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Sr. Cognos Developer Resume

North Bergen, NJ


  • Cognos BI Developer with around 9 years of experience in core life cycle development.
  • Experienced in Requirement Gathering, Analysis, design, Testing, Implementation, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Efficiency, Quality Assurance, Validation, failure analysis and Performance Tuning.
  • Experienced in Oracle Database 10g and 11g using PL/SQL in both OLTP and OLAP.
  • Experienced in Data Warehouse, Teradata, Data modeling, Data mapping and Database design.
  • Proficient in Data Analytics, performance tuning and handing large amount of Data.
  • Experienced and subject matter expert in Cognos Suite 8.4 and above versions.
  • Hands on Experience on Cognos tools like Cognos Configuration, Administration, Query Studio, Report Studio, Event Studio, Analysis Studio, Metrics Studio, Business Insight, Business Insight Advanced, Workspace, Workspace Advanced, Dashboards, Cognos Content, Framework Manager, Transformer, Analytics etc.
  • Strong experience in creating and publishing packages in Framework Manager.
  • Excellent skills in complex Drill - Through, List, Cross-Tabs, Summary Reports, Burst Reports.
  • Extensively used Framework Manager, Query Studio and Report Studio for model design, ad-hoc reporting and advanced report authoring.
  • Strong understanding of dimensional modeling of Star Schemas, Snow-Flake Schemas Methodologies for building enterprise data warehouses.
  • Involved in Cognos version upgrades from 8.4 to 10.1, 10.2, 10.2.1, 10.2.2.
  • Experience with Installation and Configuration of Cognos and Framework Manager.
  • Experienced in warehouse management tools like Manhattan Associates WMOS 2011 and SCI 2014.
  • Trained users on Cognos with Query Studio and Report Studio, design Cognos dashboards also create training manuals and demos for user reference with company standards.
  • Involved in debugging Unix Shell Scripts.
  • Excellent Communication, strong Interpersonal and presentation skills with ability to work successfully as a part of team and lead the team as well as client interaction.
  • Strong time management and project coordination skills with simultaneous projects and meeting user requirements with uncompromising detail. Self-motivated and ability to adapt to new technologies quickly.


BI Tools: Cognos 10.x Suite, Cognos 8.4 Suite, Cognos 11 Analytics, Supply Chain Intelligence 2014, Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio, Metrics Studio, Event Studio, Analysis Studio, Business Insight, Business Insight Advanced, Workspace, Workspace Advanced, Cognos Administration, Cognos Content, Active Reports, Visualization, Scheduling, Dashboard, Packages, Cognos Configuration, Framework Configuration, IBM Cognos Adaptive Warehouse, Cognos Packages, Power Play Transformer, Tableau, QlikView, SSAS, SSRS, Cognos TM1, Business Objects, Crystal Reports.

Database: Oracle 10g and 11g, SQL Server, DB2.

Database Development: SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL Loader, Informatica, SSIS.

Languages: PL/SQL, SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, XML, T-SQL, MSSQL, Java.

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX.

Domain: Government Healthcare MMIS, Supply Chain, Manufacturing.

Other: Manhattan Associates WMOS 2011, Sterling OMS, Microsoft Projects, Agile Methodology.


Confidential, North Bergen NJ

Sr. Cognos Developer


  • Involved in multiple projects within Order Management System.
  • Developed many Demand and sales reports that’s been auto distributed within the district manager and regional directors in field using Cognos report studio.
  • Created Cognos Reports represents aging of pick up orders, demand value, no of orders, cancelled orders details statistics. This can then be used for business decisions as well as analysis.
  • Created cognos reports based on Pick in store, Ship to home and ship to store for Web, POS and COM orders.
  • Performed Data Validation as well as Testing of business reports.
  • Performance tuned existing reports that’s causes many issues on existing operations.
  • Tuning of an ETL process created using IBM Cognos Adaptive Warehouse as well as dimensional Framework Model.
  • Auto schedule ETL process that has been executed manual by operators causing manual errors and time consumption.
  • Meeting users for requirement gathering and requirement changes.

Confidential, Piscataway NJ

Sr. Cognos Developer/WMOS Support


  • Developed KPI reports (key performance indicator) using Cognos report studio SCI 2014 and SQL for daily productivity tracking.
  • Developed multiple KPI reports using Report Studio, Active reporting and Visualization and delivered to the Presidents and Executive managements of Confidential Inc.
  • Installation and Implementation of Analytics (Power play transformer) into Manhattan Associates WMOS SCI.
  • Build Power play cubes to satisfy set of reporting requirements also dashboards.
  • Supported Dashboard for report development, configuring alerts for warnings and maintenance for update.
  • Developed system for Confidential boutique for advanced shipment Number ASN.
  • Created Cognos reports and alerts in warehouse to track Inventory adjustments.
  • Improvement of preexisting reports by tuning and convert them into active reporting also existing Framework Manager Model modifications.
  • Developed report against relational database model OLTP.
  • Developed complex SQL to calculate time consumption between manufacturing plant to move the finished good into inventory and active picking location and ultimately to improve inventory movement performance.
  • Demonstrated active reports and trained users on query studio also created training manual for users on SCI.
  • Developed and implemented complex reports to meet business requirement such as financial profit and share, profit margin, vendor expense reports with high level of security.
  • Manhattan Associates user’s configuration changes.
  • Testing on Waving Order, Run Order and Cycle Count.
  • Worked on the shipping component to change into SmartBOL to reduce paper and manual effort.
  • Detailed knowledge of Confidential ’s Warehouse Management by Manhattan Associates WMOS.
  • Worked under very dynamic environment.
  • Interact with users on daily basis from different divisions within Confidential to gather new requirements or with user issues or for new requirements.
  • Requirement gathering from users also closely coordinate between vendors in any issues or requests.
  • Identified report underlying codes that can be improved.
  • Manhattan Associates WMOS support on pick season in case of any issues in warehouse operation.

Confidential, Richmond VA

Sr. Cognos Developer/Systems Development Specialist


  • As a BI consultant I was primarily responsible for BI solutions and support of Commonwealth of Virginia Medicaid and Medicare Management Implementation System (VAMMIS).
  • Developed the form integrating Framework Manager, Stored Procedure and Report Studio that user can update/merge/insert record into database using Cognos Reporting tool as UI this results in drastically reduction in manual work and errors.
  • Developed complex ETL mapping processes for the system using Informatica as well as PL/SQL scripts for extract, retrieving/transferring and loading data.
  • ETL tasks performed using stored procedure and packages, shell scripting, Informatica tool.
  • Debug Unix Shell scripts also modify based on the new business rule.
  • Responsibilities include requirement gathering, analysis, design, development and unit testing of a processes.
  • Successfully converted many reports sourcing from other tools into Cognos reports; which takes manual effort for them to generate that end up in cost saving and no manual effort for users.
  • Converting business requirement into code and vice versa also created technical specification documents.
  • Installation and configuration of Cognos 8.4 and 10.2.2 versions, Transformer and framework managers.
  • Created Framework Manager Model as well as DMR models with Database, Physical and Presentation layer also dimensional hierarchies and levels.
  • Setting up cardinalities to suit the business needs between Query Subjects.
  • Build Dynamic OLAP Cubes from star schema model to report and analyze larger volume of data.
  • Created new system using Report Studio which reflect the Metrics Studio Functionality this end up in cost saving.
  • Firsthand experience with data layout, architect and data security.
  • Created PL/SQL Scripts, Packages, Stored Procedure and Functions to load, update and merge database tables.
  • Designed and implemented various Materialized Views in Oracle to use in Cognos Reporting.
  • Experience querying with Data warehouse and Teradata.
  • Experienced in complex queries testing and validation of Ad-hoc report. Involved in testing, debugging and deployment of the application.
  • Created master details reports using drill through definition in report studio also Drill up- Drill down capability with DMR model.
  • Responsible for maintenance and load the scorecards values for service level agreements (SLA) in metrics studio.
  • Involved in analysis and testing of business requirements in Query and Analysis studio for its best possible output.
  • Created Model Query Subjects, Data Source Query Subjects and Customized data by adding Stand alone and Embedded filters in Framework Manager.
  • Involved with stockholders and government vendors to gather new requirements or existing requirement changes on daily basis.
  • Developed hierarchies and measures to support Ad-hoc Reporting as well as Multi-Dimensional Reporting.
  • Developed many complex reports for the different division including Finance, Claims, Providers, Members, drugs, external government agencies.
  • Created several Report Studio Reports using List, Cross tab, graphs, Charts, Filters, Multi Query, Ad-hoc, Bursting, Drill-Through, Drill up, Drill Down, Calculations, Conditional Formatting, Prompts, Cascaded, Page set property, Render variable etc.
  • Created Dashboards using Business Insight, Business Insight Advanced, portal page dashboard, Workspace and workspace advanced.
  • Detailed Knowledge on Data warehousing concepts - star schema.
  • Created work breakdown structure (WBS) to meet the project milestone.
  • Actively participated with the team when Cognos upgraded from 8.4 to 10.x
  • Developed a Framework Manager model by importing Meta data, preparing business logic, layers, setting up object level security and developing and publishing package.
  • Applied Data and Object level security in FM model on package, Folders, Query Subjects and Query Items.
  • Experienced in Cognos Administration, Active directory, Groups, roles, Security, configuration, DB connection.
  • Designed and Implemented new dashboards using Portlets pages and Cognos workspace.
  • Involved in configuration changed for Cognos BI based on the user requests. Developed Active reports for users to use offline also RAVE dashboards.
  • Designed and Implemented metadata models in Framework Manager and Power play cubes in Transformer
  • Created audit reports for internal team to monitor, analyze performance of existing model and its changes.
  • Worked closely with different business teams to gather requirements, prepare functional, technical documents and UAT Process.
  • Trained many business users in Query Studio, Report Studio, Metrics Studio, Business Insight/Advanced and Workspace and Workspace Advanced also created User Manuals with company standards.

Confidential, Piscataway NJ

Programmer Analyst/Cognos Developer


  • Extensively worked on PL/SQL for creating triggers, stored procedures and Complex Queries.
  • Hands on experience in Migration of Data from Excel files to SQL 2005 using SQL Loader by creating scripts.
  • Experience in cubes, dashboards, scorecards and reports using Framework Manager, Transformer, Report Studio, Query studio, Metric studio, Analysis Studio, and Power Play.
  • Experienced in developing complex ETL processes in Informatica, includes extract, transfer and load data.
  • Work with dimensional data warehouses in Star and Snowflake schemas.
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle, SQL developer and SQL loader in local for web portal development team.
  • Generated complex reports using Cognos Reporting Tool also involved in validation of report using SQL Developer and performance tuning of Cognos SQL.
  • Analyze and Create reports using Query Studio and Report Studio. Bursting Reports and using Report Studio and Query Studio.
  • Experienced in creating complex reports using Report Studio & performing ad-hoc queries using Query studio.
  • Experienced in Complete Data Warehouse and Framework Manager to develop Cognos reports.
  • Involved in prompts, drill-through, master-detail query relationships, conditional formatting, grouping and sorting features of Report Studio also end user training and support.
  • Experienced in Decision Stream, portal, dashboard and report development using analysis.
  • Analyze and troubleshoot the issues regarding performance.
  • Scheduled reports and with different output formats.
  • Developed advanced dashboards for users for different departments weekly dynamic Activities. Implemented reports in Report Studio using dimensional and relational models.
  • Developed models in Framework Manager and Power play Transformer. Provided training to power users in Dashboards, Query Studio and Report Studio.
  • Worked on performance tuning of existing reports and dashboards. Estimate and plan development work, track and report on task progress, and deliver work on schedule.

Confidential, Bridgeport, CT

Jr. Program Analyst


  • As a developer, responsible for the Decision making support solutions using reporting tool that provides accurate, actionable information for the management.
  • Created and maintained Catalogs, Organizing Folders, Prompts, Calculations and Conditions using Impromptu Administrator.
  • Developed reports using Cognos ReportNet are of Sales representatives, including the sales organizations they are assigned to, the territories they cover, and the products they promote, Customers, the territories they work in, and the products they market based on Geography, including territories and their respective regions, zip codes.
  • Developed technical document for the metadata model in Framework Manager, which includes all the design specification, design elements, design considerations and architectural overview.
  • Developed query subjects in FM and materialized views in the database to accommodate the report net requirements.
  • Used TOAD and SQL scripts for testing, data analysis and query optimization.
  • Created List, Sub, Cross-tab reports using Customized prompts, advance filters and conditional formatting.
  • Involved in testing of instrumentation equipment data also validating reports.
  • Performance tuning and optimizing and evaluated report effectiveness by tuning query data.
  • Created business Models, calculated Measures.
  • Experienced withleadershipandtechnicaldirectionas a team.

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