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Sr. Siebel Supports, Siebel Interface And Architect Resume

Melville, NY


Having years of experience in CRM application (Siebel) as business analyst, development, solution architect and administration including software analysis (SDLC), customization, designing, development, testing, implementation, production supports of Software and Hardware along with Siebel Call Center, Marketing, Sales, Financial and so forth along with Systems Architecture, Integration, Data migration and configuration experiences. Integrated among technologies with XML/HTTP transport, Web Services for both Inbound and Outbound communications with third party application with real time data. Also using Federation vs. SAML, OAuth, and OpenID over IAM/Integration for Single Sign - On (SSO). Designed interface to map data from legacy systems to CRM (Siebel) base table for batch data load and real-time. Worked as PL/SQL developer to perform data analysis, database design and tuning for performance and worked with SQL, PL/SQL, ETL for data load, data map and data analysis. Having strong problem solving attitude with hard work ethic.


  • I have more than 14+ years of strong experience in SOA, software analysis, design, development and project management within enterprise wide applications and supports
  • The past 12 years of experiences I was involved with BA/PMP and development and implementation, customization and supports on Siebel CRM application (Siebel Call Center, Siebel Sales), Siebel Self Services (eService) and Siebel PRM (Partner Portal) applications as per business organization requirements
  • Siebel CRM Architecture (Siebel Open UI) for web and IT infrastructure - related (server architecture and network), firewall, F5, Siebel installation, hardware with systems design as Solution Architect, design with Web Services, Data Model, Presentation Model, Physical Renderer
  • Connected technologies where PSEG would be identify provider and Western Union is service provider, using techniques of Federated Identities as well for eMeter SSO for meter read from third party application
  • The primary purpose of testing is to determine and communicate the quality of a system under test. Testing is generally completed for Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT). When requirements are set and defined then Test Case and Test Plan are performed.
  • Many of my hands-on experiences included working as Business Analyst (Techno-Functional), Lead Developer, Testing and Siebel Application Supports and Customizing Siebel Enterprise Application using Siebel versions 7.5.x - 8.2.x


CRM: Siebel CRM 6.0 - 8.2, Siebel Open UI, EAI, EIM, Application Services Interfaces (ASIs), Siebel Sales & Call Center, Siebel Configuration, ePharma, Consumer Goods, Siebel Financial Services, Siebel Universal Customer Master (UCM), Self Service, Siebel Public Sector, Partner Portal (PRM)

OS: Windows 2000 Server, Windows 95 - XP, Windows NT 4 (Server/workstation), MS-DOS, Linux, VMware, UNIX, AIX

Programming: PL/SQL Stored Procedures, SQL Database, Visual Basic, Siebel VB, Siebel eScripts, C/C++, HTML, XML, J2EE, JAVA, .NET/COM, JavaScript, RAD Experience, Web Services RAD Development

Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Siebel Tools, EIM, EAI Adapter, XML Converter, HTTP Adapters, Web Services, EBC/VBC, MS Projects 2013, Visio, Identity Management Systems, Federation, SAML, OAuth, OpenID, Genesys IVR, AIM, CTI, Server and Network, Workflow Process, Assignment Manager, APIs, SOAP/HTTP, IBM MQ-Series, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g (OBIEE), Actuate Report, Crystal Reports

Databases: Master Data Management,MDM elements, MDM architecture, PL/SQL Stored Procedure, TOAD, SQL*Plus, SQL Server 2000, SQL Navigator, Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11i, MS Access

QA Testing: Unit testing, Regression testing, Performance testing, Integration testing, Systems End-to-End testing, Smoke testing, etc., WinRunner, LoadRunner, IBM Rational Functional Tester, QTP


Confidential, Melville, NY

Sr. Siebel Supports, Siebel Interface and Architect

Environment: Siebel Call Center & CRM 7.8.2, Siebel Patch, Siebel Client and Tools, Oracle Enterprise 9i/10g/11i, Siebel Open UI, TOAD 8.6, Windows 2000, Windows 7


  • Worked with Confidential ’s Solution Architect team for the existing Siebel architecture to functions properly and maintain smooth transition with their network, database, firewall and other environments to function Siebel as per business requirements
  • Supports existing Web Services for outbound for self service application and the integration with third party application using VBC to expose their external data into Siebel screen/applet for customer contacts and their primary communication lists
  • Supports with Siebel Export for Contacts, Accounts, Activities, Opportunity and Opportunity Attachments with Siebel EIM for third party vendor for their data load into their systems
  • Worked on Account, Contact and Product related information from different systems that were fed and support into Siebel UCM where they were de-duplication, cleaned and inserted into the Siebel database
  • Involved and supported daily/weekly EIM job for multiple data profiling and data cleansing as per data requirements
  • Full support for URL parameter based, AWS-Security, and Siebel custom SOAP headers authentication
  • Simple Windows Forms Editor for the configuration of the code to be generated using only the Siebel WSDL files as input for Siebel outbound Web Services
  • SQL Development work for data analysis, Design database and tuning for DB performance
  • Daily supports for Siebel application for CRM, PRM and Self Service for adding new requirements and integration to third party communications and interface to make the customer transactions smooth as per the business requirements
  • CRM application for adding new Admin rules and workflows to make some changes on Self Services for making payments which were missing and from mainframe worked well with ESB communications
  • My new role with Confidential contracts for day to day Siebel supports for existing issues resolved and ticket maintenance with production data sync and other users’ login issues and payments data sync with new users and existing customers
  • Some or little application enhancements with Siebel tools as per business requirements for any functionality changes from business side for Screen, Applets, Views for self service applications
  • Worked with documentations created for run book on daily to do lists for Siebel existing supports for customers calls for supports
  • Worked on design, analysis and documents for overall Siebel application and their functionality with Confidential My Account application and Call Center application for Integration and Interface
  • Siebel My Account will be replaced with Sitecore projects from Confidential ’s new product for existing eService application so customer will experience new self-service application and new look and feels
  • Involved with Sitecore BA for comparing and cross check Siebel and Sitecore database for data manipulations and SQL design for query and insert/update and fetch records from Oracle database
  • I am involved with overall application interface with Sitecore to ESB and third-party interface whatever we used to have with Siebel My Account application
  • Thoroughly tested application for both Siebel and Sitecore for Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) capability for application performance management as per business requirement
  • Involved with overall functionality for Sitecore application for My Account and have responsibility as Cutover Manager to maintain the logs for checking database, MQs, Interface, Data Migration and so forth
  • Having a responsibility to mentor the Sitecore team for any gaps or mapping with what Interface Siebel have and what functionality that Siebel vanilla provides so Sitecore has to implement the same functionality from their development team to understand the products gaps from Siebel and Sitecore
  • Involves with all kinds of interface for My Account starts from make a payment, view bills, usage history, single sign on (SSO) interface, western union bill payment, smart meter and 3rd party interface, and so forth and make sure the interface run successfully with the backend EBO/CAS mainframe systems as per the business requirements
  • Tested and performed well for 1000s of users at one time for proper application functionality for Sitecore and as per Siebel also performed as expected for sending payment, update contacts and integrations for customer survey and data import with EIM and EAI
  • Involves with documentations for Run-book, Cutover specs and technical and functional docs
  • Working as a Cutover manager for creating run-book for Sitecore cutover plan and identify and documents activities for project go-live June 30/July 9
  • Working as Siebel analysts for Sitecore functionality what Siebel getting replaced but functionality for integration with 3rd party and other interfaces exists as is for Sitecore My Account application
  • Worked with Database Admin and several documents for database design as per new Sitecore implementations for industry entities and attributes and design several queries to fetch data and manipulate data from Siebel and Sitecore database
  • Supports and tested users for performance testing for max 5000 users at a time before Siebel migrated to Sitecore and use all the negative and positive testing as per maximum user’s login to Siebel systems

Confidential, Melville, NY

Sr. Siebel Analyst, Configuration, Interface EIM/EAI and EDI Support

Environment: Siebel Call Center 7.8.2, Siebel Patch, Siebel Client and Tools, Siebel 8.2.x for Clients and Tools, Oracle 9i/10g, TOAD 8.6, Windows 2000, Windows XP


  • Worked in a various roles as Developer, Business Analyst, Data Analyst and Siebel Supports and Testing for project enhancements from day to day business requirements and requirements for application supports.
  • Worked with IT solution architect, Siebel admin for design and documents for the business requirements to cope with the existing IT solutions with Siebel design topology diagram has been created. Involved with functional and technical design document and worked closely with team member to identify any weakness and converted to strength of the project by delivering within the deadline for a successful implemented and deploy into prod environment.
  • Worked with huge amount of data for batch load and real - time integration and analysis for gap and cleansing data.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO), the ability to enable users to securely access multiple applications with a single set of credentials, entered once. SAML enables users and organizations to conduct business faster and more efficiently. Successfully implemented third party Western Union as service provider and PSEG as identity provider.
  • The major protocols for federated identity: OpenID, SAML, and OAuth where our application can use an identity management system that is already storing a user s electronic identity to authenticate the user, of course, that the application trusts that identity management system. Integrated Siebel real time data with Genesys IVR for CTI communication, designed and mapping XML tags for IVR data for customer profile.
  • Also implement eMeter SSO and Western Union SSO for making payments as well with internal application authentication from service provider (eMeter/WU) and identity provider from PSEG using SAML/SAML2 protocols.
  • Performed various enhancements work with Siebel tools customization as per requirements for Screens, Views, Applets for some core non-core functionality from UI layer, Business layer to Data layer as per Siebel architecture.
  • Worked with MQs/MQSI and ESB third party application for any integration work from Siebel and third party with XML/HTTP transport and Web Services for both Inbound and Outbound communications.
  • Worked with various EIM data load for one time data migration from external to Siebel always design IFB files and EIM performance tuning, etc.
  • I was responsible for any enhancements and production supports for Self Services LIPA My Account application and worked with offshore team for full supports of My Account.
  • Involved with Sitecore team for any crosscheck functionality from Siebel to Sitecore application for Design, Documents, and Sitecore implementations for integration to software analysis with existing Siebel functionality. Worked on EAI related job for Siebel ESB and ESB Siebel integration works with MQSeries and Web Services for some XML/HTTP and SOAP messages for EBC and VBC functionality with Siebel and external application including overall testing.
  • Involved with real time data load using Web Services EAI techniques as per business requirements and business logics changes for Contact Nicknames for Outage Communications at My Account application.
  • Worked with XML, XSD, WSDL, VBC, external IOs and configure as per business rules.
  • As per the enhancements work there are many cosmetics changes done for Screens, Views, Business Component, Business Services, IOs and Applets, Web Templates and so forth to fulfill the business requirements.
  • Involved as Siebel BA/PMP (as per BA requirements) I worked for Siebel/Sitecore requirements gathering and documents for BRD and as well for Functional docs.
  • Managed critical projects for Sitecore implementation transition from Siebel existing Self Service operation and did project estimation and identified risks factor.
  • Project management operation and cutover for going live, worked with stake-holders for business documentations and create BRD, FRD (Functional) and user tests and training, conducted meeting and explain business functions translate to functional and user training.
  • Involved with financial data for project budgeting and cost tracking which are created in the initial planning phase of a project to estimate and communicate the costs of developing as per resources needed for the IT team.
  • Maintain project budgets under control.
  • Schedule cost benefit analysis which being used to help determine whether or not the project should move forward with expected deliverable date for production live.

Confidential, Pennington, NJ

Sr. Data Analyst (BA)

Environment: Siebel Call Center 7.8, Siebel Sales (Finance), Siebel Marketing, Siebel Tools 7.8, SQL Server, Quality Center, MS Office, Windows XP


  • Involved with Siebel Techno-Functional Design documentation for corporate data for gap analysis and data warehousing, data cleansing as per Siebel Vanilla functionality with their customized Siebel CRM functionality for Siebel 7.8.
  • Created high-level design document and test scripts for both functional and regression test for interaction with JD Edwards application also involved with development team for project requirement gap analysis and worked for translate to technical documents for sign off.
  • Involved with Business meeting and with PM gained some hands-on experience on management for requirement analysis, timelines, scopes, risks, costs, communication with business and design for configurations works and any Data migrations for various entities as per business requirements for Siebel & JDE applications.
  • Created several tests scripts and tests plan as per SRS requirements from BRD and FRD. Involved with several existing data loading process for PATH, GDPP their data merge and transition process.
  • Worked on various roles in massive Data loads and integration with JDE for Web Services and other Integration techniques and support the team in offshore.
  • Worked on some development role for configuration in customizing Applet, Views, Screens, Links, Joins, Picklists, MVGs, Workflow, etc. using Siebel tools and validated with existing custom eScripts as per the requirements.
  • Debug and troubleshooting new and existing customization for configuration and Integration work as per the business rules.


Siebel BA, Developer, Configuration, Interface & Integration

Environment: Siebel Call Center 7.8, Siebel Tools 7.8, Oracle 8i/9i/10g, TOAD 8.6, Windows 2000, Windows XP


  • Functional Design documents as per Siebel Vanilla functionality with their customized Siebel CRM need.
  • Involved with requirement analysis, timelines, scopes and design for configuration work and any data migrations for entities like Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Opportunity, etc. Translate functional documents into a technical document and worked with development team for gap analysis with Siebel OOTB functionality.
  • Customized screens, views and applets on requirements for Activities, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts and Assets.
  • Siebel CRM tools configurations for screens, views and applets on requirements for Activities, Contacts and Opportunities. Performed Admin role to execute all EIM jobs in the Siebel component level.
  • Worked with PL/SQL scripts and EIM technique for customer data cleansing and load into temporary table then load final clean data into EIM Interface table in staging area for batch data load.
  • Created multiple IFBs to run multiple processes in one IFB and based on the necessity on data messaging SESSION SQL is used in IFB’s for better performances.
  • Used EIM Performance Tuning for better performance on EIM Load into Siebel base tables.
  • Consider all the EIM steps run-book for successful EIM data import, export, merge, delete as per business requirements.
  • Did all kind of debugging technique to identify any error logs and performed successful EIM jobs. Successfully data loaded for Contact Category from the legacy to Siebel database.
  • Worked on Integration work for CRM to communicate internal application to third party vendor as per business rules.
  • Worked with Web Services with SOAP UI for integration between third party application and LIPA/eService internal application (iFactor/ESB) for both Inbound and Outbound communications. Integrated Siebel with boundary systems using EAI techniques and MQs, MQSI.

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