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Senior Developer Resume

New York, NY


  • Ten years of experience as Client/Server and Web Application developer using C# and SQL technology.
  • Worked in VS 2012 C# .net 4.5 using MVC4, IIS 7.5, LINQ and Entity Framework components as well as HTML5 and CSS3 for 15 month. Practicing AngularJS for last 3 months to be ready for new project.
  • Worked mostly in Windows UI development using C# .net framework 4.0/3.5/2.0. Used Multithreading, LINQ to Object, LINQ to XML and Generic while coding.
  • Worked in ASP.net and WPF environment for three years using C# .net framework 3.5/2.0. Used IIS 6.0, Java Script, JQuery, HTML, DHTML, XML and CSS for web development.
  • Databases used are SQL server 2008, IBM DB2 9.5, Oracle 10g and Sybase 12.5. Involved in database design, stored procedures, triggers and database functions writing.
  • Developed WCF and WSDL web services. Used C++, C, Java, Unix, VB Script three years ago.
  • Tools used are DB Artisan 8.7.4, SSMS 2012, Microsoft Query, Crystal designer, Firefox 33.0 and Google Chrome 38.0


Languages: C#.net, ASP.net, C++.net, C, Java, SQL, Java Script, JQuery, HTML5, AJAX, XML

Databases: SQL Server, Db2 UDB, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft Access

O/S & Servers: Windows 7, Windows98, WindowsXP, Unix/Solaris, IIS, Tomcat, MS Dos

Softwares: VS.net C# 2012, VS.net C# 2010, VS.net C# 2008, Eclipse Indigo, Crystal Designer, Firefox - firebug, Google chrome, Pico Editor, MS Source Safe, .net framework 4.5 and 3.5

Tools: DB Artisan, Rapid SQL, SSMS, Microsoft Query

Other: DevExpress v12 2.5, MS TFS, Infragistic, Perforce, Adobe Creator, Visio, Rogue Wave


Senior Developer

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Worked as a lead developer and involved in many phases of development including prototype creation, technology selection, database design and creation of application structure. Junior developers are assigned work according to document and keep track of complete project for last 2 year to voluntarily assist project manager. Used Agile technology for the development of ARPS application.
  • Other works include code development, debugging, testing, deploying, managing code, assistance to junior developers, attending business meetings, resolving production critical issues.
  • CATS application: Created stored procedures and functions in db2 to calculate available cash for five days, position calculation after trade approval as well as crystal reports. Also created feed to bring positions from StateSteet. Multithreading is used to synchronize approval process. This is a VS.net C++ 2008 winform application which has lot of VS.net C# components/utilities which runs in back ground which uses db2 9.5 database and crystal report 10.
  • ARPS application: Developed backend process to bring positions from State Street, SOAP service to bring issue sizes from another database and crystal report integration from application menu. This is a VS.net C# 2008 - WPF application uses db2 9.5 database and crystal report 11.
  • This application is sold to other company which was using Oracle database. Involved in complete Oracle database creation; changing procedures, functions and C# code for this application to work with Oracle database.
  • Product Encyclopedia: Responsible for creating cshtml and html pages with java script and jquery for validation and effects, controllers, models; publishing, adding new functionality and source safe administration. Created web services to bring XML, excel and database data to web pages. Also responsible for database design, stored procedures and functions writing in SQL server including SSIS and SSRS. Technology used are ASP.net MVC3 C#, IIS 5.0, SQL Server 2008, firebug, chrome.
  • As a developer worked on different application to develop dialogs, views and autosys jobs. Responsible for turnover release and version control of applications. Used infragistic treeview and grid control, spread control for data manipulation, dart mail for email functionality. Created xml file transmission process to send top ten holding positions, a process to get expense details and custodian check request from excel files.
  • Created Java programs, Ksh scripts, VB scripts and jobs to move db2 data to Oracle and excel summary for data comparison between two systems. This is a part of migrating fund information to third party application named Fund Station.

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