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Salesforce Admin/developer Resume

Houston, TX


  • Over all 7 Years of IT working Experience in different roles of a Software Development Life Cycle including Admin, Analyst and consultant.
  • 6 years of Experience in teh Salesforce.com CRM as a Salesforce Development and Admin experience using Sales, Marketing, Service cloud, Communities and Force.com Platform
  • Certified PLATFORM Developer 1 in Salesforce.com
  • Strong experience in development and customizations of Salesforce.com applications using Visualforce, Apex classes Apex triggers, Page Layouts, Workflows, Approval Process, Sharing Rules, Custom Buttons & links and strong experience in making some CRM reports
  • Experienced in administration, configuration, Implementation, and Support of Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Experienced in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Worked on Lightning Design System wif modifying Visulaforce Components, Visualforce Pages to have lightning Experience in salesforce
  • Developed UI using CSS, HTML tags, Visualforce components and used JavaScript AngularJs, NodeJs for front - end validation.
  • Designed and developed SalesForce Automation (SFA) based Application on Force.com Platform in Salesforce.com environment wif Apex programming language at backend and Visual-Force pages as user interface
  • Expertise in querying salesforce database using SOQL & SOSL queries using Force.com Explorer
  • Created and maintained teh email templates to be used in teh Workflows, Auto Assignment Rules and Auto Response Rules related to Lead Management module in Sales Cloud
  • Good experience while working on SFDC implementations covering Salesforce1, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Chatter and App-Exchange applications.
  • Worked on Partner Communities, developed partner communities for partners to track sales, manage agents, Sales QA. Most of teh functionality on communities are custom built wif visualforce and Apex.
  • Good experience in Integrating Salesforce.com wif other internal/external applications using SOAP and REST based web services
  • Worked on marketing cloud Journey/Audience Builder in creating Email Campaigns
  • Experience wif tools like Force.com Explorer, Force.com Migration and Force.com Excel connector.
  • Good understanding of salesforce Governor limits and experience in overcoming limitations in Apex classes, Triggers, SOQL and Batch classes.
  • Hands-on expertise in Salesforce.com Governor limits, Lightning UI, Apex, Data modeling
  • Experience in developing CRM solutions for Marketing, Sales, and Service organizations
  • Experience in implementing Web-to-Case, Email-to-Case to generate cases for Case objects.
  • Good Understanding On Contract Life Cycle Management and as well as Apttus CPQ where it helps you to configure teh price and quote deals.
  • Integration of Sales cloud wif external information systems using SOAP API web services
  • Experienced in handling data migration and code deployment using Data loader and Eclipse respectively in SFDC environments.
  • Hands on experience implementing Security/Sharing rules, Configured permission sets, Field level Security, Record level Security, Profiles, Roles and resource monitoring at different hierarchical level of Organization.
  • Used AJAX extensively to implement front end /user interface features in teh application.
  • Good experience on various technologies like Web Services, XML, AJAX.
  • Worked extensively wif teh QA team for designing Test Plan and Test Cases for teh User Acceptance testing (UAT).
  • Experience in deployment from Sandbox to Production using deployment tools like Force.com IDE, Force.com migration tool and Change Sets
  • Strong Knowledge in AppExchange Applications for integrating wif Third Party Applications.
  • Used teh sandbox for testing and migrated teh code to teh deployment instance after testing.
  • Designed junction objects and implemented various advanced fields like Picklist, Custom Formula Fields, Field Dependencies, Validation Rules, Work Flows and Approval Processes for automated alerts, field updates and Email generation according to application requirements


SALESFORCE TECHNOLOGIES: Apex Language, Test Classes, Apex, Triggers, Visual Force (Pages, Component & Controllers), Standard objects, Workflow & Approvals, Apex Data Loader, App Exchange, Web Services, Reports, Dashboards, Force.com IDE, Eclipse, SOQL, SOSL

SALESFORCE TOOLS: Force.com Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Force.com Explorer, Force.com Data Loader, Excel Connector, Force.com Platform (Sandbox and Production), Force.com Migration Tool.




DATABASES: MS SQL Server, DB2,Oracle


OTHER TOOLS: Informatica, Eclipse, SQL Query Analyzer and Edit Plus


Confidential, Houston, TX

Salesforce Admin/Developer


  • Gathered business process requirements and utilize Sales force functionality to automate and achieve those objectives.
  • Designed teh solutions for business and technical requirements by customizing various standard objects of SalesForce.com (SFDC).
  • Worked on creating new Lightning Pages and enhancing old pages in classic to Lightning using new Lightning App Builder
  • Experience on Salesforce lightning for Customizing Reports and Dashboards for business use
  • Strong experience in implementing Salesforce.com MVC in teh application customizations for separating Data persistence, UI and business logic.
  • Written SOQL, SOSL query language necessary for teh application in Apex Classes and Triggers.
  • Experience in creating Lightning Components and used Lightning Design System (LDS) to convert existing Visualforce pages to Lightning components.
  • Developed lead generation Communities forms for marketing team to capture leads from campaigns, and hosted on site.com as public facing websites wifout login, but restricted access to IP Address level.
  • Developed Visual Pages to include extra functionality and wrote Apex Classes to provide functionality to teh visual pages.
  • Used Java Script, CSS, HTML for teh front-end design of User Interface based on teh requirement and NodeJS to work on ETL processing.
  • Worked on customization of Sales Cloud schema by customizing standard objects like Leads, Accounts, Contact and Opportunity, Products.
  • Designed, and deployed teh Custom objects, Custom tabs, Entity-Relationship data model, validation rules, Workflow Rules, Auto-Response Rules, Page layouts, Components, Visual Force Pages to suit to teh needs of teh application.
  • Involved in using Lightning, process builder and workflows.
  • Designed, and developed Apex Classes, Controller Classes, extensions and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in teh application.
  • Many Custom Functionality development on Sales Cloud and Service Cloud and key custom development work include Lead Conversion, Add Products to Opportunities, Opportunity home page wif VisualForce component.
  • Configured products, pricelists, pricelist items, categories using Apttus CPQ and Used Constraint rules, price rule sets, attributes, and feature set.
  • Worked wif Salesforce Communities which provides Quote-to-Cash solutions using Apttus CPQ
  • Hands on experience on configuring and administering features available on Service Cloud and Sales Cloud
  • Worked on salesforce Marketing Cloud using Exact Target through teh entire Implementation process
  • Good understanding on Agile scrum Methodologies
  • Sales Cloud implementations: Opportunity Management for Global Sales, Pipeline Reporting, Eloqua for Lead assignment, Relayware for Deal Registration, and Quoting wif product configuration functionality
  • Implemented Service Cloud for customer service, including configuration of email to case, case assignment rules. Managed migration and release of Service Cloud
  • Used SOQL wif consideration to Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of teh application using platform database objects.
  • Involved in data mapping and migration of data from legacy systems to SalesForce.com Objects and fields.
  • Worked wif Exact Target marketing automation suite for emails, camping web analytics, and trigger workflow
  • Worked on Jitterbit, Jitterbit connect can intelligently recommend and automatically map data between similar field types in disparate systems
  • Used Data Loader for insert, update, and bulk import or export of data from Salesforce.com objects. Used it to read, extract, and load data from comma separated values (CSV) files.

Environment: Salesforce.com, Service cloud, Apex, Visualforce, sales cloud, Apttus, Lightning, Controllers, Workflows, Approval Process, Web Services, SOAP, REST, Reports, Dashboards, Data Loader, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, CSS, Force.com IDE, Git, Windows XP, windows 7.


Salesforce Developer


  • Analyzed and implemented teh Security model (Object level, Field level and Record level) using Profiles, Roles and Sharing Model (Organizational-wide defaults & Sharing rules) settings.
  • Used teh sandbox for testing and migrated teh code to teh deployment instance after testing
  • Created record types and assigned Page Layouts based on teh profile to teh record type
  • Expertise in developing SOAP and REST apex web services classes and tested using tools like SOAPUI and Workbench
  • Good Knowledge on Apttus CPQ software which is used to manage all company prices.
  • Worked wif Salesforce premier support to short out technical challenges and governor limits
  • Developed custom SOAP and REST Web Services in Salesforce and published for External applications for consuming
  • Setup, maintain and optimize Email marketing campaign utilizing Exact Target/Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Integration of Sales cloud wif external information systems using SOAP API web services.
  • Implemented Customer portal Communities wif FAQ's, noledge base hosted for quick reference for any questions customer have or post to community which will be internally monitored by quality team and work based
  • Created custom components to be used in visual force pages and visual force email templates.
  • Service Cloud Implementations: Case Management wif Agent Console and CTI integration for Global Call Centers, Customer Portal, Chat, Survey, Platform KB and Custom applications for RMA, Entitlements etc
  • Identifies areas of improvement and makes actionable recommendations to increase operational efficiency and user adoption of Email Marketing services
  • Hand On experience UI development wif Ajax, JavaScript good experience in Integrating.
  • Experienced in creating Visual Work flows for automation in Sales and Service Clouds
  • Implemented case management automation (on Case Object) to track and solve customer’s issues. Implemented Email-to-Case entry and manual case entry for entering customer’s cases in Cases Tab.
  • Used teh Force.com explorer to build and test SOQL and SOSL queries.
  • Designed, and deployed teh Custom objects, Entity-Relationship data model, validation rules on teh objects and tabs, Page layouts, Custom tabs, Components, Visual Force Pages to suit to teh needs of teh application.
  • Created workflow rules, defined related tasks, email alerts, and field updates.
  • Generated various reports and dashboards for teh Sales Executives and Sales Managers
  • Created test scenarios on Sandbox environment, created packages and moved it between Sandboxes and Production environments to place final implementations.
  • Uploading of fresh leads, contacts, accounts, tasks, opportunities, referrals etc. via service cloud.
  • Implemented Service Cloud module for case management automation (on case object) to track and solve customer’s issues.
  • Having experience working wif agile methodology, code review sessions, involved in sprint sessions.

Environment: Salesforce.com platform, Apex Language, Visual force Pages, Data Loader, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Dashboards, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Email Services, Security Controls, Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Sales force, Sandbox, Apttus CPQ. Service cloud

Confidential, Manhattan, NY

Salesforce Admin / Developer


  • Worked extensively in customization ofServiceCloudConsole by embedding VisualForce pages in custom console components, highlight panel and interaction log.
  • Worked on various salesforce.com standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Reports and Opportunities.
  • Designed, Implemented and deployed teh Custom objects, Page layouts, Custom tabs, and Components, to suit to teh needs of teh application.
  • Involved in field & page layout customization for teh standard objects like Account, Contact, and Leads.
  • Involved in creating and customizing Email template and configuring them to teh email alert wifin teh workflow rule for a standard/custom object.
  • Provided ongoing Salesforce.com maintenance and administration services including periodic cleansing, custom objects and workflows.
  • Developed Apex Triggers, Apex Classes and Test Methods.
  • Experienced in teh use of Data Loader and involved in scheduling timely data backup operations using
  • Experience working across various SFDC implementations covering sales cloud and service cloud.
  • Used Data Loader for insert, update, and bulk import or export of data from Salesforce.com Objects. Used it to read, extract, and load data from comma separated values (CSV) files.
  • Built relationships across multiple technology, operations, services, sales, program and product team to accomplish end goal.
  • Implemented Security access to teh user profiles by creating Object level security, field level security and record level security.
  • Integrated teh Web Services for extracting teh data from external systems.

Environment: Saleforce.com platform, Quotes, Role Hierarchies, Sharing Rules, Email Templates, Reports, Dashboards, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Email Service, Security Controls.


Salesforce Admin/ Developer


  • Involved in Salesforce.com Application Setup activities and customized teh apps to match teh functional needs of teh organization.
  • Designed, Implemented and Deployed teh Custom objects, Page layouts, Custom tabs, Components, and S Controls to suit to teh needs of teh application.
  • Performed teh roles of Salesforce.com Administrator / Implementer in teh organization.
  • Interacted wif various business team members to gather and document teh requirements. Implemented teh requirements on Salesforce.com platform and Force.com IDE Plug-in using Eclipse.
  • Closely worked wif SalesForce.com consultants while implementing teh solutions for teh requirements.
  • Worked on various salesforce.com standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Reports and Opportunities.

Environment: Eclipse IDE, Force.com Sandbox, Controllers, Pages, Data Loader, Workflows, Triggers, Security Controls.


Jr. Java Developer


  • Participated in client requirement gathering.
  • Developed HTML and JSP pages for user interaction and data presentation.
  • Involved in Coding of Enterprise Java Beans JDBC, Apache Tomcat, which implements business rules, and business logic.
  • Involved in Architecting and implementing SOA (service-oriented architecture) and ESB (enterprise service bus) solutions. Developed client modules for teh SOA integration
  • Used JDBC prepared statements to call from Servlets for database access
  • Maintained Java Script validations to avoid junk data. Developed Web Pages using Flash.
  • Worked on web-based reporting system wif HTML, JavaScript and JSP.
  • Implemented MVC using Struts Framework

Environment: JDeveloper, CoreJava, HTML, JSP, Servlet, EJB, Java Beans, JDBC, Apache Tomcat, SOA, Hibernate, Struts, SQL and JUnit.

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