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Cio/architect Resume

Kalispell, MT


  • Experienced Software and Business Engineer with 15 years of success leading all phases of diverse technology projects. 20 years of computer programming and business product experience.
  • Business strategist;plan and manage multimillion - dollar projectsaligning business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage and bottom-line gains.
  • Excellent communicator;leverage technical, business and financial acumen to communicate effectively with client executives and their respective teams.
  • Expert in DevOps and ETL/CI/CD on Azure, AWS
  • Extensive Data Management experience including: Data Modeling, Oracle, SAP, SQL, Neo4J, MySql, Mongo, Cassandra, NoSql, GraphDB, Forecasting, Analytics, Data Metrics, Data Science with AWS, Azure and on Premise enterprises
  • Extensive Sales Engineer and Customer Communicator
  • Built entire cloud team from ground up (Included SE, Architects, CSE and Daily operational runbook).
  • Created strategy and partnership approach for AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Procured and Created tools for Single pane of glass for customers and internal operational team.
  • Procured and added PAM tool for federated access and auditable access and changes.
  • Led sales and customer engagement on-site with million dollar engagements, architectural guidance and strategic planning.
  • Managed L3 and Cloud Operations teams (Patching, Monitoring, Advanced Tower Support Engineers)
  • Created strategies to communicate, compile and advance projects with existing and prospective clients. Performed Data Architecture, Security and Mobile Device ArcGIS management projects. Aligned goals with company needs and vision. Setup partnerships with oracle, Speaking engagements with user groups and business partnerships with linked - in and others.
  • Provided Idaho Power Corp advanced query responses, reporting and metrics for their analytics and IT teams. Combined all flows and logic across departments into a singular formatted data set. Reduced query times by over 600% and increased efficiencies by weeks per year. Projects included informatica ETL, GraphDB and Cypher Query R&D and NoSQL with SQL APS solutions with Data Warehouse and Sliding window techniques for large billion row data sets. Oracle CC&B Solutions and Oracle Partnership. Worked with SAP staff to fix install of BW ETL plugin.
  • Provided process flows and changes to their support and service desks using Zendesk SaaS. Created plugins for Zendesk and Jira for a many to 1 join approach. Created external dynamic forms process with API and web Services for Zendesk and Jira.


AWS, Azure, Paas, IaaS, SaaS

Database Design (RDBMS) Modeling

Systems Engineering

System Migrations/Integrations

Enterprise wide Implementations

Requirements Analysis

Git, Bitbucket, TFS, VSTS

Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Puppet

Docker, Containers, VSphere


Value-Added Leadership:

Cross-Functional Supervision

Team Building & Mentoring

Client Relations & Presentations

Business & IT Planning

Vendor Management


Microsoft Stack: ASP, .Net, C#, MVC 4,5,6, TFS, SLM, Windows Phone, WPF SQL, SSIS, CR, ETL, Azure, Server Infrastructure, Systems Engineering

System Migrations/Integrations: Enterprise wide Implementations

Open Source: Ruby, PHP, Python, Java MySQL, NoSQL, Mongo, Cassandra, WebSQL

Systems and Linux Engineering: DevOps, AWS,Android, IOS, Safari, Blackberry, MDM, Release Management

Systems: SAP, Oracle, Fiori, Atlassian, Zendesk, GIT, Informatica, Decisions, Appery.io, PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, Kony, Office, 365, Power BI, RoamBI, YellowFin, Google Apps and Sheets, Adobe Products, etc..


Confidential, Kalispell, MT



  • Convert company to agile practices and environment for deployment automation
  • Automated operations for business logic and workflow
  • Oversee hiring, HR tasks and teams with devs
  • Report directly to CEO on companywide changes in practices, procedures and management training
  • Training of devs and staff on standards and procedures
  • Coordinate and plan with marketing, operations, Sales and others on yearly and 5 year plans for company and strategic ideas to move forward.
  • Convert all software to Hybrid and Mobile technology including push and socket based communications for consumers and back office applications.
  • Convert all current portal and websites to responsive and grid based css frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation and others.
  • Provide TFS and Jira integrations for synchronized deployments, svn and check in strategies.
  • Architect new business logic workflow layer for true MVC with business Symantec markup interface.
  • Implement and do hands on development as needed
  • Oversee all offshore resources and processes,.
  • Created New UI, Logic and flow for new system with all insurance based products and services.
  • Move all services and approach to the cloud via AWS, VPC, Auth0 and sharding for Mongo.

Confidential, OKC, OK

Manager of Software Development/ Architect


  • Create both Dev and Mobile Augmented Teams and Media
  • Develop all website, mobile and social media content sites and apps
  • Lead and oversee all Linux and AWS deployments as it related to software and network configurations within websites and marketing initiatives.
  • Deploy Linux AMI and Chef and Puppet recipes with GIT for automated deployments.
  • Oversee Social media and online marketing initiatives
  • AWS Install and Business Systems oversight
  • Hire and manage Mobile, Design and marketing personnel
  • Facilitate business processes and functions within department
  • Create vision and use of handhelds within Museum
  • Provide guidelines and assessment for use of technology in museum and ongoing interactive with public and curatorial teams, museum design teams.
  • Provide Augmented Reality and Pedagogy insights to curriculum for use in K-12.
  • Install and oversee Exhibit teams and apps design and functionality for Vatican Museum and Passages US based exhibit.
  • Work with offline marketing and branding teams on build out of IP and domains use.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Principle Architect UI/UX


  • Oversea team for creating the worlds first drag and drop SAP/Oracle cloud based mobile creation tool touted by Forrester and Gartner research in their magic quadrant
  • Create, design and implement screens and flow of applications on multiple mobile devices and OS' including: Cisco Cius, Blackberry, iOS, Android, Symbian, Bada, Meebo and others.
  • Test, implement and create design methodologies for enterprise clients and applications using SAP, Oracle, Sales force and others…
  • Provide customer interaction and technical sales support for Enterprise Applications for Tier 1, Tier 2 clients
  • Interact with and provide leadership for development team on user interaction experience and development flow of applications.Including training and overseas teams and operations.
  • Create demo applications using Webui, iWebkit, JQTouch, Sencha, Phonegap/Cordova, JQM and others for sales demonstrations and quick meta-frame design.
  • Create cartoon and videos for product scenarios and testing
  • Provide leadership in new product development and systems for conferencing, security and mobile applications to desktop.
  • Createdesktop version apps for auto synchronizing with mobile enterprise clients and utilities.
  • Sales and product support for integrations and on premise models.
  • Oversee Linux server administration and API development with Linux and AWS AMI architecture.

Confidential, Coeur d'Alene, ID

IS Manager/Director of New Media


  • Oversee all Online Business development, Contracts, Vendors(AOL. HGTV, VAST, Google etc…)
  • Plan, design and develop software and applications to increase efficiency, productivity and lower costs
  • Create, plan and distribute all mobile and wap capable applications and services. iOS, Android and BB from 2005 forward with WAP and WML prior. Used Phonegap/Cordova and JQM as well as Sencha SDK for quick hybrid apps and deployments.
  • Manage all Hosting, Email, Web Servers, Accounting Applications, Networking
  • Train Agents, Staff and Owners on Technologies and methodologies for Real Estate Marketing, data management, contact databases
  • Helpkeep the Confidential on the cutting edge for technology in the Real estate sphere and marketing online for global reach.
  • Plan, design and develop budgets, timelines and reporting for all projects under my department.
  • Create processes for offices to ensure policies and procedures are met and productivity is higher
  • Create focus groups for consumers and agents to ensure applications and websites are easy to use and understand.
  • Collaborate and report to owners, management teams and board with recommendations, projects and future goals
  • Manage all outsourcing projects under my department.
  • Manage all Social Media Sites, Marketing and Training
  • Ensure SEO is optimized for top 3 results on Google and other search engines. Research best terms and content sites for marketing and ad buys for all markets.
  • Systems admin for linux and windows servers in co-lo and later AWS cloud based systems.
  • Create a cutting edge easy to use mapping search engine for Real Estate that is comparable or exceeds competition in our markets.(Please note our mapping cost us 15k, the competition spent over 1 million on development. Our mapping interface is preferred by consumers 2 to 1)
  • Researched user interaction with current mapping interfaces, combined best practices from various sources and created initial schematic.
  • Created a simple front end for initial adoption and testing and created focus group for responses and additional changes to the project.
  • Took responses, combined with new flowchart and schematic and designed the full development process from backend to front end.
  • Hired team of programmers from India with 3 week timeline and provided the exact model to build and define.
  • After 3 weeks had an additional focus group with consumers and agents to test our mapping software vs. the competition.
  • Responses were extremely positive and mapping project went from Beta to live in 4 weeks time.
  • Lead and Drip Marketing System
  • Create and providesystem for tracking calls and text for listings
  • Created separate call system using VoIP and XML for turning any phone into a browser. Allows for text to speech, speech to text, conferencing, SMS, recording, transcription services and more.
  • Tomlinson utilized the service to provide informational signs on all listings that gave consumers 24/7 instantly updated data on listings with links to wap sites and additional properties for sale.
  • Included reporting for sellers and agents to know who called on what listings, times and locations.
  • Saved company 24k per year per market or total of 100k per year.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Developer, Account Executive, Development


  • Report to Project Manager on projects and responsibilities
  • Create Code and database systems to support projects.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through testing and web based demonstrations
  • Sell and create business through calling organizations that would most benefit from the companies software and expertise
  • Join local organizations to create awareness of product and get contacts
  • Take inbound sales calls and demo requests
  • Work with Project managers to ensure customer satisfaction and timelines are met
  • Develop helpdesk software for HUD (Housing and Urban Development)
  • Create triggers, database system and front end processes to ensure help desk tracking and reporting
  • Sold $150,000 in licensing and subscriptions for companies Hosted Survey and test applications within 2 months. Average sales price was 5k
  • Developed pricing tablestrategies to ensure value of software and services were made clear to customers vs. competition
  • Provided consulting to management team on sales strategies and pricing tables for wider adoption with online survey communities and help desk applications.
  • Clients included Duke University, University of Phoenix, Michigan state University, Premera Blue Cross and others

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