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Dw/bi Analytics Architect Cum Lead Big Data Senior Applications Developer Resume

Horsham, PA


  • More than 15 years of functional experience in providing business solutions to HealthCare, Insurance, Financial, Banking and Telecom for domestic and international businesses
  • Accomplished more than 2 years of experience in transforming large sets of structured, semi - structured and unstructured data in Apache Hadoop (HDFS) using MapReduce, Hive, HBase, PIG, Sqoop, Flume, Linux, YARN, ZooKeeper, Spark
  • 12+ years of expertise experience in Enterprise Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, Informatica and other ETL/BI tools on Requirements Gathering, Design, Estimation, Architecting, Implementation, Delivering and Maintaining efficiently by using SDLC Cycle of Agile/Scrum and Waterfall Models.
  • Understanding internal and external business processes of an Organization, writing A2As/B2Bs, arranging iterative meetings with Business Product Vendors/team, set up web sessions if necessary, work Estimations, Sprint date proposals, support and evaluation strategies
  • In depth understanding of Hadoop Architecture and various components such as HDFS, Job Tracker, Task Tracker, Name Node, Data Node and MapReduce.
  • Extensively used MapReduce, HiveQL and Pig Latin scripts to cleanse, filter, aggregate data from several data sources according to the End User requirements.
  • Knowledgeable in developing custom UDFs for Pig and Hive to in corporate methods and functionality of Java into Pig Latin and HiveQL.
  • Good understanding of NoSQL Data bases and hands on experience in writing applications on NoSQL databases like Cassandra and Mongo DB.
  • Very good understanding of Partitions, Bucketing concepts in Hive and designed both Managed and External tables in Hive to optimize performance
  • Detail understanding and Hands on experience with Data Integration System Architecture Flows, Bulk Loading, ETLs, Mappings, Sessions and Work Flows
  • Possess exceptional knowledge in Data modelling (RDBMS, Multi-Dimensional Modelling (Star Schema, Snowflake)), ODS, Data warehouse, DataMart, Load balancing and VMware infrastructure.
  • Skilled in fine tuning Mappings, Sessions, SQLs, PL/SQLs and debugging Stored Procedures
  • Hands on experience in using web technologies like Java, J2EE, .NET, MVC, Cluster, SOAP architectures and application servers like Web sphere, Web logic, Tomcat, Apache, Sun One etc.,
  • Expertise in migrating Data, Informatica, OBIEE, Business Objects and Crystal reports from one version to an another
  • Proficient in writing shell scripts, testing and scheduling (On-demand and Batch)
  • Well experienced in setting up the creation of repositories and security domain with user groups and security implementation on Folders, Packages, User profiles which were integrated through either Active Directory or LDAP servers
  • Implemented integration technology wherever it is necessary which internally uses APIs and Web Services
  • Good Confidential fine tuning, analysing applications, server and Hadoop Logs
  • Hands on experience in enterprise BI reporting tools like Oracle Analytics (OBIEE), Actuate, Crystal, Business Objects and Brio.


Big Data Ecosystems: Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, HIVE, SQOOP, HBase, PIG, YARN, MongoDB, Cassandra, Flume, ZooKeeper, Oozie, Spark

Data Warehousing ETL Tools: Informatica 9x/7x/6x/5x, DataLever 4x

RDBMS: Oracle 11g/10g/ , SQLServer 2005, DB2/UDB 8.1.3/7.2.5 , Informix

Job Scheduling Tools: IBM Tivoli Work Scheduler (TWS), Autosys, Automate, ZEKE

Languages: Java 2, Visual Basic 5.0, C

Scripting Languages: HiveQL, T-SQL, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, UNIX, HTML, JSP and JavaScript

Data Modeling Tools: CA Erwin 8x/7x/4x, JDeveloper

Application tools: Eclipse 3.3.2/3.1, JDeveloper, RAD 6.0

Reporting Tools: OBIEE g, BOE XI R1/R2/R3/6.5, Crystal Reports 2008/ XI R1/R2, Dashboard (Xcelsius4.5), Universe Designer, Universe Builder, Desktop Intelligence, Web-Intelligence Info View, Report Conversion tool, Import Wizard, Live Office, Performance Management, Actuate, Hyperion Intelligence Explorer 8.2, Brio 6.6

Database Diagnostic Tools: Toad 10x, SQL Navigator 6.3, SQL Developer 1.5.5, Toad Data Analysts 2x, Quest Central 3.1.1

Process Modeling Tools: Microsoft Visio 2003, Microsoft Visio2002 SP2 10.0.5

Object Modeling Tools: UML and Rational Rose Professional JEdition Version 2002.05.20

Source Management Tools: Rational RequisitePRo 7.1.1, Serena Dimension 2009 R2, ClearCase 2003, PVCS 8/, Microsoft Visual Source Safe

OLAP Tools: OBIEE g, OLAP Intelligence XI R2

GUI: JSP Struts 1.2, Developer 2000

Compensation Packages: TrueComp & 3.7, TrueInformation5.1.2, TruePortal3.7

Operating systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5 (Santiago), Linux version 2. . el6.x86 64, UNIX (AIX HP-UX, Sun Solaris), Windows 2003/7/XP SP2/2000/NT, Cygwin

Web/Application Servers: OEM 11g Fusion Middleware Control, Tomcat 5.5.20, WASD 5.1.2, IBM HTTP server, IBM WebSphere MQ, Web Sphere 6.1 SP2/, Sun One server 5.2, Appache-ant-1.6.5, iPlanet

Customer Management Tool: Siebel 7x/8x, ECM


Confidential, Horsham, PA

DW/BI Analytics Architect cum Lead Big Data Senior Applications Developer


  • Effectively used Confidential ’s in house BDPaas platform to process the raw data
  • Created Hive scripts that helped Senior Management, Directors, FLMs, BAs, EDS team to spot call trends by Members for adhoc analysis
  • Used Sqoop to import data from the CRM,EDW into HDFS/Hive external tables and exporting data back to Confidential THOR database from HDFS/Hive to be used by downstream reporting application
  • Created HBase tables to load large sets of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data coming from the Confidential ’s Big Data Lake
  • Written PIG scripts for initial reference data whenever necessary to speed up the Ownership from Confidential
  • Responsible for daily CDC to the Analytics Warehouse from different sources and primarily from the CRM
  • Assisted with data capacity planning and node forecasting.
  • Participated in the discussions to automate the real time processing and scheduling of Confidential & Confidential call data Confidential regular intervals by using Oozie into the Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Understanding end user requirements, design that includes data modelling, development and deployment
  • Actively involved in A2A and B2B requirements and implementations
  • Designed, developed and processed data for Scorecards, KPIs, Metrics by period wise etc., by creating complex ETLs
  • Conducted and participated design Reviews with Technical, UAT, Batch support and Deployment teams
  • Responded well to all queries from all departments within the Organization
  • Documented technical designs, process flows, change requests, data mapping, Data flows etc.,
  • Solved and proactively involved in resolving the Production, UAT and Performance issues
  • Co-ordination with DBAs in creating or altering the database objects
  • Designed couple of Analytics Dashboards & Reports according to the need

Confidential, Lake Success, NY

Senior Marketing Database Administrator


  • Have been an expert resource and principal support for the Marketing Data Mart of 850,000 customers as well as supporting database application and worked directly under VP.
  • Responsible for maintaining the overall accuracy, relevance and value of customer information in the Marketing Data Mart (MDM) as it is pivotal in making decision support and customer relationship solutions based on knowledge of business strategy and user requirements.
  • Utilized knowledge of data architecture design, SQL (Structured Query Language) and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) development to effectively correct data integrity issues and implemented enhancements.
  • Ensured that database, business intelligence, campaign management and other key applications are effectively maintained and configured to support user requirements.
  • Prepared, run, monitored and validated monthly data mart updates
  • Managed overall data mart accuracy and growth.
  • Responsible for identifying, researching and resolving data integrity issues with ongoing comprehensive data analysis, ETL development and testing.
  • Created or modified database objects like tables, indexes, setting privileges and authorizations
  • Responsible for recommending, designing and developing data mart changes/enhancements based on knowledge of business objectives and user collaboration (including ETL processes, dimensional modeling, data staging, metadata management and data quality).
  • Developed and maintained detailed documentation, including specifications, ETL routines, processing results, data dictionaries, data maps, validation reports, exception reports, change documents, etc.
  • Maintained, administered and upgraded data mart application for effective access and utilization by users, including campaign management, statistical modeling, geographic mapping and business intelligence and reporting tools. This includes creating, editing and maintaining report layer as appropriate to support business requirements.
  • Worked in collaboration with IS staff to ensure system upgrades, backups, performance and any other technical issues were handled appropriately in accordance with business requirements and policies.
  • Developed lists, reports and analyzed various database sources to support marketing and organizational objectives.
  • Performed additional accountabilities as required that includes Internal Audit, Mail Suppression, providing reports to Regional Managers and higher management based on demand, weekly or monthly
  • Followed up with third party vendors in getting the Customer demo graphics for refreshing the Business and Retail Customers data annually
  • Participated in Checking, Scoring and OD analysis and interacted with various users or vendors

Confidential, Radnor, PA

Senior BI Consultant


  • Gathered report requirements from the Stake Holders and conducted group meetings if necessary
  • Worked closely with DBA to generate database table structures, indexes and views for a separate DataMart
  • Thoroughly worked on Data analysis to understand the source systems
  • Designed and developed complex Informatica mappings using Expressions, Aggregators, Routers, Lookups and Stored Procedures to translate business requirements into ETL designs.
  • Used Workflow Manager to create Workflows, Worklets and sessions to implement the logic embedded in the mappings.
  • Performed Performance Tuning of sources, targets, mappings, transformations and sessions
  • Performed CMC Administration and CMS maintenance
  • Strictly maintained Security on Groups and Users for accessing the reports. Also, implemented row and object level security whenever necessary
  • Published and scheduled objects like Universes, Business Views, OLAP reports, Crystal reports etc.,
  • Developed complex financial reports which present data in various formats from DM and DW
  • Fine-tuned Universes, SQLs and Stored Procedures.
  • Built new universes according to requirements by identifying the required tables from Data mart and by defining the universe connections
  • Created different reports containing different charts showing products, assets, deposits, plans, funds, lives etc., by different groupings.
  • Developed Compensation, Scorecard, Summary, Detail reports by using Stored procedures, Universes and Crystal reports
  • Developed new Stored Procedures and modifying the existing ones according to the Business requirements
  • Developed Plan Sponsor and Participant suite and deployed successfully which support more 25K Plan Sponsors and 1.5 million Participants
  • Participated in Report Demos with BAs and End Users
  • Provided training for end users for generating their own reports
  • Met all deadlines with beyond expectations in handling different tasks from release to release.
  • Participated in pre-implementation, implementation and post implementation tasks of the project
  • Extended real-time support for Production

Confidential, Blue Bell, PA

Senior Data Compensation Integration Consultant


  • Actively participated in the migration strategy meetings
  • Laid out the migration tasks for the newer versions of the software
  • Created and well executed contingency plans if there was a slippage in the batch schedules
  • Streamlined the reporting batch process in order to save the time during Weekend batch process
  • Well documented Informatica and BOE infrastructure for future reference.
  • Interacted with Business Analysts, SMEs, Executive Sponsors, Decision makers to get the reporting requirements
  • Developed data Mappings between source and target systems whenever necessary
  • Created and loaded data to corresponding Fact and Dimension tables using Informatica ETLs
  • Developed and implemented WorkFlows, Sessions, Pre and Post session tasks
  • Thoroughly analyzed Session log files for debugging purposes
  • Effectively used FTP, TAR and GZIP utilities in order to transfer the files from one system to another.
  • Created CSV data files from ETLs and FTPed them to the shared location for analytical purposes
  • Coordinated and conducted meetings with BOE services support for resolving various problems, licensing issues and applied CHFs according to the need
  • Set up and configured migration activities from Crystal 9.5 to BOE XI R1 and BOE XI R1 to BOEXI R2 in different environments like DEV, QES, UAT, STRESS and Production
  • Extensively used Import Wizard and CCM tools wherever necessary
  • Increased Web response speeds by creating security groups
  • Performed Security and Access privilege set up in CMC
  • Implemented Scheduled and Event driven jobs. Configured FTP locations to different servers for resulted instances
  • Modified and Created application WAR files and followed up with Web engineering for the application deployment
  • Testing and Support for issues encountered while deploying the applications
  • Set up RAD environment, testing, implementation and support of Citibank XML(Java API)
  • Written and modified UNIX batch scripts for event driven jobs
  • Published objects to the Repository to make resources available to the users
  • Strictly followed APLC standards for compliance.
  • Created web request tickets for JVM recycles
  • Supported 23K external Producers/Brokers
  • Continuously monitored and resolved various issues in IT, QES, STRESS, UAT and Production environments
  • Generated Reports by using Universe as the main Data provider and also used the personal data files provided by the users.
  • Written new PL/SQL procedures and Functions to reduce the complex processing of SQLs through the Reports
  • Created reports against the Relational, OLTP and OLAP databases
  • Involved in performance tuning of the Sequel queries.
  • Supported week end support (ON CALL) which includes Production, BOE Administration, Crystal Reports, Actuate Reports, BRIO queries, Reporting batch jobs and Reporting infrastructure issues.
  • Met all deadlines with beyond expectations in handling different tasks from release to release.
  • Set standards and direction to fine tune the SQL queries
  • Attended Weekly Checklist and Production Support meetings
  • Followed up on major issues and decisions.
  • Worked with Web Engineering team while deploying the applications
  • Supported, maintained and administered the BOE environment

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Senior Consultant


  • Designed the object-oriented software development process, including object-oriented methodologies and workflows
  • Identified the appropriate data sources with the assistance of business analyst
  • Identified the key facts and dimensions necessary to support the business requirements
  • Defined database requirements and designed data model
  • Conducted logical data modeling and data analysis
  • Performed re-engineering of source models whenever necessary
  • Translated project data models into normalized database designs
  • Analyzed and created Facts, Dimension tables
  • Responsible for designing the customer, account and account transaction subject areas by identifying the relationship between the customer and account. Identified different subtypes of accounts and the related detailed transactions for each of these accounts
  • Written Technical specification documents for ETLs
  • Tuned SQL queries for better performance.
  • Worked with DBA staff to implement physical architecture that met ING standards
  • Overseen the quality of project’s data models and database design
  • Assisted Java resource in developing parameterized Report screens using J2EE and Struts
  • Prepared configuration file for reports for dynamic database access
  • Implemented parameter validation logic to the application screens
  • Built and unit tested the application
  • Created Test cases for the Unit Testing of different test scenarios
  • Designed, developed, and carried out unit and integration tests
  • Effectively met all specified project timelines


Senior Data Compensation Integration Consultant


  • Interacted with users and business analysts and gathered requirements and detailed out into functional, technical specifications and source to target transformation matrix
  • Identified the appropriate data sources with the assistance of the business analysts
  • Participated in user and subject matter experts’ interviews to get entity, attribute, and domain values and their definitions for the logical model
  • Analyzed business and technical requirements and documented logical and physical data models
  • Developed conceptual, logical and physical data models
  • Deeply involved in model review meetings with the client
  • Responsible for designing the dimensional data model with ER-Win
  • Worked closely with DBA to generate database table structure, indexes and views
  • Worked on data analysis understanding source systems thoroughly, designing transformation maps and performing change control management and impact analysis
  • Designed and developed complex Informatica mappings to translate business requirements into ETL design
  • Worked on Informatica PowerCenter 6.2 to extract data from various source systems like Eclipse etc.,
  • Designed the Source Definition, Target Definition and Transformation for building mappings using the Informatica designer tools
  • Designed data loading sequence and populated data into Staging, ODS, Warehouse and DataMart with business rules as per Data Warehousing methodologies


Senior ETL Developer


  • Designed data loading sequence and populated data into Transient, Staging, Warehouse and Mart with business rules
  • Worked with Informatica Designer to create complex mappings and mapplets using Expression, Aggregator, Routers, Lookup and Stored Procedure Transformations to load data from different data sources to Data Marts Responsible for loading the data in to the Transient staging area from various sources like Flat files, SQL Server and Oracle database
  • Used Informatica Workflow Manager to create Workflows, Worklets and sessions to implement logic embedded in the mappings
  • Involved in creating staging Tables, Indexes, Sequences, Views and performance tuning to load into tables, analysing tables, proper indexing and dropping
  • Effectively used different Workflow manager tasks viz., Worklet, Command, Decision, Email, Event wait and Event raise
  • Performed Performance Tuning of sources, targets, mappings, transformations and sessions.
  • Reviewed the business logic and documented the ETL development process
  • This project Development includes Production support, Analyze, design, build, test and implement change requests for certain areas in the production data warehouse
  • Interacted with business & various members of my team to discuss and resolved defects and their priorities

Confidential, Englewood, CO

ETL Consultant


  • Developed various mappings for initial Loads from Oracle to SQL Server, these mapping will load the data before running the daily load from the original sources such as VSAM and DB2 databases
  • Created a master workflow which includes validation of sources and indicator files before loading the daily cycle and also archive the indicator files from their respective directories after the load
  • Implemented performance tuning with Transformations, Sessions and on the Source Databases to load the data efficiently in to the target
  • Created parameter files for the workflows and mappings for various applications to use different environments like Development, Model Office (Testing) and Production.
  • Created complex mappings to compare two databases Oracle and SQL Server after daily loads for 30 million rows initially
  • Worked with Erwin tool to Create data model for data marts in SQL Server
  • Worked with transformations like Lookup, Expression, Router and stored procedure.
  • Created Mapplets which can be reusable in other mappings for various purposes.
  • Involved in performance tuning by optimizing the sources, targets, mappings and sessions.
  • Involved in identifying bugs in existing mappings by analyzing the data flow, evaluating transformations and fixing the bugs so that they conform to the business needs
  • Provided requirements to generate reports from SQL Server with Business Objects.

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