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Senior Project Manager/ Cad Manager/ Systems Coordinator Resume

Rebersburg, PA


  • Continue to advance my career as an Executive, Project Manager, Information Manager, Project Coordinator, CAD Manager or Senior Designer with a growing success - oriented precast concrete engineering, precast concrete manufacturing, construction engineering, architectural engineering, real estate developer, architectural, mechanical contracting, solar energy, wind energy, renewable energy, energy related construction or manufacturing company.
  • Successfully managed over a billion dollars of construction projects. Thirty years of experience managing large scale multi-million dollar fast track projects. Ability to foresee trends and forecast necessary improvements in a variety of industries. Twenty years of experience managing engineering offices, while customizing, maintaining and operating AutoCAD and associated software and hardware in a fast track production environment. Ability to plan, develop, coordinate, check and accurately complete designs in accordance with appropriate local, state and federal codes and regulations as well as industry standards.
  • 33 years of design and project management experience in teh construction industry with emphasis on structural steel, structural and architectural precast concrete, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, steamfitting, sprinkler systems, renewable energy and energy monitoring systems.
  • Experience with mechanical equipment such as gas and steam turbines, turbochargers and participated in their marketing campaigns.
  • Experience with mechanical parts design using 3D CAD software such as Pro Engineer, Siemens NX 8, SolidWorks and AutoCAD.
  • Experience and success at supervising fast track projects while maintaining schedules and corporate objectives. Ability to improve design concepts for more marketable results.
  • Skilled at developing and reading contracts or blue prints, and also finding and resolving conflicts, errors, omissions or code violations in designs prior to teh construction phase which saves on change orders and cost over-runs.
  • Working noledge of; material selection, manufacturing process, Comprehensive noledge of commercial building trade disciplinesand governmental regulations, laws and codes. IBC, BOCA, ASHRAE, ASTM, SMACNA, ACI, PCI codes, OSHA safety codes and building code compliance issues.
  • Effectively communicate with project developers, owners, architects, engineers, city planners and supervise engineers, designers, CAD professionals, laborers and subcontractors.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, mathematical, mechanical reasoning and negotiating skills.
  • Working noledge of nearly all Microsoft products, AutoCAD from version 2.4 through 2014 and other Autodesk software, AutoLISP, Leap software, Adobe, Norton, WinZip, Outlook and others.
  • Suggested, developed and implemented useful and necessary improvements for engineering and cad software, which were later, incorporated into subsequent releases of third party software by software developers.


Confidential, Rebersburg, PA


  • Designed high efficiency wind turbines being produced in China. Directed wind turbine and solar researchers on how to improve teh energy efficiency through design, material selection, location and topography. Pro/E Wildfire 3 and 4.
  • Developed innovative new techniques, products and services in order to increase earnings potential for a variety of companies and disciplines including alternative energy, precast concrete, electronics, and computer aided design and drafting systems. Established Industry standards and contributed to teh development of building codes.
  • Prepared Business plans, marketing campaigns, corporate goals and strategies, brochures, contact lists, corporate budgets, developed partnerships, initiated public policy agenda and introduced policy reform in building codes, election procedures, lending practices and Federal budgets using Microsoft Office, Word, Publisher and PowerPoint presentations. Recruited talented executives, established partnerships and developed business models. Developed and implemented sales strategies.
  • Developed and promoted alternative energy solutions to meet global energy demands and to alleviate our dependence on foreign oil imports. Engaged in alternative energy research, implementation and development. Promoted American goods and services in teh global marketplace.
  • Obtained dealership status and established working relationship with manufacturers and wholesale suppliers.
  • Attended and successfully completed solar power installation training classes and business plan writing certificate.
  • Migrated in-house software for AutoCAD from mns and mnu files to CUI files. Installed and launched all corporate software upgrades and migrated custom programs into teh new versions.
  • Suggested innovative new products and services that increase earnings potential for a variety of companies.
  • Actively involved in promoting a cleaner environment thru professional organizations, benefitting future generations.
  • Member of American Concrete Institute group, Aerospace group and a registered United Nations UNOPS supplier.

Confidential, Ashland, VA

Senior Project Manager/ Cad Manager/ Systems Coordinator


  • Increased corporate profits by 300% and improved overall performance of teh engineering and CAD drafting departments in teh first two years. Managed, trained and supported up to 40 Project Managers and Designers while maintaining their computer systems and software. Developed efficient computer programs to facilitate various aspects of design, drafting and production that were later incorporated into new versions of AutoCAD.
  • Responsible for setting up new CAD workstations, software upgrades and migration of in-house software. Showcased my in-house software developments to prospective clients which resulted in new contracts and corporate growth.
  • Implemented training course and newsletters for new recruits— increasing profitability. Developed automated AutoLISP programs and hatch patterns to improve profitability. Developed and documented libraries of standard details, specifications, drawing notes and automated programs. Tan incorporated them into teh CAD system through custom mnu and mns menus. These routines included automatic controls for layering, scaling, orientation, object snap controls, custom hatch patterns and productivity enhancing lisp routines and more, which enhanced end user productivity by 100% to 300% or more depending on teh user.
  • Coordinated all aspects of teh projects including HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire suppression, Architectural, Structural Steel and Precast, as well as, Site work, site access, staging, rigging, material storage, delivery and product handling. Prepared bid proposals, project schedules, tracked all project data including RFI’s and responses, material requisitions, change orders etc.
  • Prepared estimates, erection drawings, shop tickets, coordinated, reviewed, submitted and obtained approval for hundreds of fast track architectural and structural precast projects including; Teh Broward County Civic Arena, St. Charles Civic Arena, Jacksonville Airport Parking Deck Expansion (800,000 s.f.), Southwoods State Prison (21 buildings), Beacon Chevrolet, Publix Supermarkets and a variety of other large scale commercial, industrial, parking deck, FAA control towers, bridge and dock projects, as well as, many other types of facilities and hundreds of projects.
  • Responsible for checking teh accuracy of erection drawings and shop tickets with contract Drawings, addendums, specifications, calculations and engineering designs. Discovered, reported and corrected errors in any and all including engineering designs when found. Conducted in-house and on site project scheduling and coordination meetings. Identified contract discrepancies and successfully negotiated with owners and clients to amiably resolve teh discrepancies and disputes. Prepared project schedules, supervised and delegated project responsibilities. Selected installed and administered Windows NT network servers, printers, software workstations, workgroups and ISP’s. Selected and installed all operating systems, CAD, anti-virus software and anti-spyware.
  • Project Management including: reading contract drawings and documents; bidding; estimating; employee work assignments; project flow and planning; CAD drafting; engineering calculations; Requests for Information, submittals; record keeping; addendums; change orders; checking, identification of conflicts, errors and omissions; problem solving and work order authorizations.

Confidential . Monongahela, PA

Senior Design Engineer


  • Responsible for teh design, preparation, submission and coordination of all prefabrication and erection drawings for 221 projects including; assisted living facilities, hospitals, office buildings, apartment buildings, waste water treatment facilities, bridges, parking decks, etc. Responsible for CAD system selection, installation, maintenance, training and management. Developed efficient computer programs to facilitate various aspects of design, drafting and production that were later incorporated into new versions of AutoCAD.
  • Developed, documented and incorporated libraries of standard details, specifications and notes into teh CAD system through tablet, button, icon, pop-up and screen menus.
  • Responsible for engineering calculations, Pre-stress strand selection and locations, Project Coordination, Pre-stress bed layout drawing, or any other requirements for teh project from design to completion.


Senior Designer and CAD Manager


  • Worked in conjunction with consulting engineers to produce complete land development plans including storm water management, sanitary sewer and water systems, road design erosion and sedimentation control planning, landscaping, parking and utilities. Prepared accurate and complete sets of contract drawings and specifications for teh approval and construction of many projects including apartments, dormitories, Uni-Marts and Lube-Mart facilities.
  • Submitted and obtained teh necessary permits and approvals for teh construction of those projects and attended borough council meetings. Reviewed plans for conformance with applicable codes and ordinances. Developed computer programs for sizing wood and steel members for a variety of point and distributed loading conditions in accordance with appropriate codes. Researched and selected construction materials and made recommendations. Reviewed and coordinated shop drawings and submittals for conformance with project plans and specifications. Responsible for management of computer files, programs and back-ups.
  • Conducted project coordination and scheduling meetings. Researched local, state and federal codes and ordinances for projects. Responsible for CAD system selection, installation, training and AutoLISP, DOS, Basic and FORTRAN programming.
  • Developed working noledge of codes, ordinances and practices associated with all phases and trades of teh construction industry. Established a productive and effective working relationship with subcontractors, general contractors, owner/developers, architects, engineers etc.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Project Manager/Engineer’s Assistant


  • HVAC Plumbing and Steam fitting Project Management including: bidding; estimating; project flow and planning; drafting; engineering calculations; Requests for Information, submittals; record keeping; addendums; change orders; identification of conflicts, errors and omissions; problem solving and work order authorizations.
  • Responsible for teh preparation of prefab and layout drawings for teh Total Energy Plant conversion at Peachtree Center. Maintained teh system operational during business hours. Maintained 100% accuracy of prefab piping on two million dollar contract for teh Total Energy Plant conversion at Peachtree Center. Responsible for field measurements and designing teh equipment and piping layout to meet headroom clearances and applicable codes and ordinances.
  • Responsible for teh preparation of prefab and layout drawings for large commercial HVAC, Plumbing and steam fitting projects in Atlanta including; Teh World Congress Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Circle 75 Office Park, Teh Atlanta International Airport, Peachtree Center and many others.
  • Assisted teh President and Vice President on special projects designed to boost corporate productivity and profits.

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