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Snowflake Dba Resume

Dallas, TX


  • 12 years of IT experience in the Analysis, Design, development, testing and Implementation of ETL & DWH solutions.
  • Over 2+ years of experience as a Snowflake DBA and Developer. Supporting development teams across geographies.
  • Experienced DWH, ETL and QA Analyst with strong knowledge in design, development, and support of databases and information products as well as data analysis / reporting / Testing.
  • Responsible for leading, designing and implementing the overall ODS and EDW work with business and project stakeholders to create Enterprise Warehouse.
  • As a Snowflake DBA responsible for on boarding the users onto snowflake, Creating and managing storage integrations, db. objects, stages (Internal & External), file formats (JOSN, CSV, TSV).
  • As a Snowflake DBA (Security admin) responsible for management of roles, network and data masking policies, global user(service) & role privileges management.
  • Created and monitored resource monitors to alert the credit consumptions at account level and for individual warehouses.
  • Created and Managed users on matillion, managed the instance back - up’s, managing the cloud credentials (AWS) and transportation of objects between the environments.
  • Created snowpies to load streaming data from S3 buckets. Created SQS and implemented IAM policies.
  • Created Canonical model in Snowflake as a single source of truth by building data pipelines connecting and migrating data from different sources like Structured and Semi Structured data (JASON, CSV, XML)
  • Worked on cost Optimizations on Snowflake DB by analyzing the queries and re-engineering the data pipelines used by various services (Warehouse, Snow pipe, clustering). Costs reduced by 15%.
  • As a security admin worked on importing data from marketplace, importing data, Data Migration, Extraction, and replication of data across regions.
  • Expert in tuning the SQL queries to improve performance of the system.
  • As an administrator has worked on creating S3 bucket lifecycle policies.
  • Expertise in Developing complex Business rules by creating graphs and various transformations using AB INITIO.
  • Expertise in defects logging, tracking and managing defect life cycle using JIRA, RALLY, QC/ALM, Service Now, Practitest.
  • Hands on experience with version control systems and CI/CD tools like GitHub, Jenkins and Puppet.
  • Experienced in Agile (Scrum) methodology and DataOps process for continuous development.
  • Excellent problem solving, interpersonal, and communication skills.
  • Collaborated and engaged with product managers, Product Owners and architects in problem solving, planning and decision making.
  • Requirement Analysis, functional & Architectural documentation, development, testing, change management, industrialization, User trainings.
  • Defined processes, Artifacts, coaching, prioritizing Product Backlogs and implemented JIRA for Agile project management.


Programming Language: Python, JSON, XML, COBOL

ETL Tools: Snowflake, INFORMATICA


Control Language: JCL

Databases: DB2, Oracle, SQL, SNOWSQL

Access Methods: VSAM

Debugging Tools: Expeditor, Intertest and IBM debugger


Configuration Control: ISPW, Endeavor, Change man

Schedulers: Stonebranch UAC, CA7, Control-M and Jobtrack.

Bug Tracking Tool: HP Quality Center, JIRA and Practitest

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000, MVS/ESA, Z/OS, OS/390.UNIX, LINUX

Microsoft Technology: MS word, MS Excel, Visio, Power point

Development Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall and Iterative Development

Interfacing tools: Putty, WinSCP


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Snowflake DBA


  • Worked as a DBA for Teradata to Snowflake migration using hybrid migration model (combination of lift & shift and staged).
  • Implemented Greenfield project (SF as EDWH and Tableau) to integrate data from Pharmacy, billing, claims pharmacy Data, PHI & Disease data into Snowflake.
  • Migrated the PHI data from existing Teradata DWH to Snowflake using TPT data moved to S3 buckets. From S3 used matillion to load data into Canonical layer in Snowflake.
  • Monitored the sizes of the tables in SF and applied clustering keys and deactivated automatic clustering.
  • Created and modified the file formats, Stages (Internal & external), S3 integration objects to accommodate new needs.
  • Created AWS S3 lifecycle policies to archive or purge the files based on the business unit policies.
  • Worked on creating SNS (Sequential Notification Services) and SQS (Sequential queuing Services) for snowpies.
  • Migrated users from Teradata to snowflake and created the roles and assigned the users to the roles.
  • Created objects like Materialized views, views (Secured & Normal), schemas and databases, task, streams, SP’s, UDF’s, Functions and managed users based on RBAC.
  • Created dashboards on preview app to compute costs and storage and other cost related metrics.
  • Monitored and optimized the usage of warehouses, automatic clustering, snow pipes based on the business needs and reduced the cost by 15%.
  • Designed and implemented the unloading strategies (In AWS, SFTP’s) to share the data with downstream applications used by vendors.
  • Worked on creating pipelines to load data (using copy statements) from S3 to Canonical layer and scripted the transformations to transform the data into data marts.
  • Implemented data sharing capabilities with vendors and this reduced the data sharing time by multifold which improved the weekly forecasting.
  • Implemented pipeline to import data from data marketplace which lead to reduce in forecast reporting times.
  • Used snow pipes to consume Claims & Enrollment data from vendors (Institutional, Financial, and independent) and use it in Near real time reporting.
  • Extensively worked on stored procedures and UDF’s that provided extra flexibility to the end users.
  • Assisted scrum master in conducting stands up meetings, estimation planning and other scrum ceremonies.

Confidential, Plano, TX

Senior developer


  • Involve in the discussion with clients for requirements gathering and analysis.
  • Create Informatica mappings to build business rules to load data.
  • Involved in quality assurance of data, automation of processes.
  • Used Informatica power center to extract, transform and load data from multiple input sources like SQL Server and flat files to target data base SQL Server and flat files.
  • Used mapping designer and Mapplets to generate different mappings for different loads.
  • Meeting project milestones and on time delivery
  • Quality reviews & Quality assurance.
  • Provide weekly status reports to Customer.
  • Project planning
  • Integration & system Test Planning
  • Offshore team coordination
  • Training & Monitoring of offshore team
  • Creation of test cases and test Scenarios
  • Integration & system Testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Best Practice and Guidelines creation
  • Conduct Walkthrough meeting with Project coordinators

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

Senior developer


  • Identify solutions and come up with design options/recommendations.
  • Worked on small/medium projects high level design.
  • Prepared detailed design documents based on requirement.
  • Creating estimations and resource planning.
  • Prepared auto/fire system testing jobs setup.
  • Executed batch job flows and generated the reports.
  • Identifying right technical resource
  • Building tech team
  • Setting up offshore process/procedure for prod support/enhancement
  • Identify areas for automation and process improvement.
  • Conduct final walkthrough meeting with Project coordinators.
  • Supported disaster recovery and Cobol upgrade projects.


IT Analyst


  • Design the New enhancements based on customer requirements.
  • Identified the Impacted jobs and programs.
  • Coding the new programs
  • Production support fixing Sev1 & 2 tickets.
  • Program Construction/Enhancements
  • Conduct Qualitative review meeting.
  • Optimization and performance tuning the long running jobs.
  • Unit and Integration Testing.
  • Tracking all the documentation and implement in production on time,
  • Preparation of Design Specifications

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