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Senior Program Analyst Resume

Washington D, C


  • Experience professional with over 25 years + of working experience in Accounting, finance, audit, internal controls with domestic and International background. Demonstrated leadership of major projects specializing in strategic planning. Diplomatic and tactful, great team player proficient with current electronic systems fulfillment company objectives. Work experience South America/Europe/Africa, languages skill (Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese).Active Security Clearance.
  • Expert with Contractual Procurement Reimbursable Work Authorization for USAFederal Agencies.
  • Financial Analysis . .Microsoft Proficient, Business Objects, Hyperion, Oracle, Deltek, SharingPoint.
  • Budget elaboration, planning, execution. Versed with OMB A - 123 auditing (risk assessment, control activities).
  • International banking experience. Federal acquisition Regulations FAR.
  • Experience with Federal financial and accounting operations. Update, consolidate, track Spreadsheets
  • Has one or more years of increasing responsibilities or supervisory duties.
  • . Knowledge of Federal accounting principals and procedures
  • Experience with the U.S. Government Standard General Ledger (USSGL).
  • Prove general liaison with other areas, co-workers to accomplish administrative purposes as they need.
  • Conducting ongoing procedural reviews for compliance with other Customers. Coordinate extensively until problem is solved. Lead Change Build engagement/commitment Strategic results and team work Deliver quality and efficiency work.
  • Experience and understanding of relationships with Budgetary and Proprietary accounts.


Confidential, Washington D.C

Senior Program Analyst


  • Responsible for tracking and reporting federal budget commitments, obligations, and expenditures, from cradle to grave.
  • Verification of appropriate appropriation funding for all Reimbursable Work Authorizations (RWA s).
  • Provide advice, guidance and assist with the implementation of news procedures.
  • Conducting ongoing procedural reviews for compliance with other Customers. Coordinate extensively until problem is solved.
  • Planning, carrying out: complex analytical reviews / requiring new or reissuance enforcement duties and responsibilities.
  • Preparing reports substantiating problem areas recommending improvements to internal administrative policies, procedures.
  • Assist with advice guidance and implementation new procedures based in law, regulations, administrative procedures.
  • Cost estimate for different types of procurement depending their fund appropriation.
  • Review and analyzes a wide variety of reports and policy documents determining completeness, policy coverage Agency.
  • . Identifying and proposing solutions to complex problems arising from internal administrative applications processes.
  • Support upper management providing financial reports using government tools concerning Budget, execution, tracking.
  • Coordinating and interacting to facilitate the acquisition of required official and complete time for sensitive projects.
  • Initiating, tracking - following-up projects to ensure timely completion & compliance with policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Assists with monthly budgetary oversight and budget formulation, execution, and justification.
  • Advise above the interagency on available infrastructure protection from the finance point impact our resources.
  • Track commitments, obligations, expenditures to assist in assessing whether or not activities are meeting periodic targets.
  • Maintains excel based invoice tracking data for 100+ projects for 1Billion USA, providing financial status.
  • Assist with programming, planning and budget management activities the Program Managers to conduct analysis, evaluate risk, determine timelines draft plans to achieve customer needs with the right scope of work .
  • Monitors budget execution activities for accuracy and recommend corrective action for those contracts dat reflect issues.
  • Work with Team Leader, and senior staff in managing resources of the projects for review and submissions.
  • Coordinating and interacting extensively with Offices, to facilitate and complete time sensitive projects.
  • Participates in design review using A-123 for generation of RGY or ULO Audit reports/ dashboards in SharePoint system.
  • Providing general liaison with information technology specialists on resolving user problems and issues including access, applications to accomplish administrative purposes for needs and other matters.
  • Provides ad hoc Excel based financial reporting per request of client and meet one to one for further up-dates


Budget Analyst


  • Participates review using A-123 for Red/Green/Yellow audit reports / dashboards in SharePoint .
  • Preparation of Control environment, risk assessment, control activities and information (reports) as needed.
  • Experience implementing procurement processes from cradle-to-grave.
  • Expert in evaluation procurement package Reimbursable Work Authorization (RWA’s-GSA) following the funding Auth.
  • Analysis of the Scope and match with their funding authorization and state with the legislation requested.
  • Expert in Treasury Codes and General Acceptable Accounting Principals.
  • Delivers oral presentations and written proposals using Microsoft System(Power Point,Excel,Word)
  • Develops relationships with strategic path to facilitate partnerships dat help to accomplish our needs.
  • Works closely with upper management for analysis, audit, handling trends on Fiscal Year execution.
  • Tracking/Monitored projects for 1 Billion $ Reimbursable Work Authorization, per Fiscal Year.
  • Problem solving: solution and action for case, review Internal Controls - Policy and Regulations analyses.
  • Performing Internal and External Customer Service, interface with all kind of levels to get job done.
  • Reviews progress-funding of all obligations trucking budget activities using financial programs.
  • Conversant with electronic systems like: RETA, Pegasys, SAP, FMIS,Lotus,Excel.
  • Informing,identifying projects for special considerations with worksheets for accuracy, completeness.
  • Analysis, advice for major Projects in favor: FBI,FAA,DHS,DoD,White House,Energy,Commerce,,FHWA.
  • offer for all Federal Agencies, one to one guidance.

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