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Technical Lead Resume


  • PMP and Agile certified, goal - driven, detail oriented, logical thinker, effective communicator demonstrating superior technical and functional abilities.
  • Proven success in a broad range of industries.
  • Adept to quickly understand business processes and systems application function, analyze, prioritize, organize and plan.
  • Highly effective, results focused professional with strong skills in communications, collaboration and relationship building.
  • Extensive experience working with stakeholders and executive level leadership. Project types include development, data migration, Business Process Re-engineering, ERP (JDE, Syteline), web and digital, infrastructure. Federal Level II Security Clearance (Secret).
  • Project, Visio, Powerpoint, Excel, Planview, Sharepoint
  • Waterfall, Agile
  • Infrastructure: 600 Server Migration from EMC to SVC storage
  • Installed JDE 9.1 Standalone @home. Took Andy Klee Accelerated Developer Course & Oracle BI Publisher Embedded and OneView Reporting .
  • Create Digital Health & Dental Insurance Claims Adjudication System
  • Digital Student Insurance Claims system for mobile devices.
  • Create Web Portal for “Board of Director Meetings” for iPads.
  • Analyze, Plan, Lead Legacy DB2 files to JDE DB2 financials
  • Size, Negotiate, Implement IBM mainframe model 720 to replace existing
  • JDE Financials Implementation to replace legacy system.
  • Negotiate, purchase, install, RAD Web development tool. Train staff.
  • Replace network in distribution centre with new routers, racks and cabling.
  • RFx’s for forms branding and distribution system. Evaluate and select product. Negotiate, purchase, install, and train staff.
  • Create Digital Online Parts Order Entry System to replace modem system.
  • Spec, negotiate, purchase, install mid range system and peripherals
  • Create CRM sys using Domino Designer to replace paper system.
  • Migrate Foxpro claims system to DB2 & iSeries
  • Create digital direct deposit system to deposit cheques to bank accounts.
  • Warehousing and Product Ordering system using History to Forecast.
  • Integrate Brazilian Import/Export System to World Wide System.
  • Wintel & Unix, Storage Team, BAs, DBAs, Developers, Testers, Vendors, Contractors, Network Administrators, App administrators, App Support
  • Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Manufacturing, Logistics, Customs & Excise, Insurance TPA, Food and Beverage, Wire


Operating Systems: OS400, Unix, Windows XP & 7, Linux, DOS, OS2

Databases: IBM DB2, Oracle, SQL, Foxpro, Access

Hardware: IBM AS400, Wintel & Unix Servers, PCs

Network: Routers/Switches/Bridges/Hubs/VPNs/Wifi

Storage: Equipment Mainframe, SAN, EMC, SVC

Development: iSeries & JDE, Technical & Functional, PML, Crystal Reports

Utilities: Sharepoint, MS OCS (Office Communicator), Outlook, Planview, Lotus Notes

ERP: JD Edwards E1 8.12, 9.1. JD Edwards World 7.3, Syteline, Brain by Infor


Technical Lead



  • Lead Server Storage Migration moving approx 600 servers from EMC storage to SVC Storage.
  • Coordinate/Schedule the needs of the retail business with the availability of the various teams involved including Storage, Unix, Wintel, DBA's, Application Administrators, and Application Support teams to meet a fixed deadline.
  • Revolving core team of 6 with 100’s of stakeholders touching all areas of the business.
  • Increased the momentum of the project while the PM I was covering for was on vacation.
  • Schedule and facilitate virtual meetings with up to 25 stakeholders to prepare for migrations.
  • Ensure required resources are available and find alternates if required to meet schedule date.
  • Work with Service Level Managers and the Business to determine feasible migration dates.
  • Be alert to potential scheduling, resource conflicts and mitigate promptly.
  • Be attuned to potential technical conflicts, uncertainties, and risk and mitigate promptly.

Technical Environment: EMC, SVC San Storage. Unix, Wintel, Oracle databases.

Project Leader



  • Led Business Analysis Process, guided team of programmers, testers to create EDI Claims Adjudication system to accept claims from Dental office through Canadian Dental Association backbone, adjudicate and return result to Dental office.
  • Product Analysis. Business needed quicker to market times for web development. Introduce PBAS to BCD group of products enabling rapid Web development resulting in 1000’s of hours saved per developer per year. Negotiate purchase, install, train staff to use, lead business analysis, development of new application projects.
  • Business Analysis to lead team to build Web Portal accessed by Apple iPads facilitating board of director meetings. Change from paper to web meetings.
  • Compiled business requirements with stakeholder input and led developers, testers to create system to deposit claims payments directly to client’s bank accounts.
  • Business needs Forms Branding & Distribution method to add logos etc to reports & distribute to desired locations. Test various COTS solutions and introduce PBAS to Symtrax group of products solving multitude of business requirements.
  • Support all functions of Montreal Office in a French speaking environment.
  • Manage Various Health & Welfare Projects (plan, execute, control and close projects)
  • Assign, delegate issues to programmers with appropriate skill set
  • Work with the Business, BAs, Developers, Directors and Stakeholders to gather requirementsPrepare project plans, track and report progress, monitor and mitigate risk, adhere to budget.
  • Work with Regional Managers to identify and improve Business Processes as required.

Technical Environment: IBM iSeries (AS400), Apache Servers, Websmart, Nexus Portal

JDE Business Analyst



  • Analyze outgoing system to migrate functionality to JDE Manufacturing system
  • Gather, document business requirements in clear concise BRD
  • Develop functional requirements, system design specs to feed developer process.
  • Develop test plans, test coordinate user acceptance testing (UAT)

Technical Environment: AS/400, Data3, JDE World

Business Analyst/Programmer



  • Evaluate Web and Portal development tool serving from the i5 via Apache Web Server.
  • Present demo to IT Director and staff of the evaluated product.
  • Negotiate purchase with Vendor.
  • Train staff in development of web programs and portal with the evaluated package.
  • Develop new applications used to reduce processing time at month end
  • Work with BA to produce required programs from specifications.
  • Perform unit testing and debugging
  • Download Websmart evaluation copy, learn the product, produce programs for demo.

Technical Environment: RPG IV, SQL, free format, Websmart, Nexus, Apache Web Server. PML (Progen Macro Language) CGI, HTTPS, HTTP, CSS, HTML, Javascript

JDE Business Consultant

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Support for existing clients using J.D. Edwards OneWorld and World.
  • Analysis of current SAR status to determine what changes required
  • SAR’s updates for V8.1.3 & 8.1.6 (Russia) simultaneously.
  • Analysis of RPG programs, create specs for developers to create corresponding UBEs.
  • Work through a list of SARs for JDE Programs and apply as required.
  • Once SARs applied hand off to automated testing
  • Analyze RPG program functionality and create UBEs to replace
  • Debug and resolve issues in programs when issues arise.

Technical Environment: AS/400

JDE Analyst/Programmer



  • Install JDE OneWorld 8.11 on standalone server.
  • Study Confidential tutorials to learn JDE programming concepts. (3 months training)
  • Evaluate older AS400 to determine if viable productive piece of hardware for Confidential .
  • Install standalone system.
  • Study tutorials to learn JDE programming and produce working programs.
  • Created APPLs, BSFNs, BSVWs, DSTRs, GTs, TBLEs, UBEs.

Technical Environment: Windows PC with JDE 8.11, AS400

Sr. Analyst/Programmer



  • Modification of existing RPG III and IV programs.
  • New development in RPG IV ILE (free format, procedures, imbedded SQL).
  • Analysis of both systems to determine missing & redundant data.
  • Analysis to determine optimal method to migrate data.
  • Write RPG programs to migrate data, perform unit testing
  • Use FTP and SFTP to migrate or import data when required.

Technical Environment: AS400, Aldon Change Management, Linoma RPG Toolbox, Ezview

Business Systems Analyst



  • Handheld Scanner Warehouse Inventory Control. Initiate, Gather Requirements.
  • Business Analysis, develop RPG programs to scan bar codes validating pallet contents.
  • Insure that all EDI Transactions received and verified.
  • Resend or Re-receive any missing EDI transactions and determine cause of failure.
  • Work with Business on Shop Floor to gather requirements for hand held scanner project.
  • Develop RPG program to process hand held scanner data. Unit test, move to production.

Technical Environment: AS/400, ERP Expert (Brain) Infor, RPG, imbedded SQL, scanners

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