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Data Specialist (data Analytics Team) Resume


  • me am a data scientist with over 9 years of hands on experience in developing Market mix models, Propensity Models, Market Basket Analysis and Demand Forecasting models (using Statistical Techniques - Linear regression, Logistic regression, Holt-Winters forecasting etc.,) to drive ROI & Business Planning.
  • Experienced data science professional with good expertise on various Machine learning like supervised & unsupervised learning models & statistical techniques.
  • Retail, banking, marketing, telecom, Insurance, media, manufacturing & social media domain experience.
  • Experienced in Predictive Analytics Algorithms like clustering, Decision Tree, Linear Regression, Time Series, Association Rule mining, logistic regression, Naïve Bayes algorithms using R, SAS, SPSS and other analytical tools.
  • My interest and expertise lies in using R and statistical tools to analyze data and find patterns in it, and in communicating my findings in most efficient manner, mainly using visualization tools of R,SAS & Tableau.
  • Worked on RFI/RFP for prospective clients & coordinated with subject matter experts to create a comprehensive and persuasive response to customer-issued request for proposals in a pre-sales team and also demonstrating analytical capability to clients.
  • End-to-end project shaping experience(developing data, building predictive/explanatory models, develop strategies, monitor/validate strategies)
  • Experience in credit risk (application & behaviour) scorecards, marketing (response, attrition and uplift) models, Knowledge in Basel II implementation, Knowledge in Big data concepts & text mining.


Tools: SAS (Base, Stat, Macros, E-miner, ETL, EGuide, OLAP), R-Studio, Minitab, SPSS, SPSS Clementine PASW Modeller, Tableau 8.2, E-Views, MS-Office Tools

Scripting Languages: R, SQL

Databases: MySql, MS-SQL

Operating Systems: Windows



Data Specialist (Data Analytics Team)


  • Liaising with various business units to understand the analytics problems and design solutions
  • Streamlining and optimizing the procurement process for various stakeholders like user-buyer, logistics & finance to manage the operations TEMPeffectively.
  • Analyzed the customer and employee feedbacks using analytical tools to improve customer & employee satisfaction (HR team).
  • Participated in Hackathon conducted by internal Bosch
  • Implemented Holt-Winters forecasting model for Texmo in Bosch project using R.
  • Creating analytics solutions for RBEI-me buy for product bundling, crib and non crib analysis with visualization using tableau readers
  • Published conference paper on IEEE-IAC 2015.


Lead Analyst


  • Parts forecasting to forecast part sales and also to understand the key indicators which are influencing the part sales using Holt-Winters method of forecasting and linear regression models.
  • Supply & order planning to forecast the total inbound lines for different facilities and also finding out the sources which are impacting a facility’s inbound and outbound lines.


Senior Statistical Analyst


  • At Confidential, used analytics to optimize sales of Palm smart phones.
  • For Confidential Microsoft) worked to understand the media spent and their respective contributions to increase the awareness in cloud campaigning by implementing linear regression models to decipher the TEMPeffect of various media spend and their respective contribution to the current perception.
  • For Confidential, the project’s aim was to do a cascade analysis for an online shopping support provider by developing a dynamic dash board with clear summaries and metrics to understand the overall business behavior.

Confidential Consultancy Services

Statistical Data Analyst


  • Worked for Confidential, USA to understand sales behavior of clients stores across USA.
  • Worked for Confidential, Australia in building a propensity model to understand customer responsiveness for various marketing strategies.
  • Worked for Confidential Ltd, Chennai in implementing the BASEL II standards.
  • Worked for Confidential, a UK based water utility company in implementing CHAID to predict the likelihood of bill defaulters and segmentation model to understand the reasons for defaulting the bill.
  • Worked in Confidential, USA as onsite transition manager to identify the process dat can be offshore to TCS and also gatheird the process which helped TCS to plan during subsequent phases of transition.


Data Analyst


  • Worked for Life Insurance of India where the aim was to predict the discrete brand choice behavior of individuals or lapsation of an insurance policy or a loan default.
  • Worked for Confidential to identify the marketing drivers dat influence sales or awareness by creating adstock and also the cannibalization TEMPeffect on the sales, which will eventually help the clients to calculate the elasticity and contribution of variables in the model and take necessary business decision.
  • Worked for Web Analytics to identify the best combination of keywords, headlines and positions for the better airline ticket reservation and transaction marketing campaign through web using generalized linear models.

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