scripts to load GE premium data into GE Experience, GE Inforce and GE Retent data marts.
  • Wrote PL/SQL procedure to calculate and generate Written Premium Fact & Written Exposure Fact, Inforced-Premium Fact, Inforced-Exposure Fact, Earned-Premium Fact & Earned-Exposure fact for the corporate premium business.
  • Converted very complex CES and Total Loss files having 3045 and 1061 bytes record layouts and multiple levels of facts (Claim level facts and file level facts) into a single grain/level dimensions and Facts.
  • Created PPAE and PED data marts and OLAP processes for GE by replicating the PLDW architecture and design.
  • Developed DataSatge ETL jobs and sequences for loading historical GE Policies to PPAE and PED data marts. These Jobs confirms to the complex PLDW architecture and extensively use dynamic hash file lookups, stage variables, DataSatge basic routines and transforms to implement data relationships and business rules.
  • Created GE PPAE & PED, Combined GE AIGM PPAE & PED OLAP processes using Cognos8 framework manager model and BI packages for PPAE and PED data marts. Combined packages provide business users the ability to filter data sources

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